Review by jat26006

Reviewed: 01/09/09

Game modes make the replay value skyrocket

Once in awhile a game comes out that I lose a lot of sleep playing. THIS is one of those games. To those of you PS3 owners that are giving this game a crappy review, please find a friend who is more fortunate than you who has a 360. This game is great, because you don't have to play one mode and have it be fun. I will say that I am waiting for the Patch in January to make this a better game. I loved this game more than the first Gears. There is plenty to do online and off, to include Horde. My friends and I play this for hours on end, and it has brought me closer to some of my friends from Highschool I dont talk to much anymore. The story is great, except for the "boss" and I can't say enough great things about this. This is the only game I WANT to play at the moment.

I thought there was a lot of refinement and building from the previous gears of war. You can finish downed enemies, rather than having to continue to shoot them until they are dead. The finishing moves are a great way to give the finger to the people you have just owned.

Graphics: 10/10
Again they took what they had and made it better. Nothing like sneaking up on someone with a lancer, cutting them from their groin up and watching their torso fly over your shoulder.

Story: 9.0/10
I wasn't so much a fan of the personal storyline included in this game, however, the rest of it was gravy. If I could give a 9.5 for this game I would, so I will just round up

Multiplayer: 9.0/10
This is all dependent on your tastes. I love Horde. I eat a nice big bowl of it EVERY day. When my friends are on, I eat several. This mode is just fun. Not much else describes it. You play it differently every single time, especially without shields.

Epic will refine this game and it will be the best thing since sliced Wiis. I have a huge amount of faith in Epic, and I cannot wait until this game is more refined. Buy this game and get out there and make some friends on Live; play some private matches so really see what the big deal is.

Thanks, Epic

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Gears of War 2 (US, 11/07/08)

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