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"They Focused A Little Too Much on Graphics, But Still a Great Game"

POINT OF GAME: Control Nero, the awesome new DMC protagonist, as you attempt to uncover the truth about Dante and about the mysterious outbreak of Demons in the city. Use new weapons and abilities to eliminate demons in the most stylish way possible.

GRAPHICS (10/10): To put it bluntly, the graphics are just spectacular. Every single effect, every single environment, and every single character model are fun to just stare at. The game's environments really captivate the player with it's Gothic and natural look. The game's framerate is impressive and a lot can be said with the particle effects of weapons. The game is the most realistic looking DMC yet.

SOUND QUALITY (8.5/10): The music in the game is just to die for. It ranges from vocal music you'd usually hear in churches, while the rest of the music is a mixture of Gothic music and metal or hard rock. The sound effects are sharp and sound really great. The's kind of lackluster. Much of it is pretty cheesy and a little too short, plus Nero whining over Kyrie will just make you laugh, but will also leave you thinking that he's acting like a whiny little child (most of the time he isn't though, he's really cool). Fortunately, Dante sounds as cool as ever. But still, the dialogue could 've been a lot better.

CONTROLLING AND PLAYABILITY (8/10): The controls for DMC 4 on the 360 are pretty much okay, although some controls for the attacks are a bit hard to grasp and sometimes happen if you just button-mash. Repeatedly pressing random buttons is sometimes just as effective as pressing them correctly to get the right attack. The lack of camera rotation in certain situations of the game, like in a fixed camera position, can be pretty offsetting.

ENTERTAINMENT (8.25/10): The story is decent, though some spots could use a little more work. The action will certainly keep you enthralled, however. So many ways to kill enemies and always striving to get that S ranking in a mission will keep you challenging this game for quite some time. Nero's moves are pretty good, though his gun is so weak, even with upgrades, that he may as well just be throwing the bullets at the demons. Dante's moves are pretty good, although he has fewer weapons in this game and they're kind of weak compared to weapons he received in the past three games. Plus, you only use Dante in seven missions. The enemies are better than ever, however, quite a few boss battles are too easy.

REPLAY SCORE: 3 out of 5
Good for quite some time, but the fun won't last for very long.

THE GOOD: Graphics are spectacular and the action is still very addicting. The entertainment, although a little flawed, is still just as great as ever. The music is fun to listen to and sound effects are awesome. The enemies will certainly provide a good enough challenge as well.

THE BAD: There is always something amiss with the dialogue and the control scheme is a little rough around the edges. Also, some of the boss battles are so easy, it's not even funny.

THE BOTTOM-LINE: Capcom certainly knows how to keep a series alive. Even with its few major flaws, the game is still worth your time. The action is fast-paced and heavy with excitement. The story isn't great, but not terrible either. The sound quality is okay, save for the mediocre dialogue. Overall, this is a game that is a definite keeper.

SUBSCORE*: 8.68 out of 10


*Not rounded to nearest quarter point.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/14/08

Game Release: Devil May Cry 4 (US, 02/05/08)

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