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"After a lackluster first game, Epic releases a much more polished, and overall fun, game. Gears 2 is great."

After playing through the first Gears of War in 1 day, I just wasn't impressed with it. Something must not have clicked with me, because I couldn't see what all the rage was about. Being the kind of person that I am, I went ahead and bought the 2nd one as well, just to have both. I gotta say I'm glad I did because Epic Games really put a lot of effort into this one. It's so much more polished... I had a lot of fun with it.

If you've never played Gears before, here's the premise; These monster things called Locust are out to kill you, so you must take cover on any and everything you see as you shoot them to death. Almost everything in the game can be used as cover, and the simple tap of A will place Marcus behind it. You then hold the L trigger to pop up and aim, and then hit R to shoot when your reticule turns red.

The sheer length of the campaign is nothing to laugh at. Epic really put a lot of time into this one because this game is LONG. A good 8 to 10 hours... and for a shooting game, that's a LOT of shooting segments. The first game lasted a good 3 to 4 hours... Already we have a great improvement. Another thing that I really like about this game is the graphics and environments. While still a dark and grainy game, it still has lots of different places to see, and they all are very big. It's just really cool to look up at a huge castle that you are about to take over. It feels.... Oh, I dunno... Epic?

Yes, epic. The game certainly feels epic the whole ride through. Never a dull moment, you are always getting to the action. Luckily, you never get lost either, as the game always leads you in the right direction. An eye will pop up at the bottom of the screen, prompting you to press Y, in which it tells you where a lever you need to pull is, or where the enemies are coming from that you need to kill.

There are a variety of weapons to use, including the signature machine gun with the chainsaw attached to it. A staple of this game is running up to an enemy and holding B, so you slice him to pieces. If you get him from the back, you rip his back right out! It's great, and extremely gory. This is one of the gorier games I've played, and that's a good thing. There's one level where you are inside of a giant worm and you must destroy it by killing it's hearts. So you take your chainsaw to it's arteries, and as you cut them open gallons of thick red blood pours everywhere... It almost made me sick. Sheer brilliance. Marcus ends up getting covered head to toe in solid red blood... Reminds me of Peter Jackson's Dead Alive.

While I skipped some, for the most part the cut scenes are actually interesting to watch. Not only do they add to the story, they are just downright nasty. You'll see some gruesome stuff in them. If you have a weak stomach, I honestly don't think you could handle this game. It's pretty... hardcore. There are bosses to fight as well, and they are all fun to fight. Like I said, never a dull moment.

Like the one before it, Gears 2 has co op. Co op really adds to the fun of this game. You can set it so anyone can jump in your game at all times, and while doing this I always had someone to play with. If you can, play through this game with a friend. It makes it so much more enjoyable.

In addition to the single player campaign, you have the multiplayer mode in which you kill the other people playing. This game does have bots, which is great. All multiplayer games should include bots in them, for those times when you can't connect to Live, when your subscription runs out, and for when you feel like practicing. You also have Horde mode, in which you fight wave after wave of enemies trying to gain the biggest score. You fight up to 50 waves, and can have 4 other people playing with you at once.

Gears 2 is a really fun game that is sure to be remembered for it's great campaign and polished gameplay. Add it to your collection. Here's hoping for a third.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/20/10

Game Release: Gears of War 2 (US, 11/07/08)

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