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    Pai Chan by Sanctuary Remix

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    Virtua Fighter 5 (Pai Chan)
    By: Alex "Joker" Hall
    Started on: April 30, 2007
    Completed on: August 25, 2007
    E-Mail: Sanctuary_Remix@yahoo.com
    -  Well I'll put it simply....I've been working on getting a Virtua Fighter 5
       walkthrough up as a means of my "coming out of retirement" kinda deal.  Well
       I'm still hard at work with it, but I figured as much that I should at least
       put out there some character walkthroughs as well.  I was planning on doing
       this in the first place once I got the full walkthrough up, but I figured
       what the hell....lets do it now.  So with that being said I'm here to give
       you all this guide on Pai Chan.
    -  As with every other guide that I've wrote, this guide is my own property!  I
       happily made this for all to enjoy and to use, and all that I ask is that if
       you are planning on using this for your site, then just ask me for permission
       ok.  I'm really easy to get along with and generally don't mind it so long as
       you ask for my permission first.  Don't go thinking "Oh he'll never say ok,
       lets just rip the guide and post it anyways" because that's a flawed way of
       thinking.  Just give it a shot sometime and you may be surprised!  My e-mail
       box is always open!
    -  A big reminder to everyone out there....if you're looking for updates to this
       guide, then head on over to www.gamefaqs.com.  I write for that site and that
       site only.....or at least, that's where the guide's origins are.  Any update
       that I do will hit there.  I don't really plan on keeping up with how many
       other hundreds of sites have my guides up for their use and have to go and
       update it on their site as well, so save yourself some trouble and headache
       and check my guide out at GameFAQs ok.  I really don't want to deal with a
       million e-mails asking me about updates and info and such when I'm telling
       you now what to do.
    *Pai Chan*
      = Backstory and Stats
      = Move Set
      = Costumes and Clothes Sets
      = Personal Opinion
    (User Created Tactics)
    *** Pai Chan ***
    -  Backstory  -
    -  Pai had entered the Fourth World Fighting Tournament out of concern for her
       sick father, Lau.  But before she could see him, she was defeated and had to
       leave the tournament.  Pai searched for her father afterward, and found him
       just in time to save the weakened Lau from Lei-Fei's killing blow.  Hit with
       the realization that Lau did not have long to live, Pai realized that she
       could do nothing for her father-she had to respect his desire to pursue
       ultimate strength for as long as he lived.  So when Pai learned that Lau was
       participating in the fifth tournament, she decided to enter as well, telling
       herself that the only way she can show her love for her father is to be
       strong, both emotionally and in combat.
    -  Stats  -
       Nationality - Chinese
       Birthday - 5/17/1975
       Hobby - Dancing
       Height - 166 cm (5'5 1/2)
       Weight - 49kg (107 lbs)
       Measurements - 85/54/88
       Blood Type - O
       Occupation - Action Star
       Fighting Style - Ensei-Ken
       Voice Actor - Minami Takayama
       First Game - Virtua Fighter
    -  Move Set -
    -  Now it's time to learn how to use Pai Chan properly.  Remember, you can
       always go into Dojo and use Command Training to perfect using these moves
       * Legend *
       P = Punch
       K = Kick
       G = Guard
       => = Forward
       <= = Back
       \ = Forward/Down
       / = Backward/Down
       ^ = Up
       | = Down
       Hold = Hold certain direction and/or button for at least one sec before
       HCF = Half Circle Forward starting from Back
       HCB = Half Circle Back starting from Forward
       UF = Up/Forward
       UB = Up/Back
       * Normal Moves *
       Chuken = P
       Renshou = P,P
       Raigekishou = P,P,P
       Renkan Tenshinkyaku = P,P,P,K
       Renkan Haitenkyaku = P,P,P,<=(or UB)K
       Renkan Tenshin Soukyaku = P,P,P,|,K
       Renkan Engeki = P,P,<=,P
       Renkan Kousentai = P,P,<=,P,K
       Renkan Enshi Rantsui = P,P,<=,P,K,|,K
       Renken Toukyaku = P,P,K
       Renken Youkikyaku = P,P,K,K
       Renkentai = P,K
       Renkentai~Bokutai = P,K,|
       Senchuken = =>,P
       Gyokujo Kensho = =>,P,K
       Enshi Soushou = =>,=>,P
       Hi'en Dantai = =>,=>,P,K
       Jouho Souchushou (deflect) = =>,<=,P
       Ensei Soushou = =>,<=,P,P
       Ensei Soushouheki = <=,P
       Henshin Engeki = <=,<=,P
       Souchuken = |,P
       Ensei Kosouha = Hold |,=>,P
       Ensei Raigekiken = Hold |,<=,P
       Soukasui = \,P
       Soukasui~Bokutai = \,P,<=
       Souka Rensui = \,P,P
       Souka Rensuishou = \,P,P,=>,P
       Souka Senpukyaku = \,P,K (can be charged)
       Souka Senpukyaku~Honshin = \,P,K, then G while charging
       Souka Senpukyaku~Haishin = \,P,K, then <= while charging
       Souka Senpukyaku~Shukushin = \,P,K then | while charging
       Rikensui = /,P
       Koushutai = K
       Koushu Kasui = K,P
       Koushu Kasui~Bokutai = K,P,<=
       Koushu Kasui Senpukyaku = K,P,K (can be charged)
       Koushu Kasui Senpukyaku~Honshin = K,P,K, then G while charging
       Koushu Kasui Senpukyaku~Haishin = K,P,K, then <= while charging
       Koushu Kasui Senpukyaku~Shukushin = K,P,K, then | while charging
       Ko'en Senkyaku = K,K
       Koudantai = K (while rising from a crouch)
       Danshitsu = =>,K
       Danshitsu Senshou = =>,K,P
       Shi'en Kousen = =>,K,P,K
       Shi'en Haiten = =>,K,P,<=(or UB)K
       Shi'en Zensou = =>,K,P,|,K
       Koutankyaku = =>,=>,K
       Renkan Tanheki = =>,=>,K,P
       Ensei Haikyaku = <=,K
       Ensei Haikyaku~Bokutai = <=,K,|
       Ensei Toukyaku = <=,=>,K
       Ensei Toukikyaku = <=,=>,K,K
       Hansenpu = <=,<=,K
       Touku Kouhaikyaku = <=,<=,K,K
       Ensei Katai = |,K
       Ensei Katai~Turn = |,K,<=
       Ensei Haijinkyaku = Hold |,<=,K
       Sensaitai = Hold |(or /)K
       Renka Sentai = Hold |(or /)K,K
       Senchutai = \,K
       Senkyaku Chushou = \,K,P
       Hi'en Tankyaku = UF,K
       Hi'en Rekkyaku = UF,K,K
       Haitenkyaku = UB,K
       Rensen Haitenkyaku = UB,K,=>,K
       Ensei Katanheki = P+K
       Hi'en Tenshinshou = P+K (rising from a crouch)
       Chouho Soukasui = =>,=>,P+K
       Chouho Soukasui~Bokutai = =>,=>,P+K,<=
       Kasuishou = <=,=>,P+K (can be charged)
       Ensei Katai = |(or ^)P+K
       Ensei Senpukyaku = K+G
       Enbu Renkyaku = =>,K+G
       Ensei Touku Haikyaku = =>,=>,K+G
       Kochoukyaku = <=,K+G
       Enshu Haitenkyaku = <=,=>,K+G
       Enshu Haiten Renkyaku = <=,=>,K+G,K
       Zensoutai = |,K+G
       Honshin Soukyaku = /,K+G
       Honshin Choutankyaku = Hold =>,K(while running)
       Sokushin Senpuga = P+K (during Defensive Move)
       Sokushin Toushou = P (during Offensive Move)
       Sokushin Danshitsu = K (during Offensive Move)
       * Moves from Bokutai *
       Bokutai~Chuken = From Bokutai: P
       Bokutai~Raigekishou = From Bokutai: P,P
       Bokutai~Kousoutai = From Bokutai: K
       Bokutai~Koushou Soushougeki (deflect) = From Bokutai: K,P
       Bokutai~Kinkei = From Bokutai: P+K
       Bokutai~Zensou Taitoukyaku = From Bokutai: K+G
       * Moves from Meishouho *
       Meishouho = <=,P+K+G
       Meishouho Ryusui Shouda = From Meishouho: P
       Meishouho Gekiryu Shouda = From Meishouho: P,P
       Meishouho Gekiryuha = From Meishouho: P,P,P
       Meiho Zensoutai = From Meishouho: K
       Meishougei Ensenkyaku = From Meishouho: K+G
       Meishougei Enshi Renshou = From Meishouho: K+G,P
       Meishougei Enshi Renshou Soukyaku = From Meishouho: K+G,P,K
       * Throws *
       Toushin Housoukyaku = P+G
       Raishin Nyurin = =>,P+G
       Toushin Inshou = =>,=>,P+G
       Ensei Monka = <=,=>,P+G
       Kuretsu Tenhou = Hold |,=>,P+G
       Shun'en Ryouku = <=,P+G
       Honshin Haisetsukou = =>,<=,P+G
       Senpu Enka = HCB,P+G
       Ensei Houshin Katai = =>,|,P+G
       Sei'en Katou = <=,|,P+G
       Hi'en Honko = \,P+G
       Junsui Suishu = \,\,P+G
       Raishin Nyurin = (wall in back) =>,P+G
       Haishin Choushou = (on opponent's left or right) P+G
       Shun'en Katou = (opponent facing away) P+G
       Zenshu Koutenkyaku = (during Shun'en Katou)
       Hi'en Tenshin Shoukyaku = (opponent crouching) |,P+K+G
       Enfu Rinshou = (opponent crouching) =>,P+K+G
       Ensei Shoutai = (opponent crouching) <=,=>,P+K+G
       Haishin Choushou = (on crouching opponent's left or right) = |(or=>),P+K+G
       Shun'en Katou = (opponent facing away and crouching) = |(or=>), P+K+G
       * Reversals *
       Unshu Soushouha = =>,P+K (vs high punch)
       Senpu Soukyaku = =>,P+K (vs right high kick)
       Senpu Haikyaku = =>,P+K (vs left high kick)
       Raku'en Katou = =>,P+K (vs right high elbow)
       Sousui Sanmon = =>,P+K (vs left high elbow)
       Unshu Soushouha = \,P+K (vs mid punch)
       Senpu Soukyaku = \,P+K (vs right mid kick)
       Senpu Haikyaku = \,P+K (vs left mid kick)
       Raku'en Katou = \,P+K (vs right mid elbow)
       Sousui Sanmon = \,P+K (vs left mid elbow)
       Ryusui Hekiken = \,P+K (vs right side kick)
       Mougyu Kenkaku = \,P+K (vs left side kick)
       Soushitsu Touraku = \,P+K (vs right knee)
       Teishitsu Soukyaku = \,P+K (vs left knee)
       Ensen Hairyu = <=,P+K (vs high punch)
       Rasen Anshou = <=,P+K (vs high kick)
       Honshin Rasen Anshou = P+G (vs opponent Pai's Rasen Anshou)
       Hi'en Hairyu = <=,P+K (vs high elbow)
       Ensen Hairyu = /,P+K (vs mid punch)
       Rasen Anshou = /,P+K (vs mid kick)
       Hi'en Hairyu = /,P+K (vs mid elbow)
       Kakyaku Senten = /,P+K (vs side kick)
       Shitsuten Toukai = /,P+K (vs knee)
       * Down Attacks *
       Rai'in Shouda = (opponent down) \,P
       Enshu Raigeki = (opponent down) ^,P
       Hi'en Youshu = (opponent down) ^,K+G
       * Back Attacks *
       Haishin Housui - (opponent behind) P
       Haishin Kasui - (opponent behind) |,P
       Haishin Kasui~Bokutai - (opponent behind) |,P,<=
       Koushutai - (opponent behind) K
       Zaka Sentai - (opponent behind) |,K
       Zaban Soushou - (opponent behind) P+K
       Haishin Chugeki - (opponent behind) |,P+K
       Haishin Kakyaku - (opponent behind) |,P+K, then P+G during hit
       Zenshu Koutenkyaku - UF,K (during turning attack)
       Meishouho - (opponent behind) P+K+G   
       * Jump Attacks *
       Touku Soushou - (while rising) P
       Toudan Kensui - (in midair) P
       Hishitai - (while rising) K
       Sokushutai - (in midair) K
       Sokushutai - (before landing) K
       * Wall Moves *
       Hekika Haishu - (wall in front) <=,P+K+G
       Hekika Haiten - (wall in front) UB,P+K+G
    -  Costumes and Clothes Set  -
    -  All Costume Items that can be bought and the costume types that they can be
       used with:
       Brown Pigtails = 1000G   Use: ABCD
       Brown Twin Pigtails = 5000G   Use: ABCD
       Short Brown Hair = 5000G   Use: ABCD
       Brown Hair and Bun = 10000G   Use: ABCD
       Blond Twin Buns = 5000G   Use: ABCD
       Bralmageed Blond Hair = 5000G   Use: ABCD
       Green Newsboy Cap = 10000G   Use: ABCD
       Yellow Hibiscus = 5000G   Use: ABCD
       Yellow Rim Glasses = 1000G   Use: ABCD
       White Sunglasses = 5000G    Use: ABCD
       Silver Rim Glasses = 10000G   Use: ABCD
       Pink Sunglasses = 6000G   Use: ABCD
       Blue Sunglasses = 1000G   Use: ABCD
       Red Contacts = 10000G   Use: ABCD
       *Upper Body*
       Straight Sword = 5000G   Use: ABCD
       Rhinestone Necklace = 1000G   Use: ABCD
       Red Chinese Top = 6000G   Use: A
       Blue Crop Top = 5000G   Use: B
       Blue Chinese Dress = 12000G   Use: C
       Green Chinese Dress = 12000G   Use: C
       White Chinese Dress = 18000G   Use: C
       Aqua Butterfly Shirt = 23000G   Use: D
       Black Chinese Shirt = 15000G   Use: D
       Green Chinese Shirt = 15000G   Use: D
       Purple Chinese Top = 9000G   Use: A
       Yellow Chinese Top = 9000G   Use: A
       Black Crop Top = 8000G   Use: B
       Pink Chinese Dress = 18000G   Use: C
       Pink Butterfly Shirt = 23000G   Use: D
       Green Chinese Top = 23000G   Use: A
       Mint Crop Top = 8000G   Use: B
       Lime Chinese Dress = 18000G   Use: C
       Red Chinese Dress = 23000G   Use: D
       White Flower Top = 23000G   Use: A
       Wine Red Crop Top = 8000G   Use: B
       Yellow Chinese Dress = 23000G   Use: C
       Jade Butterfly Shirt = 23000G   Use: D
       Gold Necklace = 9000G   Use: ABCD
       Pink Bangle = 1000G   Use: ABCD
       Navy Silk Gloves = 5000G   Use: AC
       Red Silk Gloves = 5000G   Use: AC
       Aqua Silk Gloves = 9000G   Use: AC
       Light Blue Bangle = 1000G   Use: ABCD
       *Lower Body*
       Green Light Plate = 10000G   Use: ABCD
       Red Fish Shoes = 1000G   Use: ABCD
       Red Chinese Pants = 4000G   Use: A
       Red Chinese Shoes = 1000G   Use: ABCD
       Gold Sash = 1000G   Use: A
       Blue Flare Pants = 10000G   Use: B
       Blue Shorts = 8000G    Use: C
       Green Sandals = 4000G   Use: ABCD
       Pink Sash = 1000G   Use: B
       Pink Line Shoes = 1000G   Use: ABCD
       Purple Capris = 15000G   Use: D
       Blue Fish Shoes = 1000G   Use: ABCD
       Black Capris = 10000G   Use: D
       Green Capris = 10000G   Use: D
       Purple Chinese Pants = 6000G   Use: A
       Yellow Chinese Pants = 6000G   Use: A
       Black Flare Pants = 15000G   Use: B
       Orange Sash = 1000G   Use: B
       Purple Shorts = 8000G   Use: C
       Pink Capris = 15000G   Use: D
       Black Leather Whip = 5000G   Use: ABCD
       Blue Sash = 1000G   Use: A
       Maroon Sash = 1000G   Use: A
       Green Chinese Pants = 15000   Use: A
       Mint Sash = 1000G   Use: B
       Green Flare Pants = 15000G   Use: B
       Green Shorts = 8000G   Use: C
       Yellow Capris = 15000G   Use: D
       White Flower Pants = 15000G   Use: A
       Wine Red Sash = 1000G   Use: B
       Gold Flare Pants = 15000G   Use: B
       White Shorts = 15000G   Use: C
       Orange Capris = 15000G   Use: D
    -  Personal Opinion -
    -  Ok....here's basically my take on Pai Chan:
       Ya know....with the way technology is going nowadays and the way we can make
       3D models look almost human is crazy....especially if you can find a woman
       that looks like her....damn!  A beautiful fighter to say the least, and very
       powerful, she is far beyond the stereotypical female fighter.  She can take
       down people in just a few good hits, and when properly mastered, you can
       destroy people with a blistering offense and a strong defense.  Pai Chan is
       easily enough one character that people would love to master simply because
       of her style of martial arts and the way she destroys the competition in no
       time flat.  Now that's not to say that she doesn't have her down sides.  She
       does take time to master and if you are wanting to end matches in about 3 or
       4 moves....then you're going to have to learn how to time her counters to
       hitting people.  Her counters are the big money makers and sometimes it is
       tough to time them against people, especially if they're veterans of the
       game.  So if you can learn how to bait people into attacking you the way you
       want them to do so, then you'll have no problem destroying everyone that you
       come across in this game.  Pai Chan is beauty and strength all rolled into
       one that you won't regret using once you've mastered.  I would say that she
       is an advanced to intermediate fighter so get some practice with a beginner
       character for a little bit and then move up to her.
    (User Character Tactics)
       Ahhhh....the final chapter of this glorious guide of mine....to think I
       finally made it this far.  This part though isn't written entirely by me...
       This part is written by all of you!  That's right....no matter what I say or
       do to tell you things about characters or explaining their ins and outs,
       everyone has their own style and their own way doing things with each
       character.  In that respect I give to all of you this section.  E-mail in
       your tips, tricks, and fighting techs that you find to be useful for the
       given character in the given situation you're in.  The only way this
       section can get bigger, is by all of you, so flood my e-mail box ok!  I know
       it's at the top, but for convienence my e-mail is:
       I will give full credit to you that send in your tips and tricks, so be a pal
       and help out those around you by contributing to this guide!
       * Pai Chan *
    -  First and foremost I give credit to Sega for coming out with one kick ass
       fighter.  I've never been so jaw dropped before by a fighting game with all
       that it shows off.  I'm still going strong with it, so I think I'm now
       turning into a Virtua Fighter fan!  Way to go Sega, by making an addictive
       game like this!
    -  Secondly I'd like to give creds to all of those out there that asked for me
       to come back and make more walkthroughs.  You have no clue how much I missed
       doing these, and just because I'm in the Marines, doesn't mean I have to 
       retire from walkthrough writing!  Thank you for all the support and e-mails
       that all of you have sent telling me how good my past walkthroughs were and
       that you all wanted to see more.  Without the support, I think the drive and
       the love for walkthrough writing would of left me a long time ago.
    -  If there's anything that you wish to add or correct in my walkthrough, then
       by all means, shoot me an e-mail at sanctuary_remix@yahoo.com.  I'll take
       your comments and concerns seriously and get back to you as fast as I can.
       You will be given the proper credit as well for contributing to my guide.
       Thanks again, and I'll sees yas all later!
       Alex "Joker" Hall
       Sanctuary Remix

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