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"DMC4 is the frikkin' shizznitz."

The devil may cry series is not a super epic tale of a good half demon guy killing a bunch of evil demons. Dante is probably one of THE coolest game characters ever made, and as he does the cheesiest things I've ever seen in a game, he seems to be the only one that can pull off the phrases and actions he does.

The hujangus difference in this game(there have been very few changes in the games over the past 3 games), is that the main character of the story is not Dante, but a calm, emotional, impatient kid named Nero. Now, Nero looks very similar to Dante, but the color of their clothes are reversed.(Kobayashi apparently wanted to put someone different in there, but didn't want to change the look too much, or something along those lines). The thing that makes Nero special is that during an demon attack on his city, a special one touched his arm and changed it all demon-fied. The game is your basic run around hack and slash, but THE MOST badass one of all because you can shoot bad guys in the face with guns.

Gameplay 10/10
The game play, being a basic hack and slash, but because it's DMC it stands as the most badass one ever. You upgrade skills, gain more combos, stronger finishing moves, different ways to avoid attacks, and you can shoot people in the face with demonic bullets. And Nero's right arm(yeah he swings his sword with his left hand, pretty interesting) he can grab demons and throw them into the floor. It can also grab enemies from far away and bring them to you, which is great. It also look different depending on which enemy you grab and throw.

Music: 9/10
The music is plain ole' DMC music, some hybrid of hardcore sounds and junk that totally fit the game, but wouldn't work in anyway with any other game.

Story: 10/10
I actually think this is a stronger point of the game. I feel they concentrated on the story a lot more than they have in the previous ones. The whole thing with Nero and Kyrie seems to me, has made this game a lot more story heavy than the other ones. With Nero, being a COMPLETELY different character personality wise. Still badass, but very different from Dante. That being so they can form a completely different kind of story because of it. Kyrie gets kidnapped and Nero risks everything to get her back. Very nice. Dante, just wants to seal the demons away again and get back his brother's sword. You just gotta play the game, I think it was done very well.

Difficulty level: 9/10
it wasn't as hard as the 3rd game, but that was extremely fun. It's very much like the 1st game and becomes as hard as the 3rd towards the end, but not to the extreme of the 3rd game. So it's playable and not damn near impossible like the 3rd.

Overall: 10/10
Overall this game is great. It's one of the most well done hack and slash games, the story has been very well done this time around the characters Nero and Dante, are super awesome in this game, and it's just all the stuff you love about DMC, but even cooler in this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/31/08

Game Release: Devil May Cry 4 (Collector's Edition) (US, 02/05/08)

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