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    FAQ/Walkthrough by akmaster425

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    1. Through the Fringe of Madness
    2. A Better Mousetrap
    3. Lady of Paranoia
    4. Addiction
    5. The Flame of Agnon
    6. Rituals of Accession
    6a.Duke/Duchess of Mania: Taking Out Thadon
    6b. Duke/Duchess of Dementia: Taking Out Syl
    7. Retaking the Fringe
    8. Rebuilding the Gatekeeper
    9. The Helpless Army
    10. Symbols of Office
    11. The Roots of Madness
    12. The End of Order
    You begin Shivering Isles when you get the quest A Strange Door.
    When you get that quest, go to the door and speak to the guard. He tells you
    not to get too close to the portal. Then a dark elf walks out explaining how
    crazy the Shivering Isles. Wait for him to stop talking, then he starts to
    attack you, kill him. After that Sheogorath starts to talk. Wait for him to
    stop then go into the gate. You will see a man named Haskill sitting down. He
    asks you to sit. When he stops talking he will get up and dissapear. Then after
    that you begin your journey. Follow the trail, you may see some enemies along
    the way. Soon you will get to the town of Passwall, nothing to see here yet.
    But ask for rumors and you'll find out about Jayred Ice-Veins, a man that wants
    to kill the Gatekeeper, a monster that guards the gate to Mania or Dementia. He
    wants you to get him to the Temple of Flesh and Bone, where you will extract
    the bones from a dead Gatekeeper and make them into arrows. Once you get him to
    the Temple, he will take the bones. Talk to him a few hours later and he will
    give you some arrows and you and him will go to the Gatekeeper. You will see
    some adventurers trying to kill the Gatekeeper, they fail miserably. When they
    are done get into position to kill the Gatekeeper. Shoot an arrow or two until
    you get its attention. The battle will probably be a long one, so make sure you
    have plenty of potions and scrolls to better your chances of winning. After the
    battle is done, you will get the keys to Mania and Dementia. Say goodbye to
    Jayred. Soon after Haskill appears again to talk to you. He tells you to go
    through the lands and get to the city of New Sheoth, where Lord Sheogorath will
    be waiting. Journey through the land until you reach New Sheoth. Before you
    talk to Sheogorath, ask around town for some side quests and meet the new
    people. Then go to the Palace and speak to old Sheogorath.
    After talking to Sheogorath, you get the quest to go to the
    fortress Xedilian. Once inside you're to find three of the focus crystals that
    have been lost in the ruins, and return them to their places in the ruins. You
    also have to active a resonator that makes adventurers from Cyrodiil want to
    come into the Shivering Isles. Its a long way there too. You probably have to
    walk unless you found a place close to it where you can fast travel. When you
    get there, a few grummites will be waiting for you. Take care of them and walk
    in. When you get in, you find the place overrun with grummites. You'll need to
    take care of them to get to your three objectives. After killing some guys and
    walking through the ruins, you'll find a grummite shaman with a crystal staff.
    Kill him. Pick up the staff from his corpse. You'll need it to restore the
    focus crystal mount. Activate the mount and move on. You still have two more to
    go. Move on and find a button that drops you through the floor. Another shaman
    will be waiting there. Kill him, get the staff, and place it on the mount. Move
    on to the Halls of Judgement. Once inside, the last shaman will be near the
    entrance. Kill him, get the staff, and place it on the mount. You now just need
    to activate the resonator. Now find the resonator and kill the shamans guarding
    it. After you activate the resonator, a portal opens up. Step inside. You'll
    meet a nice little guy named Kiliban Nyrandil. He wants you to use Xedilian's
    secrets to freak out some adventurers. Your goal is to drive them crazy or kill
    them. There are two ways to do this. There is the Mania way, which is the green
    button. Or the Dementia way, which is the orange button. Go to the front of the
    first chamber.
    The 3 adventurers walk into a room with a small Gnarl. They
    start to talk. Pick your button when you're done. Whichever one you choose, the
    rouge either goes crazy or dies. The adventurers go to room two, so do you.
    The 2 adventurers step into the dark room. There is a cage with
    hundreds of Varla Stones in it. Pick your button. When you pick the button, the
    high elf goes crazy or dies. The Orc moves on leaving the elf behind.
    The Orc walks into the room. He starts to talk to himself. When
    he stops pick your button. The Orc winds up dying and you talk to Kiliban
    Nyrandil again. He tells you about a sword the Orc had. Congratulations, you
    just recieved Dawnfang. In the night time, the sword transforms into Duskfang,
    which has different abilities. Exit the chamber and you'll see a few new
    enemies running to you. Knights of Order, they're called. Just take them down
    and move on, nothing to say about them yet. Return to Lord Sheogorath.
    Sheogorath tells you to speak to either the Duchess of Dementia
    of the Duke of Mania to get a taste of both sides of the Shivering Isles.
    You'll have to do both either way, so your choice doesn't matter. We will go
    through the Duchess of Dementia's quest first. Start out by going to the
    Duchess, her name is Syl. Speak to her to find out what she wants. When you do
    talk to her she speaks of a conspiracy. She thinks people are planning to take
    her out of office. So she tells you to speak to Herdir. So go down the hall to
    your right and follow the hallway until you get to the dungeon. Once there find
    Herdir. He'll tell you exactly what the Duchess wants. To go to everyone you
    can find and question them. Speak to a few different people in the room about
    the conspiracy. If the topic "Conspiracy" stays gold after you speak to them
    the first time, have Herdir torture them. Once tortured, the person should spit
    out all they know. First torture Kithlan, he points you to the woman called
    Anna. Find her and lay on the torture. She will then point you to the Kajhiit
    Ma’zaddha. Find him and find out what he knows. You many find that he won't
    speak unless you have proof of a conspiracy. Your next step should be to leave
    the house. Find Bhisha, a fellow cat to Ma'zaddha. Speak with him and he tells
    you about a meeting between Ma'zaddha and Nelrene at night behind the shops in
    Crucible. Wait until midnight and follow the pointers to their meeting place.
    You overhear them speaking about a plot to take Syl down, and that is just the
    proof you need to get Ma'zaddha talking. Go back to his house in the morning
    and speak to him about the conspiracy again. He confesses, and as mercy, you
    let him live and he brings you information on the conspiracy tomorrow at
    midnight. Wait and go to his house. You walk in and see poor Ma'zaddha on the
    floor. He's dead, but on his corpse is the proof you need, a key to his
    cabinet. Make your way upstairs and find his cabinet. You'll find a Ceremonial
    Sword of Nelrene's and a note explaining the plot. Go to Nelrene now and
    present her the sword. She confesses to the plot but accuses Muurine to be the
    mastermind. You can find Muurinne in Sickly Bernices Tavern during the day, the
    dueling ring after dark, and her house after the dueling ring. Speak to her in
    any of these locations and present her the evidence. She confesses with no
    strain or fight. Go back to Syl in the morning. She accepts your accusation and
    tells you to follow her. Do so. You'll find yourself back in the cell room.
    Muurinne is in a cage. Syl says a few words and then zap! Muurine is dead. Syl
    presents you with a new enchanted bow called Ruin's Edge, and thanks you for
    your work. Now move on to the House of Mania and speak with Thadon.
    By now you should be used to the Shivering Isles quest. But this
    one is different. Speak to Thadon, Duke of Mania. He'll go on about an affair
    he had with Syl, and that the Chalice of Reversal was stolen and locked away
    somewhere during the affair. Your job is to go find the Chalice. Find Thadon's
    steward, Wide-Eye. She'll tell you about Dunroot Burrow. A cave that is guarded
    by bug-like beings called Elytra. If you persuade her to tell you more you find
    out about Felldew, a drug that lets you enter the cave.  Make your way to the
    burrow and kill the elytra outside. Take the felldew off the corpse, and eat
    it. The effect lets you enter the cave. Keep killing the elytra, taking any
    felldew you see, and following the path. Soon the effects of felldew wear off.
    It takes a five point drain to your luck, intelligence, strength, and agility.
    But keep moving on. Remember, take any felldew you see. Soon the felldew will
    spread to your willpower, speed, and endurance, and then they’ll start
    increasing in severity. But keep moving on. The last stage will knock off 15 of
    your hit points. You need to get more felldew to get back to your normal self,
    at least until you can find the Chalice . If you have been following
    instructions, you should have a load of felldew in your inventory that you can
    eat. Eating a single Felldew will remove the effects entirely and start you
    back at full strength, at the beginning of withdrawal. Once you find the
    Sanctum of Decadence, you'll be safe. Enter the room. There are a few Felldew
    Addicts in here so be cautious. Take them out and find the Chalice of Reversal.
    It's in the middle of the room guarded by Joofy the Brown. Look around and make
    sure you get all the felldew you can carry, this stuff is worth some gold. Exit
    the cave. Outside you will find a Priest of Order, a few Knights of Order, and
    a Obelisk. An obelisk is a sort of summoning machine that summons Knights of
    Order until its shut down. The only way to shut it down is to put three Hearts
    of Order, found from Knights of Order, into the machine. Tke care of the Priest
    first, then the Knights. Quickly put three Hearts of Order into the obelisks.
    If not done so quickly, the obelisk will spawn three more Knights and the
    Priest will come back to life. After the battle, head back to Thadon. Quest
    Sheogorath informs you that a Flame that burns above New Sheoth
    was blown out. Your job is to bring it back to life. To do this you must go to
    Cylarne and help one of the two sides kill the other in order to get to the
    Flame of Agnon. Speak to Mirel and Kaneh, the leaders of the Golden Saints.
    Kaneh is in charge, and insists on leading her forces down the main path into
    the underground lair. If you help Kaneh, you can tell her to simply attack as
    she normally would. This will work because the entire group of Dark Seducers
    will be underground and won’t be able to defend the main passage that Kaneh
    will be attacking from. Pick your side any proceed with their battle plans.
    the Golden Saints through the Underdeep. The Underdeep is relativly unguarded.
    After the Underdeep, take them through the main passages. The Dark Seducers
    will be spread out, so it should be easy for you and your group of Golden
    Saints to kill them. Now you need to just wipe out ALL of the Dark Seducers.
    The commander is your main target though, Ulfri. She is on the top of the
    flight of stairs you need to take to get to the Flame. Kill her and her guards.
    Kaneh will speak to you, then she will insist that she sacrifices herself to
    Sheogorath in order to light the Flame of Agnon. Once sacrificed, move to the
    Flame and light yourself on fire. Switch to third person mode to make sure you
    are blazing. Now with your new flame, make your way to the Sancellum of
    Arden-Sul in New Sheoth. You can light the torch on two sides, Mania and
    Dementia. Each sides tries to persuade you with reward. Pick your side, and end
    the quest.
    Report to Sheogorath, who should be in the pews of the
    Sancellum. He'll tell you to become the Duke/Duchess of Mania or Dementia. Once
    you pick the side you want to rule. Talk to the preist of the side you want,
    they will explain the ritual to correctly take out the Duke or Duchess. *****
    If you speak with the priest of Mania, he’ll tell you about the
    ritual. You have to poison Thadon with the highly deadly substance called
    Greenmote. If you put an extra dose into his evening wine and food, he will
    die. That's the ritual, but first you need to get Greenmote. Find Wide-Eye,
    that's Thadon's steward. If you speak to her, she’ll tell you that she follows
    a certain schedule. She explains the times she goes to places and the time she
    reads. If you ask her all of the conversation options, she’ll tell you that she
    performs a special errand each day at noon. Now there is a map marker pointing
    to Wide-Eye. You have to follow her around until she goes to the Palace Grounds
    around noon. She will open a secret silo called Greenmote Silo, guess what's
    inside. Enter it shortly after she does. But wait a while, you'll get caught
    immediately if you don't wait. Once inside, you have to sneak around the Golden
    Saints. Its not too far away, but be careful, its easy to get caught unless you
    have the Gray Cowl, or something else to boost your sneak skill. The hardest
    part is the last, Wide-Eye will be almost standing at the entrance to the
    Greenmote pile. You need to sneak past her in order to get to the pile. Quietly
    walk past and steal two or three portions of Greenmote. Once done, you have to
    sneak back out. Its not too hard now because you know the way. Now that you're
    out with the Greenmote, make your way to the House of Mania. You have to go to
    the Halcyon Conservatory. Then from there go to the Duke's Quarters before
    eight o'clock. There will be two guards there parolling the area, sneak past
    them and enter the hallway with the kitchen. There should be a plate called
    Thadon's Meal. Poison it by activating the meal. Now move to the wine, the
    bottle is a giant compared to others. You need to activate it in order to
    poison the wine. Now it doesn't matter if you get caught or not, because you
    already poisoned the wine and meal. Anyway, go to the dining room at eight
    o'clock and watch Thadon eat. He gets up after eating and recites a poem.
    During the poem, he starts to cringe. The makers of the game used an
    interesting play on words with this poem. But soon, he stops and dies. Take his
    crown, and his blood. Now go to the Sacellum again. Complete the ceremony and
    Syl will walk in . She hates that Thadon is dead and that you rule Mania. She
    questions Sheogorath's authority. She storms out after an argument with
    Sheogorath, delcaring that she will become a Preist of Order. Sheogorath
    explains a few things and tells you to go to Passwall, there is a bit of
    trouble there. Good job Lord of Mania.
    After the Cold Flame of Agnon, you have to decide to take out
    the Duke of Mania or the Duchess of Dementia. We went over the Duke of Mania
    ritual. Now for Dementia. The priest of Dementia will tell you to seek out Anya
    Herrick and Kithlan. You can speak to both of them. Kithlan will have to be
    persuaded or bribed to get him to a point where he’ll want to talk to you about
    killing Syl. He’ll give you a House of Dementia Key, which will let you enter
    the areas of the House that are off limits to normal citizens. If you want to
    repeat the process with Anya, she’ll agree to clear out the interior gardens of
    a couple of the Elite Dark Seducers. That helps because you'll have to do some
    sneaking. Sneak past the Dark Seducers to ge to Syl's Quarters. You might have
    to fight them if you get caught. When you get into Syl's Quarters, Syl appears
    dead. Who killed her? Go back to Kithlan and ask him about the body. He tells
    you that Syl is escaping through underground tunnels. Go out to the main
    gardens of the House of Dementia. There is a bust of Sheogorath in these
    gardens, find it. It opens up a secret system of tunnels. The tunnels home
    Xirethard, a big dungeon like place. Plenty of Dark Seducers will be here, so
    be ready. Keep going until you reach the Depths. There will be a circular room
    with two archers, you'll have to kill them to move on. There is a button on one
    of the pedestals here, you need to push it to get through. Keep following the
    hallways until you reach one of theose metal doors, Syl will be behind it. Kill
    her and her two guards, then get her heart from the body. She drops this cool
    hammer called Nervershatter. It gives the enemy shock damage, a weakness to
    shock. You can escape either by going back, or exiting through the Subterrene
    section of the ruins here. Return to the Sacellum either way and place Syl’s
    heart there. That will let you become the Lord of Dementia.
    Report to Sheogorath after you have taken out the Duke or
    Duchess. Sheogorath will give you your next mission. There has been a
    disturbance in the town of Passwall, and you have to solve it. Once there,
    speak to the leader. More Knights will come out of the nearby obelisks. You can
    issues troops orders or let the commander lead them, either way you have to
    take out the Knights. After the mess is cleaned up, she will tell you that a
    scout went into the nearby Xeddefen and never came back. They are under the
    assumption he was captured and killed. After she explains this, she asks you to
    enter the ruins and find out what is wrong. Make your way to the ruins, Knights
    will be guarding the door, only four or five of them though. Once cleared,
    enter Xeddefen. A Priest will be by the entrance, he will also have to key to
    Xeddefen's doors. Make your way to a chamber with two doors that are sealed.
    Use the key to get inside, it doesn't matter which one you open. Open both if
    you want to. Inside the chamber you find the Passwall mayor, Sheldon. He is the
    lost scout. Speak to him about the situation. He tells you that his dark elf
    friend surrendered to the Knights and became a Priest while there. But let's
    not worry about him yet. Move into the big chamber next to Sheldon's hiding
    spot. Some Knights of Order will ambush you. Avoid them and take out the
    obelisk as fast as you can. Once you do, the ruins start to collapse. Make your
    way out as fast as you can. RUN!!!! Find the newly opened Felles. Keep going
    through those ruins until you find a way out. The walls will keep coming down.
    There also will be Knights blocking your way. Kill them or laugh as the walls
    come down on them. Midway you lose Sheldon, his way is blocked. Leave him
    behind, he'll be fine. But you need to get out before the Xeddefen come down
    completly. Once out, you see Sheldon walking towards Passwall,lucky. Find the
    commander and tell her about your journey. She worries, but points you to
    Shoegorath. Go to the Palace.
    Sheogorath now wants you to build a new Gatekeeper, so the
    Greymarch won't get into the Shivering Isles as easily. To build the
    Gatekeeper, you need to find Relmyna. The old Gatekeeper's creator. She lives
    in the fort of Xaselm, and that's where you'll have to go to find her. Get
    there and head through the first area to reach the Experiment Chambers. The
    Experiment Chambers are where she tests her creations and practices magic on
    live specimens. Its sorta creepy, lots of blood. There are certain chambers
    where you can watch these tests. Some rooms have beasts fight each other. Read
    her scrolls on the many desks of the chambers to find out what shes doing with
    certain experiments. But anyway, go to the Sanctum of Vivisection. She will be
    in this section. Speak to her, she is really snotty, but get through the
    conversation and she'll tell you to go to the Garden of Flesh and Bones. Once
    there she wants you to find these ingredients, Dermis Membrane, Essence of
    Breath, and Blood Liqueur. Once inside the Gardens, make your way to the second
    area. Explore the norhtern area and then drop down to find the Dermis Membrane.
    Now go through the tunnels, soon you will hear a creepy breath and a green mist
    will fly over you. Follow the mist and the sound of breathing. Soon it will
    lead you to a cave with a swirl of breath. Activate the swirl and wait until
    the vial fills. Now leave and find the newly marked room, its called Natatorium
    of Wound Bled Tears. Once inside, directly across from the enterance is a door,
    enter and harvest the Blood Liqueur. Now exit the dungeon. Return to Relmyna.
    Once you give her the ingredients, she'll ask you to pick the body parts for
    your Gatekeeper. Move to the new map markers. Pick out the body parts, keep in
    mind that you'll be able to touch the fully built Gatekeeper for greater
    powers, so pick parts you'd like to have activated on your character. Once
    picked, return to Relmyna. She will take you to the place you originally killed
    the Gatekeeper. After all the ingredients are added to the Cistern of
    Substantiation, watch the Gatekeeper be created. After that, the new Gatekeeper
    will wipe out a few Knights. Now return to Sheogorath.
    After speaking to Sheogorath, a messenger from the Golden
    Saints arrives and reports a disturbance at their home base, Brellach. The
    Order has broken in and captured the base. Get more details from the messenger.
    Go to Brellach which is way north of New Sheoth. Speak with Ismmi, she tells
    you that Thadon has taken over the base and let the Order in. He has also
    captured the commander, Staada. Your job is to find her and stop the Order
    inside Brellach. Move in with the Golden Saints. The fort is crawling with
    Knights of Order so be on your guard. Keep moving through the fort until you
    get to the Halls of Reverence. A large chime will be hanging from the ceiling,
    activate it. It will smash crystal doors in the room. There’ll be a locked door
    here that you can't get pass, but if you walk up the steps behind it you’ll
    find a switch for it near an urn. Soon you will find Staada, who’s encased in a
    crystal prison. Find the chime up the steps nearby and ring it to smash the
    crystal and free her. Head to the third section of the dungeon. Staada will
    interrupt you, she explains that the Wellspring has been tainted. The
    Wellspring keeps the Saints in this world. Soon after her explanation is done,
    the Saints turn to goo. You must find the Wellspring on your own and free it
    from Order. When you enter the room with the Wellspring, five or six Knights
    will be guarding it. You can take care of the Knights now, or run to the
    corners of the room and activate the chimes. Whichever you choose, the
    Wellspring will be freed when you activate all the chimes. Staada will return
    shortly after the Wellspring is activated. She thanks you and gives you a set
    of Golden Saint Armor. Your work here is done, return to Sheogorath.
    The story line is exactly the same when you're the Duke of Mania. The only
    difference is that Syl betrays the Dark Seducers at Pinnacle Rock. And at the
    end, you get Dark Seducer Armor.
    Once in the Palace, speak to Sheogorath. He speaks about his
    leaving, he also declares that he will turn into Jyggalag and never return to
    this realm. Well, thats bad. You don't have a ruler anymore, and nobody will
    guard this realm. Speak to Haskill, he tries to sort this out. You need to find
    Dyus in the desolate cave of Knifepoint Hollow. Once there you need to
    reconstruct the Staff of Sheogorath. Make your way to the cave. Its northwest
    of New Sheoth, and far away. Once there, go inside the cave. There is nothing
    here but Dyus. So just find where he is and activate the door blocking your
    way. The door is crystal-like, just like the blockades in The Helpless Army.
    Use the cystal Haskill gave you to smash the way open. Dyus will be sitting in
    the middle of the room. Speak to him. He has many things to say, but none are
    important. Just question him about the staff. He asks you to bring him the Eye
    of Ciirta, which is located in the Howling Halls, and also to bring him a
    branch from the Tree of Shades in the ruins of Milchar. Start out with Milchar
    first. Make your way to the fort, its not too far away. Once inside, take out
    the Gnarls in the room. Then move into the room you saw right when you entered
    the room. Inside, activate the pillar in the middle of the water. It will
    create a dark copy of you, with all your abilities, weapons, armor, and stats.
    He is a tough one, don't use any scrolls or potions because he'll just get the
    bonus with you. Once dead, quickly take the weapon he is carrying: Shadowrend,
    one of the best new items in the Shivering Isles. After you pick the weapon up,
    take a branch from the Tree of Shades and exit Milchar. Now go to The Howling
    Halls, Ciirta will be inside but she is guarded by her large band of apostles.
    Go inside the fort. Three apostles block your way to Ciirta. ***MAKE SURE YOU
    TAKE THEIR DAGGERS***. And move on to the next section. A Kahjiit is close to
    the entrance of this section, don't attack him!! Speak to him and find out that
    he wants Ciirta dead too. He just needs three apostle daggers so he can kill
    her. Give him the daggers you picked up from the apostles earlier. Now follow
    him. He speaks with his two friends and then they're off to kill Ciirta. Follow
    the threesome to Cirrta's chambers. A man will be guarding Ciirta but don't
    worry about him. After a few words are exchanged, the three apostles will
    attack Ciirta and her bodyguard. You may help by killing the bodyguard, or you
    can stand and watch. Either way, Ciirat will wind up dead and you are free to
    take her eye. Now that you have the two items, return to Dyus. Once there, Dyus
    will make the Incomplete Staff of Sheogorath. Now you may return to Haskill for
    further instructions. He reports that the Font of Madness has been tainted and
    you can't make the Staff whole...yet.
    Haskill reports that ( Syl if you're the Duke of Mania ) or (
    Thadon if you're the Duke of Dementia ) has poisoned the Font of Madness and
    that you need to go inside to purify it. Go to the back of the throne room and
    enter the door behind the tree. You'll see a Gnarl Cultivator slowly walking
    towards a crystal-like blockade. Wait for it to walk all the way there and it
    will open the door. The Gnarls are the things that open the crystal-doors in
    this quest. Also be on the lookout for Gnarl Chrysalis's that spit out new
    Gnarls to help your quest. Run around the cavern and thoroughly destroy all the
    little pools that are tainted. Soon you will come to the Pool of Mania, destroy
    it to finish half of the quest. There will be an increase in Preists guarding
    the pool when it's Mania or Dementia. Head into the Pools of Mania and Dementia
    and kill the groups of Priests around the large crystal clusters there to
    cleanse the Font of Madness. Either Syl or Thadon will appear in one of the
    pools, so kill them as well to finish your job and return to Haskill to
    complete your quest.
    Once the Staff is completed, a messanger will come to you and
    report that their commander would like to see you, ya it's an emergancy. Speak
    to the commander and she'll tell you that Order has established outside, on the
    Palace grounds. Run out and see. Knights and Preists of Order are running
    around the Palace grounds killing your guards. Kill them and destroy the
    obelisks quick!! Once destroyed, a blast of light will come down and kill your
    guards, Jyggalag is here. He is huge!! Have your scrolls and spells ready,
    you'll need them. Jyggalag assaults with a good lightning spell every once in a
    while and cuts you with his sword every chance he gets. He shouldn't be much of
    a problem if you have all your potions, poisons, and summons at hand. Soon, he
    will fall. No chance to get the sword...yet. Look towards the middle of the
    grounds, Jyggalag's head will appear and he will give a speech about his life
    and stuff like that. After the speech you should report to Haskill, he knows
    what to do. Congratulations Lord Sheogorath, you stopped Greymarch.

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