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"Devil Got Nothing On This"

Oh Dante. How I missed you so. Your luscious looks. Cheesy one liners. Your... wait. This isn't Dante. Who the are you? Who said you could replace Dante? What was that? Your just as cool? Awesome. Let's hear it for Nero!!(silence). Well, you may not know who Nero is but there is no doubt that he is indeed a great addition to the series and a great change of pace. Devil May Cry 4 for(for the XBox 360) has stumbled in my grascious hands. So, fellow programs, let the mayhem commence or my favorite one liner "Slam Dunk!!" Oh yeah.

Story: The Devil May Cry series has a deep story that spans itself amongst four games. Though each game presents great story presentations, the creators leave out a lot of plot holes and that of Nero's past. Nero is a integral part of the story, perhaps more important than Dante *gasp*. There just isn't much told about Nero and how he got in possession of the demon arm. As little told as it is, the story is indeed great. Our beloved Nero goes out on a mission to stop Dante(which will change) and to save his love Kyrie. A very emotional story line that many would consider Nero to be an emo(trust me he's not) who shows a lot of emotions and loads of anger and he literally pummles his enemies to death.. As little fleshed out as some of the characters are, it's not much of a downfall. Just kind of have to go with the flow of things. Dante on the other hand is still important and he is as funny as ever. Flinging out one liners left and right just like Nero. Perhaps too cheesy but that's what we love about them.

Graphics: Gorgeous!! Stunning!! The graphics for this game is nothing short of A-M-azing. The video clips in between gameplay is over the top and extreme. Acrobatics galore and more slicing than you can shake a stick at. If you like watching the matrix, blade, or any other over the top action like the Metal Gear Solid games, than you'll love this. Though two things bother me. One, their isn't much of a physics environment when it pertains to yourself. You clothes don't blow around when there is high wind and when you are stabbed litterly everywhere there are no marks on your character. Nero litterly gets stabbed by a sword in the chest and there is no rip in his clothes what so over. Perhaps not a huge deal but it's funny.

Gameplay: This is by all means a pure, poop your pants, action game. Requiring you to stay on your toes and string combos. The game may pull off a few cheap shots here and there but the game does a good job of not attacking you if they are not on the screen. The game just requires skill and if you rush in attacking you'll have your butt handed to you on a platter. It's what makes the game great. If you work hard enough, you shall be rewarded. Just takes time leveling up your moves and abilities. It's pretty much the premises.

Nero is your lead character for much of the game and it's whom you start with. Nero has a special ability called the devil bringer. What's amazing about it is your ability to grab foes and swing them, slam them, throw them, suplex them (yes you can), stab them, etc. There is so many unique attacks with it. The bosses are the real treat though. Whenever the boss is vulnerable you'll be able to grab them and perform a series of attacks that really hurt. And boy, are they really cool to watch and make you feel powerful. It's nothing I've seen before. It's kind of like the action button in Kingdom Hearts 2 if you had ever played that game. Also Nero has the Red Queen (his sword) that can be revved up when needed to boost your attacks. The blue rose is his revolver like gun. And last but not least his devil trigger with the Yamato. In this state his attacks are powered up and gains special attacks.

Dante still has his same style of moves with a few new tricks up his sleeves. Dante has a total of 5 moves which include Trickster(dodging), Gunslinger(fancy shooting moves), Royal Guard(defend against attacks and deal out def. attacks) and Sword Master( special devil arm attacks) and Darkslayer(new). His new devil arms like Pandorra Box and Lucifer along with his old ones Ebony and Ivory and coyote and his trusty Stinger sword. Lucifer utilizes magic swords against enemies (quite powerful) and Pandorra's Box transforms into 6 different weapons that do devastating things all in the form of a briefcase. I know amazing aye? The coolest thing about these weapons and styles is that you'll be able to switch all of them on the fly while playing. Awesomeness. And lastly he has his devil trigger which transforms him into a demon none the less that deals extreme damage.

Sound: Great sound. The music was great and no annoying tracks to listen. When it's sad it's sad. When it pumped up it's well...pumping up. The voice acting was nice even though with all the cheesiness sometimes.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/19/08

Game Release: Devil May Cry 4 (US, 02/05/08)

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