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    Brad Burns by Sanctuary Remix

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    Virtua Fighter 5 (Brad Burns)
    By: Alex "Joker" Hall
    Started on: April 30, 2007
    Completed on: September 13, 2007
    E-Mail: Sanctuary_Remix@yahoo.com
    -  Well I'll put it simply....I've been working on getting a Virtua Fighter 5
       walkthrough up as a means of my "coming out of retirement" kinda deal.  Well
       I'm still hard at work with it, but I figured as much that I should at least
       put out there some character walkthroughs as well.  I was planning on doing
       this in the first place once I got the full walkthrough up, but I figured
       what the hell....lets do it now.  So with that being said I'm here to give
       you all this guide on Brad.
    -  As with every other guide that I've wrote, this guide is my own property!  I
       happily made this for all to enjoy and to use, and all that I ask is that if
       you are planning on using this for your site, then just ask me for permission
       ok.  I'm really easy to get along with and generally don't mind it so long as
       you ask for my permission first.  Don't go thinking "Oh he'll never say ok,
       lets just rip the guide and post it anyways" because that's a flawed way of
       thinking.  Just give it a shot sometime and you may be surprised!  My e-mail
       box is always open!
    -  A big reminder to everyone out there....if you're looking for updates to this
       guide, then head on over to www.gamefaqs.com.  I write for that site and that
       site only.....or at least, that's where the guide's origins are.  Any update
       that I do will hit there.  I don't really plan on keeping up with how many
       other hundreds of sites have my guides up for their use and have to go and
       update it on their site as well, so save yourself some trouble and headache
       and check my guide out at GameFAQs ok.  I really don't want to deal with a
       million e-mails asking me about updates and info and such when I'm telling
       you now what to do.
    * Brad Burns *
      = Backstory and Stats
      = Move Set
      = Costumes and Clothes Sets
      = Personal Opinion
    (User Created Tactics)
    *** Brad Burns ***
    -  Backstory  -
    -  The Fourth World Fighting Tournament was like one big party to Brad - the joy
       of fighting against challenging opponents, and the fact that many of them
       were beautiful women, was almost too much for Brad to take.  But after the
       tournament ended, Brad's life suddenly felt empty.  There were still no
       opponents who could challenge him in the kickboxing ring, and none of the
       women he had met at the tournament were returning his calls.  Then one day,
       Brad received an invitation to the Fifth World Fighting Tournament.  The
       invitation also included the name of a female fighter that Brad didn't
       recognize.  "Hmmm... Looks like I'll have to go meet her."
    -  Stats  -
       Nationality - Italian
       Birthday - N/A
       Hobby - Thrill Seeking
       Height - 178 cm (5'10)
       Weight - 68 kg (149 lbs)
       Measurements - 105/78/88
       Blood Type - B
       Occupation - Kickboxer
       Fighting Style - Muay Thai
       Voice Actor - N/A
       First Game - Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution
    -  Move Set -
    -  Now it's time to learn how to use Brad properly.  Remember, you can always
       go into Dojo and use Command Training to perfect using these moves properly.
       * Legend *
       P = Punch
       K = Kick
       G = Guard
       => = Forward
       <= = Back
       \ = Forward/Down
       / = Backward/Down
       ^ = Up
       | = Down
       Hold = Hold certain direction and/or button for at least one sec before
       HCF = Half Circle Forward starting from Back
       HCB = Half Circle Back starting from Forward
       UF = Up/Forward
       UB = Up/Back
       * Normal Moves *
       Jab - P
       Jab Straight - P,P
       Jab Straight~Ducking - P,P,=>
       Jab Straight~Slipping - P,P,|(or ^)
       Combination Upper - P,P,P
       Combo Double Knee - P,P,P,K
       Combination Low - P,P,K
       Jab~Body Straight - P,=>,P
       Gliding Knee - P,=>,P,K
       Gliding Knee~Catch (Neck Clinch) - P,=>,P,K then P+G during counter hit
       Jab~Spin Kick - P,K
       Elbow Hook - =>,P
       Elbow Hook~Ducking - =>,P,=>
       Elbow Hook~Slipping - =>,P,|(or ^)
       Elbow Hook~Screw High Kick - =>,P,K
       Spine Whip - <=,P
       Spine Whip~Ducking - <=,P,=>
       Spine Whip~Slipping - <=,P,|(or ^)
       Lumpini Combination - <=,P,K
       Lumpini Combination~Ducking - <=,P,K,=>
       Lumpini Combination~Slipping - <=,P,K,|(or ^)
       Lumpini Combination~Catch (Neck Clinch) - <=,P,K then P+G during counter hit
       Sit Jab - |,P
       Rising Upper - Hold |,\,P
       Jolt Upper - \,P
       Dtee Sawk Combination - \,P,P
       Gazelle Upper - \,\,P
       Gazelle Combination - \,\,P,P
       Sharp Shoot - /,P
       Stopping - K
       High Kick - Hold =>,K
       Stopping~Mobility Jab - K,P
       Stopping~Mobility Jab~Ducking - K,P,=>
       Stopping~Mobility Jab~Slipping - K,P,|(or ^)
       Teep Combination - K,P,K
       Teep Combination~Catch (Neck Clinch) - K,P,K then P+G during counter hit
       Knee Upper - =>,K
       Knee Upper~Ducking - =>,K,=>
       Knee Upper~Slipping - =>,K,|(or ^)
       Kao Loy - =>,=>,K
       Stop Kick - <=,K
       Stop Kick~Ducking - <=,K,=>
       Stop Kick~Slipping - <=,K,|(or ^)
       Fake Jab - <=,K then P just before hit
       Fake Jab~Body Crush Middle - <=,K then P,K just before hit
       Fake Jab~Quick Low Kick - <=,K then P,|,K just before hit
       Step Change Knee - <=,=>,K
       Cutting Low - |,K
       Low Kick - Hold |(or /) K
       Double Strike - Hold |(or /) K,K
       Turn Savate - Hold |,<=,K
       Middle Kick - \,K
       Middle Kick~Catch (Neck Clinch) - \,K then P+G during counter hit
       Dtee Sawk Bon - P+K
       Sawk Klab - =>,P+K
       Short Upper - =>,=>,P+K
       Upper Combination - =>,=>,P+K,P
       Upper Combination~Ducking - =>,=>,P+K,P,=>
       Upper Combination~Slipping - =>,=>,P+K,P,|(or ^)
       Short Upper~Phasing Hook - =>,=>,P+K,|(or ^) P
       Step-Out Hook - <=,P+K
       Step-Out Hook~Ducking - <=,P+K,=>
       Step-Out Hook~Slipping - <=,P+K,|(or ^)
       Shovel Hook - |,P+K
       Shovel Hook~Last Shot - |,P+K,=>,P
       Shovel Hook Double - |,P+K,P
       Shovel Hook Double~Last Shot - |,P+K,P,=>,P
       Shovel Hook Triple - |,P+K,P,P
       Shovel Hook Triple~Last Shot - |,P+K,P,P,=>,P
       Phasing Smash - |,P+K
       Destruction Body - \,P+K
       Dtee Sawk Lang - \,P+K,P
       High Spin Kick - K+G
       Tornado Combination - K+G,|,K+G
       Step-In Knee - <=,K+G
       Step-In Knee~Front Kick - <=,K+G,K
       Step-In Knee~Front Kick~Ducking - <=,K+G,K,=>
       Step-In Knee~Front Kick~Slipping - <=,K+G,K,|(or ^)
       Pap Sawk Kao - <=,=>,K+G
       Jaguar Tail - |,K+G
       Over Step Middle - P+K (during Defensive Move)
       Body Blow - P (during Offensive Move)
       Quick Knee - K (during Offensive Move)
       * Moves from Ducking *
       Ducking - =>,P+K+G
       Ducking~Slipping - From Ducking: |(or ^)
       Ducking~Sway Back - From Ducking: <=
       Body Hook - From Ducking: P
       Cross Upper - From Ducking: P,P
       Ducking Knee Upper - From Ducking: K (can be charged)
       Ducking Knee Upper~Catch (Neck Clinch) - From Ducking: K then P+G during
                                                              counter hit
       Hell Trap - From Ducking: P+K
       Gazelle Upper - From Ducking: P+K success, then P
       Middle Spin Kick - From Ducking: K+G
       * Moves from Long Ducking *
       Long Ducking - =>,P+K+G,=>
       Long Ducking~Slipping - From Long Ducking: |(or ^)
       Quick Hook - From Long Ducking: P
       Dtee Sawk Lang Combo - From Long Ducking: P,P
       Dtee Sawk Lang Combo~Ducking - From Long Ducking: P,P,=>
       Dtee Sawk Lang Combo~Slipping - From Long Ducking: P,P,|(or ^)
       Dtee Sawk Lang Combo~Sway Back - From Long Ducking: P,P,<=
       Double Dtee Sawk Lang Combination - From Long Ducking: P,P,P
       Quick Knee Kick - From Long Ducking: K
       Double Knee Combo - From Long Ducking: K,K
       Corkscrew Straight - From Long Ducking: P+K
       Crush Knee Kick - From Long Ducking: K+G
       Arrow Kick - From Long Ducking: =>,K+G
       * Moves from Sway Back *
       Sway Back - <=,P+K+G
       Sway Back~Ducking - From Sway Back: =>
       Sway Back~Slipping - From Sway Back: |(or ^)
       Sway Back Jab - From Sway Back: P
       Sway Back Jab~Ducking - From Sway Back: P,=>
       Sway Back Jab~Slipping - From Sway Back: P,|(or ^)
       Sway Back Middle Kick - From Sway Back: K
       Sway Back Straight - From Sway Back: P+K
       Combo Cutting Elbow - From Sway Back: P+K,P
       Combo Cutting Elbow~Ducking - From Sway Back: P+K,P,=>
       Combo Cutting Elbow~Slipping - From Sway Back: P+K,P,|(or ^)
       Combo Elbow Middle Kick - From Sway Back: P+K,P,K
       Ratchadamnoen Combination - From Sway Back: P+K,P,K then \,K during guard or
       Sway Back Low - From Sway Back: K+G
       Cross Counter Hook - From Sway Back: <=,P+K
       Cross Counter Hook~Ducking - From Sway Back: <=,P+K,=>
       Cross Counter Hook~Slipping - From Sway Back: <=,P+K,|(or ^)
       * Moves from Slipping Right *
       Slipping Right - |(or ^) P+K+G (front side)
       Slipping Right~Ducking - From Slipping Right: =>
       Slipping Right~Slipping - From Slipping Right: |(or ^)(back side)
       Slipping Right~Sway Back - From Slipping Right: <=
       Body Break - From Slipping Right: P
       Piercing Knee - From Slipping Right: K
       Waving Body - From Slipping Right: P+K
       Waving Body~Smash Hook - From Slipping Right: P+K,P
       * Moves from Slipping Left *
       Slipping Left - |(or ^) P+K+G (back side)
       Slipping Left~Ducking - From Slipping Left: =>
       Slipping Left~Slipping - From Slipping Left: |(or ^)(front side)
       Slipping Left~Sway Back - From Slipping Left: <=
       Smash Hook - From Slipping Left: P
       Hunting Middle Kick - From Slipping Left: K
       Hunting Middle Kick~Catch (Neck Clinch) - From Slipping Left: K, then P+G
                                                                     during hit
       Waving Body - From Slipping Left: P+K
       Waving Body~Smash Hook - From Slipping Left: P+K,P
       * Moves from Phasing Turn *
       Phasing Turn - |,P+K+G,|(or ^,P+K+G,^)
       Flicker Jab - From Phasing Turn: P
       Flicker Jab~Ducking - From Phasing Turn: P,=>
       Flicker Jab~Slipping - From Phasing Turn: P,|(or ^)
       Chopping Blow - From Phasing Turn: P,P (can be charged)
       Grand Sweep Hook - From Phasing Turn: |,P
       Face Crush Knee - From Phasing Turn: K
       Double Crusher - From Phasing Turn: P+K
       Double Crusher~Ducking - From Phasing Turn: P+K,=>
       Double Crusher~Slipping - From Phasing Turn: P+K,|(or ^)
       * Moves from Neck Clinch *
       Elbow Slash - From Neck Clinch: P
       Gohk Kor Dtae Kao 1 - From Neck Clinch: K
       Gohk Kor Dtae Kao 1~Goh Kor Dtae Kao 3 - From Neck Clinch: K,K+G
       Gohk Kor Dtae Kao 2 - From Neck Clinch: K,K
       Gohk Kor Dtae Kao 2~Goh Kor Dtae Kao 3 - From Gohk Kor Dtae Kao 2: K (or K+G)
       Gohk Kor Dtae Kao 3 - From Neck Clinch: K+G
       Position Change Right - From Neck Clinch: | (or ^)(front side)
       Position Change Back - From Neck Clinch: <=
       Position Change Left - From Neck Clinch: | (or ^)(back side)
       Back Through - (after Position Change)From Neck Clinch: <=
       Right Through - (after Position Change)From Neck Clinch: | (or ^)(front side)
       Left Through - (after Position Change)From Neck Clinch: | (or ^)(back side)
       * Throws *
       Elbow Slash - P+G
       Body Knee Crush - <=,=>,P+G
       Neck Slash - <=,P+G
       Hold Elbow - \,P+G
       Face Fang - \,\,P+G
       Change - /,P+G
       Pap Sawk Kao - (on opponent's right) P+G
       Rehw Impact - (on opponent's left) P+G
       Power Gradation - (opponent facing away) P+G
       * Reversals *
       Death Trap~Elbow - /,P+K (vs right mid kick, right side kick, right mid full
                                 spin kick)
       Death Trap~Low - /,P+K (vs left mid kick, left side kick, left mid full spin
       * Down Attacks *
       Gambit - (opponent down) \,K
       Hell Dive - (opponent down) ^,P
       * Back Attacks *
       Spine Whip - (opponent behind) P
       Jutting Elbow - (opponent behind) |,P
       Needle Kick - (opponent behind) K
       Wai Kru Turn - (opponent behind) |,K
       Face Crush Elbow - (opponent behind) P+K
       * Jump Attacks *
       Jump Knuckle - (while rising) P
       Jump Straight - (in midair) P
       Jump Toe Kick - (while rising or in midair) K
       Jump Side Kick - (before landing) K
       * Wall Moves *
       Jumping Knee - (wall in front) <=,P+K+G
    -  Costumes and Clothes Set  -
    -  All Costume Items that can be bought and the costume types that they can be
       used with:
       Red Headband = 1000G   Use: ABCD
       Black Felt Hat = 5000G   Use: ABCD
       Ivory Earrings = 3000G   Use: ABCD
       Gray Felt Hat = 5000G   Use: ABCD
       Spiky Brown Hair = 1000G   Use: ABCD
       Brown Ponytail = 5000G   Use: ABCD
       Slick Brown Hair = 5000G   Use: ABCD
       Shaggy Brown Hair = 10000G   Use: ABCD
       Long Blonde Hair = 9000G   Use: ABCD
       White Ten Gallon Hat = 8000G   Use: ABCD
       Black Rimmed Glasses = 6000G   Use: ABCD
       Yellow Glasses = 1000G   Use: ABCD
       Green Sunglasses = 1000G   Use: ABCD
       Red Contacts = 10000G   Use: ABCD
       *Upper Body*
       Tiger Claw Scar = 9000G   Use: ABCD
       Gaudy Necklace = 4000G   Use: ABC
       Square Pendant = 1000G   Use: ABC
       Silver Sun Necklace = 5000G   Use: ABC
       Open White Shirt = 6000G   Use: A
       Open Black Shirt = 6000G   Use: A
       Blue Tanktop = 5000G   Use: B
       Red Tanktop = 5000G   Use: B
       White Jacket = 10000G   Use: C
       Patterned Blue Shirt = 3000G   Use: C
       Brown Jacket = 10000G   Use: C
       Black Shirt = 3000G   Use: C
       Open Brown Shirt = 9000G   Use: A
       Light Blue Shirt = 5000G   Use: C
       Red Rose Jacket = 15000G   Use: C
       White Vest and Shirt = 23000G   Use: D
       Blue Vest and Shirt = 15000G   Use: D
       Red Vest and Shirt = 15000G   Use: D
       Green Zebra Tanktop = 8000G   Use: B
       Beige Shirt = 5000G   Use: C
       Black Rose Jacket = 15000G   Use: C
       Brown Vest and Shirt = 23000G   Use: D
       Open Blue Shirt = 23000G   Use: A
       White Tanktop = 5000G   Use: B
       Moss Green Jacket = 23000G   Use: C
       White Shirt = 5000G   Use: C
       Green Vest and Shirt = 23000G   Use: D
       Open Pink Shirt = 23000G   Use: A
       Moss Zebra Tanktop = 5000G   Use: B
       Yellow Rose Jacket = 23000G   Use: C
       Green Shirt = 5000G   Use: C
       Pink Vest and Shirt = 23000G   Use: D
       Red Armbands = 5000G   Use: ABC
       Leather Bracelet = 5000G   Use: ABCD
       Black Wrist Tape = 1000G   Use: ABCD
       Black Open Gloves = 1000G   Use: ABD
       Green Gloves = 2000G   Use: ABD
       Purple Gloves = 1000G   Use: ABD
       *Lower Body*
       White Bandages = 1000G   Use: ABCD
       Green Light Plate = 10000G   Use: ABCD
       Red Slacks = 4000G   Use: A
       Red Trunks = 10000G   Use: B
       Red Jeans = 7000G   Use: C
       Black Jeans = 7000G   Use: C
       White Slacks = 4000G   Use: A
       Washed Black Jeans = 10000G   Use: C
       Black Foot Tape = 10000G   Use: ABCD
       White Silk Pants = 15000G   Use: D
       Blue Silk Pants = 10000G   Use: D
       Red Silk Pants = 10000G   Use: D
       Green Stinger Trunks = 15000G   Use: B
       Wallet Strap = 4000G   Use: ABCD
       Washed Beige Jeans = 10000G   Use: C
       Brown Silk Pants = 15000G   Use: D
       Yellow Slacks = 10000G   Use: A
       White Trunks = 10000G   Use: B
       Purple Jeans = 15000G   Use: C
       Green Silk Pants = 15000G   Use: D
       Turquoise Slacks = 15000G   Use: A
       Lemon Stinger Trunks = 15000G   Use: B
       Turquoise Jeans = 15000G   Use: C
       Pink Silk Pants = 15000G   Use: D
    -  Personal Opinion -
    -  Ok....here's basically my take on Brad:
       Welcome to the Brad Show!  I'm serious....that is one of the greatest lines
       I've ever heard in video game history.  Of course it does scream out loud
       that he is a date rapist....but a date rapist that can kick anyone's ass
       easily enough!  But that's beside the point.  Brad is a great character that
       beginner's can use and learn the game with.  Brad offers up a huge arsenal
       that gives him a big offensive game.  Brad can counter but that's not what
       his game is all about.  Just remember that you have some select counters to
       use with him should you be placed on the defensive with him.  You have to
       keep a strong offense going with him if you want to get anywhere.  Brad's all
       about pressure and evasion.  He has a great mix up game that you can use to
       your advantage, plus a great array of combos that range from the annoyingly
       small and life pecking to the devistatingly strong and life threatening.
       When it comes to defense, he has a few good moves to break up opponents'
       offenses and keep them guessing.  He also delves deep into the evasion game
       that you don't see much from people in this game.  If you use his dodging and
       evasive manuevers to your advantage, you'd be surprised how easily what
       would seem to be a defensive skills set turns into an offensive helper.  But
       as I said before, Brad's biggest strength is his mix-up game with strong
       combo ability.  Another huge plus about him is that he can keep space between
       him and his opponents with long reaching kicks and punches.  You don't have
       to keep opponents close to you to damage them in the least, causing your
       opponents to get frustrated and try to figure out how to land a blow on you.
       Should an opponent finally break your long range game and get close, his
       knee strikes/combos can cause even more stress and heartache for the poor
       sucker.  Either way a beginner all the way to an expert can find some
       greatness and comfort using Brad.  Plus that, a womanizing kickboxer...what's
       not to love?
    (User Character Tactics)
       Ahhhh....the final chapter of this glorious guide of mine....to think I
       finally made it this far.  This part though isn't written entirely by me...
       This part is written by all of you!  That's right....no matter what I say or
       do to tell you things about characters or explaining their ins and outs,
       everyone has their own style and their own way doing things with each
       character.  In that respect I give to all of you this section.  E-mail in
       your tips, tricks, and fighting techs that you find to be useful for the
       given character in the given situation you're in.  The only way this
       section can get bigger, is by all of you, so flood my e-mail box ok!  I know
       it's at the top, but for convienence my e-mail is:
       I will give full credit to you that send in your tips and tricks, so be a pal
       and help out those around you by contributing to this guide!
       * Brad *
    -  First and foremost I give credit to Sega for coming out with one kick ass
       fighter.  I've never been so jaw dropped before by a fighting game with all
       that it shows off.  I'm still going strong with it, so I think I'm now
       turning into a Virtua Fighter fan!  Way to go Sega, by making an addictive
       game like this!
    -  Secondly I'd like to give creds to all of those out there that asked for me
       to come back and make more walkthroughs.  You have no clue how much I missed
       doing these, and just because I'm in the Marines, doesn't mean I have to 
       retire from walkthrough writing!  Thank you for all the support and e-mails
       that all of you have sent telling me how good my past walkthroughs were and
       that you all wanted to see more.  Without the support, I think the drive and
       the love for walkthrough writing would of left me a long time ago.
    -  If there's anything that you wish to add or correct in my walkthrough, then
       by all means, shoot me an e-mail at sanctuary_remix@yahoo.com.  I'll take
       your comments and concerns seriously and get back to you as fast as I can.
       You will be given the proper credit as well for contributing to my guide.
       Thanks again, and I'll sees yas all later!
       Alex "Joker" Hall
       Sanctuary Remix

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