Review by barrybarfly

"Hated first game....glad I tried this one!"

Despite what sambo may say in his review, this game is great fun online. There is no real need to play ranked matches as the achievements are available in player matches. That is why there are only grizzled old vets playing ranked matches. And yes they will kick you if your rank is low because otherwise theirs will drop. Fair enough, after all they've put in a lot of effort to get where they are. However there is no other game out there that is better for online shooting than graw2.

I HATED the first version and it was sold within a week. Single player was slow, graphically poor by the time I played it and had a terrible story (although perhaps I was so bored I forgot to pay attention....who remembers!). In fact it was so bad I never got round to playing multi player. Which is apparently where I went wrong. I now play graw2 online with a lot of people who had the first one. The general opinion seems to be that they are very similar, this is just an updated and improved version of what went before. This game is great fun and there a lot of fun players in player matches who are good at the game and play competitive clan matches. Its not hard to get a good game so ranked matches aren't necessary for those who just want to play hard, without worrying about ranking up. Perhaps if sambo had tried this he would now be the proud owner of hte best shooter out there. Lets hope he tries it again!

There is one downside to the game that I have found and this will either annoy or delight people....the achievements are extremely easy to get. Whereas the first game had some ridiculously hard ones, most of the ones in this version can be earned in the first week of having it and the rest will soon follow. Personally I find this slightly disappointing, but I won't complain too much as it is the only fault I can find with an otherwise excellent game!! If all games were this well made then £40 wouldn't seem as much as it often does!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/02/07

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