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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TheGum

    Version: 1.05 | Updated: 07/25/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                            GGG   RRRR     A    W   W     222
                           G      R   R   A A   W   W    2   2
                           G      R   R  A   A  W   W       2
                           G      RRRR   AAAAA  W   W      2
                           G  GG  R R    A   A  W W W     2
                           G   G  R  R   A   A  WW WW    2
                            GGG   R   R  A   A  W   W    22222
                           *Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2*
    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Walkthrough and Guide
    For Xbox 360
    Version 1.05 (7/25/07)
    Written by Brad Russell "TheGum" (email @ bottom)
    Version 1.0 - walkthrough complete, what more do you want?
    Version 1.05 - updated the contact info
    *Table of Contents*
    Use Ctrl + F and type in the code for the section you want. 
    1. A Brief Foreword
    2. Controls/Tips/Wisdom
    3. Weapons
    4. Walkthrough
    	Virtual Boot Camp		vbc111
    	The Pueblo			pue222
    	Desert Rats			rat333
    	Singing in the Rain		rai444
    	Urban Warfighting		war555
    	Night of the Mucho Dead		nmd666
    	Bullfight			bul777
    	The Lonely Ghost		tlg888
    	Shooting Gallery		sho999
    	Cover-Up			cov1010
    	Mouse Trap			tra1111
    	Dam Mercenaries			dam1212
    	Welcome Back to Mexico		mex1313
    *No online or multiplayer in this guide, or achievements.
    * 1. A Brief Foreword                                                         *
    Number seven, and it's just getting easier and easier. RE5 is closer...
    GRAW 2 is by far the best of the best of the Tom Clancy stuff. It is much 
    faster than Rainbow Six, and you get some of the elements of Splinter Cell. Not
    to mention this is probably the best looking game ever made. 
    For me, the game begins at a fast pace by throwing many different and varied
    situations at you, changing settings, and mixing up the gameplay. What helps 
    the best is that the missions aren't as hard as last time (or I'm just much
    better), and they are much shorter (same reason against it). The consequence
    of all this is that the game itself is extremely short, and sadly, suffers at
    the very end when the pace is slowed and the game extended by two extra levels
    that seemed a bit pointless.
    Despite that last bit, GRAW 2 is a must for all 360 owners, and the multiplayer
    is what all you LIVE-players want. So close to being a perfect game, maybe 
    next year, or in a few months with the Clancy-factory out there.
    PS - what the heck Sony, are you for real with that?
    * 2. Control/Tips/Wisdom                                                      *
    For the people without the book.
    A - Reload; hold for weapon options
    B - Previous weapon; hold for inventory
    X - toggle goggles (haha)
    Y - Actions
    RB - Switch sides; hold for different camera
    LB - change assault/recon
    RT - Shoot
    LT - Aim; hold breath
    RS - Look
    LS - Move; click to crouch
    D-Pad - select unit/give order
    Start - Pause
    Back - Map
    *Reload often.
    *Cover is a must, if you want to live.
    *The sniper rifles will pierce walls, that is awesome.
    *Silencers mean less power.
    *Smoke can get you out of sticky situations.
    *Send your team into unknown areas first; better them than you.
    *Unlike the last game, the new medic can heal you at anytime.
    *Check the map if you are unsure of the next move.
    *Abuse the UAV whenever you got one.
    *Press Regroup to have your team follow you. They will pause, but chase you 
    if you run far enough.
    * 3. Weapons                                                                  *
    Sorry, I didn't field-test all of these, but just as well. This comes from 
    the main menu, under bonuses. 
    And SD means silencer. The silencers make the gun quiet, but it will be less
    accurate and powerful. 
    	Guns I Could Care Less About
    I never used these, so you shouldn't either. I know, one of these is probably
    half-decent, but that's not good enough.
    36K Carbine
    SCAR-L Carbine
    MK14 EBR - the training rifle, but it did suck, so avoid.
    Px4 Storm
    	Guns With Grenade Launchers
    Good for early on.
    MR-C/AGL - Has the grenade launcher, which is awesome. 
    SCAR-L/EGLM - the rest are probably cool too, but you never need this many.
    M-32 MGL - cool in theory, just not the range to be uesful.
    	Guns To Use
    Put the sniper rifles and P90 as top choices at all times.
    MR-C LW SD - The camera gun. The best gun for pure firepower, and for cowards.
    MK48 LMG - Great for tearing up enemies and vehicles, just wastes lots of 
    MG21 - same as the above one.
    SR AS50 - starter sniper rifle with a big clip, but not that strong.
    DSR-1 - next step up; it can pierce thicker stuff.
    M95 Sniper - the best rifle; can go through concrete.
    P90 - great secondary weapon, and almost always a choice.
    Rx4 Storm - this gun did not make the first list, but it should have. It was 
    the gun with the scope, and the scope makes a world of difference. Consider
    using it more than I originally said. 
    	Honorable Mention
    ZEUS T2 - when you need to take out tanks yourself.
    Cx4 Storm - good, when available.
    MP5A3 - the basic gun, still good though. 
    M107 Sniper - I'm not sure where this gun comes from, but it sounds awesome. 
    Pretty much the uber sniper rifle.
    M1014 - not sure what this is, cause it ain't a shotgun.
    Use the Defensive Pack by default.
    Frag - blows crap up, though, you rarely need any.
    Smoke - provides cover when you don't have any; use the detection goggles.
    Satchel - good for taking out tanks and such.
    * 4. Walkthrough                                                              *
    Author: Brad Russell, GameFAQs.com, if this guide is under some other author
    please email me at lunatic_252000@yahoo.com
    Read ahead to be aware of what to expect; I don't think I "spoil" much.
    This is a walkthrough, but I've become less descriptive this time. Not because
    I'm lazy, though that is nice, I just feel that I'm here to provide you with a
    gameplan for each level, not hold your hand. Got to leave something for you to
    do on your own. 
    As you should know, the AI is unpredictable, so be aware that differences are 
    absolute. Let's jump in.
    Virtual Boot Camp	vbc111
    Good grief, if you need help with this mission, just toss the game out that 
    window right now.
    We'll cover the various workshops where you can get achievements if done with
    Kill 5 Bad Guys Without Being Hit:
    Simple enough, kill the enemies. They come in two, one, and two as you head
    up the street. Use cover and poke out to kill them. Not bad, you should be able
    to do this and take some hits, but be okay. However, if you want the gamer 
    points for perfection, you must avoid all bullets. Simply focus on each group
    as they are pacing; as long as you get one enemy from a pair, you will be fine.
    Kill 5 Bad Guys with Headshots:
    From the starting checkpoint, you could back up and pick off each dude from 
    way far away (I did). But you can just go up the hill and pick off foos the 
    old fashion way. From the stairs, you will count three guys on rooftops on the
    left side of the path, and two more on the right. There are two under the 
    windmill in the background, hard to see. Remember, headshots, and if you can't
    get them from far away go ahead and peek around corners as you go up the hill.
    Destroy a Light Armored Vehicle:
    Get to the corner, get the cursor down the path so it turns yellow, and then
    throw a smoke grenade as far as you can. Get to this smoke and toss another
    as far as you can toward the vehicle (press X to see through smoke). From 
    the next smoke, toss another to the vehicle, but don't toss it at full strength
    or you will over shoot it; just get some smoke close to the front of the thing
    and you will be good. From the third smoke, toss a bomb close to the enemy and
    detonate. If you use more than one bomb you will not get the perfect score.
    Kill 5 Bad Guys with Your Team:
    There are two groups of bad guys to kill. Send your team to the rusted cement
    truck and they will spot the first two. Put your squad on assault and they 
    should be able to handle the fight. If not, just move them around and they 
    will win. Now go west and put your team on a wall. The tangos are by the gas
    station up ahead. From the first building that your team spots the enemy, put
    them on assault to get the bad guys scared, and then send your team up the to
    a wall closer and that should seal it (if not, just move them around).
    Seriously, if you need help with the stuff in between, quit now.
    The Pueblo	pue222
    Bring this crap with you: Ramirez, Brown, Nolan, MR-C/AGL, and the Defensive
    Pack. Check the map to make this easy. Go through the narrow path on the first
    right and set your team the first small bricked wall. There should be three 
    red diamonds on the screen and you should take to the wall a bit farther up the
    road. Switch to the grenade launcher and use the opening in the wall to blast
    the pair on the ground; set your team to assault and they will take out the one
    on the roof.
    Take the right checkpoint (one on the left, one on the right). Don't really 
    need the UAV, just run toward the bridge and take a right, stop at the big
    rock. Put your team near the broken building below. There are four enemies in
    total: a pair in the middle and one on either side. You can use a launched 
    grenade on the pair, or whatever; just make sure you have your team on offense.
    Blow up the tank when the air is clear (this should not of been a hard fight).
    (Author: Brad Russell, GameFAQs.com, if this guide is under some other author
    please email me at lunatic_252000@yahoo.com).
    Return to the bridge and go toward the left so you can take the high ground. 
    There are four guys here too: a pair, one in the open behind them, and one in
    the cave with the artillery. You could do something very clever and time 
    consuming to win this fight, or you could just pick off all four from the 
    cover of the rocks above. Whatever you can't hit, send your team down the ramp
    (check the map) and you follow to mop up and destroy the piece. 
    Go up the cliff and get ready for a big fight. You could use the UAV this time
    to get some red diamonds on the HUD. Put your team behind some of the blue 
    crates near the trucks on the ground. You should have a few grenades in your 
    gun left, and depending on where the soldiers are, I would advise shooting 
    both of the trucks on the bridge to help clear the way. Put your team on the
    offensive and you should pick off tangos from behind the rock on the hill (or
    anywhere that gives you a read on the bridge and the ground). The bad guys will
    flood the ground when the fight starts, so be careful - they are all dead when
    the objective complete notification pops up on screen. Simple enough, get on
    the bridge and reach the extraction point. 
    Desert Rats	rat333
    Go up the trail and take cover behind the first big rock you see. There will 
    be two enemies near the car, and two more around the shanty. Use cover, pop
    up, and take them out with your normal fire. Go to the mule and get the 
    MP5A3 SD with the defensive pack (though, it doesn't really matter).
    Ready the sniper and take control of the UAV, then scan the area to the east 
    so you get two red targets near the busted structure. This gun is just great,
    it has x2 zoom and it will pierce thin walls. Use the rock wall and take both
    out; should get one easy and then the other as he hides in terror. Move the UAV
    up some more to get three marks on the hill. Use the other rock wall and pop 
    n' shoot to get all three (even if you can't see them, just get your cursor on
    the diamond). Then got one more on the ledge to the right to clear the path to
    the next checkpoint. 
    *If you ever get hurt, or low on ammo, you can use the mule at any time.
    Send your UAV into the pit so you spot five marks. Use the opening in the rock
    wall to get them all; and when the purple, fleeing target comes on screen, 
    switch to your secondary gun and aim for the driver to ice the vehicle (not 
    sure if this means anything, but may as well blow it up). When all is clear,
    go to the helicopter to restock.
    *If it doesn't land, something is in the way...
    Get the default three and keep the same equipment. Look into the construction
    pit and look to the far right corner, send your team there. This will prompt 
    some mortar fire and two guys to appear. Stay where you are and hope the 
    artillery misses everyone as you pick off the two bad guys. Now join your team,
    and be quick about it. Get into the tunnel and try to snipe a few enemies (you
    can send in the UAV, but you still can't hit most of them from here). Bring 
    your team with you, put them behind cover near the tents, and put them on 
    aggressive; you will move around and play sniper. Pick off the ones on the 
    right first, then get whoever may hide on the left. Run back to the evac point
    after all is clear.
    Singing in the Rain	rai444
    Ready to have some fun? This level is great!
    Look through the rain as the mission starts and start firing at trucks on the
    bridge before they become targets. When you sweep by you need to get those big
    trucks first to take out mucho enemies, then mop up whatever survives. 
    *FYI, the guage at the corner must be respected, so let off your fire if the 
    thing starts to slow. Also, I'm sure the message on the mountain means 
    As you approach the camp, get ready to pick off soldiers, and as you round the
    water tower be ready to get an RPG before it can fire again. Then it will be 
    a simple matter of using the vehicles' explosive nature to clean up. When your
    friendly chopper avoids a hit, get ready to take out a bunch of foot soldiers 
    as they run for dear life, but you don't have to kill them all. Focus fire on
    the fleeing trucks, and also the ones along the road - nothing you can't 
    handle yet. Around at the other end of the tunnel will be more things to blow
    up, so oblige them all. When a huge group convoy of begins to spill out of the
    tunnel, just focus fire on one of the first trucks to demonstrate the domino
    effect. Wasn't that great? Short but sweet. 
    Urban Warfighting	war555
    Start by putting your team on offense and sending them to cover nearby as the
    enemies converge on your LZ. Can't really use smoke effectively here, so just
    return to pop n' shoot tactics to clear the way (your team should do most of 
    the work). Then go up the street to the right and anticipate some enemies way
    up the street when you get to the intersection (to the west). Now the path will
    be clear to the mule. Get the unsilenced gun and defensive pack. 
    Go along the path (check map) and you will find some friendlies under fire. 
    Ignore all that and go up the nearby steps, set your men to wait on the steps,
    and you take out the tank from the roof (use cover, duh); it will take two 
    You now get a cool APC Stryker to command. Honestly, you can just send the 
    thing forward along it's "rail" and it can handle all the enemies in the way;
    it helps if you tell it to "attack" (press UP). Do so for the first two times
    it has to turn (check map), but stop it at the second turn while you take cover
    behind it and use the scope on the ZEUS to take out a group of guys by some 
    sandbags. Just send in the APC to finish the job. You and your team then need 
    to set up behind a bombed out bus. Just send your APC to the end of its rail 
    and let it finish the fight, but you and your team could help. There are many
    men in the sandbags and one up high on the right. 
    *If anyone is hurt, heal them first before you hit the chopper.
    Resupply, and switch the ZEUS for the sniper; bring the destructive pack just
    in case. Move along the bridge and some stuff happens, just send your team to
    the cover behind the car on the bridge and you get the sniper ready for two
    bad guys up the way. When they are gone (and it may be hard with the weird 
    shaking that happens) occupy the area on the steps by sending your team to 
    cover behind a planter. This planter is crucial, as you can exploit an unwise
    tactic in the AI from here. Keep your team on defense, you crouch, and every
    now and then you should poke around the right corner of the planter (don't 
    hug the planter, stay off it, but behind it). There are two cars visible down
    the street and they are usually occupied by enemies. This is the key because 
    when you shoot one down, another takes its place; that means you can kill 
    almost all of them from this spot. Just make sure to check both cars and the
    area around them - for some reason they never shot at me.
    When the kill count is met, a big tank rolls in. Ignore trying to take it out
    yourself, and move up into the fountain area. Be mindful of remaining soldiers
    as you take cover behind one of the walls facing the streets. Wait for FAR 
    support to be granted, and then all you need is a red diamond on the tank to
    put the jets into action. Wait some more for two more tanks to roll in. Once 
    you get air support again grant it on the right-most tank and that should clear
    the area, and just do it again if it doesn't. All the enemies will clear when
    the safety of the tanks is gone, but one or two might glitch up and stay. Just
    run to the evac point and it's over (yes, you didn't need your team at all
    if you were wondering). 
    Night of the Mucho Dead		nmd666
    Bring the cool gun, the silenced gun, and the defensive pack. Press X as soon
    as the mission starts, because this will be the best way to tackle this first
    half of the level. To compliment the night level, get your silent gun and 
    check the map. Follow the path and look around the corner to get a quick kill.
    Go forward into the open and spot the lone enemy in the tower on the right. 
    Get him and the one on the roof below. Follow the ramps down and along the 
    path until you get to an up ramp, where three enemies might be waiting for you;
    you could have got them from where you were before, but either way is fine. 
    Proceed and get one more that lurks up ahead. Round the corner and take the 
    left path to creep up on another. You could get the two on the streets from 
    up here, but they can't see you very well, so just go down to the ground and
    get them quickly. 
    *Use the camera gun for this next part.
    As you head down the hill you will get a new objective. You could make a stand
    on the ground behind the sandbags, but that is too hard. Go up the stairs 
    before the enemy arrives and take cover behind a wall. If you want the trucks,
    hit the drivers, but a better idea is to be ready for them with a frag in hand
    and let it go before they unload. Simple pop n' shoot gameplay to mop up; use
    the cover on the ground cautiously if you don't get the message saying coast 
    Enter the cemetary with the silenced gun and kill the first guy in the yard
    from the hole in the wall. Proceed and take out two more guys, then get another
    as you get into the main portion of the yard. You can take on all the bad guys
    from either the right or left side of the cemetary, but I say take the right.
    (Author: Brad Russell, GameFAQs.com, if this guide is under some other author
    please email me at lunatic_252000@yahoo.com). The right path is for sneaking
    missions, and for some reason you can get better shots; but you have to keep
    your eyes and ears open as guys will rush you from time to time. This path will
    be more unpredictable, so take the left side of the yard if you want to play 
    it safe. Either way, always have some cover to hide behind and you will make 
    it you the next checkpoint.
    *I would think that you don't have to kill all the bad guys.
    When you pass the gates after you get the UAV, poke around the corner of the
    building and you will spot three bad guys. Get out a frag and aim it as far as
    can toward the middle of the pair; throw it as far as you can and that should
    get them both leaving one left. Get to the mule and bring the sniper, the
    P90 SD, and the defensive pack. 
    *The sun will rise around now, so no more night vision.
    First, send your UAV to the north to spot two enemies. Probably not critical
    that you get them, but may as well; you don't even need to get get close, just
    snipe both. Then bring the UAV back and send it west to find another group of
    bad guys nearby (if you don't understand what I mean, look at the map and 
    find the tiny building with a ramp, and send the UAV to the open area near it).
    Get on the roof of the building and take cover behind the metal thing. Snipe 
    the enemies, easy enough. Now send the UAV to the checkpoint and you will spot
    the last group of bad dudes. Bring up the map and locate the small building 
    to the south of this open area and you take up point from there. You can snipe
    the guys, but as soon as you start there will be trucks that unload some more
    onto the scene. Use the UAV to get the marks and just do you what you've done
    so far to get the job done (if you can find a tiny crack in the wall, use it
    to your advantage).
    *Be careful as you get to the checkpoint, there might be a few rats in hiding.
    Restock with the mule before moving on, just make sure you got the sniper. Run
    up the stairs and dive to cover (crouch as you run) and you should pull up the
    first two snipers as targets. They suck at shooting, but make sure you get them
    in one shoot; poke n' shoot, but make sure only one can see you at a time. Now
    go back down the steps and go up the other steps of the opposite building. You
    should send the UAV to the checkpoint and examine the one in the far corner to
    get the final mark. You can get a read on him as soon as you peer over the top
    of the final ramp. Then just run to the checkpoint. 
    *Watch the next scene and tell me that you didn't think this was a zombie 
    Bullfight	bul777
    *NOTE: on a later runthrough, I found that using the Rx4 Storm was a much
    faster gun for clearing the mission. Use until you get to the final resupply
    Put your padres on the sandbag and scope the road up ahead for two easy kills. 
    Then turn to the right and go up the steps. Send your guys to the wall and 
    put them on offense. Be careful not to take hits from the roofs on the left
    and the right. Your team will find marks for you, and you can navigate the 
    small wall up here to peer through the openings in the railing for your kills.
    (Author: Brad Russell, GameFAQs.com, if this guide is under some other author
    please email me at lunatic_252000@yahoo.com). Send your team down to the 
    streets and move them around to make sure that no one is left.
    *If you have the Rx4 Storm, and you aren't a whimp, proceed up to the gun from
    the eastern side of the ruins. Oh yes, there are six guys in total before you
    reach the anti-air gun.
    At the checkpoint, get the DSR-I, P90, and Defensive Pack. Soon after you will 
    be rushed by three enemies from both ends of the streets. Put your team behind
    cover and take out the guy to the north first. When all is clear, head north 
    and stick both your teams on the corners of the busted buildings that face the
    central road; you are trying to get to the norhtern anti-air gun first. You 
    could sneak around and pick off targets slowly, but just put your team on 
    the aggressive and begin to fight for every inch of the streets. There are 
    about four enemies in this first intersection, on both sides. Check the map 
    and approach the gun from the left side of the building directly south of the
    objective. You can handle all five enemies with your secondary weapon, but go
    ahead and bring your trigger-happy friends to some cover. Check around the 
    whole building before setting this place on fire.
    Go up the nearby building and look to the west for a truck and a lone soldier.
    Watch the truck for a while to find when it will have the driver exposed for 
    the longest. Get the driver and you can pick off the gunner with ease, also 
    get the other guy and tell your team to blow up the truck. Now run along near
    the bull arena, but don't round the corner just yet. Put your main team on the
    planter facing the next set of guns; you don't need the other team. Let them
    open fire and you hug the big wall as you wait for bad guys to be brave. When
    no more pour out, get out the big sniper and start picking off guys from behind
    walls. Move your team behind the sandbags to confirm the area is clear, and you
    will be free to take out both pieces. Run backward a bit and hit the supply
    *Why those guys don't stick around to help out is beyond me.
    Swap your medic for the antitank gunner, John Hume. Get the MK48, P90, and the
    destructive pack. You don't really need any of this stuff, but you may as well
    be ready. Set your team on the wall to the right of the opening that leads to
    the underground tunnel. Use the P90 to try and get far-off targets, but go 
    into hiding when a tank rolls in. Go ahead and indulge your new friend by 
    letting him take out the first tank, but be under cover because another tank
    will roll in from your blind side if you aren't watching (like, right next to
    you). By then you will get and APACHE air support, so just let it finish off 
    the fight. Hit the checkpoint to get the mission rolling along. 
    *Thank goodness you don't have to escort anybody, way to go Ubisoft!
    Check the map to find the southmost bridge that leads to the next section of
    the level. When you reach the intersection, get the man up high, the six or
    so on the ground, and then the other high guy to the right; oh yeah, have your
    team help you out. Head south to safety; no don't, whip out the MK48 before you
    near the evac point, also, have your team with you and set them to cover that
    faces north (not short cover either) - oh yeah, have them on assault too. Gee,
    I guess the surprise won't work now. 
    Approach the point and SURPRISE! You're ambush, but it ain't as bad as you 
    think. Hume is not just a pretty face in this, he will prove to be money in 
    this mission. Find the enemy chopter in the sky when your bird goes down, and
    set Hume to take it down. Now a whole mess of mercs will pour in from all 
    sides, and they mean business. After your bird takes a dive, more enemy 
    choppers will touch down nearby; let Hume do his thing. Your MK48 is also a 
    golden choice in this mission, for reasons not yet understood, this gun will 
    make short work of all the bodies in hiding. Remember, pop n' shoot or you 
    will die. Eventually, some sad music will play and an enemy APACHE drops in;
    the joke is on them because Hume will make the music apply to the bad guys. Now
    you can just wait for that one guy to show up, or pick off the undone bad guys,
    the choice is yours. Get in when he shows up and watch the exciting scene, oh
    the drama.
    The Lonely Ghost	tlg888
    Are those your teammates one the ground? NO, they were such good boys! Oh well,
    you at least get what's-his-face over there. He doesn't take orders, but he
    will follow you. Look to the norhteast and you should be able to kill two guys
    and then you should use that uber gun to blow up the truck. Then take the north
    path and begin moving east so you only have one side to watch for. Be careful
    as you move, and try to stay behind cover more so than before since you can't
    see those convenient red targets anymore. It is unknown how many there are, 
    just know there is a crap-load of them and usually kill with a few hits. The
    best thing to do is stop and take cover the moment you spot tangos, and just 
    play the peep n' shoot game with them. There aren't as many as you think, but
    be cautious and you will make it to the mule.
    Keep your current set and bring the defensive pack. In the field up ahead is 
    a truck and two enemies. Kill the two first and then just pour bullets into
    the vehicle. Mortars will start raining down, so you and that guy run to the
    building on the right, or the left, either way it doesn't matter. You need to
    take out the mortar crew in the center of the triangle arrangement of buildings
    (check the map). When they are finished, you will get the message that two 
    choppers are inbound. Use the cover of the buildings around here and wait for
    them to show up. Your tail can handle hisself, but put a smoke on him, and then
    you should throw some smoke somewhere else where you can get a read on the 
    two birds. As long as they are firing (preferably at him) you can see them 
    without your goggles, but whatever works. Your MK48 will make short work of 
    both. Reach the extraction point to return to normalness. 
    *You can bring the mule with you, but you shan't need it.
    Shooting Gallery	sho999
    Get the antitank gunner, then blow up a car, then another, and then a truck,
    this will do it for the first part. Seriously, it would be a waste to write a
    walkthrough for all of this. Just shoot cars and kill bad guys, see you after
    the crash site. 
    *Geez, they sure aren't very organized, are they?
    As you approach the convoy, just don't shoot at the green marks and you will
    be good; that's it. Focus fire on the vehicles, ignore the soldiers as you
    escort the convoy. After you take on a group at the top of a hill, your chopper
    will turn around; you can wipe the whole lot out by aiming around the left-
    most bad guy (boom). Then you get to have fun with two other birds; if you 
    can't aim at these, you need help. Just follow them around and fire when you
    got a read on them - mission over (another quickie, there I said it).
    Cover-Up	cov1010
    Bring the DSR-I, P90, and the offensive pack. Send the UAV north to find two
    patrolling guys. Just use the P90, or sniper, to get them both. Now send the 
    UAV west and circle the garage until you find all seven or so bad guys. Just 
    use the metal fence as protection while you pick off each one at a time. Use
    the UAV to see a bit further west to spot a sniper on a hill. Out-snipe him and
    you will be free to get the bird - and make sure you get out of the blast 
    Now set your eye on the southern point and send the robot over it. Check for 
    the few guys around the shack, and descend on the point from the left of the
    rock along the way. Try to get at least two, but a truck will pull in to the 
    northwest of the shack and drop off a whole bunch. Toss a smoke as far as you
    can toward the truck and get in with your vision on. Throw a frag and mop up
    whoever remains with your P90, and then mop up whoever remains at the shack 
    with your big gun. You will know you got them all when the message pops up.
    Check the map and notice the tiny object to the south of the point. There will
    be two guys in the area, even if you can't see both. Snipe one and that should
    lure out the other, so be ready. Then send the UAV over the enemy position to
    spot all four enemies. Snipe who you can, and then move in for the kill on
    whoever you can't see; that means use the P90 to mop up at close range. 
    Run all the way to the truck and stock up with the default team, the DSR-I,
    the P90, and the Defensive Pack. Bring up the map and look at the hacienda. 
    Send your drone to the right, front portion of the complex to get a mess of 
    red marks on screen. You can use your vision in the new dark as you approach 
    the western-most gate (it has a bull skull above it). Send your team to cover
    right below the entrance as you start picking off guys through crates, and just
    snipe them from the doorway if you can't get any. Send the UAV south to get two
    more enemies, then take them out. Now toss the robot toward the east area for
    about five more enemies. Snipe one to draw out a few from the doorway of where
    you are now, then attack from the north to finish the rest off. Finally, send
    the UAV to the main structure of the complex. You can start sniping from any
    point in the complex, so do so; and if you want to get your team involved, go
    ahead, they need it (put them under cover and set them to offense). You can
    clear out the whole place by yourself, just make sure you check every inch of
    the place for bad guys; two in the southeast corner. 
    Now go into the building that was under such tight security to find your pal
    alone and scared. Follow him to the roof, bring your team, and get ready for 
    another fight. It is best if you set your team to the wall facing south, right
    next to the checkpoint; and put them on aggressive. You take up some other 
    defensive point and be ready for mucho tangos. You don't need the sniper, your
    P90 will do just fine. When a truck pulls in, you and your team should focus
    fire on it to quickly end the battle. If not, then bunker down for a long 
    series of hide and seek, but either way you will do fine. Jump on the bird to
    end the mission. 
    Mouse Trap	tra1111
    *FYI, consider using the Rx4 Storm, instead of the sniper rifle. At least for
    the first half of the mission; the other sniper will be useful for the second
    In and out, just how I like it. Run up the street with vision on and go up the
    ramp to the roof of the building. Put your team on a wall and you get a read on
    all the enemies. The plan is for your team to get any up high, you toss a frag
    into the sandbags, and your APC to mop up. So execute it. 
    Go directly north and stick your team on the corner of the building, put them
    on aggressive, and then help out. Go along the wall to the east and see if you
    can get two guys in the alley; if not then come back. Go up the big stairs and
    take out the guy up here, the three or so above him, and then the four down by
    the sandbags. Put your APC in the area as you destroy both anti-air guns. If 
    you check the map, you will notice that the APC's rail stops at the next gun
    placement, but there are two guys in between (if you got them earlier, then
    you need not worry). Set your team on the corner facing the position and let 
    your APC rumble on in. Use your rifle to get the guys that appear up high, and
    hope that the car doesn't explode on your team; so the quicker the better. Blow
    up the guns to move on.
    The sun begins to come up as you approach the next position, and the choppers 
    will handles the hostiles in front. Get into position and simply put your team
    in assault mode and behind cover. The P90 will do fine, but you should run out
    of bullets, and don't try to aim with the rifle, just shoot. When you see
    horizontal diamonds pull up, just send your team on those trucks. Eventually,
    some brave enemies will try to rush you, so just be ready and don't stick your
    head out for too long. This defense is just a matter of time, so out-live the
    enemy and it's over. 
    *The Rx4 Storm helps in the above fight, and if you run out of ammo for any 
    gun, there are some guns around you.
    Rally at the truck and swap your medic for Hume one more time. Get the M95 
    Sniper, Cx4 Storm, and defensive pack. Move up and get ready to send everything
    you got forward. This is a bit tedious as you have to move the tank and the
    helicopter at the same time; you can leave your team behind. It gets confusing
    and chaotic here, but the plan is to use Littlebird on the soldiers and the 
    tank on the armors that show up. You have to keep both moving as they only 
    shoot at targets they can see. They should survive any damage, but the gunners
    and armors might get Littlebird in the critical if you don't move fast enough.
    You don't have to do anything, just move those two units around until all the
    red marks are no more.
    *You don't have to actually see the red marks, just so long as the diamonds 
    appear on screen that is enough.
    When you get to a long stretch, stop your tank at the front of it and get 
    Littlebird nearby. There are some friendlies, but ignore them and put your team
    on behind one of the columns on the side. The green marks will get blown away,
    an armor will appear, and two antitank gunners will pop up on the bridge above,
    at the other end. Let your tank get the tank on the ground, send Littlebird in
    to a soldier, put your team on aggressive, and you try to get both antitank 
    men; should work. 
    Now the coast is pretty much clear. You can advance the tank and Littlebird,
    and you can basically repeat the same thing you started with. Just work fast,
    use the tank on big targets, send Littlebird on soldiers, and have your team
    protect you. When all is cleaned up, go up the steps and wait for your ride.
    I guess this is like a boss fight or something. The first sweep will give you
    a read on some infantry and an antitank gunner. When you are told you will get
    FAR support, be ready for a tank to appear and immediately push up on the d-pad
    to take out the tank. Soon later, another will show up following some soldiers,
    so stay frosty. 
    What follows is another shooting range of soft bodies, just make sure you get
    the big guns first. When you notice a copter in the sky, kill the guys first,
    then be ready to anticipate the movements of the bird. Just follow it with a 
    trail of bullets, keep track of the red arrow when it goes off screen, and you
    will win the day.
    Dam Mercenaries		dam1212
    Hooray, more of my dam jokes! Thank you Clancy for your similar story lines.
    Get the default group, the M95 Sniper, the P90, and the defensive pack. Consult
    the map and send the UAV to the west of the open area nearby to spot a sniper.
    (Author: Brad Russell, GameFAQs.com, if this guide is under some other author
    please email me at lunatic_252000@yahoo.com). Move west along the next street
    until you see a Game Planet sign. Back up from it and you should eventually
    get a clear path to the marksman, just get him before he gets you. Come back
    a bit east and set both of your teams on the corners of the building looking
    to the open area. Start picking off targets with the ridiculous power of this
    new rifle (you can pierce concrete). 
    Go through the path to the south of the building where the sniper once stood,
    but send your UAV above the next checkpoint first to get some targets. Peek
    around the corner and send your team into the open room that faces the enemy
    positions. Send them into offense, start picking off enemies, and then get to
    the dam point.
    Take the southeast enemy position first. From far away you can spot quite a few
    enemies; they are spread out fairly well. Use the UAV to scan the whole area
    near the point. You can leave your team by the big tree as you snipe all the 
    red diamonds from far away. More will appear as you start firing, but just take
    your time and you will win. There will be four on the roof of the actual point,
    so approach it with caution to clean up. And pull your men to your position 
    before you come back to the tree. 
    As you head toward the next enemy position, a dam copter will drop some dam 
    soldiers in your dam way. Just pick off the mercs from a safe spot and ignore
    the bird. 
    Now send the UAV up to the next enemy group. Scout the big building, the area
    in front, and the small structure to the bridge. Can't see with the UAV in that
    last one, but you can snipe both the guys inside yourself from the side. Move
    your team up close and let them fire as you go for the tangos up top, then fire
    on the ones on the ground. Send your team to the doors leading to the big 
    building. Watch all sides and stay on your feet as you battle your way inside,
    and eventually up the ramp to finish off the enemy; your team will prove most
    valuable for the bottom portion, and you can clean up the top alone. 
    Regroup outside, heal any wounded, and enter the small control station. Put 
    your team of three on the doorway that leads to the bridge, and send your pair
    of two outside, behind some cover. Use your P90 on the closer enemies, then 
    whip out the rifle for the ones that fire from the glass (remember, keep your
    team on assault). You will enter the building from the right, and as soon as 
    you look into the dark room, aim at the stairs across the way and get two guys
    as they run down. Be cautious and send your team in front of you as you go 
    up the building, because sometimes bad guys will run down unexpectedly. But 
    before you get to the top, pick up an MG21. Use the P90 to kill the anyone
    on the very top, and then blow up the jamming device.
    Get back inside and put your teams under cover, then pull out your new gun. 
    Have a smoke in hand and go back up to lay it down. Hide in the smoke, put on
    your vision, and start shooting. After a while be sure to lay some more smoke
    down, and you will kill both birds in no time. Get to the extraction point and
    get ready to head back to Mexico - gosh damit.
    Welcome Back to Mexico		mex1313
    When you start, get to cover, put your team on assault, and switch to the P90
    to get the killing going. You could try to take out the armored vehicle when it
    shows up, but it doesn't matter. It is best if you hide around the broken 
    truck on the left, and your team in the same place, or you could do the reverse
    and be fine. When the first area is clear, move up to the tiny white shack and
    inch your way up until you hear some enemy chatter. Toss a smoke grenade toward
    the broken car on the left and use it to pick off enemies. Toss another behind
    the car to get some more bad guys, and then finish off the remainder. Get on
    the right side of the complex of buildings and put your team behind some cover
    facing the south. When you move east, an enemy truck will rush you by cirlcing
    the place; you can at least get the gunner, but it doesn't matter if you get
    the truck (get the driver if you want it). 
    When you approach the border station, put your team on the tiny metal structure
    in front of the gate. Use the P90 to kill far away enemies, and nothing special
    you can't handle by now. Move to the sandbags and put someone on the turret on
    the right; you take the one on the left. Start by taking out the first two 
    trucks, and then use the cars to blow away infantry. Eventually, Littlebird 
    comes to the rescue along with two tanks. 
    Bring the default team, the M95, the P90, and the defensive pack. Send the tank
    over the bridge, let Littlebird pour bullets on the soldiers, and let the tank
    destroy the enemy armor as soon as it crosses the gate. Same routine as before.
    (Author: Brad Russell, GameFAQs.com, if this guide is under some other author
    please email me at lunatic_252000@yahoo.com). Use the tank to kill big targets
    and Littlebird to mop up soldiers. When your army rounds the first corner, 
    there will be an antitank gunner way down the street; your tank can take quite
    a few hits, but make sure to get him fast. 
    After Littlebird leaves, send the tank further and you put your team at the 
    doorway of the nearby factory thing that has a few enemies inside. Kill the
    enemies, then move your team to new cover inside. Now move the tank to destroy
    the big targets, but make sure you get the antitank gunner up high. In front
    of your tank will be a group of baddies, so don't let them go unharmed. Move
    your team toward the walkway and more enemies will run down. 
    When you get the call from the Prez, set your team on the corner of the ramp.
    Kill the first trio of bad guys, but you can't get up the ramp easily. This 
    is where smoke is crucial. Toss one on the top of the ramp, run to it, and then
    kill a bunch of marks from this smoke. Quickly look to the right and send your
    team to the small cover up here, and put some smoke there for you to hide 
    behind. Get the guys down on this level first, but the few up top will be 
    much more difficult to kill. You have two options: toss smoke and hide in it
    at the top of the final ramp, or try to get a frag up there, which is hard.
    Either way you get up there, lay down some more smoke (careful not to toss it
    over the edge), and get up to the final fight scene. Some stuff happens as far
    as the story, so keep an ear out (or don't, because it's not that good). You
    basically need to clear the upper elevations of bad guys, and then get who
    you can on the bottom. Eventually, you will get FAR support. Send the bombs on
    the missile launchers (take off the vision if you are in smoke) and let the 
    final bit of story run through. 
    Not a bad game, but a bad ending. At least it's not a dam ending...
    * 5. Copyright/Other                                                          *
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