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"Never played the first, but this was a let down to me."

This is no way a bad game, its great. Nice cover system, Dandy little Y button that lets you look at things you might have missed, men who have neck like bloody tree trunks and look like they have been on steroids since the age of 2. Ya..All the "good" stuff. This may be biased, playing halo has warped my mind to such an existent that I can pretty much twist ANY story into Halo so like..yaaa... On too the story!

STORY: 6/10: - It was..decent. I for one was expecting big giant battles of doom against giant creatures. Which do happen, but only if your in Vehicles, or On the Vehicles, which is about 3-4 times so, Ya. This is 6 months after the first game (or so I am told) and the Locust horde is back and meaner then ever, and for humans to be able to live, they have too take the fight to the locust. Cool. There's also some sort of "Lambent" Locust, who are supposed to be like the Flood from Halo, and have exploding bodies or something, but I couldn't tell the difference between normal Locust, and Lambent Locust at all. The score is also semi-low because of 2 things. A) Dom looking for his wife the whole time and acting all emotional for a man that has a neck bigger then my whole body, which makes it. not all that convincing for him to have "emotions" and B) Locust = Covenant, Lambent = Flood, Jack = Monitor and so forth just because I'm insane like that. (Another thing that I kind of laughed at is that well..Arn't Lambent made from Imbulsion Fumes and isn't that equal to Gas for here? Totally not saying “Gas is bad!”

Graphics: 9/10: - Great, Wonderful, I don't own an HDTV or anything fancy like that, but if you were to buy a game on looks alone. This would be the one you would buy above the rest. There's only one thing that's making it a 9/10. Theirs pretty much 10 places you'll be, and most are kind of the same. Ruined City, Ruined City in hole. Inside of Worm. Old Factory. Snowy Mountain and in a cave. (10 places because the cave scenes change slightly).

Controls: 8/10: - Your in 3rd person mode, Use D-pad to switch between weapons, Right Bumber Reloads, A runs and ducks into cover. B hits people over the head with your weapon or Revs up the lancer. Y zooms in on cool things. And X is the standard pick random-things-up button. Left stick move, Right stick turn. Only reason this gets an -2,is the fact that when you run, it zooms in on your character in some spazzed out limit my vision so I die easier mode. Sure it might be trying to make it more actiony, but when your just running down a hallway, there's no reason for the camera to zoom in on your back and for it to shake.

Multiplayer:1/10: - I haven't experienced this much, but as far as I can tell, it sucks. Yes there's different game modes that are pretty much "Capture the Civilian/Hostage", "Kill the Leader", and "Capture the Ring That Moves When it Runs Out of Energy" (King of the Hill -_-, but changed so slightly that King of The hill deserved its own game type!) Some of the multiplayer game names are slightly confusing, like Submission is CoTF with a body that shoots at you! Woo. Wouldn't regular Capture the flag seem harder because you can't shoot back with the flag in your hand, but I guess people need new twists on it. The only problem to me for multiplayer is SHOTGUNS. Period. I come from a game where Shotgun use is frowned upon...Here all the games are pretty much /2 guys run up too each other. /First guy shotguns guy in chest, while other guy misses trying to Shotgun you in the head /Guy 2 gets instant death. Yes grenades are used, but mainly as distractions to freak out the people their coming at you, so that they panic and make them even easier to kill with the one-hit weapons that everyone in the game starts out with. Another failure of multiplayer is how to choose what game you want to play. It's voting, and most the time it's against whatever you want to play. You want to play Annex, everyone else will vote for submission. The idea would have worked, if not for the fact that everybody doesn't want to play the exact same thing at the same time. Multiplayer just fails. It can be fun at times, but the fun is drowned out by the fact that shotguns are pretty much THE weapon to use, and it's nearly impossible to actually get the game mode you want to play.

Horde:7/10: - This is pretty much the mode that has endless waves of Locust come to kill you. I personally never have made it past Wave 13. It's fun but, the only problem is that it gets boring. Sure, Woooo! Endless killing spree. But after a half an hour of doing it. It gets old.

So, it's a good game. But it has flaws, that some people wouldn't even call flaws, more as awsome additions to the game, but seem to me like un-needed annoyances. Any who, It's a Kinda-good. game 6/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 08/03/09

Game Release: Gears of War 2 (US, 11/07/08)

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