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Reviewed: 06/01/09

Choo Choo! All aboard the Gears of War 2 review, baby!

Lately, I've been getting sick and tired of mature shooters. There are far too many, and most are dull and easy. I was a gamer back when Sonic and Mario were the coolest things ever. So with that said, when I rented Gears of War back in 2006, I wasn't expecting much.However, I was surprised. It was actually a lot of fun. Sure, I only played the campaign, because I didn't have Xbox Live back then.

So it's been a while, but Gears of war 2 has been out on store shelves for some time. I decided to buy this one since I liked the original so much. Now I'm happy to say that Gears of War 2 is even better then the first! It's still not the best game on the 360, but it's pretty darn good.

Story - Typical "Aliens have invaded our home, and we must fight back" type of deal. The story is uncreative and lacks any interesting twists. The biggest problem with the story is that the characters you play as are for the most part dull and uncaring. Most have a dumb accent or characteristic that will annoy the doughnuts out of you. Cole train is a big example here. He is a stereotypical black man who cusses all day long and even tries to rap. He's also as dumb as a worm, and shows his beefy arms to no end. Geez... kinda insulting and racist if you ask me.

Only two characters end up being ones you could care about: Dom and B. Carmine. Dom is looking for his lost wife, Maria, and B. Carmine is a rook in training.Sadly they don't get nearly as much screen time as the main character: Marcus. Marcus is a jerk. He has a raspy, boring voice, and as little background to share. Heck, even when people die right in front of him, he is heartless. I actually wanted him to die by the end of the game.

Graphics - Some say these are the most jaw dropping graphics on the 360. I don't see why... Many objects have mediocre textures that could of been been done on the PS2. Not to mention that most objects cannot be destroyed. This leaves for very little experimenting.

The characters thankfully look good though, and during single player the game has very few frame rate issues. Sadly though, multiplayer is FULL of lag problems! Many matches are unplayable thanks to this, and that's a big shame.

Sound - Simple put, the music is okay. Many tracks sound too dramatic for their own good, though, and some just fall flat on their faces. However some tracks have some really catchy beats that I like. I just wish the music wasn't so "over the top" as it is.

The voices are pretty good for some characters (Dom, B. Carmine, and Braid) but most are god awful. The many baddies; the Locusts and their Queen are some stereotypical sounding that I could only cringe when I heard their poor lines. The sound effects are pretty satisfying, which is what you want from a shooter, so overall the effects deliver.

Gameplay - Gears of War 2 is NOT a run and gunner. You can't just strafe and rapidly fire in a greedy fashion and win. Instead, you will be taking cover and blind firing quite often. This gives the game a good felling of strategy that almost all shooters fail to give, and it makes the game that much better than most shooters.

Gears of War also has a large amount of weapons to choose from. The average shotgun, and pistols are here, but you will also get flamethrowers, lasers, and grenades that can be planted onto walls. The amount of weapons helps the game stay fresh and fun.

Unfortunately, the campaign mode gets a little repetitive near the end, and it's too easy to complete. Even on the hardest difficulty; Intense, you will not have too much trouble. The game even has a coop mode to help you out if the experience is (somehow...) too hard. This makes the whole campaign a little too underwhelming...

Thankfully though, the multiplayer is amazing! Aside from some bad lag problems I encountered a few times, the whole thing is a blast! You have your average deathmatch, and capture the flag mode (the flag is alive though!) and a mode where you must guard a certain part of the map and rank up points. It's all very fun, and most of the maps are fun to play on.

Replay - Gears of War 2 features some good replay. Mainly because of the incredible multiplayer! Also, many new maps can be bought online to keep the fun going. Sadly though, most of these packs cost WAAAY too much! (1000 MP for 3 maps? No thanks!).

Thankfully, this game has some neat achievements. Some will take you years though... (Seriously 2.0 : Get 100,000 kills in any mode). But at least they will keep you occupied.

*The COGs*

- Great diversity in weapons
- The cover system is fluid and fun!
- Multiplayer is the new standard, yo!
- Pretty good graphics

*The Locusts*

- Bad voice overs
- Some dull background music
- Uninteresting story
- Too easy!
- Cole Train...

Story-4 (Not added into score)
Graphics- 8
Sound- 6
Gameplay- 9
Replay- 9

Overall- 8

I can highly recommend Gears of War 2 if you have a 360, and aren't too stuck up in your little world of run and gunners. At least give it a solid rent. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to hop aboard the Cole Train! CHOO CHOO!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Gears of War 2 (US, 11/07/08)

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