How do I beat (Giant sea monster)?

  1. Having trouble killin the sea monster inside the cave after u fight off the gunships. get past the tentacles but and kill it from the inside.

    User Info: jeremy421c

    jeremy421c - 8 years ago

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  1. what you do is after you get the tentacles, it will then bite the boat, when it does so, shoot it in the eye and it will open its mouth, when it does so, run inside and wait for it to close it. it will then summon blue tentacle things, just shoot them when they turn blue. After you shoot a few of them, you will be given a hole in the neck to throw a grenade into, later rinse repeat 3 times.

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  1. Once inside the mouth, shoot the tentacles that turn blue then, throw a grenade into its throat. You must have some patience here and time the throw. Do this 2 more times.

    If you miss a throw its okay. Re-shoot the tentacles in the mouth and try to throw the grenade again.

    The important part is timing.

    User Info: Mastershake52

    Mastershake52 - 8 years ago 14 2
  2. When fighting the sea monster you need to shoot or chainsaw the tentacles as they land on the ship. Once past that part you must shoot the monster in the eye and run into it's mouth. Once inside you need to shoot the tentacles at the blue part while they spin around. Do this enough and you can lob grenades into the throat that pushes forward. Just do this a few times over and you will get it.

    User Info: spiralds

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  3. LIke everyone said, you just avoid the tentacles and then quickly chainsaw them, or else the boat will be dragged under and you die. When the fish bites down on the boat, you shoot it in the eye and run into it's mouth. You should see an odd mouth type thing surrounded by tentacles. When the tentacles turn blue, shoot them and the mouth thing will open, giving you a chance to throw a grenade in there. DON"T. While you can attempt to throw the grenade now, it is much easier to wait. Shoot the tenatacles and cause the mouth to open again, but be patient. Once more, shoot the tentacles, and when the mouth opens, it will be very close to you. NOTE: You must get the grenade in this time or the monster will swallow you. Don't worry, it is easy with the mouth so close. Now, just reapeat three times and you have defeated the fish.

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  4. 1. Chainsaw the tentacles

    2. Pickup the grenades at the front of the boat

    3. When the monster bites the front of the boat shoot it in the eye, when the mouth opens run into the mouth.

    4. Shoot the blue tips of the tentacles.

    5. When the throat opens chuck a grenade in there.

    6. Repeat step 3-5 two more times

    User Info: valderon

    valderon - 8 years ago 9 3
  5. Thats not an easy one. The Leviathin ( My Name for the Beast) will begin by trying to sink your boat with its tenticles. when they attack, chainsaw them. (the 1st tenticle lands right in the middle, where the lancer is.) there will be 3 to cut. afterwards, the leviathin will ram you, which does nothing. then it will charge out of the water and bite the boat. shoot one of the eyes, (i prefer the right eye) and it will retreat. when it comes back, shoot the eye again. the leviathin will open its mouth allowing you to enter. enter the mouth before it closes. you will see what looks like a second mouth, and tenticles from inside the mouth with twirl and attack. while they're twirling around, shoot them with the lancer or pistol. after you shoot 3 of them, the second mouth will open. throw a frag grenade into the mouth. after it explodes, exit the mouth. the levithin will try to take down the boat with its tenticles again. (just once or twice though) just chainsaw them again and wait for it to charge. chansaw the tenticles, shoot the eye, kill the twirly tenticles, throw a grenade, and repeat this process until victory is yours.
    (3 grenades will do)

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