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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TheGum

    Version: 1.55 | Updated: 07/25/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                SSS   H   H  IIIII  V   V  EEEEE  RRRR   IIIII  N   N   GGG
               S      H   H    I    V   V  E      R   R    I    NN  N  G
               S      H   H    I    V   V  E      R   R    I    NN  N  G
                SSS   HHHHH    I    V   V  EEE    RRRR     I    N N N  G
                   S  H   H    I    V   V  E      R R      I    N  NN  G GGG
                   S  H   H    I     V V   E      R  R     I    N  NN  G   G
                SSS   H   H  IIIII    V    EEEEE  R   R  IIIII  N   N   GGG
                               IIIII   SSS   L      EEEEE   SSS
                                 I    S      L      E      S
                                 I    S      L      E      S
                                 I     SSS   L      EEE     SSS
                                 I        S  L      E          S
                                 I        S  L      E          S
                               IIIII   SSS   LLLLL  EEEEE   SSS
                                  *TES IV: Shivering Isles*
    The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion: Shivering Isles FAQ/Walkthrough
    For Xbox 360 or PC
    Version 1.55 (7/25/07)
    Written by Brad Russell "TheGum"
    (email at the bottom)
    Version 1.0 - Finished body of work and the main quest; side quests are 
    	optional (5/30/07)
    Version 1.5 - Added side quests; think I'm done (6/1/07)
    Version 1.55 - updated the contact info (7/25/07)
    Table Of Contents
    Use Ctrl + F to surf around dude! 
    	Section:		Code:
    1. A Brief Foreword  
    2. Controls 			lortnoc  
    3. General Starter Tips 	spitgen
    4. Walkthrough 			rhtklaw 
    	1. A Door in Niben Bay			1001dnb
    	2. Through the Fringe of Madness	1002tfm
    	3. A Better Mousetrap			1003abm
    	4. Baiting the Trap			1004btt
    	5. Understanding Madness		1005usm
    	6. The Cold Flame of Agnon		1006cfa
    	7. Ritual of Accession			1007roa
    	8. Retaking the Fringe			1008rtf
    	9. Rebuiling the Gatekeeper		1009rtg
    	10. The Helpless Army			1010tha
    	11. Symbols of Office			1011soo
    	12. The Roots of Madness		1012trm
    	13. The End of Order			1013teo
    	14. The Prince of Madness		1014tpm
    5. Side Quests			stseuqs
    6. Enemies			seimene
    7. Credits/Copyright
    * 1. A Brief Foreword                                                         *
    	Ah, at last, my grand project begins. Here I go again with my guides.
    This time I intend to do a complete guide of Oblivion, Knights of the Nine, 
    and Shivering Isles. Now that my time is free up, I can do this. Let's begin
    with the first full expansion for one of the best games ever made.
    	The Shivering Isles expansion is something special. It is almost as if
    you play a new game, a completely new game within the same universe. If you 
    dare step into the mouth of Madness, be prepared to succumb to the strange 
    new world.
    	There's little to say about the game if you've played Oblivion. It's
    the same gameplay and the same graphics, only the setting has changed to what
    can either be a lush landscape of color, or a macabre swampland, you will play
    in both. That is the main theme of the game, light or dark, but in the case of
    the Isles, it is which form of insanity you hail from. Do you prefer to torture
    someone with images of their death until they go mad, or do you wish that they
    take the plunge through eternal and never ending bliss? It's your choice, all
    I'm here to do is help you either way.
    	Great game, a must play, now let's jump in.
    See you on the otherside,
    * 2. Controls lortnoc                                                         *
    Kinda pointless, but it's traditions 'round here.
    PC Controls
    Well, for the PC you can't go wrong with any kind of setup.
    Here is mine:
    Activate - E
    Journal - Tab
    Ready weapon - F
    Jump - Space
    Cast - Q
    Attack - Left Mouse 
    Block - Right Mouse
    Grab - Z
    Sneak - C
    Third-Person - Middle Mouse
    Wait - T
    Pause - Esc
    Move - WASD
    Look - Mouse
    Hotkeys - 1: sword, 2: bow, 3: destruction spell, 4: heal spell, 5: summon,
    	and then whatever else
    To make hotkeys, have your mouse over the item in your menu and then press 
    	the number. 
    Caps Lock switches slow and fast moving.
    XBOX 360 Controls
    For all you without books and wanting quick reference for the Xbox 360:
    Activate - A
    Journal - B
    Ready weapon - X 
    Jump - Y
    Cast - RB
    Attack - RT
    Block - LT
    Grab - LB
    Sneak - Click LS
    Third-Person - Click RS
    Wait - BACK
    Pause - START
    Move - LS
    Look - RS
    Hotkeys - Just whatever works for you
    * 3. General Starter Tips spitgen                                             *
    Some advice for playing Oblivion in general, and some helpful tips for 
    entering the Isles.
    General Tips
    *I like to have Armorer, Blade, Conjuration, Destruction, (your favorite) 
    	Armor, Marksman, and Sneak, all as my major skills.
    *Armorer because as you progress through the game you will pick up magic items,
    	and until you reach 50 skill points for Armorer you will not be able to
    	repair them on your own; you can just take them to a local smith, but
    	the Isles tend to send you on long quests.
    *Blade, Heavy/Light Armor, and Marksman because all three are skills you need.
    *Conjuration and Destruction because those are tools you must take advantage of
    	in this game. Conjuration gives you an extra buddy in every fight, and
    	Destruction because you will always want magic as a weapon.
    *I am always partial to Sneak, mainly because it will often get you a free 
    	attack worth X3 the damage; and then you stand up and start fighting
    	with your sword and whatever. Also, you can avoid some encounters and
    	you need to sneak in some quests anyway.
    *You level up by furthering these (or whatever) major skills you choose.
    *Each time you level up, your health increase is relative to your Endurance 
    	stat. Basically, get your Endurance high early and the health will rise
    *Intelligence and Willpower contribute to your Magicka, so increase those as
    *Breton is a good starter race, and The Lady is a solid starter birthsign; 
    	whatever you do as a new player, don't choose the Atronach!
    *It matters a little which gender you choose, but don't worry, it's okay if you
    	want to watch a little girl run around fighting orcs, at least 
    	someone's years of fantasy fiction will come to life...
    *When taking on any of the numerous dungeons, you don't really want to explore
    	the whole thing, there is little need to. You only need to get the 
    	quest done as quickly as possible and retreat. The rewards for all the
    	time and fighting you spend will be small. Just finish quests as 
    	quickly as possible if you want to move onto more, and this game is
    	pumped full of plenty of quests.
    *Make sure to repair your things with Repair Hammers often, and consider making
    	it a habit after every decent battle.
    *Save often no matter what. The computer game glitches up a lot for me, and the
    	only solution I've found is to save often and when a save doesn't load,
    	I just keep going back in my saves until one works. Also, I find it
    	best to save in four blocks for each game, and just overwrite the 
    	oldest ones first. If you run into the game freezing up a lot, start
    	using about ten or so saves and save after you complete quests.
    *You can (by default) press the T button to fast-forward time. 
    *For you PC players out there, don't play for too long or you might run into
    	crashes like I did. Learn to limit gameplay to avoid messups.
    *Pressing F5 after completing missions is a good habit, but be sure to save in
    	normal slots as well.
    Expansion Tips
    *It would be a good idea to save your game right before you step into the 
    	door, and then never overwrite it; just in case something happens
    	with glitches and what not.
    *It may be best to work your character up to at least level ten or so before
    	you take on the Isles. Run around the cities, take on the main quest,
    	and then enter the door when you have the ability to repair your 
    	equipment and whatnot. There is no perfect level, and you can enter
    	the Isles at level one, but it's all on you.
    *Whatever you do, do not enter the Isles with magic equipment and not have a
    	50 Armorer rating (so don't do the Knights of the Nine quest first).
    *Basically, I played the KotN quest and then went into the door, and it was not
    	fun having to rely on the smiths to repair all my stuff. 
    *If you play it safe and you ever run into Flawless Pearls along the way, keep
    	them for one side quest.
    *Not much sense in stealing stuff in the Isles, unless you want to constantly
    	leave and come back. Or, go ahead so long as you don't commit any
    	crimes (crimes are when you get caught), or you don't mind the dead
    *Don't forget to visit the magic shop of Crucible to get some stuff that you
    	can't find anywhere else. Like some unique spells and some summons.
    *When you get Dawnfang/Duskfang, kill 12 creatures to power the thing up.
    * 4. Walkthrough rhtklaw                                                      *
    This is for the main quest only, on default difficulty settings.
    I can't stress it enough, you need to get some meat on your bones, get some
    dirt on your shoes, break in that new couch... whatever you call it, just 
    don't say I didn't warn you if you have no fun while visiting the Shivering
    For all the quests, I will assume you have the quest selected as your active
    quest. Those arrows pointing you along makes my job possible.
    It's not my intention to spoil the game, and if I can I'll try to avoid it
    altogether, but I might slip up here and there. 
    For now, the first draft will be my only known way to get through the main 
    story quests. I don't give proper attention to the differences in the two sides
    to choose from, but I did pretty good.
    Finding the Portal
    There are a few ways to find the Door into the Isles. 
    If you installed the pack before starting a new game, you will get the quest 
    after a few game days of play. If you installed the pack after playing the game
    for a while, same deal. However, there is a way that you don't get the quest
    at all. It simply won't pop up. No fear, just fast travel to the Bravil Bay
    Roan Stables, swim east, and you're there.
    Anyway, here is the quest.
    A Door in Niben Bay	1001dnb
    From the stables head east by either waterwalking, or swimming. The island 
    with the huge stone faces and the blue ball of light will be hard to miss.
    Go up the ramp and approach the scene in front of the mouth. Talk to the lone
    guard to begin your journey proper. Eh, it takes a while, but just wait for him
    to take care of things; no need to get involved unless you have to.
    When the match is over, talk with the victor and your quest is updated (the 
    strangest thing I've seen is the fight spill over into the water, but the guy
    seems to find his way out). Wait around the door for a while until the strange
    voice finishes, and then enter.
    Inside, go ahead and have a seat and then start your conversation with this 
    odd looking fellow named Haskill. After the chat speak to him once more and 
    say you're in; though, it may be wise to sit this one out, your choice.
    Through the Fringe of Madness	1002tfm
    You can always use the door behind you to go back to the real world, but no
    sense in that now.
    After you take in the pretty colors of it all, head down the path in front of
    you. When you near the ground level you are attacked by the first of a long 
    line of new enemies, the Grummites. Summon, hack, slash, or cast, whatever 
    you chose to specialize in. Kill it and move on.
    Keep along the path and head toward the only town in the area, Passwall. Talk
    to the residents to gather info on the new scene, but make sure to talk with
    the mayor, Shelden, and then follow him up the hill. 
    Oh my, you don't want to get involved! Just keep away and watch the show. 
    After the bloodbath, talk to the mayor of the Fringe and find that someone 
    named Jayred wants the Gatekeeper dead as well. Follow the arrow to a little
    shanty by the mud, or find him wandering about. 
    Ice-Veins has a very enlightening perspective on life, but roll through each
    topic to find that he wants to help you, or you help him. Either way, agree to
    it and follow his lead out of town and up another hill. 
    **I wouldn't steal anything here or ever, it's just dead weight in the Isles.
    At the Garden of Flesh and Bone pick the lock and get ready to fight the next
    new enemy, the Shamble. Depending on your level, there may be one or more. 
    Kill them as you need, but watch for their cold touch magic attack and their
    cold attack after they are dead. Your friend will pick the bones in the center
    and then talk with you. Just run back to the front of his house, press T, and
    then wait for two hours.
    Talk to him again and you get the arrows you need to slay the Gatekeeper. Both
    of you should head up the hill to battle, with your new arrows and a bow 
    equipped; save before you enter the Gatekeeper's zone of control. Draw back and
    shoot, and then make sure your friend is shooting (one time he didn't for me
    and the fight didn't go so well). It helps to summon something and then get
    behind the beast so you can fire without miss. The fight shouldn't be too tough
    so long as you avoid getting hit (and that makes all fights easier, but it only
    takes a few hits to kill you in this fight). When it's all done you will be 
    visited by a familiar friend, and then pick up the keys from the Gatekeeper's 
    body. You have a choice to make, Mania or Dementia?
    Choose Mania for now, that's the left door. And if you want to go all renegade
    on me, go Dementia. Either one will be similar for now, but if you wish to 
    be consistant in your choices throughout, just pick one.
    **The Blessing of Dementia is a Demoralize spell.**
    You're now in the Shivering Isles. You will note that unlike the last realm
    you started in, this time you will have to hoof it to each new location. 
    **Make sure to save often, especially if you are having trouble with managing
    Start by heading down the Dementia road to the southeast and try to sneak up
    on the lone Zealot. These are not much different from the mages and whatnot
    that you faced in Tamriel. They usually summon the new Flesh Atronach to help
    them, and try to dodge their many destruction spells. Ignore the monster, maybe
    by summoning your own, and focus everything on the bad guy; he's quick, so 
    corner him, or chase him down. There are some chests of goodies and a small
    jewelry box on the table of one of the structures that might have something
    worth the trouble.
    You can hug the hillside to the south and make a tiny cut through the grass 
    (essentially saving a few extra steps if you took the road). You'll maybe run
    into two enemies when you get to Blackroot Lair. You'll enter a canyon-like 
    path that will take you to another fork, and you'll be under a huge tree. Head
    directly east from here to cut across a body of water; you're once again just
    saving a few steps. If you don't want to cut across the water, just take the
    beaten path. If you do cross over the pond, be sure to get back on the highway
    when you spot a crystal structure ahead. These need to be avoided for now.
    When the path almost reaches another body of water, be careful of another enemy
    in the way. If you're on the ball and a chicken, you can sneak around the thing
    (maybe) by going behind the hill; and if all else fails, just fight it. At the
    wooden bridges, be mindful of the possible Grummites that might be in the 
    water. When you get across the water (which is directly south of the Hill of 
    Suicides by the way), you should jump back into the water on the other side 
    (this river will run along the path for a good distance). For most of the areas
    near water, watch out for the Baliwogs; and if you're waterwalking, then there
    is little you can do if they are under water. And watch for the powerful 
    Scalons under the water, they bring a powerful lunge attack to the table.
    For the rest of the path, simply alternate between water and road if you wish
    to avoid confrontation. You will hopefully survive the trek, cross a graveyard,
    and then you will enter the city of New Sheoth from the Crucible side. 
    You might run into a quest giver by the name of Hirrus, and if not then simply
    make your way to the palace by taking the stairs in the northeast corner of 
    Crucible. There are many sidequests in both Crucible and Bliss, but for now
    let's just focus on the main quest. Refer to the sidequests section for any
    stray quests you come across that you feel you must complete. And I'm not 
    saying that you must take on the main quest only. You can do whatever you 
    please, and I even encourage you to go around the town and pick up the quests,
    but you might want to wait to complete most of them. 
    Go up the stairs in the Palace Grounds and enter the throne room from either 
    of the doors guarded by the ladies. It's your friend Haskill, and the lord of
    madness, Sheogorath. I will let the Madgod fill you in on the story, but the
    jist of it is that you need to go to a far away fort. Talk to Haskill after you
    have spoken with the crazy god. 
    Reward: Charity of Madness - resists some magic
    Quick FYI: Talk to Big Head ASAP, even before starting the main quest. This is
    	only if you want his quest, because he will kill himself fairly
    	quickly. Big Head is found in Bliss, and when he dies be sure to check
    	his forking grave!
    A Better Mousetrap	1003abm
    Uh, not sure why the mapmarkers in the throne room are always off, but just 
    go out the door you came in and your free to do as you wish. I suggest that you
    visit both sides of the city and stop by the shops to unload and restock your
    supplies. Talk to the locals, pick up quests, maybe finish the easy ones, and
    then leave through the Crucible doors. For anyone needing a place to take a
    speed nap to level, I suggest using the bedroll near the door that leads to 
    the Palace Grounds from Bliss. It's open during the day, and it's the answer to
    one of the sidequests you pick up on this side of town too.
    If you wish, you could fast travel to Blackroot Lair and then just walk the 
    rest of the way. Or hoof it from Crucible, your choice. I won't cover the whole
    route in detail like I did on the last quest. So in short, you're on your own
    until you make it inside the forgotten tree fort. 
    Inside Xedilian, open the gate and then creep around the corner to get in a 
    free hit on one of the many Grummites. Afterward, scope out the two treasure
    containers in the corner and then exit through the gate to the west. An urn
    as you round the corner. Keep sneaking and have your bow ready for some more
    Grummites. If you can summon, do so and go for the one with the staff that 
    will be casting lightning at you. Take the staff and go touch the pillar inside
    the room up the steps. Two more to go.
    Go through the next gate and collect stuff from two more treasure pots. Sneak
    into the next room and shoot an arrow into one of the Grummites, again. Handle
    them and move on. When you run into a push block, just press it and fall down.
    Check the bodies for small rewards and then sneak into the next room for 
    another fight. Kill the Grummites, collect the staff, insert crystal, and then
    collect your real prizes from the boss level chest in the corner. Check the
    urn and keep moving.
    Sneak up on the next Grummite and then repeat the drill in the next room with
    two more. There should be a free gem up the steps, and some loot to the left
    of the steps. Continue onward into the next section of the map. Kill two more
    toadmen and collect more loot in each corner. Down the way is the third crystal
    and beyond is more of the same, just rinse and repeat everything you've already
    done and you'll make it to this huge crystal near a chest. Simply touch it
    to start the next, fun quest.
    Baiting the Trap	1004btt
    Walk right of the crystal and jump on the teleport pad. You meet Kiliban, the
    local psychopath. Talk to him to find out that you are basically going to have
    to choose which side of insanity you hail from. Go to the opening and observe
    the victims you must deal with. Go back and ask the old coot what the buttons
    will do. Your choice, but if you're playing good, and by good I mean "good", 
    then press the button on the right. At least the dude won't die.
    **The left button will unleash many tree monsters, and though it will seem that
    	the guys will all be okay, the little elf will die.**
    Jump on the teleport and go to the next chamber of fun. Watch the adventurers
    enter the room with a huge cage. Talk to your partner in crime to find out what
    will happen. Choose right to keep things consistant. Another victim of madness;
    funny though.
    **The left will toss a fireball at both of them, killing the mage.**
    In the next chamber, same routine. (How they don't see you up there is beyond
    me). Choose the right button and watch the fun. 
    **The left simply causes death by zombie horde, and we've all seen that too
    	many times to cause excitement.**
    Talk to the guy, teleport, get the coolest sword ever, and collect some pretty
    impressive loot. But be ready for a quick fight when you head for the exit. 
    The Dawnfang (not Duskfang) will prove most useful against these new enemies,
    and any fire attacks for that matter. Your friend will help you fight and it
    shouldn't be too rough. Make sure to collect their hearts and talk to your pal
    before you head out; and you will find your three other friends in the cage
    nearby. And bring the higher priced swords from the knights if you can carry
    **The Talisman of Abetment is good, but the detect life is annoying when you're
    	trying to talk to people. I say only use it when you must, and if you
    	already have a waterwalking accessory, use that instead.**
    Understanding Madness	1005usm
    Simply go outside and fast travel back to the city and claim your cheese! Uh
    wait, you only get Haskill. Summon him twice to please your lord, and then 
    talk about whatever you need with them both.
    Your goal is simple, you must please both the Dukes to move along.
    But first, head into town and heal your supplies and whatever.
    When you're ready, let's go with the lady of Dementia first.
    The Lady of Paranoia
    Dang! Wowza! Mercy me, I do believe she gives me the vapors.. uh sorry. Did you
    see those things? Freaking bring down a battleship... solve world hunger...
    The lady asks you to go talk with the local torturer, Herdir. Be assertive with
    him (the first choices) and get into detective mode. It's pretty simple, just
    press T and push time forward to about seven at night. That's when the royal
    subjects return. Find Kithlan, the Black (or Redguard as they prefer) and send
    your new partner in crime to torture him twice (call him a liar). He'll spill
    the beans and you can chase down Anya, who should be nearby; she wears the
    big dress (I guess you could have gone to her first).
    **The two servants are usually with the lady in the morning too, in case you
    	find her at night, or something.**
    With the new arrow on compass, go to Crucible and chase down a catman. At 
    night, you can find him and a few other colorful characters on the top of a 
    roof in the corner of Crucible. This "fight club" or whatever it is, is the 
    perfect spot to torture bad kitties. You'll learn that you now need evidence
    to fit the crime. 
    Turn the clock to daytime if need be then take your buddy over to Cutter's 
    little shop in Crucible. Torture the poor thing twice. She spills the beans 
    and your next update is made. Afterward, make sure to get her to like you again
    if you want her to make good deals with you later. Send your pal back to the 
    Now move the clock to around midnight. Check your map of the town and locate
    Hirrus' house in Crucible. Directly in the back is a sewer drain and a ramp.
    The hot conversation takes place near the ramp. If you don't want to risk being
    spotted, then don't go down the ramp and make sure your sneaking, and make sure
    your approaching from the north (Ma'zaddha's house). Simply sneak to the rail
    near the ramp and stop. The conversation will run and you just remain a stone.
    It will end and you need to talk with the cat immediately. The rest of the
    quest is simple.
    Go to the doors of his house and make a day pass by. Now go inside to discover
    the shocking twist! Check the body and take the keys. Now go up to his bedroom
    and check the cupboard. Take both items and follow your arrow to Nelrene; she
    is the back of Syl's throne room. Another twist!
    Back in Crucible, make it morning and enter Muurine's house to confront her.
    Now back to the lady of Double-D sized... Go to the castle, talk to Syl, 
    follow her to the prison, and watch the conclusion to this episode of CSI:
    Shivering Isles. 
    Reward: Ruin's Edge
    **And toss the useless sword or whatever.**
    And now to part two of Understanding Madness.
    This quest is actually longer than the last one, and the last one took quite
    a bit of work.
    Go meet Thadon of the House of Mania, usually in the Halcyon Conservatory in
    the back. If he ain't there, make it daytime. Speak to him and after you pick
    up the quest, talk with Wide-Eye who may be in the garden as well; just go
    find her in the house of Mania if not. She has much to talk about, and when 
    you are only left with the Felldew topic, make her like you more until she
    reveals what Felldew really is. Interesting.
    Ready to head into the wild and begin a trek to the other side of the isles,
    the side you would not have ventured into if you have been following me. If you
    have wandered into the Mania realm and can fast travel near the location, do
    so. Otherwise you'll have to hoof it to the tree-dungeon, and you can do that
    The area around the tree is swarming with monsters of all type, but guarding 
    the door of the dungeon is an Elytra that glows green. When you kill it, it 
    will have Felldew. This stuff is how you enter the dungeon, but I have a plan.
    I was actually surprised it worked, so I would not be surprised if it does not
    work for you. The premise is that the game has to provide you with Felldew,
    because some idiots might get it and drop it on the ground or something. So
    the game will keep sending out these green bugs so that no matter what, you 
    can always continue the quest. But everyone likes to cheat, and I did not have
    fun the first time I played this quest. So here is the plot.
    After you kill the first Elytra you can go inside, but your buzz will not last
    and you will have to keep finding the green goo. The problem is, the stuff is 
    rather hard to come by at times. And if you don't get enough to keep you 
    balanced you will start to suffer for it; your strength and many other stats 
    will fall, but mainly you will not be able to hold all your stuff. So basically
    all you have to do is keep killing the respawning bugs before you go inside. I
    know, it's a whimpy plan, but it will make things that much easier. 
    The bugs will need a little bit of time between slayings in order to pop up.
    It doesn't take too long, so you can just wait around and do whatever. I touch
    the door every now and then, just in case that might hurry things up, but you
    can do whatever. I say get at least five and no more than ten. When your ready,
    take a hit and go inside.
    Again, I am not fond of this mission, so I will ask you to run and not fight.
    The dungeon is just too long to start having at every bug, and they will not
    follow you into each section. There are four twisting and confusing sections 
    to the place. I will outline a path for each one. Please use your map of each
    section to help me out here; I know your map will mostly be clouded, but you
    will have some of the area around you on that map. (it's in you're quest box
    if you were wondering)
    **First time I've done maps like these (sorry, I know they're bad), and I
    	hope they show up on the net looking right.**
    	STARTING TO SUFFER!! If you take it when you're fine, it will work 
    	against you, at least I think. Plus, you'll make it last longer.**
    **Grab all the loot you run across on your path. Those little green things 
    	that spew gas.**
    Dunroot Burrow
    Not too tough here. Go up and follow the path, and then you will be up to the
    place above your last path; that is where the (=) go over your path below. A 
    good tactic while running is to summon a beefy monster that will distract the
    bugs as you high tail it. Again, I say just run the path I lay out and skip 
    all fighting; the bugs are quite strong. But if you want to fight, just wait.
    O's are entrance
    X's are exit
    Xloot!x means the chest is not easy to get to
    				X	  \
    	 ________________________	l
    	l			 l	l
    	l_____			 l	l
    	      \			 l _____l___ (loot!)
    	       \		===
    		l	       l l
    		l	       l l
    		l______________l l
    		   Xloot!X	 l	
    Kelp Fen
    Lots of ways to get lost in here. Where the paths cross on my weak map, you'll
    go under the walkway and then spiral up to take that walkway. Just don't take
    any of the middle routes.
    O's are entrance
    X's are exit
    						------ OOO
    						l	O
    			l	 _____l		    l
    			l	l		    l
    			l	l		    l
    			l	l		    l
    			l	l___________________l
    Drone Tunnels
    Straight forward here. But do go take the two loot chests I highlight.
    O's are entrance
    X's are exit
    			     (loot!)		l
    		    (wrong way)  _______________l
    	   (wrong way)   _______l
    	    (wrong way) l (loot!)
    Bramble Halls
    Easy path to follow here. One place where you must enter a pit and that is
    pretty much it.
    O's are entrance
    X's are exit
    		l		  ______
    		l		X/	l
      (wrong way) - l	       XXX	l - (wrong way)
    		l		X	l
    		l			l
    		l			l
    		l			l
    		--------		l - (wrong way)
    			\		l
    			 \		l  
    			  l     ________l
    			  l    /
    			  l   /
    			  l  /
    Okay, we're still in the same quest now. You will now be at the end of the 
    dungeon and in the quarters of the Chalice. Go up the stairs after you are
    healed and ready for a three-way brawl with a bunch of fellow junkies. Kill
    them quickly, though they are a bit stronger than it would seem. Up the steps
    is the prize and you will be cleaned of your addiction when you grab it. Be
    sure to grab all the lose Felldew to sell later.
    Now you have a choice: go back and explore, or move on with the game. If you 
    got two of the bigger chests then you might consider the trip a success. There
    is not much more in the dungeon, and if you left all the bugs inside then I
    would not go back in. Up to you. If you choose to leave then take the doors
    that lead outside, but be quiet so to not grab the attention of the enemy at
    the crystal. Just fast travel to the palace.
    Find Thadon, give him the cup and Finish the rest of Understanding Madness.
    Go to Sheogorath and pick up your next assignment. 
    The Cold Flame of Agnon		1006cfa
    Before you head out make sure all your gear ready and you have a snack pack.
    I say go to the Gates of Madness and make your way to the arrow. The road will
    be relatively empty, but there are some Obelisks along the way that might need
    to be avoided. If you do want to take them down, simply kill the mage that
    guards them (but he won't die so don't try to take his stuff) and then plug
    three Hearts of Order into the crystal. Then touch the crystal again to get 
    some items and break it. Then you can get stuff off the dead priest.
    **If you are choosing the Dementia side of things, please refer to the bottom
    	for the battle plan.**
    When you get to the temple you will notice the bitter standoff taking place
    between the Mazken and Aureals. Talk to both guards and then enter the yard
    of the Golden Saints. Overhear the conversation between the guy and commander,
    then talk to the guy; his name is Mirel. Make sure you exhaust each topic and
    then speak with Aurmazel. When you talk about the 'Battle plans', make sure
    to tell her you will scout the Dark Seducer camp first. That is your next task.
    Now go to the gate on the other side and enter the Seducer camp (oh, that
    sounds interesting...). There are no enemies in here so walk freely and make
    sure to check for all the treasures. Talk with the Mazken leader and then enter
    the altar. Not much but a few gems in some of the urns behind the altar. Go
    to the underkeep. Lots to explore and all you have to do is leave through the
    doors at the other end.
    Tell the Aureal Leader about the Battle plan to take the underkeep. The gang
    might attack the lone Seducer outside, but you'll all end up heading down the 
    tunnel. You really don't have to do anything, but you might as well help take
    down the Mazken. Whenever I follow them, it seems like I'm nothing more than a
    decoy for the Saints. And I wouldn't advise hacking and slashing when there
    are six allies around one enemy. So basically, just follow them.
    **Don't forget to plunder the bodies of any dead. Good stuff to be had.**
    In the altar room it will be much more of the same. I didn't have to do 
    anything and no one died. Simple as that. From the Seducers all I plundered 
    were the more pricier arrows and that's it. It's a whole bunch of arrows for 
    lots of money, and they weigh very little. Use any spare potions of feather 
    to carry everything out of here. Talk with the leader and watch the sacrifice.
    Don't cry little one, all saints go to heaven. 
    Go outside and walk right into the fire. Greatballs of fire! Hurry and get the
    freak back to Bliss! (nah, no rush, but do go back ASAP).
    In the church of Sheoth you have a choice to make, but for consistancy's sake,
    just talk with the Bliss priest, Dervenin. Now walk into the pit and pass on
    the torch. And Sheogorath is not too far away, clever rascal!
    **The direct attack through the halls isn't that tough either. There is just 
    	one part where you have to open a gate, and then it's all gravy from
    Okay this will be long. This is for all you Dementia players out there.
    Actually, it shouldn't be too long. There are two ways to help the Mazken. 
    Either just tell her you will help her defend, or tell her to reposition her
    troops and you lie to the Aureals. 
    The defense is not much. They lock the gates and ambush the saints at the 
    bridge. However, the saints are too tough to die here (unless you provide some
    amazing support), so you will most likely get into a fight when they break 
    through. But you should then retreat back to the altar room where everyone will
    converge for a big fight. You will lose many Mazken, but you will win so long 
    as you survive.
    The betrayal route will involve you telling the Mazken leader to reposition
    her troops in the underkeep. Then you go tell the Aureal leader to attack 
    through the underkeep; you will tell her two lies. This choice is the toughest
    of all the options to get the flame. The trap seems perfect, but there are just
    too many saints and the traps are too spread out. The only way I got through 
    this one was by me and Ulfri going back-to-back and killing all the saints. So
    the plan doesn't work too well here, but you can squeak out a win. 
    Basically, the Mazken route will be much tougher. And your overall choice will
    only slightly affect some dialogue from the winning side later in the game.
    Really, if anyone actually knows what benefits you get from which side you
    help take Cylarne, please let me know.
    Ritual of Accession	1007roa
    He's in the church, if you somehow didn't notice. After another chat, go talk
    with the same priest as before, and then the other guy for good measure. We
    will follow the script and elect to off Thadon, so tell the madgod your 
    choice and you're off.
    **And if you want to do the other thing, please read farther down.**
    Ritual of Mania
    Head to the House of Mania to begin. Either run into Wide-Eye, or find someone
    who will tell you her where-abouts, Books of Bliss. Go talk with her and then
    get her to like you a bunch so she'll talk to you about her daily routine. 
    Return to the palace grounds and make it noonish. Wait outside the doors of 
    the Mania house for the lizard to come out. Then put on the sneak and follow
    her down below; don't get spotted, and it would be hard to.
    **Being fast in the next section should let you get through without running 
    	into many Aureals.**
    In this new cave system, sneak is the name of the game. Any chameleon and 
    other booster will be helpful now. If your sneaking is good enough, then you
    can follow my immediate advice and go for some loot. If not, then skip the
    rest of this paragraph. Start by turning left and plundering the stump, gas
    thing, and then head down the path to some more loot not too far away. And then
    come back toward the start, but keep heading south. Take the path, but don't 
    run to the otherside of the clearing when your path expands into a room. The
    saint in here can be spotted by going into third person and watching her 
    movements (back and forth). There are two urns and one chest in the room. Cross
    to over to the east so you can spot the urns from safety. As soon as she walks
    into view and leaves, sneak over to the mushroom plants, quickly jump, and 
    then hide in the shadows not moving. Move around the root and get the urns from
    behind, while she ain't lookin'. Then go back and hop on the mushroom without
    getting caught. In order to get the chest you will have to sneak directly 
    behind her as she walks, touch the chest ASAP, and then quickly sneak your way
    back to the original path. 
    **Sorry, but you might want to save after getting each treasure, just so you
    	don't have to keep playing it over and over.**
    Wind down the path and take a right to get some more loot from a small room.
    Get back on the main road and wait for the saint patrolling the three-way 
    stop ahead, wait for her to walk north and you take the south path. In the 
    big room, make a short stop for some loot. Go up the ramp and carefully make
    your way around the ledge so you can get to some loot in the southeast corner
    (use the root edgings and just keep pressing jump, and no big deal if you 
    can't make it).
    Now keep sneaking into the greenmote vault and swing around to the left. Make
    sure Wide-Eye can't see you or all is lost. Jump into the pit and grab two
    scoops of the stuff. Click into third person and watch for the old gal to leave
    the room soon after. Don't follow her and even give her a good head-start 
    before you head out. Save for good measure before leaving. When you get near
    the entrance of the stone tunnel, pause and watch the top of the ramp if think
    she is not that far ahead. Return to the surface the way you came in. If you
    are quick enough, at the three-way from before (watch out for the saint too)
    you might run into Wide-Eye again. Let her go in front and you follow behind
    the rest of the way. Caution at the crossing too.
    Now phase two. If you still have time before eight (dinner time), make your 
    way to the gardens of Mania. Take the door at the back and go into stealth 
    mode. Save after you're inside. A ring to detect life will help a bunch here.
    There are just two guards, but it is always hard to tell where they are. You
    can always play it safe and only move after you have them both in your sights,
    but I say just round the corner and hide in shadow until you get the intel on
    their locations and routes. Quite simply, you're trying to get to the north
    point of this room and then walk down to the food area. When you have only one,
    or you know where both are at any point, use the columns and sneak around the 
    golden guards. Plant the stuff in the plate of food and the largest bottle of 
    booze on the shelf. Wait in the shadows down here and do what you did before,
    just in reverse to get out of here.
    Now get to the throne room and get time up to eight at night. Have a seat at
    the table and enjoy your meal! Take the blood and the crown, then visit that
    crazy madgod. Put the blood in the altar and watch the shocking turn of 
    events! *Organ sound from soap opra*
    Reward: Ring of Lordship, Summon Golden Saint.
    Or maybe you wish to do things the hard way...
    Ritual of Dementia
    Locate Anya and Kithlan. They will be in Dementia's throne room during the day,
    so it might be best to fast forward time. Get both to like you up to 70 and 
    they will help you in taking down Syl. Enter the gardens and fight the guards,
    or fight them later, it doesn't matter. Enter the room and find that Syl has
    tricked you! Kithlan tells you the truth and you are free to go, but you might
    want to loot the place of all the valuables. Leave and turn left to find the 
    secret tunnel. 
    When you reach the spot with the bones on the ground, watch out! Seriously, 
    just watch for the incoming attacks from a statue. Bob and weave like you're
    playing a platforming game to get through. Use the detailed map if you really
    need help (it's up, right, right, left, left, and right); push the button at
    the end to turn it all off. Go through the door to enter an archery fight with
    two Mazken. Another may show up, so kill all three. When you enter a very
    intimidating room, sure enough, you'll get trapped and attacked by two guards.
    Down the next hall is one more. Enter the next area.
    Two more guards. There is a button on a statue that will open a path. Pass 
    through another door to find a long walkway with two more guards. In a big
    ruined room you will see one more Mazken guarding a door. This door leads to
    the prize. Syl is guarded by two, so just do whatever. Rip out her heart and
    go all the way back to Sheogorath to move on.
    **And it will be Thadon to go turncoat, just in case you hadn't figured that
    Much more difficult than the Mania assissination.
    Reward: Ring of Lordship, Summon Dark Seducer.
    Retaking the Fringe	1008rtf
    You'll notice the Fringe will be different. You can't fast travel to the old
    places anymore. Go inside the gates and ready for battle.
    **The saints will be Dark Seducers if you are the ruler of Dementia.**
    When you re-find Passwall you will begin a fight with about three Knights. 
    This fight is not hard, and if the Knights focus on you just put up your shield
    and defend while the saints march in, and kill! Talk with the new commander
    and ask for a breather to heal and repair damaged goods. Tell her you're ready
    get into formation. Actually, you might want to get in front of everyone else
    so that the Knights zero in on you. Simply survive the three waves of three
    Knights and you can move on. The Knights tend to tail you no matter what, and
    it seems like your allies are worthless, so good luck and hope you have plenty
    of plundered potions. Speak with the commander afterward.
    **In case you were wondering, just let the commander have control of her 
    There are about three Knights defending the temple you need raid, at least on
    the outer wall portion. And if you sneak and remain in the sneak position as 
    you weave your way through the ruins to the door, you should only run into 
    two more, and if not, then you got three most likely. Enter the next dungeon.
    Check the dead Grummites for small loot, and then go up the stairs for two
    urns near some bars (sneak the whole time), and then go to the wall and check
    the black spot on the wall with the blue glitter flying around it. Go back 
    down the steps and sneak around the walkway and snipe the priest. Now, two
    Knights will pop up, but I didn't have to fight mine; I summoned a monster and
    everyone but the priest ran outside for no reason. So take whatever you get.
    Two doors and two chests in the next room. As soon as you go through the doors
    you will be rushed by a trio of Knights. Go down the steps and turn to the left
    to pick up a free gem on the ground. Sneak into the next open room and snipe
    the priest, but be ready for two Knights to join the fight. There is madness
    ore in a deposit on the right, and an urn in the middle. If you want to rush
    into the next open area, and even if you look into the next area, you will be
    rushed by three more Knights. Instead, go to the left wall and follow it up
    to crystals sticking out. Press the button nearby and enter the opened path
    on the wall. Fall into the Grummite pit and then sneak as you enter the next 
    Remain in stealth mode and hide in the corner as you enter the open room. Let
    the Knights run by and then you go into the big room. If you got the stuff for
    it, go ahead and try to sneak past the Knights at the top of the stairs. Then
    just go straight and your done. If you want to explore the area, by all means
    go ahead, but there are lots Knights, so good luck wit dat. 
    Now you're in the main room, and to the right will be your old friend Shelden
    from Passwall. He has one item and a bed in his hideout if you need it. You
    won't have to worry about him dying, and don't try to sneak into the crystal 
    room. Just run in and kill the priest, and then overload the obelisk with 
    three Hearts of Order; if you need some they can be found off dead Knights. 
    After the deed is done, quickly put another heart into the chest nearby for 
    loot, and then run back to where you found Shelden so you avoid the falling 
    debris. Handle the mob of Knights and then leave through the Grummite exit.
    Get through the small tunnel and wait at the top of the stairs for all the 
    crumbling to stop. Kill and surviving Knights. Go up the steps, fight if 
    needed, and whatever you do, don't go into a tiny room and press a button; 
    you'll die. Just go through another Grummite path, fight, and you'll be in a 
    big room. Head down the only open path with a button and press it to open
    the door that was locked. Darn, you must depart. That's too bad, I wanted to
    escort someone who dies after three hits...
    Watch for the tons of falling roof down this path. When you get to the statue
    you can have a chat with your good friend on the left (that BASTARD!). Go the
    other way and maybe fight a Knight if he doesn't die. The top of the steps 
    are clogged with rubble, and just jump over all of it and watch for more 
    crashing ceiling as you run out the doors. 
    Outside, run to the town and lend your aid to the final defense effort. The 
    enemy may retreat to another group of Knights in the corner of the map; just
    hunt them down. Talk to the commander and then exit through the gates. 
    Back at the city, talk with the madgod about stuff and talk to Haskill to get
    the marker for free. Now you can just fast travel there.
    Rebuiling the Gatekeeper	1009rtg
    Part 1
    You re-found the Fringe, and now you have to MAKE a Gatekeeper. Seems counter-
    productive at this point. Rest up and bring some snacks.
    You will be plopped down in the middle of two skeleton guards. Take them out 
    and check the chest before you go inside.
    There will be two groups of Shambles in both of these starter sections that 
    have bridges and statues that launch magic at you. Make sure to avoid the
    magic as you fight. There will be a lone skeleton, and then take the green
    tunnel on the right. Sneak so that you can snipe the hound, there will be 
    a zombie called a 'failed experiment' in the bone pile, and sneak on the 
    Flesh Atronach down the path. There will be one dog in the big roon at the end
    and two more monsters in the room on the left. Kill the dog and then run into 
    the room and press two sets of buttons that will be underneath each shooting 
    statue. Now you can go back into the room you avoided, but there are some 
    urns and an ore deposit if you wish to fight for them. Cross over a bridge and
    fight one last monster on your way to the next area.
    There be one monster in here, and even another free gem on the ground. The 
    first room on the left is open for your amusement, but I didn't have the heart
    to kill the poor thing; you can do whatever you like. Fight the monster down
    the path (not through the door), and if you fall off the bridge to get the 
    urn you might want to press that button on the wall to kill off the undead. 
    Now cross the bridge.
    Kill the two monsters and go down the steps. Don't bother with the door on the
    left unless you want to fight a zombie, and there is nothing in the other door.
    Two more monsters guarding the steps down the way, and one urn in the nearby
    room. On the very bottom level, go inside the left room and press the button
    to watch a neat little something (read the papers if you must know what is 
    going on, but it really isn't exciting). Over across the way will be some free
    crap, but don't wake the zombie. Go down the path for another something and
    then come back and go up the other stairs. A monster up here and a boss level
    urn. Go into the corpse pit first.
    Take the right path and walk until you hit the pit and get ready for a scuffle
    with some undead. An urn, some dead guys, and then some amber at the end. Come
    back into the previous area and go into the safe zone.
    Lots to look at, lots to steal, and the lady you need to speak to. Just kiss
    up to her and find that you need to go back to the Gardens of Flesh and Bone
    to get four items. You can speak with her about victims, and then you can 
    see what happens if you offer yourself, or not. Leave and do what you must.
    **If you follow the conversation lines to defend the prisoners, you will 
    	eventually take a hit from the woman. Get up and talk to her to receive
    	an item. However, on my game I did not get the item, so go figure. 
    	Also, you only get one shot to do it, or you'll never get to.**
    Part 2
    Get to the gates and go behing Passwall to the place where you obtained the 
    bones to build the Gatekeeper arrows. Enter another dungeon.
    Pass the door but wait for the ceiling to fall. A monster waits in the corner
    and another straight ahead who guards a decent urn. Come back and take the 
    door to fight another enemy. Go up the ramp to enter the caverns. Pull the
    lever to open the branches, and then take the left path. One monster in the
    open room and watch out for the statue's attack. Next area. 
    Two monsters in the room, and you have to exit throught the door on the right.
    Over the steps on the right will be a monster guarding an urn. Proceed through
    the door and kill an enemy. Then take the left path to a bridge with a loot
    stump, and then fall down for the first item. Take the path behind you for
    another monster down the path. You'll enter another room, but there is only 
    one path up the ramp where an enemy lurks. Go up to an intersection for another
    bad guy. Go up the left path for another fight, and then you will have the
    next item in your sights as well as a stump. Go back a bit and take the 
    southern road at the intersection; make sure you sneak to avoid any useless 
    fighting, or whatever. Just get to the next area.
    Follow the stanky smell through the cave system, I really don't have to outline
    the path. There will be a few enemies along the way, and some you can avoid 
    altogether. Two Hungers and a chest surround the breath. You will have to touch
    the stuff twice, once to put the flask inside and again to grab it. Now go out
    through the only path you got.
    A monster is there to greet you. Proceed and turn right at the first turn. 
    Fight your way along the path set out for you and you'll end up in a big room
    with two monsters on the top level, and two more guarding the door to the 
    blood room. Get the boss chest and press the button that looks at the door to
    open it, and then just scoop up some blood. There will be another monster 
    inside and a boss level urn on your way out. A chest in the room guarded by one
    monster, and another monster in the cave near the exit.
    Follow the path, two chests, two monsters, and two doors are in your way to 
    the exit. Zap back to the old lady in the last dungeon you visited. 
    Meet her and go into a newly opened section of wall to find the body parts. Oh
    boy, we get to play dress up! What fun!
    There are six sections of the body that you must choose. Here are the ones I
    say to go with: Helm of Power, Heart of Wound Sharing, Breast of Life, Arm of
    Slashing, Arm of Shock Shielding, and Legs of Fortitude. Don't ask, I just 
    think this combo looks bad as heck! (and I doubt it really matters, whatever
    monster you make will probably work). Report back to the scientist and then 
    make your way back to the Fringe. You just follow her instructions from here
    on out and put all the junk you've collected into the pool when she says so;
    and don't be afraid to get in, it won't hurt you. Pretty cool. And now just 
    sit back and watch the show, enjoy!
    Report back to the madgod after what seems like has been forever. 
    Reward: Summon Flesh Atronach
    **Also, if you do the yield command to the Gatekeeper you can gain a certain
    	power. The powers will be related to what parts you gave the thing.
    	And you can only have one at a time.**
    The Helpless Army	1010tha
    **Okay, I did not plan properly for this one. But, I hear that the missions
    	are basically the same no matter which side you choose. Aureals will be
    	needing your help in some other dungeon, and that's pretty much it.
    	You get to summon a Golden Saint afterward.**
    **Everyone curses Thadon in the Golden Saint fortress.**
    Make sure to talk with the messenger dude before you set out. Get some rest
    because I know you've leveled up, lighted your load, and set out. 
    Either fast travel to Xedilian or to some location around the gates. If you
    choose the gates then you will want some way to waterwalk in order to get to
    the place in a timely manner. Either way, see you there.
    If you got a strong summon with you, then you guys will be like a five person
    killing squad, and you won't even need to do much. Kill guys until you reach 
    a place where a room is sectioned off by some crystal stuff; I don't need to
    hold your hand to this point because it's just hack and slash. Keep your eyes
    open for hidden urns (about 4) as you go to the next area.
    Follow the path into a room with two chests and a semi-big fight. Keep going 
    until you reach the next room with more Order enemies, a button to press, 
    and two loot stashes (one boss level). Go through the open door, fight your 
    way to another door that has a few enemies inside. There is a big chime at 
    the top of some steps. Touch it to crack the crystals surrounding the girl
    your here to save. Alright, now you're five strong! Nothing can stop you
    now! Go through the door and make it to the next area (that button-opened 
    door leads back to nowhere).
    Darn! Oh well, touch the chime and keep going. There will be two Knights to 
    fight. And then sneak beyond the bridge and go left. Look over the edge and 
    snipe the priest, then finish him off from up here with your bow. Check the 
    chest and go below the bridge for one urn. Now open the door back up top and 
    fight a couple of guys. Get all the stuff you can find and then keepa movin'
    til you hit two doors guarded by one Knight. Kill it and go through the right
    door and be sure to sneak. Kill the priest and try to not alert the whole 
    joint, but just fight it out if you do. If not, then go through the door to 
    get on the bridge. Press this button as much as you can to damage the poor
    souls below, and then just finish them off. A chest on the wall, and then sneak
    into the next section to snipe one last Knight who guards the door. There is 
    one urn in the trap pit, and then make it to the next area.
    Sneak into the open and snipe the priest on the bridge. If you can summon 
    something to distract the Knight down here with you, that will help as you try
    to finish off the priest and take out the other Knight up there. A chest and an
    urn as you make it to the door, then open and go through. You'll arrive at the
    main room. You can run and gun, or sneak around and take on the five Knights
    one by one, it's up to you. After the smoke is cleared, the goal is to hit 
    each chime as quickly as possible. There are also two cheasts under each
    statue in the walls. Talk to the Mazken as they arrive. You get a few things,
    mainly Dark Seducer armor. If you are a female character *uh ehm* then this is
    one of the few times you get to reap the benefits. Plus, the armor you get
    just might be better than what you have on already. I guess less is more in the
    realm of Madness!
    Anyway, go up the other stairs and be gone. I am so sorry, but now is the time
    to get some treasure I missed earlier. Go through the door straight in front
    of you and turn left to find a chime, hit it, get the treasure in the sealed 
    off room, and then go back toward the you came from. Now go through the other
    door to exit out of here, or whatever, just get out of here as best you can.
    Back to the city.
    Go see your madgod and watch the shocking turn of events!
    Reward: Armor, Summon Dark Seducer
    Symbols of Office	1011soo
    After the sequence of events, talk to Haskill to find the next quest and to 
    get the free marker. Hit the town to get ready for the dungeon and head out.
    On your way to the next dungeon, if you haven't already been, I would suggest
    going to the top of the mountain along the way and follow the path down to a 
    small structure. There will be three chests near it and two should be loaded
    with good stuff. Keep following the path down a bit until you hit a place of
    stone with a dead guy. There are some small treasures lying around, but from
    here you can slide down to the dungeon. 
    There is monster inside, but that is pretty much it if you want it to be.
    There is more fun to be had if you fall into the pit past this next door. You
    can do this and get some stuff and have some fun, but I will assume you want
    to be done with the quest ASAP. So ignore the pit and just go straight to the
    door in front of you and enter. Don't attack the guy, just talk to him to get
    things rolling. 
    Oh yeah, no, I wanted to go on another long fetch quest. Geez. Well, I guess
    warp over to the Crucible graveyard and head out from there. 
    Inside, just sneak your way until you see a dude in a red robe. Kill him and 
    take his robe and dagger. Now you have two options: put on the robe and walk
    around without fighting, or kill everyone in your way. It's up to you. There 
    are a bunch of jems and stuff in the chair, and a decent chest in the right 
    corner. Enter the next area.
    Talk with Re'kheran and keep talking, and be truthful too. Accept his offer.
    In the next room should be one Apostle praying at the foot of a statue. Be 
    sneaky and kill him without drawing attention. Make sure he has a dagger on his
    left side. Either hunt down two more victims or wait for them to patrol the
    statue area. Once you get three, take them to your friend and follow him to his
    friends. Talk to him after his inspiring speech and follow him. 
    Go ahead and watch the confrontation. Put on your normal stuff when the battle
    music cues, and take care of the two enemies. There are lots of treasures to
    be had after the fight. Stuff on a cabinet, things in a chest, and Ciirta is 
    loaded with good stuff. Head back to the surface when all is done, and don't
    forget to get the things in the congregation chamber either. There will be
    a few things on a support beam above you when you leave the dining area; might
    be hard if you don't have good jumping skills. There are a bunch of chests in
    each bed area. And there is an item for another quest that you may as well 
    pick up too. The Pelvis of Pelagius is in a display box in a room to the north.
    Oh yes, and don't worry about the Apostles attacking you anymore. Leave.
    Anyway you make it to Milchar is fine by me; I'll meet you there. There are 
    quite a few treasures and monsters guarding the entrance. And you'll have to go
    around a big tree to get in. You might want to dump off all your stuff at the
    city before you go inside, just make sure you actually found the place. If you
    do go back don't forget to give the pelvis to the woman in Crucible.
    Just go forward and enter the door. Drop down and get ready for a pretty
    tough fight... with YOURSELF!!!! Just wait near the pool for the doppleganger 
    to show up. It will look just like you, but it uses its own sword and it will
    summon a weak ally. It is pretty tough, so I hope you got some potions with
    you, and it will be hard due to all the plants and stuff in the way. After you
    eek out a win, be sure to pick up that sword and touch the roots of the tree.
    Now get outside and go back to the ancient fossil to make the staff. With the
    incomplete staff in hand, go back to the castle and meet with Haskill. 
    The Roots of Madness	1012trm
    You could touch the Font first, but Haskill has all the grimy details for you.
    The final dungeon quest of the main quest, and it's a doozy. Enter the roots.
    Move up and watch the Gnarl 'cure' the door. That is the name of the game. 
    Pass the door and you'll most likely fight a corrupted Gnarl. Now watch out for
    these things. If you hit them with magic attacks they will grow much larger and
    stronger. You can go either way, but let's go west first.
    Keep going at the first intersection, and then go north at the next one just 
    to get a quick chest, and then come back. However, if a friendly Gnarl is not
    nearby to clean the door, then you might need to head west from the other path
    you found the chest and pump out a friendly Gnarl. It should clean the door
    for you, and if not, then find another way around, or wait for another Gnarl.
    Either way, sneak into the next area and snipe the priest near the pool. Kill
    him and the enemy Gnarl, and then you can step into the pool to heal your 
    wounds. Enter the next area.
    Go straight at the intersection to get a friend, and then take out the Gnarls
    you run into on both sides of the tunnel. You want to hunt them down just so
    that they don't block up the doors. You have one shard from the priest that
    will free up anything corrupted, but you might want to save that until you
    get through the doors and are sure you don't need it. Either way, cross through
    the big room and sneak through the next door. Along the way may be more Gnarls
    and some of the stumps might be corrupted. Don't worry, just sneak into the 
    big room with the pool and snipe a priest. Kill all four and any Gnarls that
    might join in, but target the priests first so that you can earn the healing 
    pool. With the shards you can now clean the stumps, and don't miss the cool
    staff one priest was carrying. Go back to the last area. 
    **Thadon will be at the Mania pool if you were wondering what happens on the 
    	dark side of things.**
    Go south and then east at the intersection, and east all the way to the next
    pool. At the first three-way intersection, you can go north and turn left to
    find a corrupted door. There will be a pump nearby, but the darn Gnarl didn't 
    help me. So you might need to take the east path at the intersection. You may
    run into some enemies, but you'll end up at a small pool with another priest
    corrupting it. Kill and enter the Dementia pool. 
    There is quite a bit in this big room. A pump, a few gas stumps, and a stump 
    with amber. Take the path down to a corrupted where you will most likely hit
    two Gnarls. Kill them and use a shard if you must, just keep truckin'. There
    are two stumps on both paths here, so get them both since they lead to the 
    same way. Another pump to the north before you go down a path. Go either way
    when the path forks, but make sure you circle around to the other path to get
    any stray enemies. Come back to the pool room and fire a stealth arrow at the
    priests down there. You should notice Syl standing over on the stone structure
    in the corner. Just the same difficult-to-manage fight as before. Make sure you
    collect all the free gifts, and your job is done. 
    **Syl is not here if you chose Dementia.**
    Simply exit and go back outside. Go touch the Font to make the staff.
    The End of Order	1013teo
    A Golden Saint bursts in and tells you to meet the other one who waits at the
    door; okay. Do so and tell her to attack! Go outside and prepare for the most
    epic of battles ever fought!
    Forget the minions, go straight to the obelisk and kill the priest. Now just 
    keep jamming hearts into this thing until it blows; make sure to touch the 
    thing after you put in three so you actually kill it. If you are out of hearts
    when the second obelisk pops up, go back up the steps and hope your friends 
    killed three. Now repeat your last actions with this obelisk and that will end
    the Order Knights. Quickly use this pause in the action to prepare for the 
    This is where those staffs you found in the pools from the last quest will 
    prove most useful (I hope you got them, and if they are out of energy, then 
    use some of your soul gems). The challenge will be to keep backpedalling and
    not running into walls and such. Just keep shooting at him with the staves to
    kill him in a most uninteresting fashion. Oh well, maybe you'll mess up and 
    make it interesting (sorry). And if you don't have the staffs, then I still say
    just shoot stuff at him; either arrows or magic, either way. 
    **FYI, if you want to invest a little time for gold. After the battle, go to
    	all the dead and take off their swords and shields from their hands.
    	Make sure you place them on the area at the top of the steps that lead
    	to the ground (the middle portion between the obelisks). If you place 
    	them anywhere else you risk them vanishing once you leave. You'll have
    	to make a few trips to carry all the heavy items to the shops and back.
    	Worth the time if you ask me.**
    Watch the final little scene and comb the battlefield for crap. Now go see your
    servant. You're done with the Shivering Isles, hooray! Well, actually, there
    are still a bunch of side quests to tackle. Shall we?
    The Prince of Madness	1014tpm
    Just the small trip to Haskill after Jyggalag speaks. Not really a quest, but 
    worth mentioning, I guess.
    	Dancer (the big reward *wink, wink*)
    	Defend settlements (earns gold)
    	Manipulate Weather power
    	Sheogorath's Protection power
    	Sword of Jyggalag behind the throne
    	Two guards to join you if you want
    	Sheogorath's Regalia on the throne
    	When you commit crimes, the guards are most kind with you
    * 5. Side Quests stseuqs                                                      *
    There are:
    Place			# of Quests
    Bliss			4
    Crucible		7 (the blacksmith quests count for both sides)
    Fellmoor		1
    Hale			1
    Highcross		1
    Split			1
    Vitharn			1
    Hill of Suicides	1 (hidden)
    and one hidden quest on the rooftops of Crucible.
    The Fork of Horripilation
    Possibly the first thing you want to do when you cross the Gates. You can get
    the quest in two ways: talk to Big Head first, or get the fork first.
    There is a horribly glitch with the quest that makes it a wonder that the 
    issue wasn't fixed. Big Head seems to like forks so much that he will go around
    and steal forks from people. Basically, he will eventually find one and get
    caught taking it, and you will find his dead body somewhere in Bliss. So time
    is of the essence (unless you want unofficial patches for the PC).
    The fork is in a place called the Wretched Camp (or was it the Longtooth 
    Camp?). Both are found to the north of the Gates of Madness, and a heretic is
    all that is in your way. Take the fork and bring it to the lizard so long as
    he ain't dead.
    Interesting note, if he does die, then you get to keep the fork as a powerful
    tool of annihilation (not really). 
    Reward: Skill boost
    The Antipodean Hammer
    Dumag gro-Bonk is the smith of Bliss. He will forge amber into weapons and 
    armor for you. The armor will be light. 
    The amber and matrix materials are all found in the wild, or in dungeons, or 
    even as loot in various places. The little glitter bugs will accompany amber 
    found in stumps and roots. Hunt down Gnarls to find amber, sometimes.
    Reward: Light armor and amber weapons (the better looking set too)
    Falling Awake
    Find Amiable Fanriene of Bliss to get the quest. He is usually found near the 
    gates of the city, near a Golden Saint, and he's easy to spot because he's the
    only one crouched down and looking fearful. 
    Find a little beggar named Uungor, who is easy to find at night sleeping on a 
    bedroll near the gates that lead to the palace. Get him to like you and he will
    agree to switch beds with the poor guy. Tell Amiable and you are done, simple.
    Reward: Burst of Might scroll *yea*.
    Work is Never Done
    Find Tove the Unrestful pacing about in his home. Just talk with him and you'll
    find yourself in the quest. 
    Calipers and Tongs are found everywhere in the game, but mainly at smith shops.
    Sneak into blacksmiths' stores at night and take all you can find. There are
    two shops in New Sheoth, but you'll need to go back to the real world to get 
    the rest. 
    Once you give him 100, the quest is finished. It can be 100 calipers, or 100
    tongs, or mixed, it doesn't matter (you'll see why). Make sure to see what he
    does in his work for a few laughs.
    Reward: 5 gold for each, and then a big pile of gold after 100.
    Ushnar's Terror
    Find an orc patrolling Crucible who has a dog following him. Talk to him to 
    find that there is a cat problem. 
    Now find the Khajiit named Bhisha and give him 100 gold to leave. Simple.
    Reward: A cute little puppy!
    Talk with Earil who owns the magic shop of New Sheoth. There are some cool
    summons to buy, but talk about his recent problems with a guy named Brithaur.
    Find the thief to learn that you can help him too. Get him five Flawless Pearls
    so that he will stop his criminal career. 
    Well, this quest is best taken on if you start the game by holding onto each 
    and every pearl you get. Flawless Pearls are of course the hardest kind to 
    find. Usually the loot of boss level chests. They seem to be very common from
    dead Priests of Order toward the end of the main quest. Other than that, it's
    really just dumb luck.
    I'll bet you could kill him too, but that brings more problems.
    There is also another way, it involves Kithlan. But this way is not certain
    to kill Brithaur. Best stick to the pearls.
    Reward: Leveled gold
    Final Resting
    Find Hirrus Clutumnus at night in the southeast corner of Crucible, near some
    He tells you that you need to kill him, but not through combat. After the chat,
    follow Hirrus as he walks through the streets and up the palace steps. He 
    stops at a ledge; curious. This is the key. You are to push him over the side
    and watch him fall. 
    You can push him off yourself, by running into him.
    The best thing may be to talk to him until the dialog option appears to push
    him off.
    Go to his body and pick up the key. Head to his house and go to his room for 
    your reward.
    Reward: Ring of Happiness
    The Coming Storm
    Talk with a cat lady named Ahjazda who owns Things Found. 
    You need to get her three items: Amulet of Disintegration, Ring of Disiccation,
    and Calming Pants. 
    The ring is easy to find at the Museum of Oddities. Simply walk upstairs, 
    crouch, open case, and steal ring.
    The pants require just a bit more effort. Go meet Fimmion near the gates of 
    Bliss that lead into Crucible. He says he wants a sweetroll, so give him a 
    sweetroll. Go into Rendil Drarara's House and sneak into the kitchen area to
    steal a roll. Now go trade.
    The amulet is the most difficult to obtain. Milchar is part of a main quest 
    mission, but also a part of this one. Go there and enter the caves. Enter the
    Tieras on the east wing. If you entered from the nexus, it will be a short
    trip with one chest in a pit and a few monsters in the way. When you reach
    the treasure room you face a quick puzzle. The urn is shut. Go up the steps
    and turn around to see the two torch stands on both sides of the door. You
    need to grab the blue torch (not pick up, GRAB), and then run to the two 
    spots and light them, but you have to be quick enough so the original fire 
    doesn't burn out. And if you fail just try again. Collect the amulet and 
    head back to town. 
    Give all the crap to the cat and claim your reward.
    Reward: Ahjazda's Paranoia spell
    The Museum of Oddities
    Visit the museum of Crucible and talk with Una. 
    The quest is very open to whatever you wish to make of it.
    **One of the quests you probably won't finish.**
    Here are the random items:
    Dagger of Friendship - look in any loot supply
    Double-Headed Coin - look in any loot supply
    Hound's Tooth Key - look in any loot supply
    Mixing Bowl - look in any loot supply
    Ring of Disrobing - look in any loot supply
    Sheogorath-Shaped Amber - look in any amber supply
    Soul Tomato - look in any loot supply
    Set items:
    Blind Watcher's Eye - In the Milchar Nexus, to the left of the door where you
    	fight the double during the main quest. It is among a bunch of orange
    Deformed Swamp Tentacle - South of Lost Time Camp, attached to a rock.
    Din's Ashes - In Ebrocca Crematorium. A button under some shields will lead 
    	you to the room. 
    Mute Screaming Maw - In Corpserot Prison. Where you see two chests near a 
    	statue on the far north side, watch for the trap door, and enter the
    	cavern. There are two Screaming Maws, one will be mute.
    Pelvis of Pelagius - Found during the main quest in my walkthrough. Go to the 
    	Howling Halls, Congregation Chamber and look at the room directly 
    	beside the door to the Antechamber.
    Reward: The gold rewards for each item
    The Antipodean Hammer
    Cutter of Crucible will craft you armor and weapons out of madness ore. 
    The armor is heavy. Ore is found all over: dungeons, deposits, and in random
    places. A matrix yields magic stuff.
    Reward: Heavy Armor and weapons
    A Liquid Solution
    Talk to Sickly Bernice at her inn to learn the situation.
    Go to the Knotty Bramble. This first level has only one path to the main door,
    but you'll want to check the whole first level for all the treasures before 
    you go it. Enter the pool area. When you are to the pool it is heavily guarded
    by all kinds of Grummites. Clear the area and go toward the statue, but two
    more enemies will rush into the pool. Under the bridge is a path to another 
    section of the dungeon, so go there now. Seems like nothing special, but keep
    going until you reach an area where there are some dead guys. Go to the second
    dead body and move it out of the way to reveal a button that will let you into
    a chamber with loot. However, once you plunder the place, the dead guys will 
    no longer be dead. Kill them, grab the skull, take all the loot, and make your
    way to a hole. Now go back to the pool area, and make a quick exit from the
    whole dungeon by taking the other path out of here. 
    Take the liquid to the poor girl to complete the quest. 
    Reward: Circlet of Verdure - keeps you healthy
    **That skull will be crucial to the hill of suicides hidden quest. So hold onto
    	*Hidden Quest*
    This 'quest' does not show up in your log, and it really isn't a quest, but
    worth mentioning.
    The Stash
    You will need good jumping ability to pull this one off. The note and key you
    need are on the top of Cutter's Weapons. 
    You need to jump off the stairs that lead to the palace. Look over at the gap
    between the stairs and the nearest roof. Jump as best you can. You should get
    on the siding of the roof, but not be able to get up, and it will even look
    like you're slipping. So go to the spot where you can run into a corner up
    there (adjacent to another roof). Now keep pressing up the whole time, but also
    press left and right repeatedly and you should eventually force your way up
    to the roof (at least I could).
    Now jump down to the roof to the south, and then jump across to the roof to
    the west. You can jump south from here to go get a free ring on the top of
    another roof, but only if you want to. Get back to the Things Found roof and 
    look north. You'll notice that you can't get up to the next roof either. You
    will do the same technique as you did to the first rooftop, but now you will 
    do it to the corner that is sticking out. It is difficult to get on the direct
    center of the corner, because it is sticking out. But once you get directly
    on the edge you should shoot right up to the stone thing at the top, but you
    still can't get up. No worry, move to the siding of the roof and use the 
    corner sicking inward (just as the first one) and you can get up. 
    The prize is on the next roof and you should be able to jump up to there. There
    is a note and a key on the stool. Take them and read the note to find the 
    location of the urn. Now jump to the east roof and back to the steps to have
    come full circle. 
    Go to the very southeastern corner of Crucible. The urn is behind Sickly 
    Bernice's Taphouse and it is hidden under a box in the sewage. Open, take what
    you need, and you're done.
    Reward: Whatever you find in the urn.
    This settlement is to the south of the Gates of Madness. 
    Everything In Its Place
    Talk with Ranarr-Jo, or Kishashi directly. Get the spoon from the queen by 
    raising her disposition. Give the spoon to the king and begin learning the 
    situation of the evil ruler.
    Now, I will tell you what I did to beat this quest. I broke into her house, 
    she started running down the steps, I put on the invisibility and got out of 
    the way, and then she ran outside. I was then free to GRAB the stuff in her
    home and toss them all over the place. A message popped up saying that I 
    wrecked her home, but you still need the book. So then I went outside and came
    right back in to find her walking back up the steps. I just pickpocketed her
    and stole the book. Mission done. Talk with the dude and the quest is complete.
    **You can't use invisibility outside or you'll lose it inside.**
    However, I am guessing that this won't work for everyone. You can try to get 
    lucky and catch her sleeping, but that is rare. I guess you will have to try
    and wreck her house before she gets upset with you. And then exit and enter
    to try and steal the book. And if all else fails, just try to kill her outright
    in her home. But I am thinking the best way is to use invisibility.
    Reward: Ring of Mind Shielding, and a book.
    This town is just north of Milchar.
    To Help a Hero
    Talk with Pyke to get the quest rolling. 
    The Fetid Grove is north of Split. Inside, go up, right a bit, up, and then
    left all the way to the door. In the next area be sure to sneak through the 
    narrow path to avoid alerting the whole place. Sneaking will pay off big time
    as the enemies are spread out quite a bit. Clear the place out and grab the 
    medallion in the chest. 
    Exit the cave the way you came in and return the thing to Pyke. 
    Reward: Thorn Shield, great if you have Heavy Armor
    This town is to the northeast of New Sheoth. 
    Taxonomy of Obsession
    Speak with Mirili Ulven for the quest. Make her like you first, of course.
    You are now tasked with finding basically every plant product in the Isles. 
    Mirili's Research
    Alocasia Fruit - near Mirili's house.
    Aster Bloom Core - on the side of Bruscus's house nearby. 
    Black Tar - Rendil Drarara's house in Bliss.
    Blister Pod Cap - I found one on a cupboard in the bedroom of the Mania house.
    Congealed Putrescence - found in a barrel near a bunch of boxes in the Duke of
    	Mania Quarters.
    Digestive Slime - called Letifer Orca Digestive Slime, found in Mania Quarters.
    Elytra Ichor - go kill and elytra, duh.
    Flame Stalk - found in Bliss. 
    Fungus Stalk - found in Sheogorath's throne room.
    Gas Bladder - called a Red Kelp bladder, found in the Mania garden.
    Gnarl Bark - go kill a Gnarl, duh. Deepwallow too.
    Grummite Eggs - in Mirili's House.
    Hound Tooth - in Mirili's House.
    Hunger Tongue - go kill a hunger, duh. Earil's shop. 
    Hydnum Azure Giant Spore - on the big tree near her house.
    Pod Pit - Rendil Drarara's house in Bliss.
    Rot Scale - Look on the right side of Blackroot Lair on the first level. Save
    	before you go in.
    Scalon Fin - go kill a scalon, duh. Xaselm, the big bedroom.
    Screaming Maw - found in Mania Quarters.
    Shambles Marrow - go kill a shambles, duh. Xaselm, the big bedroom.
    Swamp Tentacle - found in Sheogorath's throne room.
    Thorn Hook - table of Erver Devani's house of Deepwallow (south of New Sheoth).
    Void Essence - in Mirili's House.
    Watcher's Eye - In the Fountainhead, head south (save before you go in). All 
    	over the place too.
    Withering Moon - found in Sheogorath's throne room.
    Worm's Head Cap - near Mirili's house.
    **If anyone finds better locations, drop me a line.**
    Mirili's Bestiary
    Now you have to get the following beasts to follow you to the scientist.
    When you find one, just run back to the town and hope that she will eventually
    subdue it. Bring it close to the center of town. Also, only do this at night,
    or whenever she does her research outside. Be sure to save before you start to
    lure a beast. 
    **My Mirili glitched up a bit and would sometimes stay in her house. I think
    	it was because I would go inside her house when she was still in it, so
    	try not to do that. But if she is stuck, just punch her and lead her
    	outside, then yield to her. Get your monsters or whatever, but be sure
    	to turn yourself into the authorities, and be sure to dump your stolen
    	items before you do; pay the gold.**
    Baliwog - I found one in the water that you can reach from the trail behind
    	Highcross. And if you don't find one immediately, just follow the coast
    	and hope no other monster gets in the way. 
    Elytra - I found this to the east of the town.
    Gnarl - I found one to the south. (make it follow you into a house if she 
    	refuses to catch it, and then come back out).
    Scalon - I found one near the dock by the water below. 
    Reward: All the gold you earned
    This place is to the north of the Hill of Suicides, on the mountain range and 
    directly between the realms of Dementia and Mania.
    The Great Divide
    **WARNING: if you choose to do this mission and you have not yet been involved
    	with the Dark Brotherhood of Cyrodiil, then do NOT SLEEP at any time
    	after this quest IN THE SHIVERING ISLES. Basically, after you beat this
    	go back to the real world and then sleep. You will glitch up the game
    	if you do it in the isles.**
    Talk with both Horkvirs to learn the situation.
    Your choice, either kill the lazy or the busy people. 
    The assassinations are fairly easy. Simply move time to midnight and kill each
    person in their sleep; may need a few swipes. Meet your Horkvir during the day
    to claim your reward.
    Reward: Gold
    Vitharn is found on the Madgod's Boot to the south, in a region known as the 
    Shallow Grave. 
    Ghosts of Vitharn
    When you approach you will notice a war between green ghosts and blue ghosts.
    Help the blue guys win when you can, but you're trying to get inside the 
    city-fort. The ghosts may also drop madness items that are sure to sell well,
    but it may be hard to find them in the water. You'll also notice that the main
    gate is chained shut with mystic power. Walk to the southeast to find the 
    way into the place; the door is under a tree.
    Fight a few ghosts on your way to the next area, nothing special. Go around
    the gate to find a door into the settlement where you will be confronted by 
    a friendly blue ghost.
    To start, go forward down the hall a bit until you find a table. Look under one
    of the bowls to pick up a key. Keep going until you are in a holy place and 
    there is a button up on a chair thingy. Press it and go inside. There will be:
    dagger, nugget, jewelry box, and a caliper. Go back to where you first met 
    the count and enter the throne area. Keep going into the next room and look at
    the second set of beds to find a doll. Proceed into the armory. Use the key and
    sneak inside the armory. Don't let him see you as you grab the arrows through
    the shelf, the calipers, and repair hammers; the chests are opened with the 
    key, but they contain crap. Now go outside.
    Don't try to fight, that is not the goal. Instead, watch the scene and see how 
    the poor guys were killed; it was because the three people guarding the gate
    did not do too well to defend the back. Give the arrows to the archer up top 
    (if she dies, just wait for it all to reset). Now give the mage below his 
    dagger (watch for a possible glitch here where you can't move after he steals
    some of your magicka; you can go to the tomb and give him the stone inside
    to him instead of the dagger). Enter the tomb in the corner of the battlefield.
    Place the doll into the fire. Raid the tomb now, because after the quest you
    will be unable to get back in. Now go back out and tell the ghost that flees
    the battlefield what you did with his doll. Watch the events now to see that 
    only one fanatic lives. Now go back inside to see the count.
    **Save now to avoid a possible glitch where the enemy doesn't show up.**
    Talk to the count and come back out. Summon a creature to help you know who to
    fight. The bad guy you need is the one with the dark sword. Kill him, talk with
    the count one more time, and then you're done. 
    Reward: Count Cirion's Helmet
    	*Hidden Quest*
    Another 'quest' that will not show up in your log, but is a task.
    Suicide Skulls
    The Hill of Suicides is hard to miss, it's directly in the center of the map
    and has a big label.
    No need talking to the ghosts, let's just start collecting skulls. A man in
    Deepwallow can give you the idea of what to do, but no need to go.
    Bog-Trotter's Skull
    This skull should have already been picked up in Sickly Bernice's quest. If you
    don't have it, go to the Knotty Bramble and take the little path at the pool
    to eventually find a 'tomb' with two dead guys. Push the second guy you run
    into out of the way to reveal a button. Go into the treasure room that the 
    button opens, fight the two dead guys, and then grab the skull, along with the 
    other treasures.
    No need to take the skull to the ghost right now, just save them all for the
    Gadeneri Ralvel's Skull
    If you ever wondered what was in that dungeon where you found Dyus, now is your
    chance. Fall down into the pit of Knifepoint Hollow and enter the door. Grab
    some Zealot stuff to help you out. At the very end of the dungeon, where you
    will find a tough enemy inside a room, clear the place and look at the back of
    the statue to the north. Push the button to open the room. The skull sits on
    a chest.
    **Yes, with the Zealot clothes on you can run through the entire dungeon all
    	the way to the last room, even past the monsters.**
    **If you couldn't reach the chest over the gap the first time, don't try it 
    Limark's Skull
    Look in the Milchar Xetrum; it's directly in south when you enter the Nexus. 
    There will be a monster by the fire, go left. Another monster will guard a 
    room to the south that will have a skeleton. Grab the skull and get out. 
    M'Desi's Skull
    The Rotted Den is south of Fellmoor. The Sanctum is the middle room when you
    reach the statue. Go inside and make your way east and then all the way south
    to find the skull on top of a chest.
    Salonia Viria's Skull
    Found in the Cann Amphitheater. Follow the stone pathway in the first hall, and
    take the path on the east side when you reach the big room. In the theater take
    the path until you can take a right. Keep going until you hit a small room 
    where two heretics patrol, and the skull sits under a bust. 
    **Grabbing the heretic clothing will help you sneak around.**
    With the skulls in hand, first go to Deepwallow (south of New Sheoth) and speak
    to Erver. Now go to the hill (Split and then south if you've never been). Find
    each ghost and give the ghosts their respective skull.
    Now go back to Deepwallow and talk to Erver to gain some gold.
    Reward: Risen Flesh spell, to revive people
    Quick note: I say visit the Blackroot Lair. It's pretty cool to help the Gnarls
    escape, and I was able to get tons of useful items. 
    * 6. Enemies seimene                                                          *
    For those that need quick reference.
    All Enemies:
    Baliwogs - Little frog things that hang out near water. Fast devils.
    Reward: May have pearls
    Dark Seducers - Only enemies in a few quests. Just block and attack.
    Reward: Usual stuff from humanoids.
    Elytra - The obligatory bug type. Strong, and they have a stinger attack. 
    Use fire.
    Reward: Not much
    Failed Experiments - Only found in one quest. The zombies, of course.
    Reward: Nothing
    Flesh Atronachs - These guys are monsters when it comes to offense, but they
    seem to lack any defense. That is, they are easy to kill so long as you are
    quick and deadly; but they will most likely heal themselves one time.
    Reward: Void Essence, worth selling
    Gatekeepers - An enemy one time, but some say that the one you make will attack
    you too. Not sure why. Either way, the bone arrows will kill it; but don't 
    try killing the one you make (then things become really pointless on so many
    levels I can't even count!)
    Reward: Keys to the Isles
    Golden Saints - An enemy only once, and it's up to you. Hack, block, and slash
    work here.
    Reward: Humanoid stuff
    Gnarls - The obligatory tree monsters... wait a minute, that's not right! These
    things are really tough, especially the ones in that second-to-last mission.
    Those Gnarls get stronger from destruction magic, but Damage Health spells 
    seem to get around this. And watch out for their silence spell.
    Reward: Sometimes Amber
    Grummites - The obligatory everybody-hates-these-guys enemy. They are similar
    to humanoids, but they also use poisons on their weapons.
    Reward: Humanoid stuff
    Hungers - Not encountered much. They are pretty tough and fast, but not too
    much special here.
    Reward: Not much
    Knights of Order - These are the main enemy in the game. Get used to fighting
    them because you'll literally be thrown waves of these guys. Fire seems to 
    do them right, and be sure to watch for their spinning attack which will 
    disarm you every now and then.
    Reward: Heart of Order, used to jam Obelisks and unlock some chests
    Priests of Order - Found near crystals and sometimes doing other naughty things
    here and there. Easy-to-kill mages, but they tend to run off. At least they
    don't summon stuff.
    Reward: Some of the best loot in the game, including the staves at the end
    Scalons - Big beasts that live in water; no, I mean they are found deep under
    the water sometimes. Watch out for that lunge attack and you'll do fine, I 
    hope. They can take lots of damage.
    Reward: Not much
    Shambles - These things are interesting. First, you can't tell when they are
    about to attack, and it may either be a magic or damage attack. They can take
    a good bit of damage. And they even leave an ice blast after you drop 'em. 
    They suck!
    Reward: Not much
    Skinned Hounds - The bite IS tough, but they have no defense; duh, they have 
    no skin! Use fire and damage health stuff to kill quickly.
    Reward: Not much, yet again
    Zealots/Heretics - Found in the campsites in the wild. Just mages who summon
    stuff and run away. Kill with prejudice.
    Reward: Mixed, and don't forget the chests in the camps
    Best for last:
    Jyggalag - One of the few bosses in the whole Oblivion game. I'm sure you 
    could slash and block with this guy and win, but I have a better plan. Use the
    two staves you plundered from the quest right before this one and simply 
    backpedal your way around the grounds (and to victory!). Really, each staff 
    will inflict massive damage and you only need to be precise. He will go down
    in no time. And if you somehow don't have the staffs with you, then I would 
    recommend using bows and magic in their place. A summon can also distract him
    for a while, but rarely. Not too tough really.
    Reward: Nothing but a big ol' steamin' pile of satisfaction!
    * 7. Credits/Copyright                                                        *
    Please contact me if you need any help, if you want to praise me, if you want
    to talk, or if you want to ask a question. And if you must send a flame, please
    be nice so that I'll consider it. Also, if you have a cool trick or comment 
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    You will have to present it well and I will have to like it a lot!
    Please have 'Shivering Isles' in the title.
    My email: 
    PS - If I don't respond, don't take it personally, but there is most likely a
    	good reason (lazy, heard it a million times, it's stupid, etc.).
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