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"Welcome Back 2K...We Needed You..."

Well...After a long hiatus due to EA nabbing the rights to the NFL etc...2K whips up a fun, realistic, and flat out great football game...Don't worry, I won't bash Madden or the Maddenites:)

Presentation: Don't worry folks...Just because we don't have the NFL here doesn't mean squat. In fact, I think it's great because it reminds me of the old days when there were fake teams in football games with real players with a bunch of fake players scatterd around them. ESPN? 2K doesn't need them either...what they bring here is a great football presentation. It one ups 2K5 in this department which is great. Just like watching the real deal...with teams you never heard of.

Graphics: Again...Folks, don't listen to the Anti-2k Sports team(the other guys)...The graphics are pretty good...They aren't next gen but they're better than you may have heard. It may not look as pretty as the pictures of the next Madden game but, the animations are spot on and absolutely fantastic. It's the little things that make you go; "whoa"
Player models look good, some don't look exactly like their real life countpart but, who cares? The stadiums! These are the best looking stadiums invideo game football. Someone I heard said the field looked crappy too....Don't listen to that hocus pocus either.

SOund: The music sucks in this game as it does in most sports games in the past 5 years. However, the sound on the field is your typical football sounds and the trash talking. The crowd is great and the announcing team does a really good job. One thing though...On some of the big hits, there doesn't seem to be enough bass...just a little nit pick.

Gameplay: Do I really need to go in depth? This is 2K Sports after all and they need no introduciton in the gameplay department. 2K has never, ever let me down in gameplay and it doesn't change here. The gameplayer here is top notch, and more than likely cannot be outdone. Period. All-Pro Football 2K8's gameplay is the football equivalent of Fire Pro Wrestlings.

Replay: Very high! When you first plop the disc in, your prompted to create your team. You get to pick 11 legends, the rest are randomly generated characters. Custimization is amazing here! My fave team is teh Colts and as my created team I picked the "Rustlers" who's sybmol is very, very similar to the Baltimore Colt's symbol...Cool thing is, you can custimize it so much, that I was able to accurately reproduce the Baltimore COlts jersey! Awesome! You can more than likely change around any jersey to your fave team as well...Fits good too being that my QB is Johnny Unitas:)
The modes are a bit on the short side...okay...they are on the short side. You get to play a season, NO FRANCHISE. Not really a big deal but, to some it will be. Online is smoother than a stick of butter.

There you go, short and sweet and to the point. Hope this helps so you too can score a touchdown with OJ Simpson and do the cut throat celebration!

I give it an 8.5

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/18/07

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