Review by lilzowo

Reviewed: 07/26/07

Well, its football...

In my opinion football games are beggining to become more and more like world war 2 shooters, its same thing over and over again, just made prettier as the years pass. While the game is not bad, it still doesn't bring much flavor to the stale and bland world of football related video games.

Graphics: 8
The graphics are decent don't press the envelope. The rain lacks substance and as far as I can tell doesn't effect gameplay what-so-ever. Various things that most people thought would be added to the next-gen experience are missing from this game, like field damage, and mimicked crowed motions, where everyone does the exact same thing at the exact same moment. Uniforms are all true to life, but would have been cool if EA had gotten Under Armour to sponser and put the logos on the proper teams jerseys, like maryland.

Sound: 6
If you like band music, you'll like the music in this game. I guess you can't go wrong in playing college fight songs instead of fall out boy. You've got your typical footballl game sounds, crunching tackles, grunting linemen, and indecieverable yelling from the crowd. Even the announcing is same old same old, most of the lines are recycled from last years version.

Gameplay: 7

Just like last years, with the added bonus of gang tackles, which is probably the biggest change in the game from last year. The game does have a few glaring glitches, including for some people, constant freezing, linemen lining up backwards, and interceptions by people who in real life would have never been anywhere near the ball. The o-line, no matter what team your playing as is as good as a frozen bag of peas in protecting your backs, and when your back does manage to sneak by the line it doesn't take much to run 50 yards for a td.

Overall: 7

Despite some flaws this game isn't bad. I recommend you rent it first. The game might have some new features but nothing really seperates it from last years game, which makes it a 60 dollar upgrade for a slightly prettier game with updated rosters, just like most sequels for any sport game made by any developers.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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