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    Insane Mode Guide by bloodlust5

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    Version 1.00 - 13/11/2008 - Full Guide Complete.
    Version 1.01 - 14/11/2008 - Minor Corrections and adjustments.
    Version 1.02 - 16/11/2008 - Some new enemy tactics sent in by readers.
                                Thanks guys keep it up!
    Version 1.03 - 20/11/2008 - A little bigger update this time, some
                                really good tactics sent in by readers.
    3) ENEMIES      *QWERTY3*
    4) GUIDE        
       4A) ACT 1    *QWERTY4*
       4B) ACT 2    *QwERTY5*
       4C) ACT 3    *QWERTY6*
       4D) ACT 4    *QWERTY7*
       4E) ACT 5    *QWERTY8*
    6) CONTACT      *QWERTY10*
    Gears of War 2 is a fantastic game, but as you are probably already 
    aware, can be very difficult on insane. During my first playthrough on 
    insane, I had alot of difficulties in many different situations, and the
    lack of a good guide was really annoying, so I decided I would make one to
    help all those out there who need it. This is my first guide, so feel free
    to email me suggestions and or feedback.
    A few things to note:
    1) I wrote this guide playing through the game single player, co op with a 
    buddy will obviously make things easier.
    2) If you're going strictly for the achievement and not the challenge, play
    co op with a buddy on an easier difficulty setting, this will make your 
    playthrough MUCH easier. 
    3) This is not a strict walkthrough of the game; it assumes you have played
    through the campaign at least once so you know where to go and what to do. 
    This is a more of a battle strategy guide for the tougher fights. 
    4) Active reloads will make your life much easier
    - Firstly, the weapons you will want to keep for the entire game (or as 
    much of it as possible) are the lancer, the long shot and the gorgan pistol.
    The later 2 only show up in the second act of the game, so until then it
    doesn't really matter what weapons you choose.
    - Head shots are important, especially with the long shot, as most enemies
    will go down with one direct headshot. 
    - Don't stay out of cover for more than a second or two while in the middle
    of a gun fight, you will more than likely die. 
    Drones - the most common enemy, easily taken down with a headshot, or a 
    good few hits with the lancer. Note: The drones who I refer to as 
    "fancy" are apparently just therons without torque bows! I wasn't sure
    as they look a bit different. 
    Tickers - annoying as hell, but easily taken out with a shot or two from 
    the lancer. Try to take them out before they get close, otherwise you 
    will quickly have to roll out of the way. 
    Wretches - Easily taken down with a shotgun shell, a melee attack, a few 
    shots from the lancer etc. When you're swarmed by these guys, the easiest 
    thing to do is back away while shooting.
    Also sent in by felix: the easiest way to kill them is just to rev your 
    chansaw and keep holding the B button down, so that when they are coming 
    towards you they just run straight at your chainsaw, by doing this in a 
    place where ther are a lot of wretches, you are practically invincible.
    I haven't tested this one out so I can't verify it but try it if you
    are having trouble with any other tactics.
    Theron guards - tougher version of the drones, they usually carry torque 
    bows which will one hit KO you if they hit. Stay in cover and blind fire 
    with the lancer, after they have shot their arrow, jump up and head shot
    them with the long shot.
    Boomer - Big dudes with the boomshot. These guys are tough and take a 
    whole bunch of hits, but it's quite easy to avoid their fire. You can use
    grenades if you have any spare. 
    Grinder - Same big dudes as the boomers, but they carry a mulcher. 
    If you stay out of cover for more than half a second these guys will 
    destroy you. Blind fire, or use grenades. 
    Mauler - These guys will hide under their boom shield when fired 
    upon, making them difficult to take out. Grenades work well, but may not
    always hit their target. When in cover, you can still shoot their feet, 
    so take advantage of this. If there are not many other enemies in the 
    area, you can back away while shooting. 
    Reavers - These guys take around three full rounds from the lancer to 
    take down. More often than not, they will approach you and try to crush
    you (which they are quite good at, by the way). The best way to take them
    down is to stay in cover while blind firing until they reach you, then 
    to roll away just as the leg is aboout to come down, head back into the
    same cover position and repeat. Also note that the locust riding on the 
    reaver will shoot you, so it's a good idea to take him out first. The 
    gorgan pistol works nicely on these guys.
    Also sent in by felix: The reavers are much easier to kill if you let 
    them approach you, then right before they are going to hit you with 
    their tentacle roll underneath it and shoot its red glowing belly.
    Thanks for sending this in! Do note that this tactic does not work if there
    are other enemies around, as you will get destroyed trying to do it!
    Another tip sent in by Isaiah: Another interesting thing to note is that
    you can also chainsaw the belly of the reaver.
    Again, make sure there aren't other enemies shooting at you before
    trying to do this!
    Bloodmount - These guys are quick and take alot of damage, if they reach
    you, they will one hit kill you. The best way to take these down is to 
    use the gorgan pistol. Suprisingly, it seems the most effective weapon 
    against these guys. If these things get too close, it's probably game 
    over. Take out the rider as well, to avoid cheap deaths. Also note shooting
    them in the head will stun them (very useful).
    Kantus - This guy apears several times throughout the game. He carries 
    a gorgan pistol and so can be deadly at close range. The best way to 
    take him out is to head shot him with the long shot. He's quick and moves
    alot, so try to take him down when he's reloading.
    Sires - Chainsaw.
    The little dudes inside the worm - Shoot them with your lancer, it only 
    takes a few shots. 
    *NOTE - Some sections are quite brief, as there is either not much to say
    about them, or they are really not very difficult. If you need any further
    descriptions, tips, or you have a better strategy, please email
    me (the_shmuk@hotmail.com) with gears 2 guide in the subject box. 
    4A) ACT 1 *QWERTY4*
    Chapter 1 - Welcome to Delta
    Skip the training. 
    Chapter 2 - Desperation
    This level is very linear, when you're above the room with the locust, 
    wait till they're near the barrels, then shoot. Follow the paths through
    the hospital, taking cover, shooting the enemies. If you're getting 
    pounded, blind fire from cover. When you reach the courtyard, a reaver 
    will drop down. Keep your distance and blind fire from cover, and he 
    will fly away pretty quickly. Continue through the kitchen killing the
    When you reach the room with stairs on your left, quickly run up them 
    before the locust upstairs get a chance to shoot you. Continue on to a
    large room where Jack will have to rip the door. Two waves will come,
    but they are quite easy to take down. Just make sure you stay in cover,
    and get to appropriate cover for the second wave.
    The next battle on the street is a little tougher, the key is to keep your 
    position near the doors till you and your squad has taken down the visible
    enemies. There will be a reaver here, but your chopper will take it down. 
    Continue across the street through the building, take cover on the other 
    side and take out the drones from this position. Slowly move up the street
    taking cover as necessary. 
    Chapter 3 - Rolling Thunder
    You have to shoot down the incoming mortars, and you can only miss one. 
    Use the shotgun if you're having trouble, it's easier to hit them. 
    Use the Troika to take on the reaver. RB to cool when necessary. This
    part can be very annoying, but accuracy will get you through it. 
    The next battle on the ground can be a litte tricky, theres ammo and
    grenades to the left. You want to use the grenades on the e holes
    if you can, however if you die trying, don't bother, just stay in
    cover and take out who you can. When they flank you to the right, 
    you'll have to reposition yourself in cover, there is a piece of rock
    or whatever it is that is in an L position that will cover you from
    both sides, but it is quite close to the e holes. Alternatively, stay
    back as far as you can in cover, a fellow rig will come and help you out.
    When its clear, or close to it, roady run back to your rig. 
    Chapter 4 - The Big Push
    You have two options, stay in cover and blind fire, or take the troika.
    If you take the troika, you have to be careful of locust who jump on to
    your rig. If your team mates don't take them down, they will kill you.
    I'd recommend taking the troika, as it will be alot easier to take out
    the driver when you need to. 
    You need to man the troika in the next section, shoot the brumaks while
    making sure no graplers get on, or live long enough to do any damage. 
    Chapter 5 - RoadBlocks
    Again this section is very linear, and you have to take on alot of tickers.
    They are quite simple to take down, the lancer should be your weapon of
    choice. If they get too close, roll out of the way.
    When you reach the next battle near the gas station, take cover quickly as
    there are two troikas in the area. The one directly in front of you 
    should be your priority, along with the drones below. Note that the gas
    pumps can be destroyed so shoot them if the drones are near. When you've
    taken out all of those guys, cole will take out the second troika.
    The tunnel is not difficult, you just have to be very careful, and take 
    it slow. A reaver will appear at the end, but luckily will just stand
    there. Stay in cover and blind fire.
    Take the rooftops. Use the mortar when you have to, keep an eye out as 
    Jack opens the door. The next fight on the rooftop is not difficult, just
    stay in cover as usual. Pick up the mortar, and stay right next to the
    left wall (you should be quite close to the tunnel where the brumak
    comes from). When he's about to exit the tunnel you only need to tap
    the trigger to send off the mortar. Several of these should take it out.
    Note you may need to change your direction slightly as the brumak moves.
    The next fight can be a bit tricky, as theres alot of enemies shooting
    up at you. Man the troika to start with, take down as many drones as
    you can until you're prompted to shoot the mortar crew, which you should
    do quickly (they're on the right side of the battle field). After this
    your troika will get destroyed, so you should pick up a mortar, stand 
    behind the ramp that leads to the troika, and fire away at around 100m,
    both slighly to the left and to the right. This should take out the 
    boomers and deal with the reaver when it arrives. You may have to shoot
    a little further to hit the reaver. You should be fine, but occasionally
    a drone will grapple it's way up to your rig, watch out for this.
    Chapter 1 - Scattered
    Again this level is very linear, so you shouldn't have any problem making
    your way around. The first battle is not too tough, stay in cover, pop
    up only to shoot, if you're taking heavy fire, stay in cover and blind
    fire, the usual. When you reach Carmine, a much tougher battle will 
    start. Use the usual strategy, however this time you will be taking alot
    more fire, so you will have to be much more careful. In addition watch
    for grenades, you will get pounded by several, and mid way through, 
    a whole bunch of tickers will come. You need to shoot them before they
    reach you or it's game over.
    The next battle is quite similar, except you're on more level ground, 
    meaning blind firing will be more useful. Tickers will come half way 
    through, make them your priority. The last enemies will be boomers.
    You want to concentrate your fire on these guys one at a time, as
    they will one hit KO you if they hit you. You can take the boomshot
    for the next section if you like, but it's not a necesity. 
    On the dark path there are alot of wretches. Keep your distance and take
    them out. If they get to close, back up and shoot with your lancer.
    Chapter 2 - Indigenous Creatures
    Follow the path, shoot the fruit. 
    I'd suggest taking the left path. A fight will begin.
    If you kept the boomshot heres the place to use it, if not, you're
    going to need to take the drone manning the troika out first. The
    rest of the battle will go much smoother if you do. You can 
    approach and take cover at the worm if you like, just be aware it
    can be tricky getting down there. After 10 or so drones go down
    climb the ladder.
    Watch for stray tickers along the path. The next battle is not too 
    tough, if you have a grenade spare it may be worth trying to close
    the grub hole, if not, take them out as usual. You'll come across a 
    long shot on the path, I'd very strongly recommend picking it up at this
    point. There will be half a dozen or so snipers and a troika on the
    right, you can take these down from a distance with the long shot or 
    you can get closer by taking cover on the rockworm. There are some
    explosives that will... explode if you shoot them on the platform where
    the drones are. This will take out a good number of them.
    On the path upwards, you can see a patrol below, if you manage to take
    out five of them Marcus will get quite excited. Anyway, continue up, 
    a tough battle awaits. Your first priority should be to take out the
    troikas (there are two), this should be much easier now that you 
    have a long shot. Take out as many drones as you can from a distance,
    watch for incoming grenades. When they're all dead, quickly move around
    the cover towards your left. A reaver will jump up on the right hand 
    side. Being your first real battle with a reaver, you may get killed
    a few times trying to take it out. The trick is to blind fire from
    in cover (aim for the rider first if possible) until the reaver is
    right on top of you. As it is about to stomp you, quickly move back
    wards (roll if necessary) and find a new cover point. This can be 
    tricky esspecially if the rider is shooting at you. Note that the 
    reaver also sends rockets of some kind in your direction. These will
    one hit KO you if they land anywhere near you, so cover is essential.
    if you're low on ammo after that fight, quickly find some, and pick
    up any grenades if you can, and take cover on the oposite side to the
    large door. Shortly after this the door will burst open and another
    battle begins. Grenades will be effective here against the boomers. 
    Stay in cover, and if you can, move around to the left a little to
    avoid taking the boomers head on. Concentrate on taking them down 
    first, and once they're dead the rest should be easy.
    The next battle is quite easy, as you approach the locust from behind.
    Take out the drone in the troika first, then the rest. You can then
    use either the troika or a mortar to assist the alpha team below. 
    Chapter 3 - Disturbing Revelations
    The first battle here is not as difficult as it seems, the key is to
    take out the Kantus as quickly as possible, as when you do it will
    trigger another to come through the door in the middle, once the
    second is killed, the remaining locust will flea. Do watch for stray
    tickers during this section. 
    It doesn't really matter which path you take, I took the left. If
    you go left, you need to shoot the red fruits, then take on around 
    half a dozen wretches. Use your lancer and run backwards, rolling
    when necessary. After pulling the lever, Dom will take out the drone on 
    the troika. Head down to start another fight. You want to stay in cover
    in front of the large rock, this way the drone on the troika can't 
    hit you. Concentrate on the Kantus, he will lob poison grenades at you
    if you get too close, so be careful. He can be hard to hit from this
    distance, but try to take him down with the long shot. Once he's gone, 
    take out the troika, then the remaining drones. A boomer will approach
    lastly, but his shots are easy to avoid if you've kept your distance.
    Chapter 4 - Sinking Feeling
    Bloodmounts! But we have a secret weapon, the gorgon pistol! Suprising
    as it is, this weapon is quite effective against the Bloodmounts and
    I'd recommend using it. Take cover though, as there are other enemies
    in the area as well. Concentrate your fire on the Bloodmount, and keep 
    your distance as much as possible. Aim for the rider, if you can, that
    way if the Bloodmount gets too close to you you can roll out of the 
    way without fear of getting shot. As you progress a second Bloodmount
    will approach. RUN BACK! You need distance or you will get destroyed!
    Some deal here, you just need to be careful as there will be plenty of
    other drones in the area. Once you take him down, slowly progress.
    Eventually Dom will scream Reaver! This is your cue to once again get 
    as much distance as possible while keeping cover. This can be difficult, 
    but is possible. There should be a mortar on the left (strangely it 
    didn't always appear for me) but it can be very difficult to use against
    the reaver at such a close range. Either way you'll need to take him 
    down. Once dead slowly progress, until Dom yells Snipers! If you roady
    run forward you can flank them for an easy kill.
    The next battle comes quickly, and you should take cover immediately.
    A reaver will quickly fly in, but if you're closer to the right side
    of the cover, he doesn't seem to approach, which makes for an easy kill.
    Take the rest of them out from a distance.
    As Marcus suggests, get back inside the building. As far as I'm aware,
    you don't have to make a number oof kills to trigger the scene with 
    Cole, rather you have to last a certain amount of time. It's not very
    long so just stay in cover.
    Another reaver battle, you should know how to take them out by now, 
    a Kantus will follow shortly after as well as some drones. You'll want
    to take the Kantus out first from a distance, use your long shot. 
    Watch for stray tickers, and if you're too close, poison grenades.
    Once Kantus goes down the rest of the battle is simple.
    Chapter 5 - Captivity
    The first battle here isn't too difficult, but you'll want to take the
    boomer out before he gets close, those boomshots are deadly. The rest of
    the battle should be simple enough.
    Watch for the grinder, take him out when he'd reloading.
    Continue on, watch for the drones on top of the barge. 
    Once the barge is moving stay in cover, the first troika wont be able
    to hit you. You'll need to move around and take cover on the oposite 
    side of the second troika. When you stop, take the troika out first, 
    then the remaining drones, and board the second barge. 
    Not too much of a fight up ahead, take out the grinder before he can 
    get close, then deal with the drones.
    Use your position to do as much damage to the Bloodmounts as you can
    before they loop around and approach. If you're accurate, you can take
    them both out before they get close to you, but again, this can be 
    very difficult. If you're having trouble, try backing up as far as 
    possible to get alot of distance between yourself and the Bloodmounts,
    this may make things a bit easier. Once they're dead, take out the
    Kantus, then the rest of the drones.
    Another Bloodmount to take on, as well as a grinder. Not a huge battle.
    The next battle has you take on a reaver, as well as a whole lot of
    drones. Thankfully, once you take care of the reaver, the rest is not 
    too difficult. The key once again is to keep your distance and take as
    many locust out as possible from that position. 
    To defend the extraction zone, you'll want to take cover in the upper
    right most area against a doorway (you should be facing the completely
    destroyed wall) the drones don't seem to be able to hit you from this
    position, and you simply have to wait it out.
    Chapter 6 - Intestinal Fortitude
    One of my personal favourite levels in the game, it also happens to
    be one of the easiest, so I'll be very brief. Roady run to avoid
    the digestive teeth. The little creepy dudes can easily be taken out 
    with the lancer. Roady run to avoid the rubbish. Shoot the green things
    to avoid the acid. When you reach the final heart, clear the room of the
    little critters before going for the arteries.
    Chapter 1 - Dirty Little Secret
    When you hit the wretches, you have two options, retreat, and try to take
    them out from a distance, or simply try and shoot them down as quickly as
    possible. The first option worked better for me, but you'll have to be
    accurate to avoid them getting too close. 
    The next section is quite simple, shoot as many wretches as you can, but if
    they get too close melee them. One hit should do.
    Chapter 2 - Origins
    The next few sections are very straight forward, just wretches and the 
    security system to deal with, and the secuirty system will take out most of
    the wretches too. When you reach the section where you have to power down
    a whole bunch of security systems, choose the left path, its much easier.
    Chapter 3 - Rude Awakening
    Chainsaw. That is all.
    Seriously, there are alot of sires, but they come at you one at a time and
    they have no ranged attack, so use your chainsaw and you should be fine.
    The next battle has you up against flamethrower weilding locust. Deadly at 
    short range, but useless at long range, so keep your distance. Shoot the 
    tank on their back and they will run around for a few seconds and explode.
    Easy. There will be three of these guys, as well as some regular enemies,
    so be careful, and stay in cover for as much of the fight as possible. The
    cover on the left side of the room may prove useful if you're having 
    problems with the flamethrowers.
    Continue on and you will continue the fight, however this time it is far
    easier, as the locusts will not be able to cross over and get close. Blind
    fire as necessary and take the rest of them out. Be carefull around the 
    next few corridors, as there is a few more flamethrowers in addition to 
    some regular drones. Again, remain in cover, and go for the tank of the
    flamethrowers first, then take out the remaining drones. 
    The next battle is simple. Stay in cover and blind fire till the roof 
    collapses, the razor hail will take out all the locust in the middle. Do
    be careful, there is a grinder in here.
    Kill the locust on the train. On the train ride you simply need to stay
    in cover and you wont get hit.
    When you get off the train you have two options. Take out the locust from
    a distant with your long shot, or flank them to the right. Either way, 
    you'll need to be careful and stay in cover for much of the fight. When
    you approach the next fight you'll need to quickly run into the room and
    take cover otherwise you will get drilled from inside. Take the two guys
    out and unwind the first garage door. From this exact position, you can
    take out the locust on the left (there is an tank that will explode 
    upon shooting) and long shot the guys on the right. When in cover here
    neither group can hit you. Once they're taken care of, continue past the
    second garage door. Unfortunately the next train ride is far less 
    forgiving than the first and if you die, you will be taken back about three
    battles. Yes, very frustrating. The best way to survive this train trip
    is to take cover and move over to the right side of the train. This way 
    the first boomer wont be able to hit you. A grinder however, will be on
    the oposite side of the tracks and will be waiting to destroy you, so 
    you will have to quickly move while remaining in cover to avoid his fire.
    As soon as the train doors open run out. Be careful there will be 
    locust on your right. You will need to run left and climb the ladder.
    A grub hole will open, if you have a grenade, plug it straight away. If
    not, take them out with your long shot from a distance. As you advance
    another e hole will open, but this one will be much tougher to plug with
    a grenade. If you do have any spare, you might consider keeping them for
    the next fight anyway. Distance and the long shot are your friends here,
    so take advantage of them both. As you procede, you will want to keep 
    your distance as two maulers will appear. If you have some distance, use
    your long shot and take headshots on them both. If they get too close your
    only choice is to run backwards, but be careful of the hail. 
    The next fight can be extremely tough. You'll have to deal with several
    reavers while Baird fixes your vehicle. It's key to take down the riders
    first, as if they're still alive when the reaver gets close you to, it's
    game over. Use the usual method for taking them down, use any spare grenades 
    you have here.
    Chapter 4 - Ascention
    This chapter only has one difficult part, so I'll just give you some tips.
    You should always try to take out troikas first, for some reason they can
    take you down in a couple of seconds. Reavers should be your next priority,
    then groups of enemies and boomers.
    When you come to the entrance where you have to shoot the tower, be very
    careful, the troika will take you out within two seconds. This part can
    be very frustrating, but the best way I found was to reverse (yes!) down 
    until you trigger the words "shoot the tower!" then quickly boost (A) 
    back up the mountain and take cover. Slowly edge forward and hit the 
    tower, it should have a few shots then it goes and letting you pass.
    Inside is straight forward, be careful when you reach the three corpsers,
    they will destroy your tank in one hit.
    The brumaks are not too tough to kill, but do try and avoid their rockets.
    Chapter 5 - Displacement
    Theron! They are basically upgraded drones with torque bows, which will 
    one hit KO you so watch out. This guy is by himself though...
    The next battle is tough, you will have drones and therons in the first
    wave as well as a gunboat to deal with. While it is possible to take down
    the gunboat from a distance, it is tough due to the trokia and drones on 
    board. Your best bet is to take out the closer threats first (long shot
    works the best) while taking cover when the gun ship comes close. Slowly
    move forwards when its clear. The second wave will see wretches, as well
    as more drones (maybe a theron) and a flamethrower. Take down the 
    flamethrower first (hit his tank), then the theron. At this point you may
    be able to take down the locust on the gunboat. You'll know when they're
    all dead as they go crashing into the shore. Something to note here is that 
    Dom is quite aggressive and will move forward alot, meaning that if he
    dies, you will have to run into the open to revive him. This will more
    than likely kill you, so be careful. 
    The second battle here will throw two Kantus', a Bloodmount, and some 
    drones at you. Also watch for stray tickers. Again, keep your distance, 
    and go for the first Kantus (the Bloodmount seems to spawn as you move
    further along). Keep your distance, and remember to use the gorgan pistol
    on the Bloodmount if you're having trouble. As you approach the pier, 
    another gun boat will come unloading more locust. Take cover as far back
    as possible and use your long shot to take them out (go for the grinder
    When you're on the raft, take cover on the appropriate side and blind fire.
    Theres not much else you can really do, and popping up will probably get
    you killed. Just before you have to jump across, you'll have to deal with
    a rather nasty flamethrower, but the theory is still the same, shoot his
    In the next section you have to alternate which side you take cover on
    to avoid getting killed. Once again the best way to handle this situation
    is to stick to cover and not do anything silly. It's really not too hard.
    Chapter 6 - Breakish Waters
    The boss strategy will be the same as always, you will have to grenade it
    three times though. Good luck.
    Chapter 1 - Priorities
    First battle here is quite simple. You have to take out the drone trying
    to open the flud gates first, use the long shot, then take out the rest of
    The next battle has a few waves. Firstly, a mauler boomer and some wretches.
    The mauler should be your priority, but don't let the wretches get too 
    close either. As you move forward you will trigger a troika, a theron, and
    a whole bunch of drones. I don't know what effect shooting the light has,
    other than perhaps making the enemies easier to see. Either way, take out
    the troika, then the theron, then the drones. The longshot will be most 
    effective. Note some of the drones are snipers. 
    Chapter 2 - Answers
    Try to avoid the patrol if you can. 
    Once you reach Maria it's time for one of the toughest battles yet. Four 
    waves. The first comes from straight on and consists of a Bloodmount and
    wretches. The difficult part is the fact that it doesn't take very long
    for the Bloodmount to reach you, and if it does it's a one hit kill. 
    Gorgon pistol to the head of the Bloodmount is the best bet, as it will stun
    it giving you extra time. The second wave is identical, but comes from the
    left. This is a little trickier as the cover is not as good. Same tactics.
    The third wave again comes from in front of you, and consists of a grinder
    and some drones (and maybe a wretch). Take down the grinder before he gets
    close to you or its game over. You will then be flanked left again this
    time by a theron and some drones. Take the theron out first. Note that this
    battle can be extremely difficult and will require patience to get through.
    Chapter 3 - Hornets' Nest
    Take cover where you hit the checkpoint for the next battle, its the best
    place to get an advantage on your enemy. From here take down the two drones
    on the bridge, they will be your biggest threat. Long shot is the weapon
    of choice. Take down the theron in the tower next, then any other enemies
    left. Once they're down, slowly head forward and you will encounter another
    wave. This time they will come from the room down to the left, as well
    as the bridge above. Again, the best tactic is to keep your distance and 
    take down who you can while keeping yourself in cover as much as possible. 
    You'll know when theres no enemies left as you will be prompted to the
    switch in the tower. However, BEFORE you go and hit the switch, theres a
    nice little trick you can do to make the next fight much easier. Plant two
    grenades (press B to melee against a wall) the first on the wall right 
    outside where the door opens (below the bridge, next to the tower) and
    the second and the foot of the stairs leading towards the tower. This will
    take out most of the enemies before they even reach you. This will probably
    kill the flamethrowers, but you may need to take out some therons. Do so
    from the top of the steps, or the bridge, your choice, just don't let them
    get close!
    The next battle has you against a Bloodmount and some drones. Gorgon the
    Bloodmount (in the head where possible) as he is your main threat. The
    rest of the enemies shouldn't be much of a problem. Watch for the single
    drone who tries to ambush you at the bottom. 
    The next battle will be tough. You can pull the lever for extra cover, but
    be aware that if you do so a drone will try to take them down by pulling
    another lever on the upper right ledge. A reaver will soon attack. As 
    usual, this thing is a pain in the arse to take down, but use the tried and 
    true methods you've been using thus far and you shouldn't have too much of
    a problem. Stay in cover and use the long shot on the rest of the enemies.
    Eventually two grinders will join the fight at the far doors. Take them
    out before they can get close. 
    Next you'll have to take out some maulers. These guys don't have the 
    boomsheilds though, so they are much easier to take down. Just make sure 
    they don't get too close. Either lancer or gorgan them. Take cover at a 
    nearby crate and you will have to take down a whole lot of other 
    locust from this position, you can try to advance if you like, just be aware
    there are alot of enemies here so it will be difficult. Flamethrowers will
    advance on you quickly if you get too close, so take them out from a 
    More maulers. Watch for the flamethrower and the drones on the bridge
    above, they can be deadly. There are more drones across the way who will 
    be asking for it. As long as you can take care of the flamethrower quickly
    this battle is not very hard. 
    A small battle here, you'll have to take out a few drones in the circular
    cover in the middle of the area. Once they're gone, get prepared for the
    real fight. I'd recommend planting some grenades (like we did before) around
    where you entered the area, perhaps on the cover. 
    Immediately after the checkpoint pull the lever to give yourself cover. 
    Now you'll want to take out as many drones as quickly as possible to give
    yourself a chance when the reavers come. This is crucial to your survival. 
    When the first reaver comes, you'll want to stay in cover closest to 
    where the drones were and blind fire until he's about to stomp you. 
    Quickly back away and take cover on the other side of the circle (so the
    camera is still facing the reaver). After the first one goes down take 
    cover on the oposite side (this is why we had to take out the drones 
    quickly) and repeat the process. If there are drones left on this side it
    is going to be very difficult to pull this off, this is why I suggest 
    planting some grenades first. When the second reaver goes down, quickly run
    towards the far end (oposite side of where you entered) and take down the
    mortar before he gets a chance to kill you. This is a really tough battle
    and don't be suprised if you die many times trying. Good luck. 
    The next part CAN be very difficult, but there is a nice little tactic
    you can use to make it very simple. Firstly take cover, don't bother with
    the lever. Using your long shot take out the mortar before he gets a chance
    to get one off. Take out the rest of the guys as usual. Immediately after 
    they are all dead run straight and then to the right where the next cover
    stop is. Repeat the same process, take out the mortar, followed by the rest
    of the drones. Now when they're dead, slowly move forwards until you trigger
    the grindlifts, now run back quickly to the previous cover spot. The next
    mortar cannot reach you here, so you can take a bit more time. Still, you
    will want to take the mortar out quickly so you can concentrate on the 
    grinders. I have tried many other ways but this one works like a charm. 
    Also, you may want to take a mulcher for the next section. 
    Chapter 4 - No Turning Back
    The mulcher will help you take down the reavers, but even if you don't have
    it, it's still possible to take them down with just your lancer. Do be
    aware though, that if you miss one, just one, you will die and have to 
    repeat. This is annoying as its quite easy to miss them. 
    The next battle has you taking on a Kantus and a bunch of drones. Take 
    the Kantus down first as usual, and watch for tickers and poison grenades. 
    When you have the choice, take the stairwell. Dom will kill practically all
    the enemies making this section quite easy. 
    The only real way to take on the next battle is to move down to the right.
    There are alot of enemies, including boomers, a Kantus, drones, and 
    plenty of tickers. The Kantus and boomers are your priority, and if you 
    need, use some grenades to help quicken things up. Your squad mates do a 
    good job here, so don't risk your life for nothing. Watch for tickers, 
    they seem to spawn behind you sometimes. 
    Grinders will come through at the bottom. Quickly find cover (the collumn
    on the left is probably the best) and take these guys out quickly. A stray 
    drone will try and ambush you again.
    There seems to be a battle already raging, and since your squad mates 
    will probably get down there before you, there wont be much left to do. 
    You'll want to go around the big rock thing on your left and flank the
    boom shield guys, they will generally go for your squad if you do this, 
    giving you a chance. If this doesn't work for you, try and take the other
    enemies on the platform out first (therons and drones) then keep your 
    distance from the boomshielders and take them out. 
    Chapter 5 - The Best Laid Plans
    There is a glitch in the next battle (where the drones appear in the
    windows) you can take advantage of. As soon as the battle starts, quickly
    run as far back the direction you came from, this will trigger the next
    checkpoint. Of course, if you want to do it the honest way, you're in
    for a tough battle, as they come from both sides! Either way.
    The next few sections are quite easy and linear, do watch for any 
    Bloodmounts though. And be careful at the lift, there is a Kantus and a 
    fancy looking drone (I'm not sure if these guys actually have a name).
    Take the left path, and take down the grinder from across the archway.
    Support the guys below, but don't risk your life entirely, they're quite
    The staricase down is not very difficult, but you'll have to be careful
    as theres plenty of the fancy drones, as well as therons. Or maybe they're
    just fancy drones with torque bows, I'm really not sure. Either way when
    you reach the bottom you'll want to stay in cover at the door and take out
    as many locuts as you can with your long shot. Go for the Kantus first.
    Be careful as there is a theron on the right side of the room who likes 
    to end your life right before the checkpoint. 
    Chapter 6 - Royal Inquisition
    I chose left, as far as I'm aware theres not a huge difference. If you need
    to plant a grenade to help you take down the first boomshielder. I'd
    recommend picking his shield up and using the gorgon throughout this section.
    It makes things slower, but easier. There are lots of enemies, but nothing
    you haven't faced before. Just remember you can shoot the feet of the
    boomshielders when their shields are up. Watch for tickers and torque bows.
    An epic three wave fight here, the key is again to use your long shot to
    take them out from a distance. Most of the enemies (if not all) are the
    fancy drones. Theres not much else to say, except stay in cover and use
    the long shot where possible. After you get the checkpoint, take the time
    to go up the stairs on your right and grab the grenades. You will need them.
    The next battle is quite large and quite difficult. You'll want to get
    a grenade ready and lob it in when the doors open. If you're a good shot
    you can take out a few drones this way. You'll want to take out the 
    torque bow weilding drone first (he is usually on the left). Stay in cover
    and blind fire. If you pop up here you will most certainly get killed. 
    Move along in cover to your right and to the corner. The next wave of 
    enemies come from this direction. Same tactics, but be careful as there might
    be some drones from the first wave left. The last wave comes from two
    doors at the same time. You'll need to position yourself on the corner
    inbetween the two doors to avoid getting surrounded. This battle is tough, 
    but with some practise you will get it. 
    Also note: The valve used to take yourself back up CAN be triggered before
    the fight begins, though in my experience I was not quick enough to get
    back up before dying. 
    The strategy against Skorge has not changed. Do be aware you will need to 
    avoid lots of tickers, poison grenades, stalactites, and Skorge shooting
    at you. 
    Chapter 1 - Escape
    Take out the anti air units first, then any other locust you can see. You
    can dodge with the left thumbstick. Assist the gears. This is not difficult, 
    but go for the boomers first. You'll need to take down a brumak as well.
    The hydra battle can be annoying, but if you know what to do it shouldn't
    take you long. When he approaches and is shooting you, you must aim for his
    guns. When he approaches with his mouth open, aim for the orange thing
    inside. Try to avoid the rockets (left thumbstick) and you'll need to
    The next section has you up against a whole bunch of drones on reavers.
    However, this part is quite easy so I wont go into detail. When the 
    hydra returns, you'll want too shoot it (obviously). When it latches
    on to your reaver, aim at the arm (or tentacle?) thats holding onto you.
    When it zooms out in front of you, you'll need to hit it with a few rockets.
    Use the left thumbstick to avoid any rockets it fires at you. After a few
    repeats, its done for.
    Chapter 2 - Desperate Stand
    You've got five gears in your squad now, so the next few battles should
    be pretty easy. Firstly, you'll need to take out a reaver. You should be
    able to kill it before it gets close. 
    The landing platform is again not too difficult, take your time and stay
    in cover, use the longshot to take out as many locusts as possible. The 
    second platform is much the same. Watch out for reavers!
    When you enter the car park you'll want to stay in cover for most of this
    battle. It's a long one, there are somewhere in the range of twenty 
    enemies, including boomers and reavers, but you have the advantage as 
    none of the enemies can get close to you. You'll get through this one
    with a bit of patience. 
    The next section feels kinda broken. You need to take down 6 reavers, 
    sometimes they will land making them easy targets, sometimes they wont.
    I'm not sure what governs this, or why it happens sometimes and not others.
    Either way, if they don't land, you're in for a very tough minute or so.
    You need to be quick and accurate, unfortunately there is not much else
    I can suggest. If you're desperate, get a buddy to play co op with you 
    for this section.
    The next battle is big, but you are given a mulcher, a mortar and a spare
    long shot (downstairs) though you should already have one of those. Take
    out the smaller guys from a distance with your long shot (or the mulcher
    if you're feeling game). Pick up the mortar and position yourself behind
    a collumn so any rocket fire wont hit you. You can take out the rest of 
    the locust from here (reavers, and two brumaks to end the fight). This
    battle is quite large, but again you have the advantage in your position, 
    so it should not be too difficult.
    Chapter 3 - Free Parking
    Save your grenades! You will need them soon.
    The first fight of this chapter is tough. You'll want to stay in cover 
    and take the snipers out with your longshot first. They are in the top 
    windows of the building straight ahead. Once they're down the rest of the
    enemies should be much easier to deal with. Two flamethrowers and some
    more drones will spawn, quickly take them out (remember to hit their
    It doesn't really matter which way you go, but I went in the left door
    as Dom usually goes right. Make your way slowly through the corridors, 
    watch for another flamethrower and some other drones, theres only a few of
    them so this shouldn't pose much of a problem. When you come to the large 
    room, you'll want to take out the Kantus as quickly as you can, he usually
    hangs around the top of the stairs on the right. Watch for tickers here,
    they don't always come though, if you take out the Kantus quickly.
    When they're down, a grinder will burst through. Retreat, if you're quick
    enough the grinder wont actually see you and you can slowly take him out
    from behind cover (if you can't see him, you'll need to move closer).
    Note: Pick up the gorgon pistol the Kantus dropped if you don't already
    have one equiped. 
    The next battle is, in my opinion, the toughest in the whole game. As you
    begin you'll need to quickly take cover on the left side. Use your long 
    shot to take out the troika first, then concentrate on taking down the 
    Kantus. Once he's dead, you'll have to worry about a whole bunch of drones
    and wretches. The key is to stay in cover, and take them out from a distance.
    Two mauler boomers will spawn, one from each side. When this happens you'll
    want to plant a grenade on each stairwell leading up to your position. 
    If you can't take out the boomshielders before they reach you, the grenades
    will hopefully help. If they get past your grenades you will have to run,
    and this usually means suicide, you want to keep your position here. If 
    you manage to take down both the boomshielders, two Bloodmounts will spawn 
    and approach you at the same time. This is generally the part where you 
    will die, as these guys are deadly, and two at once is extremely difficult 
    to deal with. If you have any more grenades, plant them on the stairwells 
    again, and use your gorgon on the Bloodmounts. Head shots will stun them 
    giving you a little more time. Try not to get frustrated if you keep dying, 
    take a break. This battle is difficult, and will probably take you many
    A great tip sent in by Jamie: The Maulers will drop two boomshields. 
    These can be used as a mobile cover by sticking them into the ground on 
    the either side of the stair well at the opening checkpoint. For whatever
    reason, the Bloodmounts cannot gallop past the shields. All you have to 
    do is sit back and unleash into them from safety. I found it worked better
    then trying to run around and fight them off 
    The battle on the street is not too hard compared to what you've just been
    through, but you'll still want to be careful. Flank left if it helps, this
    should give you a better angle on the enemies here. Use your long shot or
    lancer if they get close. 
    I chose to go on the street, but you may like to go in the building instead.
    Either way, you can shoot the flammable tanks to give yourself a head
    start. Procede with caution, as a reaver will show up. You should know 
    how to take these guys out by now, but still be careful. As you continue
    you will come to the hammer of dawn. Pick it up, but only use it on the
    bigger enemies (the reaver, the grinder and so on) as if you try and use it
    on the smaller enemies you will get destroyed. 
    Chapter 4 - Tenuous Footing
    Now that you have the hammer of dawn you are practically indestructible!
    Well, not really, but it should make the rest of the game easy, so I wont
    go into too much detail. Take out the drones from a distance and use the 
    crain to get across. Keep going, it's very linear and you shouldn't have
    any trouble with the rest of this chapter. 
    Chapter 5 - Closure
    NOW you are practically indestructible, so enjoy! 
    Yay! You've beaten Gears of War 2 on Insane! Congrats
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