Whats the best way to kill a tank?

  1. Whats the best way to kill one on expert because every time me and my freinds try it just wont die?

    User Info: Sonic4life

    Sonic4life - 8 years ago

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  1. Stick together and unload.

    User Info: KrauserIzGod

    KrauserIzGod - 8 years ago 5 1


  1. My favorite method is lighting him up with a molotov and run away from him. You could also use gasolines and boomers to stun em temporary. A pipebomb could stun as well, but really hard to pull off.

    User Info: do2222

    do2222 - 8 years ago 2 6
  2. It's a bit sad that people still don't realize this, but lighting a tank on fire does not kill or hurt it, it dies when it times out, just like in MP. The best way is to kill it is have everyone Auto-Shottie it in the face until it dies.

    User Info: greg589

    greg589 - 8 years ago 1 13
  3. The best way is to split up because it will only follow one of you. have the one that is running focus on getting away (NOT SHOOTING) while the others unload, he may switch targets but simply switch jobs if this happens

    User Info: BlargTaCular

    BlargTaCular - 8 years ago 3 4
  4. Well this is what I do.I get all my team mates and get a gas can or molitove or whatever and we all throw them at the tank and then we all get are shotguns and rifles out and shoot while we runaway and it seems to work every time.

    User Info: yocomy

    yocomy - 8 years ago 0 6
  5. The best way to to not stick together. There is one sure way for the tank to kill everyone and that's if that all just stand in front of him and shoot. The best way is to have the tank chasing one person and the rest unload in his back. The person running needs to do just that, run. He don't have to, nor should he try to shoot. The guys in the back will put the rounds in him. If the tank turns, let him chase one of the three who was chansing him and then the other three shoot him in the back again. This works well for 95% of where the tank shows up because there is enough room to run and put distance between you and the tank.

    One a side note, I would not bother with the molotov or fire because it only ever gets your teammates on fire and it does little to no damage to the tank.

    User Info: pac4life88

    pac4life88 - 8 years ago 4 3
  6. The best way is to Molotov him and run away. He will die from the fire after a while. In my experience anyone on my team who tried to stop and shoot at him while he was on fire, got punched or a rock in the face. So just light him up and run, don't stop to shoot him.

    User Info: edmullins73

    edmullins73 - 8 years ago 1 5
  7. Stop lighting the damn tank on fire!

    User Info: greg589

    greg589 - 8 years ago 4 5
  8. Always try to shoot in the face and find a platform that the tank will have to climb up and keep away from it as far as possible teamwork is also required and always get a strong gun(pump shotgun recommended)and you only get an achievement for lighting the tank on fire it doesn't help.

    User Info: jirayah11

    jirayah11 - 8 years ago 1 1
  9. Teamwork is a must. Your best bet is to have one person focus on running from the Tank while the others unload on him. (You can only out-run a Tank with 'Green' Health, otherwise it will catch up and kick your ass) If he starts to run after somebody else, simply switch roles- the person that the Tank turns to should start running away while the others shoot it in the back. If the tank knocks somebody down, Melee the Tank, attracting the Aggro to yourself. (Then you run =p) With good teamwork and practice, this is the best way to take down a Tank.

    User Info: Xskulled

    Xskulled - 8 years ago 1 2
  10. If you are in an open area, get him to chase one of you while the other teammates run behind the tank and shoot him in the back. I heard shooting the Tank in the back does extra damage. Also, make sure the following survivors don't get too close to the Tank, otherwise he will turn around and smack them.

    User Info: I_am_Myth

    I_am_Myth - 8 years ago 0 1
  11. well im no expert but ive found if you have him chash one person and then have the other 3 people shoot him in the back he goes down pretty fast.....cept in Expert...one mistake there and he'll own u all

    User Info: WitchHunterLeno

    WitchHunterLeno - 8 years ago 0 1
  12. All you have to do is burn him with a molotov and run away and stay away from him and if he comes to close run some more. In about 40 seconds he will die no matter how much health he has. This works in Vs,too.

    User Info: hellangle123

    hellangle123 - 8 years ago 0 2
  13. This depends on what difficulty you're playing on.

    On Easy the Tank has 3000 health. On Normal the Tank has 4000 health. On Advanced and Expert the Tank has 8000 health.

    If you set the Tank on fire, regardless of how much health it has, it will die after 40 seconds. Once it is lit on fire a 40 second timer starts and once it ends the Tank will die automatically. On lower difficulties, the entire team can shoot at it and it will go down fairly easy. On higher difficulties it is better to light it on fire and then shoot at it with Auto Shotguns.

    A single shot fired from a Shotgun fires 12 pellets that do 24 damage per pellet.

    12 pellets x 24 damage = 288 damage
    10 shots x 288 damage =2880
    4 survivors x 2880 = 11520

    So on any difficulty if every survivor unloads into the Tank with Auto Shotguns, you can take it down in less then 10 seconds.

    User Info: MegaZeroSaber

    MegaZeroSaber - 8 years ago 3 1
  14. I always let it go after the bots while either myself or my bud and I unload from a distance. If you're not playing with bots, I highly recommend lighting it on fire first, then unloading like hell. Auto shotties are the best for it, from what I have seen.

    User Info: OwenBJ

    OwenBJ - 8 years ago 0 1
  15. If you don't have a Molotov you have a few options. If some people have shotguns/auto shotguns and the tank downs someone, then they should run up right next to the tank and unload, as it does tons of damage. Three people doing that can kill him before he changes targets. The Tank usually finishes someone off before changing targets.

    If you want to run from the tank, shooting him will slow him down. It's good to let him keep a line of sight on who he is chasing, because he'll eventually decide to stop and throw something, which is a perfect time to reorganize and also shoot him in the back. If no one is shooting him and you are running from him, run backwards and shoot to slow him down when you can.

    You can shoot the stuff he throws at you, and although it is hard to do, you can break it before it hits. Sometimes it's useful to know that. To dodge something the tank throws, either find a tree/pole/object to hide behind or stand and wait from him to throw it, then start moving (or change directions if you were moving), as he can lead a moving target and still hit it with a rock.

    Other than that, if you can try to make the tank climb stuff, you can slow him down and shoot him while he's climbing. If there's a ladder you can get to a good time before the tank does, you can stand at the top of the ladder and he'll get stuck there, unable to climb all the way up. Doesn't typically work for objects he climbs (like trucks).

    User Info: Nioden

    Nioden - 8 years ago 1 1
  16. Three (good) options:

    - Set him on fire and run away. After a set amount of time he will die, regardless of how much health he has. Do not bother shooting him while on fire.

    - Auto-Shotguns. Try to keep the group together close enough so that everyone can unload their ammo on the tank.

    - High places. Tanks are bad at climbing. Get above him and you are free to shoot at him for a while. Run away when he gets up, find another spot, repeat.

    User Info: PsychoCyclops

    PsychoCyclops - 8 years ago 3 0
  17. I would light him up with a molotov and stick with your team and basicaly shoot the crap out of him.

    User Info: Bizaboo

    Bizaboo - 8 years ago 0 1

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