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"So, what are you expecting with DMC4?"

So, I've been playing DMC4 for the past week and thought I should talk about it a little.

Visually, the game is one of the best looking titles to date. Providing you have a decent monitor, or HDTV, you can't really fault the graphics in any way, aside from the fact that they've put extreme detail into His Highness' facial texture over the rest of the cast. This is a minor gripe though, and it isn't really worth worrying about.

Gameplay is what I wanted out of this game, and now I'm up to mission 17. It's rare for a game to keep me going back to it as I'm usually simultaneously playing multiple titles at once, and lose interest in the ones which aren't my thing. I'm playing on Devil Hunter (Normal) and it's actually quite easy. Odd, because most DMC games are known for difficulty. I've died here and there - nothing that you can't continue on. Alternatively the game asks you if you wish to use a Gold Orb and continue after dying - from where you died.

Unfortunately things like this make the bosses extremely easy as it's unlikely you won't be able to kill them in a single life, or continuing from one. Most bosses have an attack pattern which you're typically able to figure out during the first time playing against them. Another thing in this game is that recurring bosses (and there's at least 3) haven't really bothered to change their attack patterns and present themselvs as a one-trick pony. If not, you can just dodge and learn, as no boss presents unavoidable attacks.

I've yet to finish Devil Hunter or play any other hard modes, but I know for a fact that there's only 20 missions. There isn't a great deal of enemies in this game and they're spread out to be more "fitting" in the environment (ice enemies are in the snowy parts, etc) which really strips the game of gameplay. There's enough gameplay to be had in this game to keep you wanting more, but there isn't more to give. This gme is more about dealing with a specific group of enemies while trying to get your stylish meter as high as possible.

Control wise, everything seems reasonable aside from a few issues I've found. Firstly, when the camera changes position, the chances are the controls will reset (going towards the screen -> screen appears behind you -> you accidentally start walking towards the screen again) themselves for the new angle. This isn't new to DMC and they haven't taken any effort into making the transitions between areas any less annoying.

Secondly, by the time I hit mission 17 I realized that Dante has way too many weapons to choose from. Switching between them during battle is tedious, as you have to use the left and right trigger buttons. At least, you do if you have the 360 version. One of the main reasons why this is annoying isb ecause weapons are on the RT button, guns are on the LT button. But you aren't given the option to scroll backwards through the weapons, you just need to keep going through until you hit the one you want. I'm not sure if they've done anything about this for the PS3 version though.

A large variety of weapons isn't necessarily a bad thing, but the amount of abilities that Dante acquires once he's playable, over the amount of weapons in which Nero has on offer, is a bit overwhelming. Chances are, you're going to stick with a certain weapon and not bother with the rest, making them almost a complete waste. If you're into melee, you're probably going to prefer Gilgamesh.

Once Dante obtains the Pandora, which is basically an interchangable cannon that fires rockets, there's little to no reason why you owuld want to bother with the shotgun or pistols again. It's so powerful (not to mention cool looking), and upgradable, too. If you're using it, you can switch it into a stronger cannon by pressing left or right three times while holding X, and an even bigger cannon (laser type of thing) by... well, rotating the analogue stick works for both. The second one is quite useful against most enemies.

In comparison to the original DMC1, I don't think it's grabbed my attention as much. It follows the same traits as the original, in which you have to (spoiler) go through an area, do your business, and backtrack all the way to the beginning.

The main problem with this game is the difficulty. Human is "you're going to breeze through it" mode, Devil Hunter is "you might die a handful of times, but it's not challenging" mode. These options are the only ones presented from the beginning of the game.

It's definitely one of the better action games available for the PS3 and 360, but if you aren't a fan of DMC then I must insist people take time into renting this, not directly buying. This is the kind of game which I can see might disappoint hardcore DMC fans, and might bore newcomers with such easy difficulty. People who are wanting God Hand style difficulty may pass, unless you're willing to go through the game before unlocking harder modes.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/21/08

Game Release: Devil May Cry 4 (US, 02/05/08)

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