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"I thought this game would be great but when I played it I realised how much of an understatement that was."

Ok first off I'd like to say that those who just call it Gears 1.5 are insane. How much more does a game need to be called a sequel? However this game has it. It blew me away. I was a fan of the first game and was excited for this one, I was hoping that it would be like the first. Well in a way it is. Epic took the if it aint broke don't fix it method but Epic decided that it wasn't enough they took it to the extreme. Now I will break down the game.


The first game's story was one of it's main weaknesses. The set up was good but it did follow through with it. That's not the case with this one. The story is much more emotional than before. The new writer did a great job. The story answers some questions and raises new one. That could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the person. If you want everything to be made clear then you might get a little annoyed. But this is a series after all. Expecting there to not be any plot holes is rediculous. The campaign tells an epic story and is much more personal, you get to know the squad a lot better.


They are sweet. The game's graphics have been improved quite a lot, which is impressive since the first game was ahead of it's time. Gears 1 had the best technology but it was lacking variety in the environments and color. Not with this one all has been improved and the environments are breathtaking. The textures, lighting, shadows, physics, and all the things that go on are top notch.


Like everythig in this game it's been ramped up. The musical score is epic, the weapons sound like they should (still nothing more satisfying to hear than a sniper headshot), explosions, bodies being torn up, spot on voice acting (very funny, while some may find it cheesey I love it and fans of the first will too), better script (there are some of the greatest one liners and deeper meaning behind what people say, Prescott's speech in the beginning is a good example of it). To sum it up, get surround sound if you don't have it and crank up the voume, your ears are in for a ride.


Since this is a videogame this is what matter the most. And it is awesome. The game plays similar to the first but improves upon it all. The cover system is better (and it was great in the first). It is epic and fun. Without a doubt the best third person shooter ever. Everything just works so great and the game keeps everything fresh by adding new things and changing up old things. You don't do the same thing for too long. And like I said before it's fun.


If you liked the first game's multiplayer then you will love this one's. Host advantage and lag has been cut down a great deal. It took a lot of playtime in multiplayer to spot lag at all and that was because the host was downloading the Left 4 Dead demo. There have been other improvements to multiplayer too, while some may not like the new match-making being able to play ranked with friends is awesome. The new maps are great and so do the new looks to the flashback maps. Not to mention the new modes. They are awesome, I spent a lot of time in horde, wingman, and meatflag. I haven't played execution, warzone, or annex yet and I played them all the time on the first game. So while multiplayer isn't perfect it is much improved from the first and I loved it in Gears1 so it's that much better.


Gears 2 is without a doubt Bigger, Badder , and More Badass. This game blew me away and will surely blow you away too. Even if you didn't care for the first game I'd still reccommend getting it or at least renting it, for everyone else this is a must own game. It's about as perfect as a game can get and I am curious to see how they can continue this series and make it even better. I hope Epic is up for a challenge.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/13/08

Game Release: Gears of War 2 (US, 11/07/08)

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