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Reviewed: 08/03/12

Wish you would've noticed me earlier. Now my coat's all charred." ~Dante~ mission 16~

The game Devil May Cry 4 has a very long and complex back ground it will take very long time to type up here is the general back ground of the game. In the beginning takes place in a church where a session of praying to the "Savior"(they could not say god I guess) was commencing. This is all ruined when Dante breaks in and murders the priest, or "His Holiness" as the people call him and all hell breaks loose from there. Now you must play as Nero, a youth with a posseesed arm(devil bringer) that must hunt down Dante. But not everything is as it seem.

The game play is rather simple until you change players then it is a little hard at first but it become really as simple as before. The game can keep most people interest for quite along time.

In the Story Line you repeat areas a lot with new objective every time you enter the area after a couple of mission the enimies can get annoying after awhile but baring through the enimeis in their common area it is rare to see them out of their area but if you do a time or to it isnt alot to worry about.The environments for the most part are nice to look at but seem repetitive.As I mention earlier you revist area with new objectives. The Game is split between 2 players. You play as Nero for the first 11 missions and then you play as Dante for the next 7 missions and you go back to Nero for the last 2 missions. It seems like a nice Idea and it would be, if it was not an afterthought. Once you enter Dante's missions, you will get a different combat options but you will have to go through the environments Nero went through backwards. This was not a good idea.

The graphic and sound are quite good the only things that could effect your game play is lighting and the delay from hitting button and the corisponding action happening on the screen but look past those issue can make it a great gaming experience

the play through time varries per person it took me over 20 hours of game play because I am not the best gamer. you can exept over 10 hour of game play to beat the game not counting replaying missions. .It is worth replaying because you can change how hard it is there about 6 levels to choose from when they are all unlocked if you are just playing the game you have 2 levels to choose from which are Human and Devil Hunter modes.

If you get the game it 100% worth playing I have played and beat it about 5 times so get the game you wont be sorry about it.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Devil May Cry 4 (US, 02/05/08)

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