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"Cross-Com activated, let's play!"

Cross-Com activated, let's play!

This is a great game with an awesome storyline. This has everything a game should have: Great graphics, great game play, great story, and great characters. This is a game you can't miss out on.

Another day, another penny most people may say. Well to the Ghosts it's mostly "Another day, another country saved." This is exactly what this game is, except it's done in a three day lapse of time. You get to play as Mitchell again in this game and you go to Juarez to tone down the war there. You have a variety of weapons in your arsenal. They all range from a weapon that you can fire without you having to risk your life and a weapon that locks on to your target if you keep it in range long enough. The story starts to get a little more radical when you start to play it through. You realize that troops from Juarez have stolen some things from the U.S. and they plan to use it against you. Your job is to go and find those "things" and take them back. Later on you find out the "things" are nuclear warheads that are going to devastate and state in the United States. Mitchell and the Ghosts set off to find these objects in time, will they acquire it in time? That is your job, your job is to make sure they get there in time and get out of there alive.

The difficulty of this game isn't that bad. Most games have a difficulty that is impossible to beat or they have their difficult level as something that a five year old can beat. This is average, it isn't that hard or easy. If you take cover you'll be alright. The difficult goes from Easy, Medium, and Hard. Of course they have different names in game, but I prefer to call it Easy, Medium, and Hard. The hardest difficulty is difficult, but not as difficult as most people make it to be. The online game play is where it gets difficult. You have no ability to take cover and look from cover and sometimes you can't find a match online. It can be very frustrating to try and play online, but hey, it's still a challenge and that's what makes this game fun. Sometimes you can get frustrated at this game, but it isn't a controller breaking game. This is a fun game that can pass a few hours by.

The game play is so realistic; even if it is set in the future. You have weapons that aren't even developed yet in today's world. You have equipment that can detect enemy movement and they don't even know it. This handy feature is something great to have and not one person can't sit around and let this great feature go to waste. Also, in this new installment in the Ghost Recon series, you can control the air support, the Ghost squad, and any other artillery that you possess. These features are available via the Cross-Com. The Cross-Com allows Mitchell to keep in contact with available tanks, air support, and the Ghosts. Using the Cross-Cam lets him see through the eyes of his fellow Ghosts and he can order attacks through them also. It is a great way to learn more strategies that no one has ever thought of. There is no real way to play this game, there are hundreds of varieties of weapons that you can use. It is fun to see which weapons dominate the playing field. A great team set up, however, is anything with a medic involved in your team. They can heal minor wounds and they can heal a person if they have fainted from too much damage. This game is very realistic and depicts a real life field that a person who doesn't want to be involved in a war can be involved in a war just by playing a game. Pack up and get ready to battle a whole army and take them all out in time to go back home and rest? Well rest a lot Mitchell you'll need it.

The graphics are stunning. The explosions are amazing, the ability to looked stunned when you were hit by an explosive is great also. This game lets everything feel real and be real. It makes you feel like you are actually fighting a real war right now. The sounds sound amazing also. The soundtrack that they used was great. The triumphant music, the mellow music, the sad music, the explosions, everything was just a breath-taking event in this game. Only future installments in the Ghost Recon series can top this game off. No other game has the ability to do this for the time being.

Replay Value (5)
I replayed this game five times, then I got bored of the repetitive levels. Online game play is really fun, that's why I stopped playing campaign. Get involved in the online game play and have some fun.

Rent or Buy
Buy. This is a buy whether or not you are a Ghost Recon fan or not. If you third-person shooting games you are really missing out on something great if you don't buy this game.

+ Great Graphics
+ Great Game play
+ Great Sounds
+ Great storyline

- Online game play is troublesome
- Can get boring very fast

Originally posted on: Saturday, June 2, 2007

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/04/07

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