How do i beat Corpser?

  1. When your trying to get to Queen Locust you have to kill a Corpser for one of the missions i dont know how to kill it?

    User Info: llocander

    llocander - 8 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    Are U in a tank or Brumack?

    User Info: Dice_14

    Dice_14 - 8 years ago
  3. Additional Details:
    I am in tank.

    User Info: llocander

    llocander - 8 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Since you are in the tank, you need to wait until the corpser will have its legs up, exposing its mouth, and then you need to shoot it directly in the head/mouth. I think the order is something like right, left, then center corpser when there are 3 of them all right near each other. But for sure, you need to wait until the legs are no longer covering the face and are up in the air

    User Info: InsaneKamikaze

    InsaneKamikaze - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. Which mission is it, because you kill about 4 or 5 Corpsers in the game?

    User Info: wampascat

    wampascat - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. you have to shoot them when they rear up to kill them.I think it is the one on the left that does this first but i could be wrong. just watch for when they rear back for an easy shot at their head.

    User Info: Pyro69696

    Pyro69696 - 8 years ago 2 0
  3. One corpser will rear up at a time. When it rears up, shoot the band like thing around it, and the corpser should explode and fall back in pieces. Lather, rinse, and repeat on the other 2.

    User Info: video_dude

    video_dude - 8 years ago 0 0

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