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    Secret Mission Guide by Excruciatix

    Version: 1.25 | Updated: 02/27/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Secret Mission Cross-Console Guide v1.25 (Feb 27, 2008)
    By Excruciatix
    Ver. History
    1.25 - Added Table of Contents with Finder
    1.20 - Added further User Tips and Tricks to Missions 08 (Royal
           Blocker), 12 (Steeplechase), and 11 (Point of Impact)
    1.10 - Updated and Fixed up some sections
           Also added in additional methods and tricks to Missions
           06 (Vermifuge), 12 (Steeplechase), and 05 (Sky Scraper)
           by James. T (Thanks James!)
    1.00 - Guide Created Missions 01 - 12
    Table of Contents
    (Ctrl+F with the [SMXX] including brackets to jump to sections.)
    Secret Missions
       Secret Mission 01 (Annihilation)                          [SM01]
       Secret Mission 02 (Alley-Oop)                             [SM02]
       Secret Mission 03 (Non-Violent Resistance)                [SM03]
       Secret Mission 04 (Tracking Treasure Down)                [SM04]
       Secret Mission 05 (Sky Scraper)                           [SM05]
       Secret Mission 06 (Vermifuge)                             [SM06]
       Secret Mission 07 (Free Running)                          [SM07]
       Secret Mission 08 (Royal Blocker)                         [SM08]
       Secret Mission 09 (Unbreakable)                           [SM09]
       Secret Mission 10 (Puppet Master)                         [SM10]
       Secret Mission 11 (Point of Impact)                       [SM11]
       Secret Mission 12 (Steeplechase)                          [SM12]
    I wrote this guide as a compilation of my experiences matched with the guides 
    I've seen  so far. I've put more depth and detail to the actual missions, 
    especially the problem  missions like the Royal Guard one and the Unbreakable 
    one. With this hopefully u can  enjoy having all 12 shards easily and with 
    less hassle than I went through. Lulz.
    By the way, these secret missions are a way to practice the basic skills that 
    you need  to do well in missions, especially the later ones. If you can 
    finish these missions  before you finish Son of Sparda mode, then your pretty 
    well set to do well on them.  Another note, when I was first looking through 
    these guides, I was kind of dissapointed  that the missions weren't laid out 
    according to how you find them (as you will see,  they aren't numbered in 
    order), however, due to the difficulty of some of the missions  requiring 
    extra health, weapons, upgrades, etc, you won't be able to do them in order 
    anyways, so just use that little hand ctrl-f function and you'll be fine.
    And one last note, even if you hate me for it, I did all these in "automatic 
    mode" cuz  it just makes my life a whole lot easier :)
    [SM01] Secret Mission 01 (Annihilation):
    Pre-requisites: None
    Difficulty - Very Easy
    Mission 02: La Porte De L'Enfer
    Directions: You really shouldn't miss out on this one, about 1/4 way through 
    the map,  and if u have tutorials on, you'll see a piece of paper with demonic 
    writing on it  stuck on a post and the tutorial will tell you what to do.
    Practices: Introduction to killing skills.
    Guide: This one's pretty straightforward and by far the easiest of all the 
    secret missions. If you know how to combo and kill things quickly, then 
    this shard will be yours. For those who need extra help or are just starting 
    out, this should help. If you're just beginning,  just stick with the Y,Y,Y,Y
    combo along with Buster (Your arm move [B]) and you should  be able to take 
    them out fast enough.
    [SM02] Secret Mission 02 (Alley-Oop):
    Pre-requisites: None
    Difficulty - Very Easy
    Mission 04: Cold Blooded
    Directions: As you're going through the missions, you can't really miss this 
    one as opening this secret mission is a requirement to progress through the 
    level. When you  see giant fireballs shooting down a corridor, ur at the right 
    place. Where the  fireballs emanate from, the secret mission is right behind 
    it so use ur Anima Mercury  on the Gyro Blade near the entrance and use it as 
    a shield as u progress down the  corridor, eventually hitting the fireball 
    shooting thing. Animation occurs revealing  this mission.
    Practices: Shows you how to use buster in the air continuously, specially 
    useful since  you use this tactic in an upcoming mission and higher 
    difficulty levels. (no spoilers).
    Guide: This is an essential skill to use, but fairly easy to learn. Basically 
    your  supposed to stay in the air and keep using the Buster move on the mobs 
    without touching  the ground. This is a lot easier than it sounds. If you 
    have automatic on like I did,  all you have to do is go toward the middle, 
    wait a bit for the Scarecrows to gather  around you (not too long) then jump 
    and spam the [B] button. this will essentially grab  one, smash them to the 
    ground, grab another one, etc.. If you don't have automatic on,  I'd imagine 
    you'd have to [RB] to target etc etc. But thats for you to figure out if u 
    think your too good for Automatic xP
    [SM03] Secret Mission 03 (Nonviolent Resistance):
    Pre-requisites: Aegis Shield (From Mission 08, after you fight Angelo Credo
    Difficulty - Very Hard
    Mission 05: Trisagion (Or 16 as Dante)
    Directions: I'm only going to list the Nero version since It's a lot easier to 
    do with  Nero. Entering the graveyard, kill the 2 Mephistos and move forward. 
    You'll see a set  of stairs with a fence to each side. Break one of the fences 
    or leap over them,  whichever u think is flashier, then go towards the 
    backside of the stairs. Mission 03  awaits.
    Practices: This one pretty much shows you that you can get style points even 
    if you  don't attack. I guess it encourages using some of the skills that some 
    people don't  generally use.
    Guide: This one was one of the 2 most pain-in-the-ass missions that I 
    encountered until I finally found a good method to it (found on the forums 
    somewhere, forgot who so  credit to the community :P). When you start off, 3 
    mobs spawn, a Frost to your left,  then after a second, a Scarecrow behind you 
    and in front of you. You're going to need  to wait for the scarecrow in front 
    of you to appear fully before you can grab him or  you'll just knock him down. 
    Grab him then run to the corner nearest you then quickly  face the other 
    Scarecrow and Frost. Now, keep taunting so that they'll attack you.  
    Essentially, any damage done by the other mobs to the mob your holding is 
    counted,  style-wise, as your damage. So as they keep attacking, eventually 
    the poor Scarecrow  will get too much of a beating and pop into a sea of red 
    and green M&Ms. The moment  this happens, you should have at least a D-Style 
    ranking by now, grab the other  Scarecrow and hold, staying in the same corner.
    Around the same time, another Frost  should have appeared and will come 
    curiously to inspect you. keep in mind that this is  your last chance as the 
    Frosts can only be held for a certain amount of time before  freeing 
    themselves. With the second scarecrow, just stay in ur corner and keep 
    taunting. If you're lucky, both Frosts will cast Ice Nova on the Scarecrow 
    and put you  into the C-rank which gives you your shard. If this doesn't 
    work, althought I haven't  tried, if your second Scarecrow dies before you 
    get your C ranking, grab one of the  Frosts and hopefully that will boost 
    you up the remaining style that you need. Good  luck on this one.
    [SM04] Secret Mission 04 (Tracking Treasure Down):
    Pre-requisites: The Dangly Bit from the Toad Guy
    Difficulty - Medium
    Mission 06: Resurrection
    Directions: When you get to a metal room with a catwalk in front of you, 
    AkA the Angel Creation lab, to Nero's left, upon entering, you will see 3 guys 
    whose souls were  sucked to make the Angelos. Towards the left corner, beside 
    the guy nearest to the  entrance, thats where the mission is. You'll only see 
    a vague sliver of red to signify  where it is, plus your Dangly Bit glowing. 
    But it's there.
    Practices: Shows you how to use your Dangly bit to find hidden stashes of red 
    orbs and  other secret missions.
    Guide: This one takes some getting used to if you haven't used ur Dangly Bit 
    (DB) to  find the red orbs before. Essentially if theres a hidden pocket of 
    red orbs in the air,  if you stand in the center of where they're at for a 
    second, they will pop out and suck  into you. Generally they are centralized 
    wherever they are, so generally it wouldn't be  right up against a wall unless 
    it was a little enclave. If that confuses you, just  ignore it. The main thing 
    is to use your Dangly Bit to find them. When you get near a  spot, you'll hear 
    a slight whine from your Dangly Bit indicating that your near a spot.  Your 
    arm should slightly glow if your on the outside edge. Just move around the 
    area and try to triangulate where the center is. When your at the very center 
    or very near  the center of it, ur arm will glow very brightly and have a 
    bright blue thin halo  glowing around it, thats the signal that you've found 
    Now, to give you a general idea of where to look, here are some spots:
    -1F Right near your spawn, if you move a bit and u hear the whine, it should 
    be either  where the benches and chairs were or between you and teh fallen 
    -1F By the main entrance (Be careful with this one) if you hear the whine 
    near the entrance way, then the orbs are in front of the door. Don't go too 
    near the door or it  wont activate, its slightly in front of it. And by no 
    means press [A] or [B] or else  you will fail the mission as that's one way 
    to exit the mission.
    -1F In the Gyro Blade. For this one you will actually have to move the GB in 
    order to  center.
    -2F where the Hit Switch is to the right section of his Holiness' portrait.
    -2F in front of his Holiness' Portrait
    -2F near one of the columns. U have to go around from where the gyro blade is
    to either  side to get these. It's right in the middle of the corridor 
    wherever your arm starts to  glow.
    -Roof, Use the bounce pad and you will be able to get it.
    [SM05] Secret Mission 05 (Sky Scraper):
    Pre-requisites: Wing Talisman, Grim Grip
    Difficulty - Hard
    Mission 07: The She-viper
    Directions: As you go through the level, about 1/3-1/2 way through, you'll end 
    up seeing a bridge in the area called the Lapis River. once you cross the 
    bridge, you  would normally go right to go to the next area, instead make a 
    left towards the tree.  Once you approach, the camera perspective will change 
    and you'll see it.
    Practices: Using Jump pads properly. Not really essential to combat, but 
    useful for timing and coordinating jumping nonetheless since you do this a 
    fair bit in the game.
    Guide: This one takes a bit to learn, but with a bit of perseverance, you'll 
    make it through. You don't take damage or anything, so however frustrating it 
    might be the  first few times, just stick with it and you'll get ur shard. You 
    have one minute to get  to the top, using 5 jump pads. Once you actually get it 
    down, it takes less than 20  seconds to do everything, if u do it perfectly, so 
    the time itself gives you room for  error. Some people say Air Hike is 
    necessary, but I don't find it so as it can be done  without. Air Hike just 
    helps the last jump pad method, which I will get to later. For  this one, the 
    entry jump is important since the angle that you grab onto the pylons 
    determines your end location, so if you grab it at the wrong angle, your going 
    to end  up just slightly off course and miss the next jump pad. 
      -For the first one, just run straight at the jump pad and Grim Grip twice very
    fast. Basically just hold [RB] while spamming [B] and you'll end up on the next
    jump pad.
      -The second one requires you to shift your positions as ur jumping to ensure 
    that you get to the next jump pad. Once you hit the second jump pad, fly a 
    little bit to the  bottom left of the screen, as ur camera angle should be the 
    same as mine was if u came  in from the same side on the first jump. While 
    your jumping, keep holding [RB] until  you hear the targetting 'ping' then 
    spam [B] again, this should guide you to your next  pad.
      -The third jump requires you to destroy a fence in mid-air. One thing to keep 
    in mind is that once you jump, you wont be able to change the direction your 
    facing until you do  the little flip at the very top of ur jump, once u flip, 
    then [Important] press Y, turn  the stick towards the fence, press Y again. 
    This ensures that you fall back down to the  pad instead of falling all the way 
    down to the bottom, because if you move the stick  first, you will stray your 
    course away from the jump pad and might miss on the way  down.
      -The fourth one requires a double Grim Grip or a bit of maneouvering. This one
    pretty much boils down to practice as the angle that you have from pad 3 to 
    pylon to pad 4 does NOT align properly, so you can do one of 2 things. If 
    you're good at timing, then  from the 3rd pad, slightly fly towards the bottom 
    of the screen, not too much though,  while holding [RB]. Once you hear the 
    ping, then grab and let go of every thing,  including [RB], the moment u let 
    go of everything, press [RB] again quickly and once  you hear the ping, grab 
    again, and that should make you have done a pendulum type  maneouver that lets 
    you get on the last pad. An easier one by my take is to get on the  catwalk 
    near the pylon and do it in 2 steps. First step is to get off the 3rd pad and 
    stray towards the bottom of the screen a lot, then grab the pylon. This should
     put you  towards the catwalk. After, just press [RB] while on the platform, 
    align yourself to  the pad, then fall off, wait 1/4 of a second, then grab 
    the pylon. Though it takes  practice, it should get you on the pylon.
    This last pad just takes practice since camera angles and such make it hard 
    to explain.  Once you get the feel of it, it should be cake.
    Additional Info:
    By James T.
         On the very last jump, if you jump to the very far right of the pad
    (knowing where the pad is beforehand is a must), then latch on to the pylon,
    you will be able to get on the pad with one maneouver. You need to know exactly
    where to place yourself with this method however, so just keep on practicing.
    [SM06] Secret Mission 06 (Vermifuge):
    Pre-requisites: {Trick} Aegis Shield, Air Hike {Normal} Shitload of skill
    Difficulty: {Trick} Medium {Normal} Near-Impossible
    Mission 10: Wrapped In Glory (12 as Dante)
    Directions: The actual area this is located is easy to remember since its the 
    only one  of its type in the game. It's the chamber that has lazers that you 
    have to jump past  with the slow-mo dealy. At the end of the lazers, go to 
    your right, perspective should  change, and your challenge awaits.
    Practices: Fast Killing.
    Guide: I'm only going to explain how to do the trick for this one, because the 
    normal  way just requires you to know some good AoE moves to handle the 
    chimeras. There are  actually 2 tricks for this. One is with Dante and the 
    ever powerful pandora, but that  one takes some preparation and boils down to 
    luck. The one with Nero is a lot easier.  Missions starts, scarecrow spawns, 
    wait for it to spawn completely or you'll just knock  the poor guy down. Grab 
    him and hold him with the Aegis Shield, then Air Hike towards  your right, 
    past the Gyro Blade and into the little corridor. Don't go too far into the 
    corridor or else you'll get zoned out. Make sure to only Air Hike all the way 
    here to  prevent jumping chimera's from ruining your day. Slam the scarecrow 
    to rest here then  walk back to the chimeras and kill them in order from the 
    scarecrow's area towards the  spawn. The scarecrow can get himself into 
    trouble cuz he tends to wander back towards  the Gyro Blade area within 10-20 
    seconds of you slamming him down, so make sure that  area is clear first before 
    you clear the rest of the chimera's. Quick and easy way is  to Buster Rip the 
    chimeras, its a one hit kill. Clear all the chimera's and the shard is yours.
    Notes: Don't slam down the scarecrow more than once since it'll die.
    Additional Info:
    By James T.
         When you use the Buster Hold (Aegis Shield) on the scarecrow, you can
    streak forward from where you have spawned (or air hike) towards the staircase
    that leads to the entrance of the Combat Adjuticator building (where the
    water fountain is). This gives you a little more time and space to deal with
    the chimera's as they come up the stairs.
    [SM07] Secret Mission 07 (Free Running):
    Pre-Requisites: N/A
    Difficulty: {Trick} Medium {Normal} Hard
    Mission 12: A New Beginning (Dante), Mission 10: Wrapped In Glory (Nero
    Directions: You might have noticed this one as Nero in Mission 10 or you can 
    do it with  Dante in mission 12 if your going to do it legitly. As dante, it's 
    in the room after  you fight the Angelos in the circular room. It's directly 
    accross from the Divine  Statue.
    Practices: Various methods of evasion and blocking.
    Guide: There is 2 ways to do this. The Legit way is to use Dante with Royal 
    Blocker stance on. Just go through the level blocking and activate your DT 
    when you need  health. You can't go through the level blocking alone so you 
    will need to have some  skill in jump dodging the Mephisto's attacks, but be 
    careful of stray attacks that will  get you knocked out of the level.
    Second way is to kill the Mephistos off first, then merrily make your way 
    through without them bugging you. This is near impossible while on a platform 
    since any stray  attack will knock you off. So you have to activate the 
    platforms via the Hit Switch,  and then spawn the Mephistos then run back 
    to the hit switch and kill them there, in  the safety of non-dissapearing 
    ground. Keep in mind that the Mephistos spawn off the  second panel of the 
    first set that appears (Theres 2 squares that spawn off the start).  So you 
    have to get on the second panel first then hop back to spawn. Once you've 
    killed the mephistos, wait for the panels to reset (might take a while) 
    then redo it and the  fragment will be yours.
    *But of course theres always the Dante Missile pod way..but that's too 
    cheap to explain  here.. :P*
    [SM08] Secret Mission 08 (Royal Blocker):
    Pre-Requisites: N/A
    Difficulty: Very-Hard
    Mission 14: Forest of Ruin (You can get to this with Nero {Mission 07} but you 
    need  Dante to actually do it)
    Directions: At the very end of the stage (or almost the end), inside a little 
    gazebo  looking thing, go inside it and you'll see it. If your having trouble 
    finding it, look  for a big hollow log that normally has pods inside it. It's 
    right next to it.
    Practices: Royal Blocking :)
    Guide: This one is a royal pain in the ass (hah pun, gimme cookie) until you 
    figure out  the frame animations and sounds for this. Be ready to spend a few 
    K worth of life stars  here unless you don't mind restarting the mission from 
    the beginning. It is HIGHLY  reccomended that you save this mission for last, 
    or at least have 3/4 of your life  guage filled already, as this will save you 
    a glorious amount of retries. Also  recommended to fill your devil trigger 
    guage as you will be regenerating life with this  to further lessen the amount 
    of retries you will require. On with the good stuff.
    First and foremost, get rid of one of the mephisto's right off the bad. Just 
    chuck a  laser shot at it with pandora and slice it up. Try not to lose too 
    much if any health  at this point. Once your down to one Mephisto, we can get 
    down to business.
    A Royal Block consists of pressing B within 1/10th of a second of an enemy 
    attack  hitting you. This is very hard to do in an actual game given the 
    number of attacks, the  different number of enemies, and the precision 
    required to do it. However, this  essentially is a block that lets through 
    no damage whatsoever. Animation wise, a  regular block is a red bubble that 
    gets shown whenever an enemy hits you, a royal block  is the bubble with a 
    shockwave animation through it as well as a distinct clanging  sound. Regular 
    Blocks do not work and if you miss a royal block, then the counter resets.
    Mephisto's have 4 attacks. 3 of which are randomly used up close, and 1 of 
    which is  only used long range. I will focus on the 3 attacks as the last 
    attack should never  happen should you be positioned correctly.
    The first attack is the Whiny Finger of Doom. The Mephisto circles around 
    you once,  start's charging up his finger with an ominous whine, then pokes 
    you with it. Then you  go 'tee-hee'. Anyways..the trick I've found to 
    countering this one is the whine itself.  If you hear it enough, and aren't 
    tone deaf, then you will notice that the whine only  goes to a certain pitch 
    before attacking. Once you know what that highest pitch is,  thats when you 
    press B and you will execute your Royal Block.
    The second attack is the Hard Scythe. The Mephisto twirls around on the spot 
    first,  then attacks you with a 'scythe' from under his pants. The trick to 
    this is seeing the  twirl, and timing the attack from that. Normally, I press 
    B just as he's finishing the  twirl and that gives me the Block, but depending 
    on your reaction speed, this will  change so just time it around that area 
    and see when u get the block.
    The last attack is the Death Rush. The Mephisto moves back about 2 meters, 
    then rushes towards you in 2 steps. The trick to blocking this one is waiting 
    for that second  "step". When the mephisto moves back, he'll be quit a ways 
    back, then he'll dip down  and back up to about a meter away, then from there, 
    he rushes you very quickly. The  time to press be is just at the end of his 
    second step just before he rushes, because  he rushes fast enough for it to 
    Keep these in mind, position yourself in the middle of the room, and hold 
    [RB] at all  times and with a little bit of luck, the shard will be yours.
    Additional Info:
    By ImmoralFlame and Smoregishwash (Also submitted by 4 other people but
    I was a little late in updating so sry guys)
         This trick was submitted by several people and involves charging up
    the Royal Blocker guage (and getting lvl 4 Royal Blocker) and while you're
    doing your thing, If you block twice or 3 times in a row, activate
    Dreadnaught and for the last 2 or 3 royal blocks, even if you miss the
    timing, your counter won't go down. Gives you a little bit of leeway.      
    [SM09] Secret Mission 09 (Unbreakable):
    Pre-requisites: {Trick} Pandora, Air Hike {Normal} Tremendous amount of skill
    and reaction time
    Difficulty: {Trick} Easy {Normal} Very-Hard
    Mission 15: Fortuna Castle
    Directions: During the mission you'll encounter a tall spiral staircase, at 
    the very  bottom of the staircase, without exiting, you will see the mission 
    behind the wall  underneath the stairs. It sounds odd in text but you'll see 
    Practices: Not getting hit.
    Guide: This is by far the Hardest Mission to do legitimately since any hit will 
    fail the mission, and if you've encountered chimeras before, u know those 
    damn tentacles hit  VERY randomly. Trying to do it legitimately, the first 
    wave would be best to eliminate  the chimeras first, then kill the Dino Dudes. 
    But once the second wave comes along,  There really isn't much to say except 
    stay back and good luck?
    There is a very simple, however non-foolproof method to make your life a lot 
    easier.  Before doing this method however, make sure to have tried it normally 
    a few times just  so you can appreciate how much easier your life is. You need 
    Air Hike, and Pandora and  Dante in Gunslinger mode. Yes, that's right, we're 
    using the God-Pod. Out of all the  guns that Dante can use, the God-Pod does the
    most damage while being in the air. This  is essentially the trick to not being
    hit, however isn't entirely fool proof since some  of the mobs can jump (I only
    saw it happen once and it happened to quick for me to see  which mob it was, but
    i think it was a dino dude).
    Either way, it boils down to luck and you not getting jumped on or landing on 
    a chimera. This takes a bit of time, but no more than a minute or 2 at most. 
    Just do the  following: Start Round, Go to the Middle of the map, Jump, Airhike,
    Press [B] to  activate the pod, Spam X to fire the heat seeking missiles 
    (usually lets off 2 or 3  missiles at a time without having anything in your 
    Disaster Meter) and repeat. If all  goes well, then you should have the hardest 
    mission complete.
    Note: It is important to be in the very center of the map to prevent the 
    dino dudes from using their seed attack which can hit you in the air.
    [SM10] Secret Mission 10 (Puppet Master):
    Pre-requisites: Anima Mercury
    Difficulty: Medium
    Mission 05: Trisagion
    Directions: After the graveyard, you will end up in a bedroom that spawns some 
    scarecrows then some angelos. Kill all those, then above the fireplace, you'll 
    see a  mirror. Break it and it'll lead into a section which has the mission.
    Practices: Moving Gyroblades quickly and Efficiently.
    Guide: Fairly easy mission to learn, boils down to how well you can position 
    yourself and maneouver the GB. Theres really nothing to say since it's really 
    all up to you find  the towers first since its hard to explain all the 
    positions but I will leave you with  a few tips. When your going down straight 
    away, use the Super Spin (By hitting the GB  twice with ur sword) to give it 
    some good speed. If your going through a bend or you  only need a little bit 
    of distance, just use the Regular Spin, it will only go about  3-5 meters at 
    a time. And if you have to maneouver tight corners, like the last part of 
    this mission, then dont put any spin at all and just nudge it with your buster.
    Now for the first part, you should be able to easily get the towers around you, 
    dont  forget the one behind where you spawn. Towards the end, there are 
    3 around the same  area, i would suggest getting the ones outside the cage 
    first starting with the one on  the farthest corner, then the one in front 
    of the gate, then the one inside the gate.  Logic being that from the one 
    outside the gate, you have an easier time maneouvering  into the gate with 
    some speed, saving you some time.
    If you don't get it the first few times, it just takes some learning and a 
    little luck with ur busters. Soon you'll have your piece.
    [SM11] Secret Mission 11: Point of Impact
    Pre-requisites: Pandora with lazer attachment (Revenge), Ebony and Ivory?
    Difficulty: Hard
    Mission 16: Inferno
    Directions: Showing you where this is through text is pretty tricky since it 
    involves jumping around spots that don't really have any point of reference. 
    So....I'll just  show you a video of it. 
    http://youtube.com/watch?v=msL_2hAZZ9c Mission 11 is at around 4:32.
    Practices: Aiming the Pandora Laser.
    Guide: This one I labeled as hard because it takes some doing to actually aim 
    the blasted laser. This is probobly what most people wonder how to do and 
    various people have found ways but they didn't work for me, maybe I was just 
    doing it wrong. But the way I did find worked pretty well for me and I got 
    this done on my third try. The one  way I found to perfectly aim the laser is 
    to use your running direction as a guideline.  The statues on either side of 
    you are both at the end of long corridors. I got the one  on the bottom of the 
    stairs first. As you run down, keep an eye on the angle that your  going down 
    the stairs. It sounds odd when you read it but you should know what your 
    looking for when your actually doing it. As your running, make sure that the 
    stairs are  straight, if they aren't, adjust your movement slightly until 
    your going directly down  the middle of the stairs without veering off to 
    one side. If all goes well and by the  end of your run you are perfectly 
    straight, at the bottom of the steps press X and  activate the cannon, 
    once the cannon is out fire right away. As you are getting the  cannon 
    ready, you should be able to notice if your going to shoot straight or not 
    by the angle of the gun. If its still off, then its your change to change the 
    angle  slightly by moving FORWARD a bit then hitting X to activate and stop at 
    the same time.  To get it perfectly though, it's best to not have to do this 
    or you won't have time.
    Once you get that one, run back up the stairs and start dashing through. The 
    moment you  shoot the statue should be at about 20 seconds give or take a 
    second, if its more than  that its too slow. For the second statue use the 
    same method but since you don't have  as much distance to adjust, this ones 
    kind of a crapshoot, but as long as you get the  first one down quickly 
    enough, then the second one shouldn't take too long to get. Just  make sure 
    that your on the same level as the statue so that you dont have to adjust 
    up and down on the laser, only left and right.
    Good luck with this one.
    Additional Info:
    By Shaun M.
         (Not-Tested) According to this method, you don't have to use Pandora to
    shoot the statues. You can also use Ebony and Ivory. Here is the actual
    e-mail (paraphrased): I'll just say that from the forest is A and from 
    the HQ is B. By running down the stairs towards A, and about four steps away
    from the steps I was able to jump into the air and Rapid fire with E&I,
    shattering the statue. Running back to B, halfway across the bridge, I jumped
    and fired destroying the second one. This method takes approx. 27 seconds.
    If anyone tries this and succeeds please let me know, thanks.
    [SM12] Secret Mission 12: Steeplechase
    Pre-requisites: Pandora, A Full Disaster Guage
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Pratices: Done normally, this would help you with your jumping ability, but 
    who needs to learn that anyways? :P
    Mission 17: Adagio For Strings
    Directions: Going through the level, after you finish the street where you 
    fight the  Blob Slicers with the Scarecrows and Cannon Hounds, you go through 
    a door. Right after  the door, go right and there should be a trash can in 
    front of a gate. Destroy the trash can and reveal the mission.
    Guide: For this one I'm not even going to bother with the normal method. 
    You've done  this before in slow mo, but this time it's faster and with 
    harder jumps. And no slow mo  since you can only do this with Dante. Easiest 
    way is to come in the stage with a full Disaster Meter, double jump 
    (air hike) as high as you can, then activate the God-Pod  from the 
    gunslinger special [B]. Afterwards, safely fly over those menacing 
    electric currents and pick up your shard. A few things to keep in mind 
    is that with a full  Disaster meter, you have just enough juice to get 
    you to the other side, so don't  dilly-dally.
    And that is the last shard. Grand total of 4 bars worth of health. Good job! 
    Now find  those loose shards and you're ready for Bloody Palace!!
    Additional Info:
    By James T.
         If you don't have a full Disaster Guage for your Pandora, you can also
    leave it to chance and use Trickster with Airhike. If you Airhike and
    Air Dash over the lasers, and with a little luck of not landing on any
    lasers, you will be able to reach the shard within 2 or 3 dashes.
    By Darius R.
         If you charge up Royal Guard lvl 4 by blocking stuff then use the
    Dreadnaught ability, you can stinger through the lasers and takes a little
    under half the guage. So if you're a fan of Royal Blocker, then this method
    is for you. If you tend to use Pandora more, use the Pandora method. Just
    gives a little more options depending on the fighting style you use.
    Thanks for all the generous e-mails that you've sent and the tips and tricks
    that you have sent in. If there's something here that I've missed, just send
    me an e-mail and I'll be sure to update!
    Joe Guevara || inquitius@gmail.com || GT - Excruciatix
    Contact me via email (inquitius@gmail.com) if you have any questions, 
    comments, or suggestions about this guide. Just make sure that you put 
    the game name in the subject line, as I will delete the email thinking it 
    is spam if you don't.
    This document is Copyright (c) 2007 Joe "Excruciatix" Guevara. All Rights 
    Reserved.  This document may not be reproduced or retransmitted in any 
    form and under any  circumstances without the complete consent of the 
    author. It may not be sold, altered,  or published in any way without 
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