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    Monster Item List by Skultera

    Version: 3 | Updated: 05/31/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Castlevania:Symphony of The Night enemy guide           S K U L T E R A
    auther:skultera@aol.com (a.k.a fauk)
    Visit my site please:http://members.aol.com/skultera
                              CASTLEVANIA:SOTN ENEMY FAQ version3
                            WRITTEN BY:skultera@AOL.COM (a.k.a.fauk)   
     This is version3 of this FAQ.The only major change is The web address and the screename.
    I also added a code that might help you to get all the items.This FAQ includes all the enemies
    in the game who drop items.If enemies aren't listed below that means they don't drop anything.
    **NEW**code section.....type these in has your name
    AXELORD ARMOR=axearmor
    99 LUCK=x-x!v''q
    PLAY AS RIGHTER=complete game with 200percent then type this has your name=richter
    ENEMY                    ITEM 1                       ITEM2
    bat                      potion                       monster vail 2
    zombie                   $100                         cloth tunic
    merman                   zircon                       monster vail 1
    skeleton                 sheild potion                monster vail 3
    bone scimitar            short sword                  red rust
    ax knight                axe                          bronze cuirase
    bloody zombie            cloth tunic                  basilard
    slinger                  leather shield               knight shield
    ouija table              barley tea                   morning set
    skelerang                boomerang                    fire boomerang
    thornweed                grapes                       strawberry
    ghost                    $400                         antivenom
    marionette               smart drug                   circlet
    diplocephalus            pentagram                    tart
    flea man                 takemitsu                    cheese
    medusa head              resist stone                 medusa shield
    blade soldier            $400                         namakura
    bone muskett             magic missile                talisman
    plate lord               iron ball                    neutron bomb
    stone rose               leather shield               meal ticket
    ax knight                ax                           axelord shield
    ctulhu                   pentagram                    bat pentagram
    bone archer              $400                         magic missile
    bone pillar              antivenom                    ballroom mask
    phantom skull            felt hat                     resist dark
    skeleton ape             banana                       TNT
    spear guard              javelin                      iron cuirase
    spellbook                $1,000                       pentagram
    winged guard             iron shield                  javelin
    ectoplasm                uncurse                      mana prism
    sword lord               cutlass                      bekatowa
    toad                     blue knuckles                pizza
    armor lord               rapier                       sabre
    corner guard             cutlass                      damascuss
    dhuron                   hide cuirass                 rapier
    frog                     knuckle duster               pizza
    frozen shade             ice mail                     ice cream
    magis tome               $2,000                       sabre
    skull lord               scimitar                     skull shield
    black crow               aquamarine                   red bean bun
    blue raven               zircon                       pork bun
    corpseweed               antivenom                    potion
    flail guard              morningstar                  pot roast
    flea rider               turkey                       ham & eggs
    spectral sword           broadsword                   bastard sword
    bone halberd             javelin                      ham & eggs
    hunting girl             were bane                    cheese cake
    owl knight               cutlass                      medal
    vandal sword             holy sword                   muramasa
    flea armor               high potion                  iron cuirass
    paranthropus             gaunlet                      ring of varda
    blade master             shotel                       cross shurikan
    wereskeleton             strenth drug                 garnet
    grave keeper             miso soup                    natuo
    gremlin                  resist fire                  fire mail
    harpy                    apple                        wonder drug
    bone ark                 monster vial 3               skull shield
    valhalla knight          estoc                        claymore
    cloaked knight           flamberge                    heaven sword
    fish head                resist                       icebrand
    lesser demon             obsidian sword               holbein dagger
    lossoth                  sirloin                      firebrand
    salem witch              gold circlet                 short cake
    blade                    hunter sword                 gold plate
    gurkha                   combat knife                 gold plate
    hammer                   hammer                       gold plate
    discus lord              chakram                      jewel sword
    karasuman                resist dark                  ring of feanor
    hellfire beast           lightning mail               fire mail
    killer fish              aquamarine                   sushi
    tombstone                katana                       green tea
    venus weed               coral circlet                heart refresh
    lion                     gaunlet                      fist of tulkas
    scare crow               javelin                      muramasa
    schmoo                   ramen                        crissaegram
    tin man                  lunch a                      mojo mail
    yorick                   monster vail 3               skull shield
    bomn knight              T N T                        dynamite
    flying zombie            shuriken                     frankfurter
    bitterfly                luck drug                    mystic pendant
    jacko bones              shuriken                     flame star
    archer                   heart refresh                vorpal blade
    werewolf                 iron fist                    yasutsuna
    black panther            meal ticket                  masamune
    minotaur                 sirloin                      fury plate
    nova skeleton            monster vail 3               terminous est
    orobourous               karma coin                   lapis lazuli
    fire warg                turquiose                    karma coin
    rock knight              jewel knuckle                platinum mail
    sniper of goth           magic missile                brilliant mail
    spectral sword           gurthang                     mablung sword
    ghost dancer             buffalo star                 stone mask
    cave troll               nuetron bomb                 nauglamir
    dark optipus             sushi                        green tea
    fire demon               fire shield                  marsil sword
    gorgon                   hammer                       stone sword
    malachi                  dark shield                  dark armor
    blue venus weed          zwei handler                 heart refresh
    imp                      luck drug                    king's stone
    azaghal                  covenant stone               mourne blade
    frozen half              necklace of j                opal circlet
    salome                   wizard hat                   manna prism
    dodo bird                heart brooch                 runesword
    guardian                 great sword                  god's garb    
    Note I've left out certain Enemies.Those left out have no items.
    ______________________This FAQ is a copyright of Skultera 1999____________________________________
    __________________Use of this FAQ without permission is prohibited_______________________________

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