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"Probably the least biased review you'll read of GOW2 honestly."

Why did I say this was probably the least biased? Well, I thought Gears of War 1 was mediocre if you read my review of it. So, when Gears of War 2 came out I was skeptical. I really wondered if it would be terribly overrated like the first or a actual decent game. Well, I bought it and I am glad to say I found it a major improvement over the first Gears of War. It still has it's problems, but it was a great game to playthrough. Time to review Gears of War 2.

Graphics:10/10:The Graphics in Gears of War 2 are absolutely outstanding. Areas look beautifully designed and realistic. The Cogs and Locust designs are great too. Gunshots and such look great just like in the first Gears of War. My only minor complaint if I really had one would be during the ending. The water effects at one point of the ending was really poor, but aside from that nothing else bugged me about the Graphics. So, overall Graphics get a 10/10 from Lord_Kefka for Gears of War 2. Onto the most important category Gameplay.

Gameplay:8/10:Gears of War 2 is mostly like the first Gears of War. It's a third person shooter. You'll hold A to do a roadie run which allows you to run fast, but you cannot shoot during the roadie run. Then take cover behind anything you can find and return fire at your enemies. Core Gameplay is mostly the same for Gears of War 2. Like in the first too you can do Active Reloads. Which if done correctly allow you to reload faster and temporarily get stronger bullets for your next clip of ammo. Of course, if you mess up your gun jams and it takes considerably longer to reload so be careful! Now, I'm going to split the Gameplay into two major sections. Campaign and Online. Let's start with Campaign first.

Campaign:9/10:The Campaign in Gears of War 2 was a major improvement for me. It was a lot more fun and the level design was far more innovative in my opinion. For example in one level you have to run in the rain while glass is raining down. If you get caught in the rain with glass pummeling onto you for too long you'll die. So, you have to plan your movements carefully while not getting killed from the glass and shooting at enemies. As for the enemy A.I. it's pretty good. I never recall any enemies doing anything really dumb in the middle of a battle. Now, for my only major complaint with the Campaign and what honestly prevented it from getting a 10/10 from me.

Act III for the at least first two Chapters where you need to drive the tank was terrible. Due to the poor controls for the tank. Even after adjusting to the poor controls I was able to drive decently at the best. To top things Epic put things such as cracking slippery ice throughout the level and even a dark cavern where you can hardly see anything. If the controls were good I could have got through this part so much faster and easily. That's not the case though and it's a major problem
in the Campaign. So, overall the Campaign gets a 9/10. It was a ton of fun and the difficulty was well balanced for me as I played through it on the Normal difficulty. The only flaw was the tank driving portion of the Campaign due to its poor controls. Okay, with Campaign covered time for the Online. A rather poor part of the game.

Online:7/10:As with Gears of War's online, Gears of War 2's online is extremely unbalanced. Mostly due to the Chainsaw this time around. Instead of the Shotgun being overpowered the Chainsaw took its place. Now, usually you can just about win every 1v1 fight by running up and chainsawing someone. Due to the fact oddly a Chainsaw does not seem to be canceled from any gun. Gunfights are fine, but it seems like the Lancer did not receive a upgrade in terms of gunpower. It seems to take maybe very slightly less bullets to take someone down then it did compared to Gears of War. So, overall the online in Gears of War 2 is a lot of fun, but the Chainsaw being unbalanced really kills it. Online gets a 7/10. So, how is Gears of War 2's Gameplay overall?

A 8/10 overall for Gameplay. Campaign was great and a ton of fun to play through. If not for the poor tank driving level the Campaign would have just about been perfect. As for the Online though, it needs a lot of work. Chainsaw needs to be balanced and fixed immediately or else the Online is going to get repetitive and boring due to how unbalanced and over-used the Chainsaw is. Onto the Storyline.

Storyline:9/10:Gears of War 2's storyline is great for the most part. The dialogue is very well written and I found myself laughing several times at the smart remarks characters made during levels. My only problem was the unnecessary sub-plot of Dom needing to find his wife. It was overall just extremely annoying and not necessary. Dom acted like a selfish jerk in a unbelievable way for nearly the entire storyline, and even towards the end after a plot twist, he didn't undergo any change at all. Making Dom a poorly developed character who just ends up being extremely annoying the whole entire game. So, Storyline a 9/10. Last category the Music.

Music:8/10:The Music was good, but nothing amazing. Mostly generic Music. The sound effects were excellent, but I found the voice acting to be mediocre. It really seemed to me the Voice Actors did not fit the role of the characters they were assigned to well. Music overall gets a 8/10. Good, but generic Music and poor voice acting gets it a 8/10. With everything reviewed how is Gears 2 overall?

Overall:8/10:Gears of War 2 is a major improvement of Gears of War. The Campaign is far more innovative in level design and a lot more fun to play. The Online hasn't changed too much unfortunately and the Chainsaw is a now a problem. Horde Mode is great though. Storyline in Gears 2 was great due to the wonderful dialogue, but the whole Dom finding his wife scenario was extremely annoying and not needed. Music was mostly the same generic, but good. Voice acting was pretty poor to be honest. Graphics on the positive side were absolutely amazing aside from the very poor and noticeable water animations at the ending. So, Gears of War 2 gets a unexpected 8/10 from Lord_Kefka.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/11/08, Updated 07/20/09

Game Release: Gears of War 2 (US, 11/07/08)

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