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"Kinda Sorta"

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic: Elements enters a world of more defeating corny puzzles than role playing. The battle system is quite flawed and makes it tough to land a power hit. The graphix on enemies are essentric but the objects, terrain, walls, etc. could use some serious work. Gameplay is very, very repetitive and gets boring so the game has to be played in multiple hour intervals. Futhermore you can't buy and sell weapons and armor you collect. You can make the weapon, etc. but your stuck with what you have. No buying better armor. For a 360 game this dissapoints me severly. The part that troubles me the most is that you have to solve puzzles or REALLY look around to find out what to do next. That isn't real roleplaying to me. Clues are cool to help. Nope heres $20 good luck finding out what to do next. So heres my review.

Graphix: 4/10. Acceptional with the NPC's but stationary objects aren't the best.

Gameplay: 2/10. Very repetitive. Makes you want to never play the game again.

Longevity: 4/10. There is somewhat longevity to it. But thats only because you can't sit there and play it in one shot.

Role playing: 1/10. This game should not be considered a RPG. You gain levels. But there are 3 effective spells in the game and warriors are banned from using them. You cant choose what skills or attributes you want to increase. It does that for you. So you gain a skill on level up.

Battling: 5/10. Battling is indeed fun but nowhere near the best. Its probably what makes the game a bit fun and exciting to play.

Sound: 3/10. There are definatly some wierd sounds in this game. When your in a cave some weird creepy sounds appear out of nowhere with no source. Your footsteps are extremely loud and annoying. Sound in this game needs some serious work.

Controls: 5/10. The controls are somewhat distorting, considering you have to hold multiple keys for special attacks. But easy enough to memorize.

Movement: 4/10. Movement is also distorting. Your character takes a second to get going and turning is overpowered. As well as sidestepping and walking backwards.

So in the end if you want something to kill time and maybe explore a bit wait till it drops in price and get it to check it out. I should have read the review before I bought it, because I wouldnt have. That being said my overall score is: 3/10
You make the decision. I was definatly dissapointed.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 04/21/08

Game Release: Dark Messiah of Might and Magic: Elements (US, 02/12/08)

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