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"Gears of War 2, Too much hype, it delivered, just not as much as most expected, worth 35$-50$"

The Third Person Shooter has long been under-rated and now it is taken to a new level with innovation from (who would've guessed it) the little-big gaming company EPIC games. This game is an all around success. We'll go over why and elaborate on this in the next portion of the Review.(sorry that opener sounded really cheesy, just couldn't think of anything else.)

Campaign Story-Line 9.4/10

For a shooter just one 3-letter word admits it. "Wow"
When mankind has run out of resources and run on a mystery power source "Imulsion" the Locust appear seemingly for no reason. Naturally the human race wages war on these creatures as they attack the innocent people above the ground that they dwell underneath. This escapade is roughly known as The Pendulum Wars. The deep involvement that the EPIC crew forces on you is incredible. When you play these games you will find a favorite character quick and run with them like a helpless little fan-boy(or girl.)

Campaign Single-Player 7/10

This game makes great use of it's resources to create an enjoyable playing experience for anyone. The cover system (ability to hide by objects that apply) is used to march on through campaign chapters and avoid critical damage. The cover system allows for a very difficult maximum difficulty game mode deemed "Insane" by the developers, and believe me it is Insane, have played through it all! The Chainsaw Bayonet perched on the Lancer is also used to tear through surfaces that get try and fail to keep you from your objective. Though I must admit the game play becomes very dry and may seem repetitive on any more than 1 play through. Replay ability suffers deeply.

Campaign Co-op 10/10

Ah, yes to sit down with ones own and slaughter thousands of Locust scum, and I mean thousands, Just look at the achievement "Seriously 2.0" 100,000 kills? Impossible I say! This game would be no where without the brothers in arms feeling of sitting back and saving humanity one hour at a time(about 8 on the Normal difficulty,) Again I must stress the attachment you get to the character that seems most suitable to you. In the co-op came mode the story chapters like to split you up and make things more challenging when you are playing on a higher difficulty. A Perk to playing co-op is surely how much easier the game is with another man out there instead of a mindless bot. Again I must confess NO REPLAY ABILITY! Just fun enough to earn itself a 10 despite the lack of replay ability.

Xbox LIVE Gaming 9/10

The Xbox LIVE gaming is just a blast, really I haven't begun to get cored of it yet! The game modes are the same as offline but with this many people you are provided with a challenge even if you played through Insane mode. Some people may complain about the use of the Gnasher shotgun and that they can't survive a game when people use it against them. Personally I haven't found this a trouble so I will still rate the game play at a 10 until I get to the part that annoys ME. Chainsaw Bayonet. Enough said. In game modes that are heavily populated newbies just go to town with that thing, it takes little to no skill to use and it's outright Ridiculous. (otherwise known as ridiculous) The on line was VASTLY improved and the servers are infinitely stronger. The matchmaking system is fast and reliable about 94% of the time which is good enough for me.

Graphical Components 10/10

The graphical style of the game is well met with all the characters and story of the game. It's gritty it's grungy and it's downright dirty and gore splattered. From the small blood splatter on your screen to the pools of blood met in Act II of campaign, this game is GRUESOME. For all the gore lovers out there, this game is for you! All objects in game seem to be vastly decorated and the Locust themed levels in multiple player are extremely lavish. All themes are appropriate I have no complaints.

Weapons 10/10

The weapons added into gears of war 2 and those updated to shine brightly are great. in gears of war one, the Hammer burst assault rifle was thought to be overpowered, your prayers have been answered if you're one of the plaintiffs there. The clip size and maximum ammo were halved between the games. With the addition of the Gorgon pistol, a pistol is not so weak anymore, this thing shoots an 8-round burst that can down an enemy on Normal difficulty in one hit. The Mortar that was added to the game shoots lines of explosive rounds that demolish anything in it's path, and then some. As far as I can see the Torque Bow was gimped to make use of a bit more challenging for multiple player. By the way, I am saying multiple player because in the review editor it registers "multiplayer" as a misspell and I need to have less misspells to post the review.

Multiple Player Game Modes 9/10

The game modes in this game haven't really innovated much at all when it comes to the grandeur scale of on line gaming(minus 1) but they are just as good as anything else. The modes are Wing man, King of the Hill, Annex, Submission, Guardian, Execution, Horde and War zone. Horde... ah this was a great move by the developers. An all-out kill festival to survive through 50 waves of Locust invaders. Annex and King of the Hill are similar to Headquarters from the Call of Duty series. Submission is Capture the Flag with a person, which is just great.

Characters 10/10

The characters are just funnier! Baird is the stereotypical smart-ass comedian and enthusiast. Augustus Cole's character was matured on by adding more comedy references during story mode and as a result has made the game just that much better.

Multiple Player Maps 10/10

The maps allow for fluent game play. No complaints. THERE ARE 12 MAPS UP FOR DOWNLOAD
Including 5 from the previous Gears of War in the Flashback map pack.

Achievements 9/10

The achievements are easily attained through steady game play all except for Seriously 2.0 in which you need 100,000 kills to get. AND ITS ONLY 50 Points (minus 1) One other achievement is hard to get, Beat the Meat flag. You need to capture ten flags in submission, but EPIC combos submission and guardian together so players vote to play one mode. They always vote Guardian so submission is close to impossible to play. (minus 1)

Well I hope the review was helpful! Have fun. I really feel it necessary to apologize once again for how some things are spelled. They have to be like this because the editor that is used to write the review on the site is very strict and doesn't allow me to type some words like they appear in the game. So all in all, I am sorry and I hope you all enjoyed this game as much as I did, I still play it with my friends and I hope the sequel to it blows us all out of the park.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/22/09

Game Release: Gears of War 2 (Limited Edition) (US, 11/07/08)

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