Review by evilgreenmidget

"The most disappointing game Gearbox has ever published"

I pre-ordered this game long before the release date was pushed back and was left utterly disappointed by the lack of polished gameplay and the boring and tedious storyline. I wish I could tell you that it was everything you expected after waiting nearly two years for this title, but I would be lying.

I found the gameplay itself to be tedious and clunky, fraught with map glitches and horrid AI.
After spending less then 8 hours playing the game the storyline was over leaving me feeling bored and disappointed. It had no effect on the outcome of the story and frankly, was nothing more than a waste of the 60 dollar pricetag.

The pre-order bonuses were absolutely underpowered and easily shown up by the pulse rifle you start the game with, and the skins are blocky and look nothing like the character from the series they are portraying.

The "Collectibles" left something to be desired as they were easy to obtain and fairly useless.

After spending nearly a fourth of the time looking for the "Legendary" weapons I was left saddened by the lack of power or uniqueness of them.

Multiplayer also leaves something to be desired. You are incapable of playing more than half of the multiplayer gameplay modes while using splitscreen. The Multiplayer gameplay modes were nearly unplayable even if you are online, almost an homage to the horrendous gameplay one would find if they had bothered playing Halo ODST, which is a story for another time.

The only enjoyment I found in this game were the boss fights, but even than I was incapable of finding any real difficulty.

Graphics - 5/10 The Xenomorphs seem completely out of place in the blocky, unfinished environment.

Sound - 2/10 The "Musical Score" was atrocious and I found more enjoyment with the game on mute so I didn't have to hear the out of place screeches that sound nothing like the Xenomorphs I grew up with.

Controls - 6/10 Jumpy and unpolished, the controls aren't difficult to get the hang of, but that doesn't mean the layout was good.

Storyline - 1/10 The story seems lacking when put against the Aliens storyline, and leaves the player to feel like they have accomplished nothing at all.

Overall - 4/10 If you plan of purchasing this game, do yourself a favor and wait until the pricetag goes down to 20-30 dollars in the next month.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 02/13/13

Game Release: Aliens: Colonial Marines (US, 02/12/13)

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