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"Some minor problems covered by breathtaking environments and outstanding gameplay!"

First of all, I would like to say that I really didn't like Gears 1. For me, it was bland, boring and difficult, amongst other things. But that doesn't matter anymore; Gears of War 2 blows its predecessor out of the water! More honesty: This series is nothing more than just kicking ass and taking names…no story line. This is another reason that Gears 2 is superior. The story line is far better than Gears 1 and the gameplay is fun and addicting. There are some flaws though, as well as some heavy discussion about the multiplayer. But this does not...I repeat DOES NOT... take away from the entertainment this game offers.

Okay, basically I would not be giving it enough credit if I said better graphics, a more detailed story line, and super addicting gameplay gave this game a 10 alone; the most incredible aspect about this game is the breathtaking environments. As you move through the story you are just left breathless and I believe the most important characteristic of a game is that "wow" factor, where you are left in amazement after just a few minutes of gameplay.

The story line is very simple and very detailed at the same time. The first priority of the Delta Squad is always to kick a lot of ass. The writers obviously relied on Gears of War 2 to move the series with a it's more thorough story line. And the plot will be revealed more in later games according to many sources. With that said, Gears of War 2 jumps right into an all-out-war on the locust, and you are the heart of the COG (human army) again, Adam Fenix. After being attacked on home-soil, Fenix, Delta Squad and several other squads go straight underground and into battle in an intense, emotional, and entertaining ride to find and eliminate the locust queen and her army. There are several components to this story, and the game throws you around several times in several situations to create an entertaining gaming experience with unstoppable action.

The gameplay and graphics are absolutely amazing! Horde, multiplayer, and the campaign make for a great package and I found myself coming back even when I completed the campaign and level 50 Horde: the characteristic of a great game-replayablity/addiction. I believe that it says 1080p on the back of the box, so this game is at the best quality of any game on the 360 (graphic wise). The sounds are great, but the voice acting is kind of corny sometimes-Cole is a character. The environments are incredible and I cannot stress this enough. The ceilings and sides of these worlds give you an incredible sense of how large the locusts really are and how little you are. A giant worm-that's all I'm going to say. The game is addicting-now go buy it!

Finally I will talk about some problems. Yes, there are several problems with the game, and Epic if you would of came out with this game in December instead of November you would have made a perfect game! Perfect Game… hmm… Okay I'll be honest (again) and not many games could do this, but I loved this game from the very beginning. While I was playing it with a friend, we got to this one level and enemies started spawning and we killed everyone of them, then for about 5 minutes we waited and waited and nothing happened, and I got very angry and then he loaded the checkpoint. It was fine the second time, so I'm guessing it was just a bug… I don't know-weird. There were also a few problems with the loading textures, and sometimes my game froze while loading checkpoints…

But I want to make this clear, during my gameplay these things didn't bother me because the game was truly amazing, and the great experiences exceeded the disappointments by so much more that I didn't care anymore. I was hooked! ..if that's possible.

Well, I beat the game and had nothing else to do, so a great multiplayer is what I have to look forward to. I read online about wait-times, bugs, problems, and glitches, but I decided I would try it out. I loved it and minimal problems for me. The wait times are a little slower than I would like, but what I really liked was the survive-anyway-thats-possible intensity. For instance, there is a way to switch a weapon with the shield, and highly strategical and annoying "Smoke Grenades" that knock you down depending on how close they hit you, but does that make it cyber-ethical…I don't know, if I have to use it to survive I will.. So I use the boomsheild with a shotgun, and throw a smoke grenade everytime I move into combat and I get Hammer of dawned, that's what makes this game great! Give a bit and get a bit, that's my philosophy for you haters. I haven't had many complaints about the multiplayer so I am happy with it!

Much much much better than the first story. I loved the emotions this game portrayed

One of the best experiences I have had in a while.. Why didn't this game get GOY?

Although I can't pull off a jerk shot with the sniper as much as I would like, the controls due take a little getting used to…of course that's prob cause I didn't finish the 1st one.

Graphics 10/10
Gears 1 was bland, Gears 2 is just absolutely incredible!

Replayablity 10/10
Definitely My next halo!!! Very addicting!

An extra 10 just because I can shot someones head off and see the bullet trail!!

Overall 10/10
A must buy! Enough said!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/07/09

Game Release: Gears of War 2 (US, 11/07/08)

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