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"An overall pleasing experience and a worthy installment to the Devil May Cry legacy"


Well I just finished playing this game and wanted to share my thoughts on it from the perspective of a person who played the first three on PS2 but made the jump to 360 to play this game. Well let's just get right into it then shall we?

Graphics: 10/10

I've never been that huge on graphics which is why I see no problems with these graphics. They look great and realistic, they fit well, they're pleasing to look at...what else do you need? However one thing I will admit is that some of the shadows in this game look a little strange. Somewhat blurry and unnatural but that's probably the biggest flaw you'll find but if stuff like that doesn't bother you too much then you'll find the graphics to be perfect.

A lot of attention to detail has been made to the graphics such as Dante's unshaven face and Nero's devil arm and if you're a particularly astute observer you may even notice the small scar on the back of Lady's thigh from an injury she got back in Devil May Cry 3...wonderful attention to detail for the fans.

Now on to the cutscenes. Devil May Cry has always had impressive and fast paced, action-packed cutscenes and I thought initially that Devil May Cry 4 would have less of these since the new graphics engines are much harder to program for now days but this was not the case. You'll feel like you're watching a movie sometimes, the characters pull off all their crazy matrix-style moves you've come to love and they're actually even better than its predecessors pulled off and the animations are all smooth and lag free.

One thing I should warn you about though is what I said before about feeling like you're watching a movie. Now I know that when I play a game I don't want to feel like I'm watching a movie...I want to play the game. What I'm saying is that Devil May Cry 4 has many cutscenes scattered throughout the game and usually this would bother me but they are all so awesome and captivating that you'll be looking forward to them and they never feel interrupting to the game itself but just a heads up if you don't like lots of cutscenes in your games DMC4 has plenty of them so be prepared.

Sound: 8/10

Now the reason I gave this an 8 is because after playing DMC3 it set a high standard for me of what music should be like in a Devil May Cry game. What I mean by that is the first Devil May Cry game I played was the third one and the music was amazing in it especially some of the boss fight themes. Devil May Cry 4 has a great soundtrack and a few outstanding tracks come into mind but overall I felt there wasn't enough of that "awesome, sweet" boss battle and epic music that Devil May Cry 3 performed.

Don't let that get you down though because this game's music is still great. The intro particularly (depending on your tastes) is brilliant and a nice way to start the game.

Now as for sounds themselves...well what can be said. You've got all the traditional Devil May Cry sound effects such as the little "bong" that plays when you select something from the menu and the "get item" sound and all the hackin' and slashin' and gunnin' sound effects sound great and fit perfectly. I don't know what else to say except that you won't be disappointed here.

Gameplay: 10/10

Finally we come to what most consider to be the most important part of a game: the gameplay. Really it is true though, without decent and fun gameplay in your game the story, the graphics, the characters...everything aren't going to matter much. Luckily Devil May Cry has always been known for it's fun, addictive and pleasantly complex gameplay and this game does not change that.

This time around however you're not going to be using your hero Dante right off the bat instead you'll be starting out with newcomer Nero but while he looks exactly like Dante he fights very differently. At first you may be upset you don't get to control Dante but don't worry because after a few missions with Nero you'll be carving it up just like you used to with Dante and you'll see Nero can be just as badass.

The big new thing this game presents is what's known as The Devil Bringer. This is the name given to Nero's crazy demonic arm and it adds an exciting new element to the gameplay. You can use it to grab your enemies from afar and pull them to you allowing you to execute larger combo's more easily. If you're not targeting an enemy and you use it Nero will grab that enemy and depending on what kind of enemy it is he will slam them into the ground, twirl them around and toss them, beat the crap out of them with it and many other glamorous displays of ass kicking.

As with past Devil May Cry games you'll be able to upgrade your weapons and abilities and buy various items to help you out although the game tries to discourage you from buying items by raising the price of them every time you buy them. In past game you upgraded your abilities by spending Red Orbs that you find all over the game but while these orbs are still used to purchase items a different currency is used to purchase upgrades and new abilities. This new "currency" is the form of items called Proud Souls. You get more or less of these depending on how well you performed in a mission and your overall rank. This makes it a little harder to purchase upgrades especially if you're not quite as stylish with your attacks as I am.

Now to a negative point. This is where the game's biggest flaw comes in. You'll be traversing many cool and interesting locales but once you get to a certain point and you change characters you have to go back through those same areas again all the way back to the starting area of the game and this serves as the games second half which is a disappointment. You'll get over it though and the game is still fun but it may irritate you a little or a lot at first.

Story: 7/10

Again this is comparing this part to its Devil May Cry 3 equivalent. The story in this game is pretty good but compared to DMC3's story it felt lacking and lackluster and leaves some questions unaswered but not in a "you'll find out in the sequel" kind of way but rather "we screwed up and left in a few plotholes so you'll never know" kind of way leaving it up to the fans to theorize the answers.

The game starts with Dante breaking into the headquarters of a cult named The Order of the Sword who are modern day Sparda worshipers. Dante kills the leader sending the cult into panic and Nero ,a reluctant member of this cult and our main protagonist for this game, steps up to stop him before he can kill anyone else. Devil May Cry veterans may be a little disappointed by Dante not being the main character but it really is cooler to see him as a villain through the eyes of another. This game really does a good job at conveying how much Dante has grown since Devil May Cry 3 (a prequel and first in the series story wise) Anyway the two titants duke it out in traditional Devil May Cry fashion but ultimately the inexperienced Nero pales compared to the awesome strength of the Son of Sparda, Dante. About halfway through the game you'll switch characters from Nero to Dante and at first you'll be a little reluctant as up to that point you've grown accustom to Nero and his fighting style but Dante proves to be a great replacement.

Not to drag on and ruin everything but basically this event is the catalyst for the games story and sets everything in motion. I don't like to spoil much of the story in any game so just know that it works, is interesting and just enjoy it.


In case you're wondering what the differences are between the PS3 version and the 360 version are there really aren't any at all. I played the first three Devil May Cry games on PS2 but I don't have a PS3 and I was a little skeptical to play the game with a 360 controller but if you're in this situation then don't worry because you'll soon feel right at home with the new controller. There aren't any major (if any) graphical differences between the two either, no extra features that I know of...just the exact same game but on a different system. So if you have both a 360 and PS3 deciding between which version to get is just a matter of which controller you prefer.

Overall a great game and definitely worth checking out even if you're not a Devil May Cry fan and have never played a game in the series before. Some minor flaws hold it back a little but not enough to make it less than great. On a personal note a disappointment for me was the lack of Vergil (Dante's cool brother) in this game but that's because I'm a huge Vergil fan and probably won't matter to most of you but here's to hoping he'll be in Devil May Cry 5 :P

That brings us to the end. If you took the time to read all this than I sincerely thank you and I hope you enjoyed the read.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/11/08

Game Release: Devil May Cry 4 (Collector's Edition) (AU, 02/07/08)

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