How do I solve getting past the gate keeper?

  1. So I can't figure when or how to get past the gate keeper? The adventure party is still hanging around and hasn't attacked the gate keeper yet. I'm level 24 and talked to everyone in the Fringe village. I know different ways to defeat the gate keeper (ie tears from the mother & arrows made by the hunter from bones) but I haven't been notified that the gate is open. Please help. Many Thanks

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  1. Dude you need to get the bone arrows and shoot him with them to kill him thats the only way. Then once the gate keeper is dead get the key from him.

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  2. Once you get close to the town you'll over hear Shelden and Felas Sarandas talking about the adventures that just came by who what to get pass the Gate Keeper. This happens when you first enter the town. You should follow them up to the Gate Keeper's location and the event will start. DO NOT HELP THE ADVENTURES! Sadly to say they are supposed to die. Anyways, after they die the leader runs away (close to dead). Everyone leaves and now you have to find out how to get past it. Talking to Jayred Ice-Veins will start the quest to get the "Gate Keeper Bone Arrows." (Note: You need to ask around with "Rumors" to find out he wants to kill the Gate Keeper.) Now you don't need "Relmyna's Tears" to kill the Gate Keeper, (I didn't.) but it does help do more damage. Talk to Nanette Don for awhile and she will eventually tell you about Relmyna's secret. That will start the quest to get the tears.

    After you get the "Gate Keeper Bone Arrows" you can now go kill the Gate Keeper. Make sure you take Jayred with you cause every man counts when it comes to battle, plus after all he did help you and he wants to kill the Gate Keeper too. After the Gate Keeper is dead you can loot the body and take the keys to open the doors he was guarding.

    Now what you where saying, the Gate will NOT open by itself. YOU have to open it. But you have to make a choice on which door you want to go through. If the adventures are not dead then something is wrong with the game or something or you missed something on your way in. They should attack as soon as you get up there.

    PS: It doesn't matter what level you are because the games levels are preset (You can change them too.). What I mean is that it doesn't matter what level you are cause the monsters in the game will always be 5, 10, etc. levels below you (Easy). Or 5, 10, etc. levels above you (Hard).

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  3. what i did is i just used 100% chemelion and i killed the gatekeeper that way i didn't even know that you could kill him with arrows it is much more easy to just go on a 1 man attack and chop what ever you can but it helps if you enchant a blade first like weakness to fros & fire and then some frost&fire damage :P

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  4. you have to talk to everybody in the town. There is someone who will tell you its weakness and another person who will give you affective arrows to kill the gate keeper.

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