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Hey all,
thought I'd write a review for this game after I finished it. No spoilers don't worry. Anyways ya, fanboys are ruining this game's name cause of jealousy and this review will address all aspects of the game from a non-biased perspective.

Gameplay - Pretty much the same as the original. But that's not a bad thing, plus they've tweaked and adjusted many of the aspects of the gameplay that ruined the experience in the original. Cover system is better and gameplay moves a lot smoother than the original because of the tweaks that Epic did.

Story - I found this story to be at a better level than the first, this is no MGS4 but it does the job for what it's supposed to be. An all out action game (although ther is no cutscene in this game as good as the one in which RAAM is introduced in GoW1).

Sound - Good use of sound, plays great on my surround system, weapon sounds seem slightly changed (for the better), voice acting is typical gow voice acting (meaning can be chessy which can be due to some of the lines themselves). All in all a good sounding package.

Multiplayer - Let me just tell you that I'm not a fan of the multiplayer for any of the Gears Of War games. You can play through the campaign with another friend, and there is a newly implemented horde mode which lets you join four other friends to face wave after wave of enemies (50 in all). They have improved on the multiplayer aspect since the first game, plus the shotgun rolling idiots are gone because of the stopping power feature (if you get hit by bullets coming from the direction you're running in, it slows you down).

There are bots as well, which is a nice addition and their AI is good, if you love some of the maps in GoW1, don't worry remakes of these maps are in GoW2 and they're well made. So it is a good multiplayer package if you liked the first GoW1 as it vastly improves upon the original.

Overall - One of the best games this gen, with MGS4 being the 1st for me so far. I've barely played any Wii games (cause PS3 and 360 have kept me so busy and one only has so much money), but of the ones I've played this will definitely be in my top 5 for this gen. I'm giving this a 9.1 (the same as what I would've given GoW1) because although it improved upon the original, scoring is all relative, what was a 9.1 back then isn't a 9.1 now. So don't think that this game is the same game you played back then, it is definitely better than the first.

Final word: rent if you just want to go through single player once or twice. Definite buy if you're into multiplayer and think horde is a mode you'll like.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/10/08

Game Release: Gears of War 2 (US, 11/07/08)

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