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"Gear up for goodness"

After waiting what seems like forever I finally got Gears 2 on Thursday night, and havent put it down since. Great campaign, love the multiplayer and everything in the middle. The people nagging and saying negative things about the game are the reason this game has bots. There are a few flaws, but over all a great game.

Graphics: You can't get much better, for the amount of action going on, its one of the best, I havent even seen a game this impressive even on the PS3. And surprizingly its colorful, not drab and dull like Metal Gear 4 or GTA4, and even surpasses the original. My only complaint is the floating rocks/ blood that sometimes seems to be floating a few inches in the air.

Controls: tight, resonsive and not as sticky as the first gears. I havent run into any problems so far. so not much to say.

Sound: Gun fire, bullet contact, explosions, and a great tone of music to even it all out. The only complaint is the voices of the characters, who are the exact oppisite of monatone, and in some cases are over imblessed with cheesey frazes and one liners. But in all nothing to annoy anyone who loved the first.

Gameplay: As far as campaign action from start to finish with some minor slow parts and drab areas latter on, and sadly for me not as many outside levels as the first. The game is pretty decent in length, taking about 10 or so hours, mostly due to the levels being somewhat straight and forced fights to proceed get a bet repetitive, but overall not any worse than the first. The AI is much better this time and will actually be of help...mostly. My major complaint is the rail segments that seem to pop up too much.

The real fun-factor is the multiplayer, horde is the most fun youl have on a game, and while multiplayer is different and as of now SLOW, its still great fun with a lot less lag. Dont pay attention to those complaining about the online, ignore it..thats why Epic has given us bot, that in some cases are smarter than humans, they flank, communicate and work together. So I see no reason to complain.

Overall a great game. Theres a lot of new things, an intresting storyline that has some twists. And most of all moments and fights you wont forget.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/11/08

Game Release: Gears of War 2 (Limited Edition) (US, 11/07/08)

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