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    Walkthrough by vhayste

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                                   A C E  C O M B A T  6
                                  - Fires of Liberation -
         |:|_ Walkthrough by Vhayste®_
         |:|_ Email: Vhayste@gmail.com
         |:|_ Website: http://vhayste.blogspot.com/
         |:|_ Gamertag: paul vhayste
         1:24 PM 12/2/2007 -------------------- Main Faq completed
         7:29 AM 12/26/2007 ------------------- Added Aircraft List
         8:31 AM 12/26/2007 ------------------- Added SP Weapon List
         9:04 AM 12/26/2007 ------------------- Added Aces List
         9:52 AM 12/26/2007 ------------------- Added Medals List
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                                                Added minor fact abt ESM
         I.   COPYRIGHT
         II.  AUTHOR'S NOTE
                 CONTROLS ---------------------------------------- GSG001
                 HUD --------------------------------------------- GSG002
                 BASIC FLIGHT OPERATION -------------------------- GSG003
                 (Taking off, landing)
                 TACTICAL TRAINING ------------------------------- GSG004
                 (Plane Selection, Weapons System)
                 COMBAT MANUEVERS -------------------------------- GSG005
                 (Includes Defensive Manuevers)
                 ALLIED/ WINGMAN COMMANDS ------------------------ GSG006
                 ESM SUPPORT ------------------------------------- GSG007
                 MISCELLANEOUS ----------------------------------- GSG008
                 01: INVASION OF GRACEMERIA ---------------------- WLK001
                 02: VITOZE AERIAL DEFENSE ----------------------- WLK002
                 03: SIPLI FIELD --------------------------------- WLK003
                 04: BARTOLOMEO FORTRESS ------------------------- WLK004
                 05: ANEA LANDING -------------------------------- WLK005
                 06: SIEGE ON SILVAT ----------------------------- WLK006
                 07: SELUMNA PEAK -------------------------------- WLK007
                 08: SAN LOMA ASSAULT ---------------------------- WLK008
                 09: HEAVY COMMAND CRUISER ----------------------- WLK009
                 10: RAGNO FORTRESS ------------------------------ WLK010
                 11: THE MOLOCH DESERT --------------------------- WLK011
                 12: WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION ----------------- WLK012
                 13: THE LIBERATION OF GRACEMERIA ---------------- WLK013
                 14: GRACEMERIA PATROL --------------------------- WLK014
                 15: CHANDELIER ---------------------------------- WLK015
         V. AIRCRAFT LIST ---------------------------------------- ALC000
                 F-16c “Fighting Falcon” ------------------------- ALC001
                 Mirage 2000-S ----------------------------------- ALC002
                 A-10A “Thunderbolt II”--------------------------- ALC003
                 Tornado GR.4 ------------------------------------ ALC004
                 F/A-18F “SuperHornet” --------------------------- ALC005
                 F-2A “Viper Zero” ------------------------------- ALC006
                 F-14D “SuperTomcat” ----------------------------- ALC007
                 SU-33 “Flanker” --------------------------------- ALC008
                 F-15E “Strike Eagle” ---------------------------- ALC009
                 Rafale M “Squall” ------------------------------- ALC010
                 F-117 “Nighthawk” ------------------------------- ALC011
                 TYPHOON ----------------------------------------- ALC012
                 SU-47 “Berkut” ---------------------------------- ALC013
                 F-22A “Raptor” ---------------------------------- ALC014
                 CFA-44 “Nosferatu” ------------------------------ ALC015
         VI. SP WEAPON LIST -------------------------------------- SPW000
                 ADMM –------------------------------------------- SPW001
                 BDSP -------------------------------------------- SPW002
                 ECMP -------------------------------------------- SPW003
                 EML --------------------------------------------- SPW004
                 FAEB -------------------------------------------- SPW005
                 GPB --------------------------------------------- SPW006
                 LASM -------------------------------------------- SPW007
                 QAAM -------------------------------------------- SPW008
                 RCL --------------------------------------------- SPW009
                 SAAM -------------------------------------------- SPW010
                 SFFS -------------------------------------------- SPW011
                 SOD --------------------------------------------- SPW012
                 UGB --------------------------------------------- SPW013
                 XAGM -------------------------------------------- SPW014
                 XLAA -------------------------------------------- SPW015
                 XMA4 -------------------------------------------- SPW016
                 XMA6 -------------------------------------------- SPW017
         VII. ACES LIST ------------------------------------------ ACS000
                 MISSION 01: #13 PEGAS --------------------------- ACS001
                 MISSION 02: #14 EDINOROG ------------------------ ACS002
                 Mission 03: #15 DRAKON -------------------------- ACS003
                 Mission 04: #16 KENTAVR ------------------------- ACS004
                 Mission 05: #17 ORYOL --------------------------- ACS005
                 Mission 06: #18 VEGA ---------------------------- ACS006
                 Mission 07: #19 DZHOKER ------------------------- ACS007
                 Mission 08: #20 RUSALKA ------------------------- ACS008
                 Mission 09: #21 FENIKS -------------------------- ACS009
                 Mission 10: #22 OBLAKO -------------------------- ACS010
                 Mission 11: #23 RYTSARY ------------------------- ACS011
                 Mission 12: #24 FLYUGER ------------------------- ACS012
                 Mission 13: #25 VALET --------------------------- ACS013
                 Mission 14: #26 DAMA ---------------------------- ACS014
                 Mission 15: #27 KOBOL --------------------------- ACS015
         VIII. MEDALS LIST --------------------------------------- MDL000
                SERVICE MEDALS ----------------------------------- MDL01A
                BRONZE ACE --------------------------------------- MDL001
                SILVER ACE --------------------------------------- MDL002
                GOLD ACE ----------------------------------------- MDL003
                BRONZE MARKSMAN ---------------------------------- MDL004
                SILVER MARKSMAN ---------------------------------- MDL005
                GOLD MARKSMAN ------------------------------------ MDL006
                NEEDLE’S EYE ------------------------------------- MDL007
                NIGHT OWL ---------------------------------------- MDL008
                RAGING FALCON ------------------------------------ MDL009
                BLAZING GRIFFIN ---------------------------------- MDL010
                GUARDIAN ----------------------------------------- MDL011
                QUICKSILVER -------------------------------------- MDL012
                SHARPSHOOTER ------------------------------------- MDL013
                LEGENDARY ACE ------------------------------------ MDL014
                BRONZE STAR -------------------------------------- MDL015
                SILVER STAR -------------------------------------- MDL016
                GOLD STAR ---------------------------------------- MDL017
                PLATINUM STAR ------------------------------------ MDL018
         IX. ACHIEVEMENTS ---------------------------------------- ACHVMT
         X. Q&A SECTION ------------------------------------------ Q&A000
         XI. CREDITS --------------------------------------------- CRD000
         |                          C O P Y R I G H T                     |
         This document is copyrighted to me, Vhayste®. It is intended for
         ~PRIVATE~ use only. It cannot be used in ANY form of printed or
         electronic media involved in a commercial business, in part or in
         whole, in any way, shape, or form. It cannot be used for profitable
         or promotional purposes, regardless of the situation. Breaking any of
         these rules is in direct violation of copyright law.
         This document is protected by copyright law and international treaties.
         Unauthorized reproduction and distribution of this document, or any
         portion of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and
         will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law. Any
         characters, names, places, or miscellaneous objects are copyright of
         their respective companies.
         Images shown in this document are originally produced by the author by
         taking his own screenshots and editing them via an image editing
         software; hence these images can’t be used/ reproduced in any form
         unless the author said so. Unauthorized distribution of any resources
         found in this document, a part of the document or as a whole is
         considered violation of the copyright law.
         |                     A U T H O R' S  N O T E                    |
         This will be my first guide for the Xbox 360 and I am glad that I was
         given the chance to cover a great game. If you have read my works,
         you should know that I am a fan of the Ace Combat series. I played all
         the versions out except for the Playstation titles.
         Any feedback from you guys is very much appreciated. If you have
         corrections or suggestions tell me so; remember that I am doing this
         for FREE and I am investing my time and effort to make this guide as
         helpful as possible. I will try to cover everything that needs to be
         covered but I can’t guarantee you that this will be perfect.
         That’s all and I hope you will find this guide useful. An exclusive
         PDF version of this guide is available under IGN as well. The guide
         features actual screenshots of the gameplay and helpful tips.
         Both versions (TXT and PDF) will be updated at the same time, though
         you will just find the PDF version in IGN only. This text guide will
         be posted on other gaming sites.
         Link to PDF Guide = <http://faqs.ign.com/articles/839/839286p1.html>
         |                   FLIGHT SCHOOL (GETTING STARTED)              |
         NOTE: If you are an Ace Combat pilot before and already familiar with
         the game basics, you may skip this tutorial.
         The button configuration is generally the same as the previous
         versions of the game. But there are some additions as well, including
         the all new “Allied” command/orders. This will be discussed in detail
         later on.
         The following layout that will be covered in this section is Type A
         which is the game’s default. You can change the control type from the
         game options.
         Press the RIGHT TRIGGER to accelerate. Press the RIGHT BUMPER to yaw
         Hold RT to activate afterburners and gain a speed boost. Note that
         the turning angle is wide when traveling at high speeds.
         Press LEFT TRIGGER to accelerate. Press the LEFT BUMPER to yaw to the
         Hold LT to activate air brakes. Air braking for too long may cause
         your aircraft to stall. Air braking is necessary to make sharp turns
         in maneuvers.
         ||Flight Control||
         Hold the Left Analog button down to point the plane’s nose up and
         vice versa. Hold it to the left or the right to roll the plane left
         or right.
         Press the left analog button to lower the landing gear during
         mid-battle landings.
         ||Camera Control||
         Use the right analog stick to control the camera angle freely.
         Press it to change into different views.
         ||Wingman/ Allied Command||
         Press the UP D-PAD (directional pad) to order your wingman to attack
         the target (s) in front of you. Press the DOWN D-PAD to order your
         wingman to cover you.
         When the AS (Allied Support Gauge) fills up, press and hold the UP
         button to request a coordinated attack against the targets in front
         of you. Request a coordinated allied cover by pressing the DOWN
         Press the LEFT or RIGHT D-pad to highlight enemy forces for each
         Press the start button to pause the game and open the menu during the
         mission. Here, you can view your main objective and the objectives
         for each operation.
         The start button is also used for cancelling landing and take off
         ||Toggle SP weapon/Missile||
         Use the select button to toggle between missiles and SP weapons.
         ||Fire Machine Gun ||
         Use the A button to fire your plane’s machine gun.
         || Fire missile/ SP weapon||
         Press the B button to fire missiles or SP weapons, depending on which
         one is active. Press and hold to track down the missile or SP weapon
         as it hits the target.
         || Change Targets||
         Press the Y Button to change targets.
         ||Toggle Map modes||
         Press the X Button to toggle map views.
         Knowing the meaning of every information showed in the screen is
         vital for every pilot. The HUD displays various details about your
         plane and your surroundings. It also displays all you need to know
         during missions.
         Here is the basic rundown of the information that you will see when
         For the labeled screenshot of the hud, you can check out this link:
         1.	 Active Target – This nifty little screen displays the actual unit/
             target you are currently locked on. It is real-time, as you can
             see if the target is destroyed, gunned down or even while firing.
             The enemy’s health will be displayed here as well.
         2.  Destroyed Targets – Displays are recently destroyed targets and
             their corresponding points.
         3.  Map – Displays all main targets, enemy units, allied units, etc.
             Allied and Enemy ESM range will be shown here as well.
         4.  Operation – toggle in between operations to highlight all targets.
             This is a good way to filter and prioritize targets since just
             viewing all targets in all operations is really messy and
         5.  Wingman/ Allied Command – Order your wingman or allies to attack/
             cover you. Note that the Allied Support (AS) gauge should be
             filled first before you can request assistance from your allied
             units. Fill it by successfully completing an operation and
             destroying enemies. Wingman commands can be issued indefinitely.
         6.  AS Gauge – Call in allied support once your AS gauge reach a
             certain level.
         7.  Radio Chatter – This where you can read all transmissions from
             allied, enemy or neutral forces. AWACS (Ghost Eye) messages are
             also displayed here.
         8.  Score – The total score you have acquired so far.
         9.  Speed – Your aircraft’s speed. Stalling speed for your aircraft
             can be monitored here.
         10. Timer – The time remaining to complete the mission/ objective
         11. Altitude – Displays the altitude of the plane. An automatic
             warning system will inform you if you are flying dangerously low.
         12. Multi-function display:
         ESM  : Current ESM level. The higher level, the more effective your
                missiles will be.
         GUN  : The remaining ammo of your machine gun
         MSSL : The remaining missiles you have in stock.
         [SP] : The remaining SP weapon you have in stock.
         DMG  : The amount of damage sustained. Your plane is destroyed when
                it reaches 100%
         In this section we will discuss the basic flight operations you will
         need to perform during missions. That includes taking off, landing,
         mid-air refueling, mid-battle take-off/landing, and carrier take-off/
         || TAKING OFF ||
         As you are deployed on each mission, you will need to take off.
         Commonly, you will need to take off from your home airbase. Taking
         off is quite easy. Once you get the clearance to take off, accelerate
         until you reach at least 150MPH then pull your plane’s nose up. Just
         keep ascending until you get a message that the altitude restrictions
         are cancelled. You are good to go after that.
         || LANDING ||
         Landing in AC6 is a bit simpler compared to its predecessors. When
         you are ready to land, you will just be a mile of the runway and
         already in a straight path. You just need to ease up on the airbrakes,
         and approach the runway while gently pointing your plane’s nose in a
         smooth angle. Don’t brake too hard or you’ll stall. Just apply enough
         pressure on the left trigger as you observe your plane slowly
         Once your tires hit the runway, brake hard to give the plane a sudden
         stop. Landing successful.
         || FRONTLINE LANDING ||
         In some missions where some operations require you to defend or take
         control of an airbase, successfully clearing it will allow you to use
         the airport as your resupply/repair station during the course of
         battle. Landing with enemies around you is very risky and you are
         very vulnerable while attempting to land. If you really need to land
         for repairs and resupplying, make sure you order your allies to
         provide you with cover or have them attack all enemies first.
         To perform a mid-battle landing, approach the runway. Once you get
         into appropriate distance, the control tower will notify you that you
         are cleared the land. Lower your landing gear by clicking the Left
         Analog button. You can abort the landing anytime by raising your
         landing gear (click the analog button again) or just fly by the
         || FRONTLINE TAKE-OFF ||
         Taking off in the heat of the battle is not that hard. Apply the same
         take off procedures but make it fast. Remember that you still
         vulnerable during take off so get off the ground as soon as
         || CARRIER LANDING ||
         Carrier landing is a bit easier in AC6. Approach the flight deck
         while slowly descending. Just don’t hit the brakes too hard or you’ll
         stall. Once you felt your tires touch the deck, hit hard on the
         || CARRIER TAKE-OFF ||
         Taking off from a carrier is fairly easy. Once you are cleared to
         take off, hit the afterburners and the deck catapult will launch the
         aircraft from 0-200 mph. Once your tires leave the runway (which
         usually happens in less than a second), raise your plane’s nose and
         head to the skies.
         || AERIAL REFUELING ||
         Aerial Refueling can be a bit tricky in case you drift off course.
         Fortunately, there is only one instance in the game that you will
         need to perform a mid-air refueling and you will start directly at
         the optimum path towards the tanker.
         As you start the sequence, approach the tanker slowly, throttle up
         gently. Avoid touching your flight stick to avoid changing directions.
         In case you have changed directions, try getting the diamond marker
         aligned with your marker.
         Once you reached the tanker, hold your position a bit and refueling
         will initiate automatically.
         |               T A C T I C A L   T R A I N I N G                |
                                  - GSG004 -
         Now, we will run through the layout of basic combat operations. This
         includes mission briefing, plane selection, weapons systems, combat
         maneuvers, allied/ wingman commands, ESM support and battlefield
         || MISSION BRIEFING ||
         Some players may find this part of the game boring and may just skip
         to the battle at once, only to discover they don’t know what to do
         later on. It’s a cardinal sin and a part of stupidity for pilots.
         These pre-mission orientations are really important. You will know
         all the separate operations to be conducted simultaneously and the
         allied detachments that will participate in battle. As you have known,
         most missions have several operations taking place and you have the
         choice to provide support to any of them. Since you are only required
         to meet the quota out of the deployed operations, you can finish the
         mission even if you were not able to meet the other teams.
         For example, the mission has three operations and you have a quota of
         two. That means that you just need to finish two out of the three
         active operations for that mission.
         Furthermore, the briefing’s most important use is to provide much
         needed intel about the enemy forces, the terrain and the background of
         the mission. You will now the type of enemies you may encounter
         including your main objective, which will also help you to decide
         which plane and weapons to bring.
         || PLANE SELECTION  ||
         Selecting the proper plane for the mission is self-explanatory. Each
         plane has their own strengths and weaknesses, including their SP
         weapon set and payload. You wouldn’t be bringing an A-10A attacker
         (unless you are seeking challenge) to mission where heavy aerial
         battle and dogfighting is expected.
         There are three major groups of planes. Each of them is classified
         according to their performance, ordinance and the types of missions
         they are best suited. Choosing what plane to bring for a mission will
         determine your survival when deployed.
         These aircrafts are bombing specialist and ground target killers.
         They excel in flying at subsonic speeds while “hugging the deck” or
         flying low. They have heavy armors that make them sturdy enough to
         withstand enemy fire. Their weakness however, is their stiff
         maneuverability. It will be hard to avoid enemy missiles just by
         evading it. Attackers are also capable of engaging enemy ships.
         Normally referred to as “bombers”, they carry enough ordinances to
         destroy large groups of ground units. Newer bombers are faster, more
         agile and more maneuverable.
         Aircrafts built for engaging enemy fighters and air targets. They are
         agile, quick and deadly. They are also deployed to escort transports
         and bombers, defend bases and even protect the fleet. They are
         capable of turning sharply at very high speeds as well.
         The weaknesses of fighters include lesser armor to make the plane
         lighter but making it more vulnerable against enemy fire and their
         sensitivity when attacking the ground can make the plane wobbly and
         These aircrafts are the hybrid or the cross between fighters and
         attackers. Their main strength lies in their all-around attributes
         and capability of being deployed on any mission. They have the
         strength, speed and agility of fighters and the toughness and
         stability of attackers.
         Multiroles are even better the weaknesses of the other two fighter
         types are covered by the other.
         Another minor plane type is the Jammers. They carry electronic
         equipment that interferes with the enemy communications, radar and
         ETS. They are playable in the game, but some planes have ECMP as
         a SP weapon instead.
         || WEAPONS SYSTEM ||
         This section will provide you the basics of using/deploying/selecting
         different weapons you have equipped in your plane. Obviously, each
         plane has different sets of special weapons and their payload
         determines the amount of missiles and SP weapons they can carry.
         You also need to bring the SP weapon appropriate for the mission. You
         wouldn’t want to bring bombs if you are expecting enemy air units in
         || FIRING MISSILES||
         Your missiles are your basic, multi-purpose weapons. They can hit
         ground, air, and naval targets. They are faster compared to some A-A
         SP weapons and have average damage. Most of the time, one to two
         missiles are enough to destroy enemy targets.
         You will need to lock-on a target first. You should also be within
         firing range before achieving a lock-on. Once you get a lock-on, don’t
         fire immediately. It doesn’t mean that your missile will hit the
         target immediately.
         Take note of the angle, speed and turn you and your target are
         currently doing. The optimum firing range is at least within 5000 ft.
         At this distance, missiles can hit their target with little chance of
         evasion. (Unless the target is a really agile plane such as Strigon
         Team’s SU-33s).
         For higher probabilities of hitting the target, pay close attention
         to your hud. Once the word SHOOT appears, release your missiles. The
         hit rate of firing missiles during this time can be as high as 95%
         in most but not all cases.
         || FIRING GUNS ||
         Machine guns can be equally destructive as missiles within its
         effective range or even more at point blank. However, tracking or
         targeting fast moving targets can be challenging since you also need
         to control the speed and angle of your aircraft to keep the target in
         sight (manual targeting). There are some tricks in properly executing
         a machine gun attack and I will try to discuss it here.
         The machine gun rounds are lethal up close and are sure to chew the
         enemy armor away. First, you’ll need to be close enough for the
         bullets to hit your target. You will know this if your targeting
         reticule appears.
         For targeting large, slow enemies such as transports, enemy AWACs,
         tankers etc, just approach them slowly, get into firing range, align
         your reticule and fire. Same thing can be applied for large ground
         targets such as facilities, fortifications and enemy ships. For
         faster targets like enemy fighters, you will need to anticipate the
         enemy’s flight path. Refer to the diagram below:
         The green circle is your reticule, the black line is the projected
         flight path of the target and the red plane is the target.
         Note that the reticule is way beyond the target. The truth is, in
         high speed maneuvers, bullets don’t travel straight right to the
         With a bit of physics and other factors, bullets tend to “swerve”
         away from the direction it is fired. In this diagram, firing bullets
         at this position will allow the bullets to “fly” directly to the
         target. Same thing applies for vertical approaches.
         || FIRING SP WEAPONS ||
         SP weapons come in many shapes and sizes. Anti-air SP weapons are
         normally missiles with multi-lock on capability, farther range,
         enhanced tracking and greater damage. Anti-ground weapons are
         composed of “dumb” (normal) bombs, precision bombs and air to ground
         missiles. There is also an SP weapon that jams the enemy targeting
         capability, thus reducing the effectiveness of missiles.
         XMA4, XMA6 and XLAAs are all multi-targeting SP weapons which can
         fire four missiles at medium and long range. Though they have
         enhanced tracking, range and damage, that doesn’t mean that they
         will always hit the target. Enemies can still evade them by making
         sharp turns and barrel rolls. QAAMs are a bit more reliable when
         tracking faster more agile targets because of its maneuverability.
         For best results, approach the targets either on their 12 or 6, and
         then fire after getting a lock on. Getting in closer may increase the
         probability of the missiles hitting the target but may also cause the
         targets to break formation and engage you instead.
         Further information about individual SP weapons will be discussed in
         a separate section dedicated for that topic.
         For precision air to ground weapons such as GPBs, XAGMs, LASM, and
         SFFS, you just need into range and release the weapons once you get a
         lock-on. You will always hit the targets unless they are in some kind
         of cover.
         For unguided bombs such as the UGBL and FAEB, you will need to
         carefully aim them before releasing or they’ll land off target.
         Upon selecting an unguided bomb, a different targeting crosshair
         will appear. This is where the bomb will hit. You won’t know the
         blast radius until impact. Usually, UGBs have decent blast radii but
         compared to the FAEB (which I consider the strongest ground weapon in
         the game), the destruction and range is not even close.
         Use UGBs against closely packed targets such as enemy fortifications
         and bunkers.
         |                   C O M B A T   M A N E U V E R S              |
                                      - GSG005 -
         Here you will learn the basic combat maneuvers. It is given that
         enemies won’t just be up there waiting to be shot down. Thus, expect
         a struggle for the optimal position either when targeting enemies or
         evading enemy fire.
         || TAIL-CHASE ||
         How to perform:
         This is basically the easiest firing position to acquire. Just get to
         your target’s six and hit your afterburners, get into firing range.
         Release the missiles once you get a clean lock-on. (The word SHOOT
         appears in the middle of your HUD)
         Though this maneuver is simple and effective against steady targets
         such as transports, you won’t be able to use this move much against
         more agile and faster targets since you’ll need to keep up with them,
         especially in tight dogfights.
         || AIRCUT ||
         This is another tricky but effective move. You may use this often
         against those pesky enemies that loves to dodge your missiles and
         keeps on hanging on their tails.
         How to perform:
         When targeting an enemy, avoid flying too closely. Wait until he is
         about it turn, then quickly turn to the direction he’ll be turning.
         Immediately boost your way to that direction and you will be able to
         stick close to his tail, enough for the missiles to hit him without
         any chance of evading. The logic of this move is to cut through a
         “shortcut” directly intercept his turn.
         If you have played racing games, you should have used this move
         several times already.
         || ARROW HEAD APPROACH ||
         This is a bit risky since there’s always a chance that the enemy will
         hit you as well. But the odds of destroying the target is higher,
         almost perfectly if timed correctly.
         How to perform:
         Once you see incoming bogeys on radar, approach them from their direct
         12 o’clock. Hit your afterburners to approach them faster, and once
         you get a lock, fire your missiles and immediately get out of the
         way. It doesn’t matter which direction, as long as you can get out of
         your enemy’s line of fire.
         Release it too soon and the enemy will be able to evade it. Release
         it too late will either let you missiles pass through the enemy or
         you’ll eat his missiles.
         || BARREL ROLL (AIR) ||
         This is one of the basic maneuvers in reversing an enemy that is
         targeting you. This move can be executed by an agile and fast plane.
         You can still perform this rarely using attackers such as A-10As and
         F-117s; that is if you are facing a slower plane.
         How to perform:
         Once the system turns red (enemy radar tracking), check out your map.
         If there is bogey on your tail, hit your afterburners for a good 2-3
         seconds then immediately hit the airbrakes while tilting your plane
         up. This will make the plane flip over and the bogey will past by
         you. Try not to hit the brakes for too long or too hard or your plane
         will stall, ruining the opportunity. After flipping 90-180 degrees,
         quickly hit your afterburners to recover and attack the target from
         This can be done also when recovering from a dive-bomb move so that
         you can start another dive-bombing run.
         Barrel Rolls can be considered as defensive or counterattack moves.
         || BARREL ROLL (GROUND) ||
         When tracked by an enemy ground unit (SAM), you can use this maneuver
         to either break their lock on or evade a missile already released.
         This can also be used to recover from a dive-bombing maneuver to
         regain altitude and get into bombing position.
         How to perform:
         Same rules apply with some minor changes.
         Approach the intended target. Once ready, release your ordinance and
         perform the maneuver. Or, when targeted and you hear the warning
         system beep (which means that a missile has been released and
         currently targeted at you) brake hard while tilting your plane’s nose
         up.  Once you have a good skyward incline, hit the after burners to
         gain some elevation then turn sharply to return to your original
         flight path.
         Barrel Rolls can be considered as defensive or counterattack moves.
         || DIVE BOMBING ||
         This move is essential for those ground targets that are well covered
         by obstacles such as buildings, cliffs, valleys, fortifications, etc.
         Normally they won’t be in your missile’s line of fire. This maneuver
         will allow you to get in top of the target and get a clean shot
         How to perform:
         Acquire your target. Ascend to a suitable height (which will depend
         on the elevation of the target, normally +2000-3000ft above your
         original position) then hit the airbrakes and turn the plan noseward
         to the ground. Do not accelerate while on this position!
         Once you get your target, release your missiles/bombs and gently
         maneuver the plane back in a 90 º angle and fly away. (Or barrel
         roll up if you want to do another bombing run.)
         || TERRAIN MASKING ||
         In real life, terrain masking is used by high speed bombers
         approaching their target or evading enemy interceptors. Flying close
         to the ground uses “ground clutter”, which makes the plane hard to
         see. It also helps a lot on evading enemy attacks since missiles
         launched from above won’t hit a fast moving, lower altitude target.
         Though it should be easy for attackers such as the A-10A, the F-117
         and some multirole fighters, this is risky for faster, more agile
         fighters. You can use this for escaping multiple pursuers, especially
         if you are in need of repairs and re-arming.
         How to perform:
         Just lower your altitude at around below 1000-1500 depending on the
         terrain you are in. Adjust your speed, depending on how your plane
         behaves or how you can control it.
         || BANKING TURN ||
         Banking is generally changing the direction of the plane, oftentimes
         instantly. This is really essential if a missile is approaching you
         head on or if an enemy target during the Arrowhead approach
         (Discussed above) fires first. Banking can help you avoid getting
         hit by a missile.
         You can also bank for the last minute, after you release your missile
         to the intended target but that requires proper timing. If timed
         correctly, the missile will just fly harmless inches off you.
         How to perform:
         There is no setup needed here since you can just bank or turn
         whenever you want. However, what’ll matter will be the mobility of
         your aircraft. Some planes turn slower, others turn instantly when
         you yank the flight stick.
         |           A L L I E D /  W I N G M A N  C O M M A N D S        |
                                    - GSG006 -
         One new feature in the game is the ability to call in allied support,
         either in the form of offensive fire support or providing covering
         fire as you attack main targets. In most missions, you’ll need to
         complete an operation first before your allies can assist you.
         Normally, the squadron/ group from successful operation(s) will
         provide assistance when you needed them.
         Your wingman (Shamrock/ Garuda 2) will be always by your side on every
         mission. He is a very good pilot and can help you in tough situations.
         || WINGMAN COVER ||
         At the start of the mission, this is the default command/ formation
         that your wingman will follow. In this formation, your wingman will
         attack anything that is trying to shoot you, when he can.
         || WINGMAN ATTACK ||
         When ordered to attack, your wingman will shift into attack position.
         Your wingman will attack the target you have selected. After it is
         destroyed, he will choose his own targets automatically.
         || ALLIED COVER ||
         This command is pretty useful when you find yourself drawing most of
         the enemy fire. Once activated, your allies will attack all ground,
         naval or air units currently targeting/ firing at you.
         || ALLIED ATTACK ||
         Once you have your AS gauge filled up, you can order you allies to
         attack any target in front of you. They will cease attacking once the
         designated targets are destroyed or after a short time. Destroying
         targets will also increase the AS gauge.
         |                          ESM SUPPORT                           |
                                    - GSG007 -
         ESM or Electronic Support Measures is an enhancement provided by an
         allied unit; which could be a jumbo jet similar to an AWACS, a radar
         station or a ship. Electronic support is essential for large scale
         battles since it provides enhancements to all allied units within
         The most obvious effect you can observe if you are within an allied
         ESM net is that your missiles have enhanced tracking (which almost
         works like QAAMs if the ESM level is high) and that enemy targeting
         is reduced as well, making it hard for them to get a lock on to
         Enemy ESMs have the same effect to their allied units. If you are
         within enemy ESM range, expect disadvantage when targeting enemy
         units. ESM can be stacked if the units providing them have
         overlapping ranges. So, it is possible to have a higher ESM level if
         you are staying within the overlapping signals.
         Speaking of overlapping signals, if in any case enemy and allied ESM
         overlap each other, the effects won’t be negated but will still be
         active. Same thing with jamming. Fortunately, jamming in AC6 doesn’t
         disable your lock-on capabilities but your radar will be blocked
         within effective range.
         ordinary missiles have also faster reloading rate while your plane is
         within the ESM field. This is observed only during ESM LV1.
         |                         MISCELLANEOUS                          |
                                    - GSG008 -
         These can be unlocked for both Estovakian and Emmerian Units.
         To unlock the Estovakian units, shoot down the Strigon team members
         during the missions (the final blow should be done by you) and other
         various aces that will appear on Expert and Ace difficulty levels.
         Emmerian Units in the other hand, can be unlocked by getting a rank S
         in various operations. You can do this on free mission as well.
         These are awarded after meeting certain requirements in the game. The
         requirements range from those pretty easy to meet, such as destroying
         XXX number of enemies to the most mundane like, finishing the campaign
         using machine guns only or without taking any damage.
         More details about this rewards will be discussed later.
         |                      W A L K T H R O U G H                     |
         Mission 01                                                [WLK001]
                              INVASION OF GRACEMERIA
                        -Through the heart of the nation-
         Time Limit  : 30:00:00                           Area: Gracemeria
         Quota:        None
         OP Leader   : None
         Mission Type: Anti Air
         Main Objective : Destroy all enemy targets (TGT)
         Starting Points: Aerial Defense
         You will need to select your plane before starting the mission.
         Since you still don’t have any other planes or SP weapons, select the
         default load out and proceed with the mission.
         This is mainly an aerial battle so feel the controls. Try to get
         familiar with your plane since you will be using this for the next
         few missions. The bombers are scattered across the map, marked with
         the color red. Feel free to destroy enemy fighters and choppers as
         you want.
         If you have noticed, the missile and SP weapon capacity of your F-16C
         is really large, considering the limited number of missiles planes
         from previous AC versions can carry. This is actually helpful since
         missions in AC6 are rather long and the targets are numerous as
         Old SP weapons make their comeback in this version of the game though
         some of them are renamed or modified. The XMA4 is the XMAA for
         previous versions. Another variant is the XMA6 which is basically an
         XMAA that can lock-on up to 6 targets at once.
         After destroying all targets, a cutscene occurs. This is where you
         will encounter the only ace squadron in the game and one of their
         The Nimbus cruise missiles are capable splitting into multiple
         warheads that explodes in mid-air, damaging/destroying any aircraft
         caught within the explosion. Several volleys of this destructive
         weapon can be evaded but I suggest not winding your way through the
         explosions with your current aircraft. Not to mention that a majority
         of elite Strigon units are included in the mix as well.
         Shortly after the perceived Emmerian victory, the turn of the battle
         leaves you with a handful of survivors. You are then ordered to fly
         west past the return line.
         Enemy fighters will be chasing you so use Terrain Masking (see
         Tactical Training section above) or flying low to avoid being
         targeted. Once you cross the line, the mission in finished.
         • ESM Tutorial
         • Waypoint Resupply Tutorial
         Mission 02                                                 [WLK002]
                                VITOZE AERIAL DEFENSE
                                   -On the brink-
         Time Limit  : 20:00:00                       Area: Brillante Heights
         Quota       : None
         OP Leader   : None
         Mission Type: Anti Air
         Main Objective: Destroy all enemy targets (TGT)
         Starting Points: Bomber Intercept
         Since you have no choice, you got to use the same setup for you and
         your wingman.
         This is another anti-air mission. Enemy bombers will appear with
         escorts. You can take care of a few escorts before the bombers just
         make sure none of them reaches the city.
         Another good thing about this mission is the ESM radar towers. They
         are scattered across the map and it is possible to utilize their
         “overlapping effect” by engaging enemies in the coverage areas of the
         radar towers.
         On the sidenote, the airfield here can be used for frontline
         resupplying if you need it. Consider this as your practice since the
         skies here are not that hostile.
         Once every bomber has been intercepted, the mission completes.
         • Operation Tutorial
         • Base Resupply
         Mission 03                                                 [WLK003]
                                     SIPLI FIELD
                                  -Fortunes of War-
         Time Limit    : 30:00:00                          Area: Sipli Fields
         Quota         : 2/3
         OP Leader     : A: Warlock       B: Quox         C: Steel Gunners
         Mission Type  :    Anti-Ground     Anti-Ground      Anti-Ground
         Main Objective: Eliminate all Estovakian ground forces. Single out
         individual missions on the HUD using the Dynamic Operation System by
         pressing left and right on the directional pad
         Starting Points:
         1.	Central Assault Unit Support (Air-to-Ground)
         2. Eastern Separate Unit Support (Air-to-Ground)
         3. Long Range Artillery Unit Support (Air-to-Ground)
         This is the first mission in the game where you need to take part in
         several operations. You only have to complete 2 operations to
         accomplish the mission so choose whatever you see fit. As for the
         load out, make sure you bring UGBs since the majority of targets here
         are ground units. There is some air units mixed in the fray but not
         that many to convince you to equip an XMA4.
         For Shamrock, if you want him to help out with the bombing, equip the
         UGB for him otherwise, let him use the XMA4 to cover you from aerial
         threats. Forget about the Rocket Launcher since it is still the worst
         SP weapon in the game.
         At the start of the mission, the DOS (Dynamic Operation System) is
         set to “ALL”. That means you will see all targets for all operations.
         Pretty much it will make your job harder since you don’t know which
         target belongs to which operation.
         Toggle between mission targets by pressing left and right from your
         Directional Pad. This way, you can filter out the targets for each
         || OPERATION A: WARLOCK ||
         Objective: Assist the Central Ground force Warlock Separate
         The Warlock Battalion is the main attack unit. Because of that,
         expect a heavier resistance when assisting them.
         The enemy target consists mainly of tanks and some annoying AA
         weapons as well. You can order your wingman to spot some enemy
         aircraft as you do your bombing run.
         One of the highlights in the operation is when you need to prevent
         the majority of enemy ground units from crossing the bridge and
         reaching Warlock Battalion. Make sure to destroy them all, if not at
         least a majority of them.
         Once you destroy the primary targets (those marked with red TGT),
         proceed to the next operation.
         || OPERATION B: QUOX ||
         Objective: Assist the Quox Armored Battalion’s eastern pincers
         Pretty much as the same as Warlock. Nothing else special to note,
         just continue destroying all primary targets (destroying a few
         secondary targets will be fine) until the mission completes.
         Objective: Assist the Steel Gunners ground force western pincers
         Steel Gunners have a small ESM unit so make sure to take advantage of
         that. The enemy targets here include AH-64 attack helicopters so get
         rid of them first. It only takes one missile to destroy each.
         Steel Gunners will attempt to break through past the bridge so make
         sure you destroy everything in their path. The enemy numbers in this
         side of the battlefield is quite few so expect an easy win in this
         Upon completing two operations, a mission update will be given. This
         is the second part of the mission. Note that completing an operation
         or getting a mission update automatically saves a checkpoint so you
         can restart from there if you crash or shot down.
         Remember also that there is always a return line for every mission so
         you can go back there to have repairs, change SP weapons, and get
         fresh ammo.
         For the mission update, the targets will be located in the upper
         portion of the map. You just need to eliminate the remaining
         Estovakian units. There will be some enemy fighters here as well.
         They are not that hard to shoot down so down a few to get extra
         scores. You can also order your allied units to attack if you want.
         Mission completes after all primary targets are destroyed.
         Rewards: NONE
         Mission 04                                                 [WLK004]
                                  BARTOLOMEO FORTRESS
                                  -Echoes of Battle-
         Time Limit    : 40:00:00                          Area: Mt. Marcello
         Quota         : 2/3
         OP Leader     : A: Warlock       B: Quox         C: Snake Pit
         Mission Type  :    Anti-Ground     Anti-Ground      Anti-Air
         Main Objective: Capture Bartolomeo Fortress and sweep Khesed Island
                         of all Estovakian forces.
         Starting Points:
         1.	Logistics Route Assault Support (Air-to-Ground)
         2. Gun Site Capture Support (Air-to-Ground)
         3. Electronic Support Aircraft Defense (Air-to-air)
         Same setup as before. Bring in some UGBs or if you want, you can
         bring XMA4s if you plan to complete Operation C first then go back to
         the return line and switch to UGBs.
         || OPERATION A: WARLOCK ||
         Objective: Assist the Warlock Separate Battalion’s assault on the
                    enemy position.
         Warlock will be attacking from the west. Go ahead of them and take
         out any enemy fortifications along the way. The bridges have
         guntrains which are really tough so multiple missile hits maybe
         needed to destroy them. Use the UGBs against those tightly enclosed
         Work your way until all primary targets are destroyed. The operation
         will complete once you eliminate all threats posed to Warlock
         || OPERATION B: QUOX ||
         Objective: Assist the Quox Armored Battalion’s assault on the enemy
         Pretty much the same as Warlock’s operation. Get rid of any targets,
         specially bunkers and howitzers. Continue destroying them until all
         of them are completely destroyed and Quox reaches the final
         You may want to consider taking out green or secondary targets since
         they still pose a threat until all primary targets are taken out.
         || OPERATION C: SNAKE PIT ||
         Objective: Defend the Electronic Support Plane, Snake Pit
         You may want to complete this as your first operation. Snake Pit’s
         ESM will be a great help for completing the other two operations and
         the second part of the mission.
         To start off, the primary targets here are the F/A-18 Superhornets
         which are good fighters but not that exceptional that your F-16C
         can’t handle. Aside from that, there will be other secondary enemy
         aircraft that want some piece of the action so give it to them if you
         Enemy ESM will be active around the mountain as well so make sure to
         drop some bombs on them to make life a bit easier. After getting rid
         of all primary enemy aircraft, the operation completes.
         Once the mission update activates, the remaining enemy forces will be
         concentrated in the last portion of the mountains. Also, two of the
         Strigon Team members will appear as well. They will rather hard to
         hit with your current plane but with patience and ESM, you may be
         able to shoot them down. Otherwise, order your allied units and
         wingman to attack them while you do your bombing runs.
         Destroy all targets and the mission completes. Your rank and total
         points will depend on how efficient you are in destroying enemy
         targets and sometimes, how quickly as well.
         Mirage 2000-S
         A-10A Thunderbolt II
         Mission 05                                                 [WLK005]
                                    ANEA LANDING
                                - Music of the Tides -
         Time Limit    : 40:00:00                     Area: Kijera Oil Fields
         Quota         : 2/3
         OP Leader     : A: Warlock       B: Quox         C: Marigold
         Mission Type  :    Anti-Ground      Multi           Anti-Ground
         Main Objective: Eliminate all threats to the allied ground force and
                         oversee the success of the landing operations.
         Starting Points:
         1. Landing Unit Support  (Air-to-Ground)
         2. City/Airfield Recapture (Air-to-Air/Ground)
         3. Anti-Ship Assault (Air-to-Ground)
         The two new planes you have unlocked are both good for ground based
         attacks, which makes up at least 70% of the mission. If you plan to
         assist in Operation A and C, the best plane to get is the A-10A with
         FAEB. The FAEB is the most destructive bomb/ground weapon in terms of
         damage and blast radius. You can take out a lot of units in a single
         For anything else, settle with the more agile Mirage with LASM.
         || OPERATION A: WARLOCK ||
         Objective: Assist the Warlock Separate Battalion’s Landing
         As usual, Warlock battalion is in the frontlines, meeting up heavy
         resistance. Aside from the pillboxes and enemy tank formations in the
         beach, there are also some seaforts by the beach. These are basically
         gun towers in the water. Destroy them first since your allies need to
         get past them before reaching the beach.
         You can drop your FAEBs in the middle of the enemy groups for
         extensive damage. Note that the pillboxes may require a second hit to
         be destroyed completely. On the other hand, the Mirage’s LASM can l
         ock-on to a ground unit and it has a small blast radius, destroying/
         damaging anything within range. Though designed to be a ship killer,
         the LASM can also be used against ground armor and fortifications.
         Just sweep the enemy ground units and some aerial targets as well.
         The operation completes after all primary targets are destroyed.
         || OPERATION B: QUOX ||
         Objective: Assist the Quox Armored Battalion in capturing the gulf
         city; Assist in the capture of a helicopter landing area where
         The primary targets in this operation are pretty much spread out so
         precision weapons is a great help. Be careful since enemy units blend
         in the desert background, making them hard to locate visually.
         Get rid of the targets and AA defenses.
         After a short while, the allied helicopter unit lead by Yellow Jacket
         will appear. You need to clear a path for them to be able to capture
         the airfield. Successfully capturing the airfield will allow you to
         perform frontline landings when needed.
         || OPERATION C: MARIGOLD ||
         Objective: Assist the allied flagship Marigold in securing naval
         This operation will pit you against the Estovakian fleet. There are
         also howitzers on the platforms, though you don’t necessarily need to
         destroy the platforms themselves. The LASMs can kill any ship in one
         hit. In case you are using any other plane, target the ship’s main
         body. Two missiles are enough to sink them, destroying its other
         parts such as AA and SAM emplacements.
         As you approach the shore, Tornadoes will appear and attack the fleet
         from the rear. You can go back and engage them or destroy the long
         range artillery on shore.
         Destroy all primary targets to complete the operation.
         Enemy reinforcements will appear and will be heading towards the
         positions you have already conquered. It will be composed of heavy
         bombers, attackers, tanks, etc. Sweep the remaining enemy forces.
         Don’t hesitate to request allied support when needed. If you have
         captured the airfield, use it if you need repairs, etc. Otherwise,
         you’ll find the return line in the middle of the map.
         After all primary targets have been destroyed, the mission completes.
         Tornado GR.4
         Mission 06                                                 [WLK006]
                                    SIEGE ON SILVAT
                                   - Angels Above -
         Time Limit    : 40:00:00                              Area: Rawllino
         Quota         : 3/6
         OP Leader     : A: Grizzly       B: Barracuda       C: Dragon Busters
         Mission Type  :    Anti-Ground      Anti-Ground        Anti-Ground
                         D: Stingray      E: Gavial          F: Sherpa
                            Multi            Anti-Ground        Anti-Air
         Main Objective: Rescue allied forces trapped within the city.
         Starting Points:
         1.	Isolated Unit Support (Air-to-Ground)
            Tank Battalion Assault (Air-to-Ground)
         2. Long Range Artillery Unit Assault (Air-to-Ground)
            Airfield Defense (Air-to-Air/Ground)
         3. Armored Train Assault (Air-to-Ground)
            Substation Defense (Air-to-Air)
         This is mainly a ground battle so bringing in the A-10A with FAEB can
         quickly eliminate ground forces quicker. The Tornado GR.4 doesn’t
         really have that much advantage on this mission. The Mirage is okay
         but you’ll need something that has more firepower to complete each
         operation as quickly as possible. XAGMs are good for precision but
         with the number of targets in the battlefield, you will need something
         that packs more punch.
         For your wingman, equip him with AA SP weapons and plane so that he
         can protect you from enemy planes. A couple of Strigon members will
         engage you in this battle as well.
         || OPERATION A: GRIZZLY ||
         Objective: Rescue the Grizzly Tank Battalion cut off amidst enemy
         The Grizzly battalion is located in the westernmost portion of the
         defensive line. They are cut off from the main group and in danger of
         being surrounded. If you want to start off with this operation,
         you’ll need to take starting position #1.
         You’ll need to eliminate all enemy tanks and A-10s harassing the
         group. There is also a small range allied ESM in the area. Operation
         completes once all primary targets are destroyed.
         Objective: Rescue the Barracuda Armored Battalion from the enemy tank
                    battalion assault.
         The second group just beside Grizzly is barracuda. Enemy tanks are
         harassing them and they have radar vehicles provides ESM as well. Get
         rid of the radar van if you locate it first. Otherwise, continue
         eliminating the targets.
         The enemies here are tightly packed so a bomb drop in the middle
         should suffice on destroying them all.
         As usual, destroy all primary targets to complete the operation.
         Objective: Rescue Dragon Busters ground force from long-range enemy
         Dragon Busters are being bombarded by long range artillery. You can
         easily locate them behind the main battle tanks. Prioritize destroying
         those howitzers first, then the tanks and finally, the F/A-18s. You
         will also be within the “landing corridor” of a friendly airfield. I
         suggest clearing all enemies first before attempting to land.
         Destroy the targets as quickly as you can to reduce further damage/
         loss to your allied units.
         || OPERATION D: STINGRAY ||
         Objective: Assist the Stingray air unit in defending the airfield.
                    The airfield may be used for frontline resupply as long as
                    it remains out of enemy hands.
         The enemy targets harassing the airfield would be tanks and attack
         helicopters. The choppers can be taken down by one missile hit or a
         few machine gun rounds. Make sure to complete this operation for the
         first time since the airfield is a very valuable asset in any battle.
         The operation completes once targets are eliminated.
         || OPERATION E: GAVIAL ||
         Objective: Assist the Gavial Tank Battalion pinned down by enemy
                    guntrain fire
         The main targets here are the Gun trains. There are a couple of them
         with concentrated AA defenses. If will be nice to drop bombs at the
         center, follow up with missiles and machine gun fire. The Guntrains
         are really tough and they can cause havoc if left unattended,
         especially to allied ground units.
         After destroying the guntrains, operation completes.
         || OPERATION F: SHERPA ||
         Objective: Defend the Sherpa Signal Battalion and protect the
         This operation is primarily an anti-air battle. If you brought the
         A-10, you will have a hard time keeping up with enemy fighters. Not to
         mention that Strigon team may join the fray.
         You just need to get rid of enemy fighters. Since there is a strong
         allied ESM in the area, you may take advantage of it.
         Once you completed the required number of operations, you will
         receive a mission update. All surviving enemy forces from the
         unfinished operations will start falling back to their last
         stronghold to the south.
         The main targets will be the Estovakian facilities to the south. If
         you want some additional scores, you can destroy the optional targets
         first before the primary ones. You can also use the airfield if you
         need supplies and repairs. Eliminate all targets and the mission
         F/A-18F Super Hornet
         F-14D Super Tomcat
         Mission 07                                                 [WLK007]
                                     SELUMNA PEAK
                                 - Shimmering Death -
         Time Limit    : 45:00:00                      Area: Peak of Selumna
         Quota         : 3/4
         OP Leader     : A: Warlock    B: Avalanche   C: Snake Pit
         Mission Type  :    Anti-Air      Anti-Air       Anti-Air
                         D: Quox
         Main Objective: Secure air superiority over the area and assist the
                         allied advance.
         Starting Points:
         1.	Fighter Intercept (Air-to-Air)
         2. Supersonic Bomber Intercept (Air-to-Air)
            Jammer Aircraft Intercept (Air-to-Air)
         3. Electronic Support Aircraft Defense (Air-to-Air)
         Here you can select any of the new planes. But if you’ll base it from
         the stats, you can settle with the F-14D SuperTomcat. The XLAAs are
         really helpful for intercepting enemies from great distances.
         At the start of the mission, you will need to undergo mid-air
         refueling. It is quite easy. Just don’t stray from your current
         direction and slowly approach the tanker. Don’t accelerate too hard or
         you’ll miss the mark.
         || OPERATION A: WARLOCK ||
         Objective: Defend the Warlock Separate Battalion from enemy attack
         Enemy attack aircraft will be consisting of A-10s and F-15Es. Enemy
         escorts will be there as well. Get rid of the primary target
         aircrafts to complete the mission.
         The A-10s will be coming in from the east so you can just encircle
         them for easy kills using your SP weapon (preferably XLAA)
         Destroy all of them to complete the operation.
         Objective: Assist Avalanche in sweeping enemy jamming facilities.
         The jamming facilities are not exactly stationary buildings but rather
         jamming aircraft. In the center of each jamming signal is a jamming
         aircraft. You may need to rely on visual confirmation to locate the
         jamming plane.
         Fortunately, flying inside a disruption web doesn’t disable the
         missile’s targeting capability; though you can’t see anything within
         the affected area.
         Shoot down all jammers and the skies will be clear.
         || OPERATION C: SNAKE PIT ||
         Objective: Defend the Electronic Support Plane, Snake Pit
         You can destroy enemy fighters at a long distance if you release your
         XLAAs in time. And also, since ESM is active, you can have an easier
         time to destroy all interceptors.
         || OPERATION D: QUOX ||
         Objective: Defend the Quox Armored Battalion from the enemy high-sped
         Fortunately, the bombers sent to Quox’s position travel alone, and
         sometimes, with escorts.
         Make sure you take them down before they reach Quox. Approach them
         from the side then behind.
         There should be enough distance to reach them first before they reach
         Nimbus attacks will initiate, with the help of 12 enemy UAVs
         (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). You’ll need to destroy all the drones so
         that your allies can evacuate safely.
         UAVs are hard to hit by themselves. They are most vulnerable when
         directing Nimbus attacks. You will now this since they slow down and
         halt during the explosion. Make sure you get are within firing range
         since they tend to move supernaturally fast.
         Avoid also flying through a large cloud of Nimbus missiles. You can
         see where the explosion is supposed to take place by looking at the
         orange dots at the radar. Apparently, there is a drone in and near
         the blast radius so you can easily locate them there as well. The
         explosion can take out several units within the blast radius. And can
         cause considerable damage if you are caught in the midst of the
         explosion. Just fly through the explosions and after destroying all
         UAVs, the mission completes.
         Mission 08                                                 [WLK008]
                                    SAN LOMA ASSAULT
                                - Under a Sky of Fire -
         Time Limit    : 40:00:00                               Area: San Loma
         Quota         : 2/3
         OP Leader     : A: Warlock       B: Hammerhead   C: Marigold
         Mission Type  :    Anti-Ground      Multi           Anti-Ground
         Main Objective: Recapture San Loma
         Starting Points:
         1.	Ground Unit Support (Air-to-Ground)
         2. Bomber Defense (Air-to-Air/Ground)
         3. Anti-Ship Assault (Air-to-Ground)
         Again, the majority of targets here are ground based. You can use
         XAGMs for this mission. These are reliable, multi-lock air-to-ground
         missiles. LASMs can be used here as well.  For your wingman, you can
         equip him with anti-air weapons if you’ll have him cover you the whole
         mission. Otherwise, equip him with anti-ground weapons if you want
         him to help with the offensive.
         || OPERATION A: WARLOCK ||
         Objective: Assist the Warlock Separate Battalion in their advance in
                    the city
         You will face a majority of ground targets in this operation. Get rid
         of any ground unit you may encounter. Enemy attack helicopters and
         some aircraft may intercede as well. Continue destroying everything
         as your allied ground battalion pushes forward.
         If you spot some howitzers, prioritize on getting rid of them since
         they can strike for great distances.
         Once all targets are destroyed, mission completes.
         Objective: Assist the bomber squadron Hammerhead in their advance on
                    the city.
         You will need to clear the path of the bomber squadron. Destroy any
         AA defenses shown in your HUD and take out some enemy fighters as
         During the near-end of the operation, heavy hovercraft units will
         appear to the east. Make sure you destroy them all before they unload
         their packages.
         After clearing all targets, operation completes.
         || OPERATION C: MARIGOLD ||
         Objective: Assist the allied flagship Marigold in securing naval
         In this operation, you will need to sink several enemy ships. One
         LASM should be enough for each ship but if you don’t have it, just
         aim for the main body of the ship (not the gun emplacements) and
         release two missiles.
         There will be anti-ship fighters harassing the allied fleet as well.
         Get rid of them and all other remaining targets to complete the
         After meeting the quota, you will receive a mission update. All
         remaining Estovakian units will be congesting in the port. There is
         also a small airfield just ahead of the Emmerian fleet. You can
         destroy enemy fighters while they are still on the runway for easy
         kills. There will be Estovakian ships by the docks so destroy them as
         Also, during the second operation, enemy UAVs will appear again,
         guiding Nimbus cruise missiles in the airspace. You can shoot them
         down if you want though you should consider assisting your allies as
         a priority.
         SU-33 Flanker
         Mission 09                                                 [WLK009]
                                 HEAVY COMMAND CRUISER
                                   - The Dead Sea -
         Time Limit    : 50:00:00                           Area: Glava Island
         Quota         : NONE
         OP Leader     : NONE
         Mission Type  : Anti-Air
         Main Objectives:
         Destroy the Aigaion (TGT)
         Destroy the Gyges (TGT)
         Destroy the Kottos (TGT)
         Destroy all Strigon Team aircraft
         Starting Points: Heavy Command Cruiser Assault (Air-to-Air)
         In this mission, it will be wise to buy the SU-33 you have unlocked
         from the previous mission. This is the actual plane used by the
         Strigon team so you should be able to confront them equally.
         As you start the mission, continue approaching the target at your
         present course. After a brief scene, you should be near the main
         target itself. Six tankers will be in front of the Aigaion. If you
         have XMA4 instead of QAAMs, you should be able to destroy them as you
         approach the targets.
         There are three main targets. The other two aerial battleships are
         the ones providing ESM. You should take care of them quickly. If you
         are planning to engage Strigon first, I suggest luring them away from
         ESM field and engage them there.
         The smaller ships can be destroyed by stripping of its defenses, then
         shooting down all engines and finally destroying their cockpits.
         Repeat the process to the other ships.
         Don’t hesitate to order your allies to cover you if enemy fire is
         disrupting you of your attack runs.
         Once the ESM ships are down, concentrate your attacks to the other
         two ships, the Kottos and the Gyges. Once all of them are down,
         start attacking the Aigaion.
         Continue destroying the Aigaion’s weapons and engines. After that, it
         will start deploying Nimbus cruise missiles around it. Be careful not
         to get hit by the explosion. The Aigaion’s cockpit will appear as the
         target. You won’t be able to hit it from behind so you’ll need to
         maneuver your plane in front of it. You can use the arrowhead
         approach. Destroy it to complete the mission.
         In hard mode above, after destroying the cockpit, you’ll still need
         to destroy the Aigaion’s core. It is situated deep inside Aigaion’s
         core. You can do it in two ways:
         First, destroy the AA guns at the landing pad of Aigaion. Then,
         slowly maneuver your plane INSIDE while firing your machine gun.
         Missiles are good but the smoke from the launch can block your
         The second way is to get in front of Aigaion, approach it with in a
         slightly lower altitude and angle. Your missiles should get inside
         its “mouth” to destroy the core inside. This may take several tries,
         not to mention you still need to worry about the cruise missiles.
         F-15E Strike Eagle
         Rafale M
         Mission 10                                                 [WLK010]
                                    RAGNO FORTRESS
                                   - Into the Pass -
         Time Limit    : 40:00:00                          Area: Grageo Canyon
         Quota         : 2/3
         OP Leader     : A: Warlock  B: Windhover   C: Yellow Jacket
         Mission Type  :    Multi       Multi          Anti-Ground
         Main Objective: Capture Ragno Fortress
         Starting Points:
         1.	Central Assault Unit Support (Air-to-Air/Ground)
         2. Tunnel Assault (Air-to-Ground)
         3. Substation Assault (Air-to-Air/Ground)
         You can buy either the F-15E or the Rafale. Both are good planes for
         this mission. I choose the F-15E for its XAGMs. I prefer
         fire-and-forget weapons for faster and precise attack runs. Choose
         whatever ground weapon you prefer.
         || OPERATION A: WARLOCK ||
         Objective: Assist the Warlock Separate Battalion advance on the
                    enemy fortress
         As usual, Warlock battalion takes the hardest route and that is the
         frontlines. Clear out enemy tanks, howitzers, attack helicopters etc.
         Once the battalion gets halfway to the fortress, enemy Harriers will
         appear. These are slow but pretty maneuverable planes so make sure
         you destroy them all.
         Objective: Assist the Windhover air unit in disabling enemy substations
                    and water transportation routes.
         This operation is fairly easy since you just need to clear a few
         targets along the southern canyon. Destroy enemy facilities and low
         flying aircraft. Make your way past the dam and destroy the power
         stations just behind the fortress.
         Objective: Assist the Yellow Jacket chopper unit in destroying enemy
                    military tunnels.
         To reach the tunnels, you’ll need to destroy the barricades first.
         It should take at least once missile to clear the path. Once clear,
         comes the tricky part. Fly INSIDE the tunnel. Planes with good
         stability should have not problems flying at tight spaces. Make sure
         to fly slowly, preferably at runway landing speed so that you won’t
         miss any targets. You wouldn’t want to repeat the process again for a
         single target missed.
         There will be three tunnels that needed to be cleared and fortunately,
         there are no hostile fire to be received while flying inside the
         Once any of the two operations are completed, you will get a mission
         update. Now, you’ll need to attack the fortress itself. There will be
         two sets of primary targets. Start clearing the fortress in any means
         possible. The return line is closer now so don’t hesitate to use it
         if you need to reload or repair.
         After destroying all targets, the mission will be complete.
         F-117A Nighthawk
         Mission 11                                                 [WLK011]
                                    THE MOLOCH DESERT
                                   - Hollow Victory -
         Time Limit    : 30:00:00                       Area: Moloch Desert
         Quota         : 2/4
         OP Leader     : A: Warlock        B: Quox     C: Hammerhead
         Mission Type  :    Anti-Ground       Multi       Multi
                         D: Snake Pit
         Main Objective: Eliminate the enemy ground force
         Starting Points:
         1.	Tank Battalion Support (Air-to-Ground)
         2. Airfield Recapture (Air-to-Air/Ground)
         3. Bomber Defense/ Command Assault (Air-to-Air/Ground)
            Electronic Support Aircraft Defense (Air-to-Air)
         If you plan to participate in all the air to ground attacks,
         the F-117 is the best plane for this mission. But if you want to take
         part in air defense, stick with either the Rafale or the F-15E. Not to
         mention that you will need to face the Strigon team again before the
         mission ends.
         || OPERATION A: WARLOCK ||
         Objective: Assist the Warlock Separate Battalion in breaking through the
                    enemy defense line
         As expected, if you are assisting Warlock, expect a lot of heavy
         resistance. Aside from heavy tanks, artilleries and AA weapons, there
         will be also enemy aircraft that will attack your ground units.
         You’ll need to work fast for Warlock to successfully penetrate the
         heavily defended line. After dropping bombs or releasing A-G SP
         weapons, switch to your missiles immediately and destroy the nearest
         target you can acquire. Do this to save time and maximize your attack
         runs. LLAC units will appear also to outflank Warlock so locate them
         and get rid of them.
         || OPERATION B: QUOX ||
         Objective: Assist the Quox Armored Battalion in capturing the field
         The airfield has only light defenses but they employ heavy attack a
         ircraft. These planes can be considered as tank killers and can
         easily decimate your allied ground unit if left alone. Destroy them
         all, including the ones attempting to take off. After clearing the
         airfield, you can now use it for frontline resupply.
         Objective: Assist the bomber squadron Hammerhead in destroying the
                    enemy field command.
         Enemy fighters will start engaging the defenseless bombers. There
         will be escort planes but they will be shot down without your help.
         After destroying the enemy flies, you’ll need to destroy some of the
         ground defenses like flak guns, SAMs and AA guns. Clear the path and
         protect the bombers from enemy fighters and the operation should
         || OPERATION D: SNAKE PIT ||
         Objective: Defend the electronic support plane, Snake Pit
         This operation is purely air-to-air engagement. Since you have ESM,
         you will have advantage in this battle. Destroy some secondary targets
         to ease up the pressure and get some extra scores as well. After
         destroying all the primary planes, mission completes.
         As Strigon appears, Ghost Eye will order all units to halt the attack
         and evacuate the mission area. As part of the story though, you will
         need to stay and defeat all of the Strigon members. There is no
         return line here so hopefully, you still have a load of missiles and
         ammo to defeat all of them. Shamrock will still be fighting with you
         After destroying all of the Strigon fighters, the mission completes.
         Mission 12                                                 [WLK012]
                                WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION
                                   - Boiling Point -
         Time Limit    : 20:00:00                       Area: Fort Norton
         Quota         : None
         OP Leader     : None
         Mission Type  : Multi
         Main Objective: Destroy the enemy before being reported.
         Starting Points: WMD Suppression (Air-to-Air/Ground)
         This mission requires you to fly through the canyon under 2000 ft.
         Just wind your way through the canyon and approach each target slowly.
         If you have the XAGMs for the F-15E, it’s a great choice here.
         Otherwise you can other multiroles that you prefer. Though it may
         seem like an air to ground mission at first, note that you will still
         need to fight enemy fighters later on so avoid bringing in attackers.
         Approach the first group of targets. Once you spot them, destroy them
         all without passing over them. That will save you precious seconds
         circling back for the kill. Gently activate the airbrake after firing
         a missile on each target (if you start the mission equipped with an
         anti-air SP weapon for the heavy dogfight later) or just blow them
         away with your anti-ground SP weapon.
         Continue destroying targets as you move along the canyon. Once you
         reach the final group, the radar ceiling will be useless so you can
         fly freely without altitude restriction. Destroy all primary targets
         to complete the first half of the game.
         You’ll need to head west, as indicated in your objective. Along the
         way, enemy patrols will chase you and in the near western end of the
         map, a whole enemy battalion will appear. You’ll need to survive for
         a few minutes, either dodging the hell out of missiles or enduring
         the constant missile warning beeping. You can also fight back, and
         its still possible to shoot down enemy fighters with all those
         missiles firing behind you.
         Allied fighters will appear after surviving a few minutes of mad
         flying and your AS gauge will be maxed. One allied attack or cover is
         enough to turn the tide of the battle, with the enemy fighters
         dropping like flies.
         After the last enemy fighter falls, the mission completes.
         Mission 13                                                 [WLK013]
                                THE LIBERATION OF GRACEMERIA
                                   - Wings Triumphant  -
         Time Limit    : 60:00:00                       Area: Gracemeria
         Quota         : None
         OP Leader     : A: Steel Gunners   B: Dragon Busters   C: Warlock
         Mission Type  :    Multi              Anti-Ground         Anti-Ground
                         D: Marigold        E: Windhover        F: Avalanche
                            Anti-Ground        Air-to-Air          Air-to-Air
         Main Objective: Recapture the capital city of Gracemeria
         Starting Points:
         1.	Airfield Recapture (Air-to-Air/Ground)
            Jammer Aircraft Intercept  (Air-to-Air)
         2. Capitol Recapture (Air-to-Ground)
            Radio Station Recapture(Air-to-Ground)
         3. Anti-Ship Assault (Air-to-Ground)
            Electronic Support Aircraft Intercept (Air-to-Air)
         The Rafale M is a good plane for this mission, with its flexible
         weapon load-out and its great agility for dogfighting. Unless you
         wanted to start the Anti-Air operations, equip the LASM and complete
         the ground based operations first since they are easier to clear.
         Consider completing Operation A first so that you can have the
         airfield for frontline landing operations when needed.
         Objective: Assist the Steel Gunners ground force in recapturing
                    the airfield.
         One of the easiest operations in the mission, you’ll just need to
         clear out enemy tanks, AA defenses and attackers. New targets will
         appear as the Steel Gunners move forward and your job is to keep the
         map clear of red dots.
         Successfully clearing this operation will give you the airstrip to
         use for the entire mission. Feel free to use when needed.
         Objective: Assist the Dragon Busters ground force in securing the
                    capitol building.
         Similar to operation A, your job for this operation is to clear enemy
         positions in and around the city buildings. Enemy aircraft may appear
         as well so destroy them all as the Dragon Busters advance towards the
         When they reach the capitol, enemy forces will suddenly appear for an
         ambush. Destroy all targets, though, you’ll need a clean shot to some
         of them because they are conveniently positioned between buildings.
         Having good A-G weapons here such as the LASM or XAGM can dispose of
         enemy forces efficiently.
         || OPERATION C: WARLOCK ||
         Objective: Assist the Warlock Separate Battalion in securing the
                    radio station.
         Operation C is just beside Operation B so you may trigger it while
         doing the other mission or vice versa. Same thing, eliminate ground
         targets, as well as any enemy aircraft that appears.
         Nothing else special to note about this mission since its pretty
         straightforward anyway.
         || OPERATION D: MARIGOLD ||
         Objective: Assist the allied flagship Marigold in securing naval
         You will need to destroy enemy ships here. LASMs are perfect for this
         operation since they can take out enemy ships with one hit.
         Continue destroying the Estovakian fleet. Their flagship is the
         carrier located at the bay. It will be nice to see it destroyed by
         machine gun fire.
         Overall, this mission is straightforward so you can finish this
         rather quickly.
         Objective: Assist the Windhover air unit in destroying enemy
                    Electronic Support Planes
         This operation is basically overlapping with operation F so you may
         activate both operations when you are only trying to clear one.
         In any case, enemy planes maybe big but they can still evade missiles
         whenever they can so you may rely on your machine gun to destroy them
         without bothering to get into firing position.
         One of the enemy E-767 is located high, above any aircraft’s
         operational ceiling. If you try to reach it, your plane may stall.
         The best bet is to harass it with AA SP weapons until it either gets
         destroyed or forced to lower its altitude.
         Objective: Assist the Avalanche air unit in destroying enemy
                    jamming facilities.
         Enemy jammers on the other hand, are located on rather low altitudes
         so you won’t have any trouble locating them. Just approach the center
         of each ECM field and you should spot the jammers. Enemy escorts may
         appear as primary targets as well.
         Destroy all of them to clear the airwaves of enemy jamming and
         complete the mission.
         Before finishing the last operation, try using the airfield or return
         line if you need re-arming or repairs. After meeting the quota, the
         second part of the mission starts. A hell lot of enemy drones will
         flood the map and yet you still need to destroy the enemy ace, Ilya
         Pasternak and his CFA-44 Nosferatu.
         To make matters worse, the Nosferatu is stealthed, abnormally agile
         and fast, and provides ESM to the drones. And the drones are not
         there for display. They shoot back and they are hard to take down.
         Oh, I forgot to mention that the Nosferatu have very good armor so it
         will take several missile hits to destroy it. Ready?
         First, as much as possible, ignore the drones. Even if you try to
         destroy them, they will just fly by you like crazy flies. Keep an eye
         on your radar since if Pasternak tends to fly by you or attack you
         with his ADMMs. As much as possible, stay with your naval fleet’s ESM
         field. This will prove useful on raising your chances of hitting the
         enemy ace.
         Once you get a good lock-on, don’t hesitate to fire your SP weapons
         and missiles consecutively. Its like releasing all SP weapons one by
         one then switch to your missiles and fire them. Yet, with those
         volley of trailing explosives, Pasternak can evade it with break neck
         maneuvers that you wouldn’t thought possible with an aircraft.
         For some odd reason, he will occasionally fly in front of you and
         just basically stay there. I am not sure if this is a bug in the game
         but he’s just there swallowing my missiles and machine gun fire. Very
         cheap way for my first win but I can’t help but to grab the
         On my second try, I was able to bring him down after some crazy
         flying and attempts to track him down. Whenever he is within machine
         gun range, attempt to land some hits. Machine gun rounds can eat up
         his armor easily making it easier for him to be shot down with
         missiles. Be flexible. You may need to utilize all your weapons in
         this battle.
         After destroying him, the mission is now completed.
         F-22 Raptor
         SU-47 Berkut
         Mission 14                                                 [WLK014]
                                  GRACEMERIA PATROL
                                   - City Lights -
         Time Limit    : 60:00:00                       Area: Gracemeria
         Quota         : None
         OP Leader     : None
         Mission Type  : Anti-Air
         Main Objective: Protect the city from enemy cruise missiles.
         Starting Points: Capitol Patrol (Air-to-Air)
         At the start of this mission, you may buy either the F-22 or the
         SU-47. Both are great planes with almost the same stats. Buy them
         both if you want to. For this mission, equip the XMA6 for the Raptor
         and/or SAAM/QAAM for the Berkut.
         After take off, just follow the waypoints indicated on the screen.
         Just enjoy the peaceful and quiet flybys while looking at the
         fireworks. After the last leg of the patrol, an unknown target
         The crazy Estovakians have released a cruise missile that can
         separate into multiple warheads. And you’ll need to destroy them.
         This job is easier by using the Raptor’s XMA6. Better yet, try to
         release those SP weapons if you’re at the front or back of the
         warheads so that they will hit the targets for sure.
         To make matters worse, enemy fighters will join the already critical
         situation. Get rid of them whenever you can, or order your allies to
         attack them to blast them off your sky. Concentrate on the cruise
         The good thing is that these cruise missiles tend to stick together
         as groups so you can just shoot them all down once you get in range.
         If you are after the Gold Marksman medal, this is the stage where you
         can add up some easy machine gun kills.
         There will be a total of 9 waves of cruise missiles; the last wave of
         three will appear on all directions. Destroy all of them as quickly
         as possible to complete the mission.
         Mission 15                                                 [WLK015]
                                   - To all things -
         Time Limit    : 50:00:00                       Area: Sonne Island
         Quota         : None
         OP Leader     : None
         Mission Type  : Anti-Air
         Main Objective: Destroy the Chandelier
         Starting Points: Doomsday Weapon Assault (Air-to-Air/Ground)
         So this is the final mission. Bring your best plane. I suggest
         bringing in some anti-ground weapons for you and leave the AA SP
         weapons to your wingman. You are not the only ones included in this
         mission; you will have the assistance of your trusty and very
         reliable allied squadrons.
         At the start of the mission, maintain your current heading and listen
         to the conversation. Apparently, Melissa, the mother from the
         cutscenes will contact your team. After that, the plans for the
         Chandelier will be delivered, identifying the targets. There are a
         lot of them, not to mention that the last members of the Strigon team
         will be defending the airspace as well.
         Once you get the mission update, the primary targets will be the
         shieldings and the cooling units. Beware of the early missile alert
         after you get the update. The bastards (Strigon) may have released
         XMA4s or XLAAs at you. Just dive down a little and you should be safe
         from the missiles.
         Once you have the Chandelier in view, don’t be surprised to find
         multiple AA defenses and enemy ships around the area. I suggest
         taking out the AA defenses on your first attack run first, like
         cruisers and destroyers. At this point of the game, you should
         already know how to sink them with just two missiles.
         Start flying to the sides of the chandelier first; fly low enough to
         avoid incoming missiles. Get rid of any targets you may find
         including small but nasty missile boats. Enemy fighters may trail you
         but they won’t be able to shoot you down at that low altitude.
         Certain enemy ships provide ESM too so it will be a good idea to
         destroy them when you have the chance.
         After that’s taken care off, you may now start clearing the targets.
         One strategy you should do to save time is use the missiles to
         destroy the AA guns and SAM defending your intended target (example:
         Shielding) while firing your machine gun at the shieldings. There are
         3 layers of them and missiles tend to block your site with smoke
         trails so machine gun rounds are best used here. Remember to slow down
         while firing.
         Continue this routine until your AS gauge is slowly filled. If enemy
         fire is harassing you too much that you cannot concentrate on taking
         down targets, don’t hesitate to call for allied cover. Even the
         Strigon team doesn’t stand a chance with your coordinated attack.
         After the last primary target is destroyed, you will get yet another
         cutscene and another mission update.
         This time, you will need to fly into loading rails to destroy the
         backup cooling unit inside. Before you even go inside, destroy those
         guntowers first. They can chew your aircraft faster than toast. After
         clearing the path, slowly position your plane to narrow corridor. Be
         careful also since there are positioned AA guns on the ceiling of this
         tunnel. Once you get the clean lock-on, fire your missiles then fly
         through the opening in the ceiling.
         As for your last objective, you will need to fly inside the turret
         itself and destroy the core from within. Its not hard, its just that
         the path gets narrower and narrower as you get deeper inside. Once
         you get a lock-on, fire your missiles and STAY in your path. After
         destroying the core, the game will automatically let you escape the
         crumbling megaweapon in a cinematic ending.
         Watch the ending and relax. You have just finished one of the most
         adrenaline pumping games out there.
         |                         AIRCRAFT LIST                          |
                                    - ACL000 -
         Before going out on a mission, bringing in the right plane makes a lot
         difference. For the first time you play the game, you will need to
         stick with your trusty F-16C for the first few missions. The game
         features a small number of planes but all of them are capable. You
         will still need to use newer planes to keep up with later missions.
         If you wanted to participate in anti-air operations, bringing a plane
         with high speed, air-to-air rating, mobility and good AA weapons is a
         must. If the mission requires heavy bombing and anti-ground
         engagements, planes with good anti-ground rating, defense and
         stability is essential. You wouldn’t like to be flying in an A-10A or
         F-117 when facing the whole Strigon Team or their flying fortress.
         (You can still do this though, if you are looking for a challenge)
         The game features 14 modern + 1 fictional aircraft. They are grouped
         into three classes. Estovakian paint schemes will be unlocked after
         completing the game once, and the Estovakian SP (special) paint
         schemes will be available by shooting an enemy ace in Expert mode or
         above. This section will include a gist of the name of the ace and
         its location. For detailed instructions and map screenshots, refer to
         the Assault Records section later on.
         || ATTACKERS ||
         These are usually the slowest and stiff planes you will come across
         with. However, their superb stability, defense and firepower make it
         up for the shortcomings
         || Fighters ||
         These aircraft is optimized for air-to-air combat, though some of
         them can be modified for ground engagements as well. They have
         excellent mobility and speed which were the deciding factor in
         || Multiroles ||
         Multirole planes are capable of engaging both ground and air targets,
         making them the most flexible planes for any force. They have balanced
         stats and weapon load outs, which pilots can change during a mission,
         whenever the situation arises.
         Finishing the game using only a single plane type will unlock their
         corresponding medals. More details about this will be covered in a
         separate dedicated section.
         || F-16c “Fighting Falcon” ||                               [ALC001]
         MSSL: 99
         XMA4: 40
         UGB : 30
         RCL : 20
         Mobility : [][][]
         Speed    : [][][]
         A-A      : [][][]
         A-G      : [][][]
         Stability: [][][]
         Defense  : [][][]
         (From the perfect stat of [][][][][] {5/5})
         Game Desc:
         The F-16C has a powerful single engine and a blended wing
         body. Its high cost-performance makes it a standard for lightweight
         fighters. The smaller size of this aircraft makes it highly
         maneuverable, which roll and banking capabilities that are slightly
         superior to other aircraft.
         Although basic, its armaments are easy to use and adaptable to both
         air-to-air and air-to-ground tasks. The F-16 is a highly capable
         aircraft in almost any pilot’s hands.
         The F-16C is a very versatile aircraft with well balanced stats. This
         is the players’ default plane for the first four missions of the game
         and it is very capable on both anti-air and ground missions. This is
         good than starting with the vintage F-4 compared to the other
         || Mirage 2000-S ||                                         [ALC002]
         MSSL: 110
         XMA4: 44
         GPB : 20
         LASM: 15
         SFFS: 12
         Mobility : [][][
         Speed    : [][][]
         A-A      : [][][]
         A-G      : [][][]
         Stability: [][
         Defense  : [][][]
         Game Desc:
         The Mirage is a highly maneuverable multirole aircraft which is
         highly maneuverable at high speeds, but requires precision
         controlling because of the resulting recoil.
         It is equipped with long range air-to-ground missiles enabling it to
         safely destroy enemy ground targets from a distance. Highly
         customizable, this aircraft can meet a variety of needs.
         Although it may seem to have good mobility and speed, players will
         experience stiff control when flying this plane. It has really good
         anti-ground weapons loadout at the same time it has XMA4 for engaging
         aerial targets.
         || A-10A “Thunderbolt II”  ||                               [ALC003]
         MSSL: 200
         RCL : 25
         FAEB: 25
         XAGM: 56
         Mobility : []
         Speed    : []
         A-A      : [
         A-G      : [][][][][]
         Stability: [][][][]
         Defense  : [][][][][]
         Game Desc:
         The A10A features a straight-wing design for additional strength at
         low speeds, high mounted engines to avoid enemy ground fire, and
         heavy armor plating. It is feared by enemy ground troops as the “Tank
         Killer” for its ability to continue the assault despite taking
         considerable damage.
         It is an extremely durable and stable aircraft with superior
         maneuvering capabilities. The firepower centric design includes a
         nose mounted Gatling gun and high performance air-to ground missiles,
         making it the perfect aircraft for close air-to-ground support.
         The A-10A is the only aircraft in the game that carries the most
         destructive bomb in the game, the FAEB (Fuel Air Explosive Bomb).
         This is the first attacker aircraft that players’ will acquire and so
         far, the most effective anti-ground aircraft. This plane can take
         considerable punishment and is best used in close range support for
         ground troops.
         || Tornado GR.4  ||                                         [ALC004]
         MSSL: 150
         BDSP: 25
         LASM: 20
         ECMP: 20
         Mobility : [][]
         Speed    : [][][]
         A-A      : [][
         A-G      : [][][][][
         Stability: [][][][][
         Defense  : [][][][][]
         Game Desc:
         This is the latest of the Tornado series of aircraft. The Tornado
         GR.4 is a variable geometry winged aircraft with a compact fuselage
         designed to avoid enemy fire. Precision flight through advanced
         navigation equipment and powerful thrust for short take-off and
         landing (STOL) make this a versatile attacker.
         Although an attacker aircraft, the Tornado boasts both
         maneuverability and acceleration of a fighter. Equipped with
         dispenser munitions, it is capable of quickly suppressing ground
         targets over large areas. The highly mobile attacker is well designed
         for striking heavy fortified targets.
         Though the game description mentions that this plane has the
         “maneuverability of a fighter”, don’t count on it too much. Although
         it’s the most capable attacker in engaging enemy fighters, it has
         really large turn angle, making it difficult to get a clean shot in
         tight dogfights. This is one of the few aircraft with jamming
         || F/A-18F “SuperHornet” ||                                 [ALC005]
         MSSL: 140
         SAAM: 18
         SOD : 15
         XAGM: 32
         ECMP: 20
         Mobility : [][][]
         Speed    : [][][]
         A-A      : [][][][]
         A-G      : [][][
         Stability: [][][][
         Defense  : [][][]
         Game Desc:
         The F/A-18F achieves superb handling while maintaining nearly
         flawless stability. The combined payload capacity of air-to-ground
         and air-to-air SP weapons and missiles promise increased battle
         performance. With the capability to quickly adjust to the conditions
         of virtually any battlefield, the F/A-18F is a true multirole
         With well balanced stats, great control and a wide array of SP
         weapons, Superhornet pilots can adjust accordingly in any
         || F-2A “Viper Zero” ||                                    [ALC006]
         MSSL: 110
         LASM: 28
         QAAM: 20
         XMA4: 52
         UGB : 40
         Mobility : [][][]
         Speed    : [][][
         A-A      : [][][][
         A-G      : [][][][][
         Stability: [][][][
         Defense  : [][][]
         Game Desc:
         Known as the “Viper Zero”, the F-2A is a variant of the F-16. It is
         equipped with the latest avionic equipment, including phased-array
         radar. Although designed specifically for anti-ship operations, this
         powerful aircraft is also deployed in air-superiority and intercept
         missions. The F-2A is known for its responsiveness and stability, so
         much that the engine stall related accidents are extremely rare.
         Its high-performance armaments include that of high-maneuver and
         long-range missiles. While successfully fulfilling its originally
         conceived role of air-to-ground and air-to-ship intercept, the F-2A
         is also a formidable air-to-air multirole aircraft.
         A very versatile aircraft that you can bring in for any type of
         operation, the F-2A promises even greater performance in anti-ground
         missions and close-air support as well.
         || F-14D “SuperTomcat” ||                                  [ALC007]
         MSSL: 150
         XLAA: 40
         SAAM: 25
         GPB : 30
         Mobility : [][][]
         Speed    : [][][][][
         A-A      : [][][][][
         A-G      : [][][][][
         Stability: [][][][
         Defense  : [][][]
         Game Desc:
         The Super Tomcat is equipped with digital fly-by-wire variable
         geometry wings and powerful twin-engines. Although costly to
         maintain, this carrier-based aircraft’s wide array of advanced
         capabilities place it at the pinnacle of modern aircraft design.
         Unparalleled top speed and acceleration coupled with high
         maneuverability and stability make the F-14D an impressive aircraft.
         Long-range missile armaments also allow for preemptive striking
         capability on multiple enemy aircraft.
         Excelling at hit-and-run assaults, this high speed intercept fighter
         is perfect for aerial defense missions.
         The F-14D is an excellent fighter though it can be easily
         overshadowed by the newer fighters. Nevertheless, this is a very
         capable anti-air plane that can be used in heavy aerial battles.
         || SU-33 “Flanker” ||                                       [ALC008]
         MSSL: 160
         QAAM: 25
         XMA4: 56
         RCL : 30
         Mobility : [][][][]
         Speed    : [][][][][
         A-A      : [][][][][
         A-G      : [][]
         Stability: [][][
         Defense  : [][][
         Game Desc:
         Known by the codename “Flanker”, the SU-33 is a carrier-based air
         superiority fighter. Its bold canard wings and aerodynamic fuselage
         design have realized performance never before achievable in a fighter.
         Its derivative shape stands as a symbol of modern aircraft design.
         Extremely maneuverable and quick to respond, the SU-33 is capable of
         maintaining an advantage even in battles against superior numbers. It
         is well equipped for aerial combat with high-maneuver, high
         performance missiles.
         The aircraft’s true potential depends solely on the pilot’s skills,
         making this an aircraft for experienced pilots only.
         The SU-33 is the favored aircraft of the Strigon team. It is
         extremely agile and fast that it can manage tight dogfights against
         several enemies.
         The Flanker is also known for its flawless responsiveness, which can
         be the deciding factor of shooting down an enemy or getting shot down.
         || F-15E “Strike Eagle” ||                                  [ALC009]
         MSSL: 180
         XMA6: 60
         UGB : 60
         SFFS: 30
         XAGM: 64
         Mobility : [][][]
         Speed    : [][][][][
         A-A      : [][][][]
         A-G      : [][][][]
         Stability: [][][][][
         Defense  : [][][][]
         Game Desc:
         F-15E adds a variety of air-to-ground modifications to the already
         excellent air superiority design of the F-15. It can be distinguished
         from its predecessor by the conformal fuel tanks under the fuselage,
         fitted to extend attack range without sacrificing payload.
         The F-15E boasts first class speed, excellent acceleration and
         durability. This aircraft can be fitted with powerful
         high-performance missiles or cluster bombs for air-to-air and
         air-to-ground missions. This large-bodied multirole aircraft excels
         on battlefronts.
         The F-15E is one of my favorite planes in the game. It is a great
         multirole aircraft in terms of stats and payload. The XMA6 is the
         same as the XMA4 but with two more missiles. The SFFS and the XAGM
         enables pilots to perform precise anti-ground strikes.
         || Rafale M “Squall” ||                                     [ALC010]
         MSSL: 160
         SOD : 40
         SAAM: 35
         XMA6: 54
         LASM: 40
         Mobility : [][][][]
         Speed    : [][][][]
         A-A      : [][][][
         A-G      : [][][][][
         Stability: [][][][]
         Defense  : [][][][
         Game Desc:
         A carrier-based aircraft known as Squall. Distinguishing
         characteristics include a flowing delta wing and canard design, and
         an aerodynamically conformed air intake. Its ergonomically designed
         cockpit has earned it high regard among pilots. The Rafale M offers
         quick response thanks to a compact turning radius and agile
         Its large wing surface provides extra storage space for high-
         performance missiles and dispenser munitions. This multirole aircraft
         is well suited for prolonged or large scale missions.
         The Rafale M has lesser payload compared to the F-15E but is
         undeniably more agile than the latter. The LASM and the SOD provides
         great anti-ground and ship capabilities while the SAAM and XMA6
         enables the Rafale to engage several enemies at once.
         || F-117 “Nighthawk” ||                                     [ALC011]
         MSSL: 130
         GPB : 65
         QAAM: 15
         LASM: 35
         Mobility : [][
         Speed    : [][
         A-A      : [][
         A-G      : [][][][][]
         Stability: [][][][]
         Defense  : [][][][][
         Game Desc:
         The “Nighthawk” is the first fully stealth capable aircraft. Its
         unique shape and special coating are designed to absorb and reduce
         enemy radar. Advanced stealth characteristics allow the F-117A to
         operate freely while evading enemy detection. Although its payload is
         limited, bunker penetrating bombs give its formidable pinpoint
         striking capabilities. A complete deviation from traditional fighter
         design, the F-117A is a revolutionary attack aircraft designed solely
         for stealth.
         You wouldn’t notice the stealth since enemies will still be able to
         see you. If you are going for the Night Owl medal, use the Tornado or
         the A-10A instead. The large number of GPBs won’t help much against a
         large number of ground targets.
         || TYPHOON ||                                               [ALC012]
         MSSL: 230
         XLAA: 48
         XMA4: 66
         RCL : 32
         Mobility : [][][][][
         Speed    : [][][][][
         A-A      : [][][][][]
         A-G      : [][][][
         Stability: [][][][]
         Defense  : [][][][
         Game Desc:
         The Typhoon represents the leading edge of air superiority fighter
         technology. The close-coupled delta-canard configuration gives the
         aircraft its distinct design. Developed by an international consortium,
         the flexible design ensures that the Typhoon can be modified to answer
         the fighter needs of all nations involved.
         The Typhoon fuses maneuverability with precision providing the pilot
         with ease of control. Long-range missiles allow it to destroy
         multiple enemy aircraft while staying out of lock-on range.
         Whether from a distance or in a dogfight, the Typhoon’s robust
         capabilities assure its dominance in any battle.
         The Typhoon is one of the best fighters you can purchase before
         getting the SU-47 and the F-22. The XMA4 and the XLAA provides
         excellent anti-air capabilities while its speed and mobility provides
         the much needed maneuverability.
         || SU-47 “Berkut” ||                                        [ALC013]
         MSSL: 270
         QAAM: 40
         SAAM: 40
         UGB : 70
         Mobility : [][][][][]
         Speed    : [][][][]
         A-A      : [][][][][]
         A-G      : [][][][
         Stability: [][][][][
         Defense  : [][][][]
         Game Desc:
         The “Berkut” is distinguished by its three-surface-design, comprised
         of forwardswept wings, canard wings and horizontal stabilizer. The
         latest in avionic technologies help overcome instabilities inherent
         in its complex aerodynamics, positioning the SU-47 on the cutting
         edge of experimental aircraft technology. The SU-47 fighter features
         superb maneuverability and stability. Equipped with high-maneuver
         missiles, its superiority in a 1-on-1 aerial conflict is unrivaled.
         Designed to dominate in a dogfight, it is the preeminent fighter.
         The Berkut is one of the best, real-life fighters you can acquire in
         the game. Its superb agility, speed and mobility enable it to stand
         heavy dogfighting and intercept missions. The QAAM and the SAAM
         further enhances its already formidable anti-air capability.
         || F-22A “Raptor” ||                                        [ALC014]
         MSSL: 250
         XMA6: 72
         QAAM: 40
         SOD : 55
         Mobility : [][][][][]
         Speed    : [][][][][]
         A-A      : [][][][][]
         A-G      : [][][][
         Stability: [][][][][
         Defense  : [][][][]
         Game Desc:
         The F-22 is a composite of the latest technologies, including the
         ability to cruise at supersonic speeds. This ultra-powerful 5th
         generation fighter is aptly titled “Air Dominance Fighter”.
         Commanding powerful thrust and stealth technologies, the F-22A
         represents the leading edge of aircraft technology. As well as being
         dispensing munitions capable, high-performance missiles allow it to
         attack from beyond the range of enemy aircraft.
         Geared perfectly for aerial combat missions, the F-22A is a powerful
         preemptive fighter.
         The F-22 is the pinnacle of modern aircraft technology. It has stealth
         and can be equipped with high-performance missiles. Its superior speed,
         agility and mobility truly lives up its name “Raptor” (Bird of Prey)
         || CFA-44 “Nosferatu” ||                                    [ALC015]
         MSSL: 300
         ADMM: 18
         EML : 24
         ECMP: 36
         Mobility : [][][][][]
         Speed    : [][][][][
         A-A      : [][][][][]
         A-G      : [][][][][]
         Stability: [][][]
         Defense  : [][][]
         Game Desc:
         The “Nosferatu” is Estovakia’s next-generation carrier-based stealth
         aircraft. Various onboard experimental weapon technologies include a
         rail gun, ADMM missiles and a fully integrated electronic support
         system. In the hands of an experienced pilot, this aircraft truly
         knows no bounds.
         Complete dominance over all other aircraft in speed, acceleration,
         and maneuverability is hindered only by its instability. Outfitted
         with the latest in experimental weaponry, it knows no match from the
         land or air.
         The aircraft’s true potential can only be achieved by a
         technologically minded ace with the battle skills to match.
         Behold the most powerful aircraft in the game. The favored aircraft by
         Estovakian ace Ilya Pasternak, the Nosferatu is the stalking vampire
         of the skies. The ADMM alone should suffice on any land or air targets.
         |                         SP WEAPON LIST                         |
                                    - SPW000 -
         SP Weapons are your special armaments. An aircraft will always come
         along with one default SP weapon. To equip our aircraft with another
         weapon, you’ll need to make sure to buy the SP weapon first before it
         can be equipped.
         || ADMM – All Direction Multi-Purpose Missile ||         [SPW001]
         Game Desc:
         Although hindered by slight development delay, its extensive firing
         range combined with the ability to simultaneously launch 12
         independent warheads means the ADMM possesses the firepower to change
         the tide of battle in a single shot. This ultra-compact missile
         represents the latest in multiple target tracking technology.
         The best SP weapons in the game. Each shot releases 12 warheads, each
         capable of tracking individual targets. It comes along with 18 shots,
         usually more than enough to finish the mission quickly.
         || BDSP– Bomblet Dispenser ||                            [SPW002]
         SPREAD BOMB
         Game Desc:
         This anti-personnel weapon releases numerous bomblets over the target
         area. The impact area increases proportional to the speed of the
         dispersion aircraft, allowing for damage over an extremely wide area.
         The ability to adjust the impact area on the fly makes this weapon a
         choice of skilled veterans.
         The body of the BDSP is hung from the bottom of the aircraft where it
         releases numerous bomblets, which must be released directly over the
         target to ensure their effectiveness, thus increasing the risk of
         being exposed to enemy fire.
         As mentioned in the game description, flying too high or too fast
         will render the bomblets ineffective since they will be dispersed
         over a wide area. Since pilots need to literally fly over enemy forces
         with sufficient speed and height, there is always a risk of taking
         damage from ground fire.
         || ECMP – Electronic Counter Measure Pod ||              [SPW003]
         Game Desc:
         Once released, the ECMP uses powerful jamming to disrupt the targeting
         capabilities of enemy missiles within its effective range. It is
         especially effective in confrontations involving multiple aircraft and
         anti-air defense systems.
         Advancements in missile technology have all but cemented its necessity
         in modern aircraft warfare.
         As a defensive weapon, the ECMP is quite useful for goofing enemy
         missiles. SAMs and enemy missiles’ tracking systems will be disabled.
         The jamming is only active for a few seconds so after activating, the
         pilot should maneuver the plane out of the enemy’s crosshair.
         || EML – Electromagnetic Launcher ||                     [SPW004]
         Game Desc:
         The easy to aim unguided weapon employs long-range, ultra-high
         velocity munitions. With training, this advanced weapon offers
         unparalleled destructive potential. A miniaturized combat rail gun,
         also referred to as an electromagnetic launcher, the EML utilizes
         electromagnetism to propel munitions along a conduction rail at
         extremely high velocity.
         Future revisions offer much promise for the current practical battery
         limitations and size.
         Previous AC players will be reminded of the TLS’ targeting system
         where pilots need to manually acquire and aim at the target. Since
         the munitions travel at very high speeds, there is almost no chance
         of escape once the EML is fired directly at the target’s path.
         || FAEB – Fuel-Air Explosive Bomb ||                     [SPW005]
         SPREAD BOMB
         Game Desc:
         The FAEB is capable of damaging multiple targets over an extremely
         wide area. Its destructive power is somewhat limited, making it most
         effective against concentrations of lowpriority targets.
         This unguided bomb disperses highly volatile fuel over a wide area,
         then ignites to create a massive explosion. The ensuing 3000 degree
         inferno culminates in the destructive blast wave.
         This can be considered as the best bomb in the game in terms of blast
         radius and damage. It is capable of wiping out almost every ground
         target in a single blast, though some hardened units and
         fortifications may need a second explosion before succumbing to this
         weapon’s awesome power.
         || GPB – Guided Penetration Bomb ||                      [SPW006]
         Game Desc:
         Although it has a small blast radius, the GPB represents one of the
         most lethal antipersonnel ordinances available. It is indispensable
         against particularly heavily fortified ground targets. Known as the
         “Smart Bomb”, the GPB utilizes GPS and laser guidance to home in to
         its target. It is employed primarily against enemy facilities and
         fortifications, first piercing their outer barrier then detonating,
         destroying them from the inside.
         Another name for this weapon is “Bunker Buster”, because of its
         capability to burst through protective covering of enemy positions
         then exploding from inside.
         || LASM – Long-range Air-to-Ship Missile ||              [SPW007]
         SPREAD BOMB
         Game Desc:
         Nearly matching the destructive power of a free-fall bomb, the LASM’s
         blast radius is capable of damaging facilities beyond the main target
         area. Equipped with a powerful radar/seeker, the LASM is capable of
         destroying other unapproachable targets such as ships and radar
         stations, from long range.
         There are several guidance systems available.
         The LASM version is this game incorporates the LAGM (Long-range,
         Air-to-Ground Missile) blast area attribute that is available from
         the previous versions of the game. The LASM is the ultimate ship
         killer, guaranteeing a kill once it hits the enemy ship.
         This weapon can be used against ground targets such as tank
         formations, defenses and artillery.
         || QAAM – Quick Maneuver Air-to-Air Missile ||            [SPW008]
         Game Desc:
         The most agile of all missiles, the QAAM boasts a tracking time and
         guidance system far exceeding that of standard missiles. Once it has
         acquired a lock-on, it will continue to track the target, even at the
         firing aircraft’s six o’clock, making this the ultimate in dogfight
         A helmet mounted reticule allows the QAAM to be locked on the target
         outside of the aircraft’s flight trajectory.
         Though the game description about this weapon is too good for the
         eyes, it is not that effective as it seems. Since the QAAMs of AC4,
         its one-shot, fire-and-forget capability has been limited over the
         past few titles.
         While it is true that QAAMs have superb tracking capability, enemy
         aircrafts can still evade them with ease.
         || RCL – Rocket Launcher ||                              [SPW009]
         SPREAD BOMB
         Game Desc:
         The RCL is capable of firing a volley of unguided rockets in rapid
         succession. Although some skill is necessary to master its operation,
         the RCL can deliver unparalleled damage when all of its rockets hit
         their mark. The operational scope of this general-purpose weapon is
         limited only by the pilot’s ability.
         Even if there are some “improvements” in the AC6 version of the RCL,
         it is by far, one of the crappiest SP weapon in the whole series. The
         unguided rockets can hit targets tightly closed together but other
         than that, its like spraying fire randomly.
         || SAAM – Semi-Active Air-to-air Missile |               [SPW010]
         Game Desc:
         Although highly accurate, the target must be kept inside the SAAM’s
         steering circle once it is fired. The SAAM is guided via the aircraft’s
         onboard radar, meaning it must be continuously controlled until it has
         impacted with the target. However, this independent guidance system
         increases maneuverability while lowering production costs.
         When used properly, these missiles can be a lot accurate and deadlier
         than the QAAMs. Pilots need to have good control of the plane so that
         the target will be kept inside the targeting circle even while
         || SFFS – Self Forging Fragment Submunitions ||           [SPW011]
         SPREAD BOMB
         Game Desc:
         The SFFS fragments into numerous pieces before reaching the impact
         area, and is effective in situations when the need to dispense of
         targets over a wide area is immediate. Its destructive power is
         proportional to the height at which it is released. Advanced versions
         incorporate thermal guidance and land min bomblets.
         The SFFS is effective for destroying a large area littered with ground
         targets. This requires practice to use the weapon effectively.
         || SOD – Stand-Off Dispenser ||                          [SPW012]
         SPREAD BOMB
         Game Desc:
         The SOD is capable of adjusting its flight path while releasing
         numerous bomblets along its trajectory. Its high degree of accuracy
         makes it one of the easiest, wide-blast radius type bombs to use. GPS
         and other navigational equipment allow the SOD to automatically home
         in on a ground target.
         The SOD works typically like a BDSP but the main difference is that
         the SOD can lock on a target, and deliver the bomblets along its
         flight trajectory. Very effective when used against enemies on a
         straight line or heavily concentrated enemy formations.
         || UGB – Unguided Bomb ||                                 [SPW013]
         SPREAD BOMB
         Game Desc:
         The UGB is a fairly powerful bomb capable of damaging all targets
         within its blast radius. While technologically unsophisticated, a
         skilled hand can ensure its effectiveness against almost any ground
         target. The simplistic and reliable design consists only of the main
         body and stabilizing fins.
         Although this requires manual calculation and dropping, the UGB is
         still capable of destroying any enemy targets.
         || XAGM – Advanced Air-to-Ground Missile ||              [SPW014]
         Game Desc:
         The XAGM is capable of destroying up to four independent ground
         targets. Its high degree of accuracy makes it an effective weapon
         won’t be used against several targets with close proximity. It is used
         mainly against tanks and other armored ground targets. Thermal Imaging
         and Television Weapons Delivery Systems ensure its accuracy.
         The XAGM is great for eliminating enemy ground units with deadly
         accuracy. It is very effective against those targets taking cover
         behind buildings and other obstables.
         || XLAA – Advanced Long-Range, Air-to-Air Missile ||     [SPW015]
         Game Desc:
         Able to lock-on to multiple targets, the XLAA boasts the longest
         range and the greatest speed of all missile types, but at a slight
         cost to targeting performance. Boasting a powerful radar system and
         long-range, the XLAA is capable of preemptively striking multiple
         targets from beyond the visual range.
         The missile’s high price is the only prohibitive factor when
         considering its use.
         For a higher chance of hitting enemies, XLAAs can be deployed while
         the targets are approaching towards the players.
         || XMA4 – Advanced Medium-Range, Air-to-Air Missile 4||  [SPW016]
         Game Desc:
         The XMA4 can be fired at up to four air targets simultaneously, as
         state of the art avionics provide the special ability to track and
         destroy several targets at once. Its relatively long range, and ease
         of use make it a standard choice amongst air-to-air weapons .
         A compact radar embedded in the warhead ensures that this “Fire and
         Forget” missile will predictably guide itself to its mark.
         Even if the game explicitly calls it a Fire and Forget weapon, this
         is only true of the targeted planes are flying in a straight line or
         gentle turn. This weapon is also effective when encountering enemy
         aircraft formations ahead or from behind.
         || XMA4 – Advanced Medium-Range, Air-to-Air Missile 6||  [SPW017]
         Game Desc:
         The XMA6 can be fired at up to six air targets simultaneously. Its
         relatively long range and ease of use make it a standard choice among
         air-to-air weapons. Equipped with more advanced avionics than the XMA4,
         the XMA6 is able to track and destroy a greater number of targets.
         Aircraft choice is limited by the weapon’s additional weight, brought
         about by the inclusion of state of the art technology and the
         subsequent increase in size.
         Just consider this like an XMA4 with two more additional missile
         capabilities. The performance of this medium range missile is the
         same as its counterpart.
         |                           ACES LIST                            |
                                    - ACS000 -
         This section will cover the non-Strigon aces that will appear while
         playing in Expert mode. Strigon assault records can be unlocked by
         simply shooting them down during the missions where they take part,
         which can be done in your normal playthrough. Emmerian assault records
         can be unlocked by completing all the operations where the allied
         units took part. You can check the operations you are missing by
         checking the Operation Medals tab in the Gallery.
         ++ Since the aces will appear only in Expert mode, you should be able
            to unlock the CFA-44 Nosferatu. Since you have this powerful
            aircraft already, it will be a waste if you won’t use it.
         ++ Even if you are using a superior fighter, that doesn’t mean that
            you can just shoot down the aces easily, especially when using
            standard missiles. They can pull some crazy maneuvers like you.
         ++ In expert mode, damages done to your plane can’t be repaired even
            if you land in an allied airfield or when you use the return line.
            The damage dealt by the enemy is increased to at least 150%
         ++ It will be advisable to use the Nosferatu and its ADMM when ace
            hunting. Even the mighty aces can’t evade the ADMM warheads easily.
         ++ If you can’t find the ace, just proceed with the other missions
            first. This saves you from getting frustrated.
         ++ Aces appear only as regular green triangles in the radar. There
            are no special markers for them or any sort. So you’ll need to
            approach them before you can target them on radar.
         ++ Assault records can also be acquired in Free Missions.
         || Mission 01: Invasion of Gracemeria ||                   [ACS001]
         Assault Record No: 13
         Ace: PEGAS
         Aircraft: F-22A
         Location: PEGAS’ spawning point depends on where your aircraft is
                   headed. As you start your mission, rush in and destroy all
                   primary targets (B-52s and UH-49s) within two minutes.
                   A squadron of Rafale M fighters will appear directly ahead
                   of you where you last shot down the initial targets. Again,
                   destroy these aircrafts within two minutes.
                   Finally, the last formation of F/A- 18Fs will appear. Shoot
                   them down and PEGAS will appear directly ahead where you
                   shot down the last SuperHornet.
         || Mission 02: Vitoze Aerial Defense ||                   [ACS002]
         Assault Record No: 14
         Ace: EDINOROG
         Aircraft: F-16C
         Location: EDINOROG will appear as a fighter escort along with the
                   last waves of enemy bombers. Just approach each bomber
                   formation to spot him and shoot him down.
         || Mission 03: Sipli Field ||                             [ACS003]
         Assault Record No: 15
         Ace: DRAKON
         Aircraft: Tornado GR.4
         After the mission update, DRAKON is within the obvious jamming field
         just north of the last enemy concentration.
         || Mission 04: Bartolomeo Fortress ||                     [ACS004]
         Assault Record No: 16
         Ace: KENTAVR
         Aircraft: SU-47
         Location: KENTAVR will appear along with the other two Strigon members
                   and other aircraft as reinforcements after the mission
                   update. Usually, it appears ahead of you, as soon as the
                   second part of the mission is initialized.
         || Mission 05: Anea Landing ||                           [ACS005]
         Assault Record No: 17
         Ace: ORYOL
         Aircraft: F-15E
         Location: ORYOL appears along with the enemy aircraft reinforcements
                   after the mission update. He will be usually accompanying
                   the A-10s in the Operation B area or along with the heavy
                   bombers of Operation C area.
         || Mission 06: Siege on Silvat ||                        [ACS006]
         Assault Record No: 18
         Ace: VEGA
         Aircraft: Rafale M
         Location: During the second part of the mission, where the remaining
                   enemy forces concentrate in the south of the map, you can
                   find VEGA flying along the enemy planes near the area.
         || Mission 07: Selumna Peak ||                           [ACS007]
         Assault Record No: 19
         Ace: DZHOKER
         Aircraft: F-117A
         Location: He is flying around the southwest of the jammers. You will
                   likely encounter him if you engaged in the Operations A and
                   D or on your way to B.
         || Mission 08: San Loma Assault ||                       [ACS008]
         Assault Record No: 20
         Ace: RUSALKA
         Aircraft: Typhoon
         Location: Appears above the city/ port after the mission update along
                   with other fighter reinforcements.
         || Mission 09: Heavy Command Cruiser ||                   [ACS009]
         Assault Record No: 21
         Ace: FENIKS
         Aircraft: SU-33
         Location: Appears near your current position after all the engines of
                   Aigaion is destroyed. Don’t destroy the cockpit yet until
                   you shoot FENIKS down.
                   The Aigaion will also deploy Nimbus attacks around it and
                   some AA defenses if it took you a while to engage and
                   destroy the ace.
         || Mission 10: Ragno Fortress ||                          [ACS010]
         Assault Record No: 22
         Ace: OBLAKO
         Aircraft: Mirage 2000-S
         Location: Appears after the mission update, as one of the fighter
                   reinforcements above the fortress.
         || Mission 11: Moloch Desert ||                           [ACS011]
         Assault Record No: 23
         Ace: RYTSARY
         Aircraft: A-10A
         Location: He can either be flying near the enemy main base (Operation
                   C: Hammerhead) or near the airfield (Operation B: Quox) or
                   somewhere in between after the mission update.
         || Mission 12: Weapons of Mass Destruction ||             [ACS012]
         Assault Record No: 24
         Ace: FLYUGER
         Aircraft: F-2A
         Location: Appears immediately from the west after the last primary
                   target vehicle is destroyed. Make sure to shoot him down
                   before going west to save your kill before the mission
         || Mission 13: The Liberation of Gracemeria ||            [ACS013]
         Assault Record No: 25
         Ace: VALET
         Aircraft: F-14D
         Location: He will be taking off from the Estovakian carrier inside
                   the port. Engage Operation D to encounter him immediately.
                   Otherwise, he will just be flying around the allied ships.
         || Mission 14: Gracemeria Patrol ||                       [ACS014]
         Assault Record No: 26
         Ace: DAMA
         Aircraft: F/A-18F
         Location: Appears after the mission update inside the obvious jamming
                   field. He is flying in high altitude.
         || Mission 15: Chandelier ||                              [ACS015]
         Assault Record No: 27
         Ace: KOBOL
         Aircraft: F4-E
         Location: On my playthroughs, he will appear once the mission update
                   to destroy the Chandelier core has been activated. He will
                   be attempting to take off on the runway the Strigon team
                   used earlier in the mission, along with some other F-4Es.
                   You can destroy him easily while he is trying to take off.
                   Other players have suggests that KOBOL will appear as one
                   of the enemy guardians once the first mission update starts
                   though I haven't encountered him this way even while playing
                   in Ace Mode.
         Once you acquired all the other Assault Records, you will unlock the
         last record for Garuda 1.
         Congratulations! Now you can flaunt your hard-earned collection!
         |                          MEDALS LIST                           |
                                    - MDL000 -
         Medals are unlocked after meeting certain requirements in the game.
         Most of them can be acquired by repeating the missions in Free
         Mission mode whilst some of them strictly require you to finish the
         campaign while meeting the requirements for the medal.
         This section will provide you the complete list of all medals that
         can be acquired in the game and some tips on how to get them.
         There are two types of medals, Service Medals and Operation Medals.
         Operation medals are automatically unlocked after finishing the
         specific operation. They are the easiest medals to acquire so far.
         Service Medals on the other hand, will pit you through several
         requirements, from easy tasks such as destroying a certain number of
         targets to the most mundane tasks like finishing the game without any
         damage or using machine guns only.
         I will be listing all the medals below to serve as a checklist then
         we will try to discuss on how to acquire them in detail.
         NOTE: The difficulty must be at least NORMAL when trying to get
         medals that requires players to finish the campaign. Players need to
         finish the campaign and not “patch” it via Free Mission mode.
         |                        SERVICE MEDALS                          |
                                    - MDL01A -
         BRONZE ACE       Destroy 300 enemies
         SILVER ACE       Destroy 1500 enemies
         GOLD ACE         Destroy 3000 enemies
         BRONZE MARKSMAN  Destroy 10 enemy aircraft with a machine gun
         SILVER MARKSMAN  Destroy 50 enemy aircraft with a machine gun
         GOLD MARKSMAN    Destroy 200 enemy aircraft with a machine gun
         NEEDLE'S EYE     Perform 10 consecutive frontline landings
         NIGHT OWL        Complete the campaign using only Attacker type
         RAGING FALCON    Complete the campaign using only Fighter type
         BLAZING GRIFFIN  Complete the campaign using only Multirole type
         GUARDIAN         Complete the campaign without getting your wingman
                          shot down.
         QUICKSILVER      Complete the campaign in record time
         SHARPSHOOTER     Complete the campaign using only machine guns
         LEGENDARY ACE    Complete the campaign mode without getting damaged.
         BRONZE STAR      Complete the campaign mode on Normal with an S rank.
         SILVER STAR      Complete the campaign mode on Hard with an S rank.
         GOLD STAR        Complete the campaign mode on Expert with an S rank.
         PLATINUM STAR    Complete the campaign mode on Ace with an S rank.
         || BRONZE ACE ||                                           [MDL001]
         Difficulty: [*]
         Free Mission: YES
         Tips: You don’t need to worry about this medal too much since you will
               unlock it along the way, as you try to complete your playthroughs
               to unlock the other medals.
         || SILVER ACE ||                                           [MDL002]
         Difficulty: [*]
         Free Mission: YES
         Tips: Just like the bronze ace, just concentrate on getting the other
               medals first and you will unlock this along the way.
         || GOLD ACE ||                                             [MDL003]
         Difficulty: [*]
         Free Mission: YES
         Tips: This may take a while and a few playthroughs but you will be
         able to unlock this medal no matter what.
         || BRONZE MARKSMAN ||                                      [MDL004]
         Difficulty: [*]
         Free Mission: YES
         Tips: Shooting enemy fighters may be a bit of challenge so make sure
               you use your machine gun on easier air targets such as bombers,
               jammers, cruise missiles, and attackers.
         || SILVER MARKSMAN ||                                      [MDL005]
         Difficulty: [*]
         Free Mission: YES
         Tips: If machine gunning fighters may be a bit of for you, just
               continue destroying easier air targets as described above.
         || GOLD MARKSMAN ||                                        [MDL006]
         Difficulty: [*][*]
         Free Mission: YES
         Tips: This may take a while but just continue shooting down easier
               targets as mentioned and you should get this medal.
         || NEEDLE’S EYE ||                                         [MDL007]
         Difficulty: [*]
         Free Mission: YES
         Tips: You’ll need to make 10 frontline landings successfully without
               SKIPPING the landing sequence. The best place to do these
               landings will be during the second part of Mission 06: Siege on
               Just make sure that there are minimal to no enemy units in and
               around the landing strip before attempting to land. If you still
               have problems landing, I suggest taking the tutorials.
         || NIGHT OWL ||                                            [MDL008]
         Difficulty: [*][*][*]
         Free Mission: NO
         Tips: You’ll need to finish the campaign using ONLY any of the
               following: A-10A, Tornado GR.4 and F-117A. Note that attackers
               are the slowest and least maneuverable planes in the game so
               facing enemy fighters may be a problem.
               Personally, I only used the A-10A with FAEB for ground based
               operations/missions and the Tornado with ECMP for the anti-air
               missions. Since the medal requires you to finish the game
               using an attacker type plane, then you can give your wingman the
               best plane you can get and equip him with AA weapons. That way,
               you will just have to rely on your wingman and allied units for
               support so you can concentrate on the mission.
               The FAEB (see Special Weapons section) of the A-10A is probably
               the most destructive antiground weapon you can get in the game.
               It pretty much destroys light-medium armored targets in a very
               large area, making a fast, clean sweep pretty much easier.
               The Tornado’s ECMP is very useful when facing enemy aircraft and
               “spoof” their missiles. Since the Tornado is really hard to
               maneuver, it is almost impossible to evade a missile fired at
               short range.
               Out of fun, I used the A-10 on Mission 09: Heavy Command Cruiser.
               Since the enemy cruisers are large targets, it was exhilarating
               to drop FAEBs on their decks and watch several targets destroyed
               at once. Try it for once.
         || RAGING FALCON ||                                        [MDL009]
         Difficulty: [*][*]
         Free Mission: NO
         Tips: Since you will be using a fighter here, you should have an
               easier time finishing the campaign. Fighters are the most
               common aircraft in the game and they have really good weapon
               load outs. If you have the Nosferatu, then finishing the
               campaign is breeze.
         || BLAZING GRIFFIN ||                                      [MDL010]
         Difficulty: [*][*]
         Free Mission: NO
         Tips: Multiroles are great for all-around missions. Their weapon
               loadout is really flexible and their stats are well-balanced.
               The high-end multiroles you can use would be the Rafale M and
               the F-15E.
         || GUARDIAN ||                                             [MDL011]
         Difficulty: [*]
         Free Mission: NO (Disable Auto Save ~1)
         Tips: Shamrock takes damage just like you do. He will have constant
               status report to you so pay attention if he says that he’s in
               trouble or got hit by a missile. For repairs, head to the return
               lines during missions.
               As long as he does not retreat from battle (his damage is too
               severe), you will earn this medal after your completed the
               campaign, even on your first try.
         1 Disabling autosave will be safer since you can retry the mission
           again in case you didn’t reach the requirement or just had an
         || QUICKSILVER ||                                          [MDL012]
         Difficulty: [*][*][*]
         Free Mission: NO (Disable Auto Save)
         Tips: You’ll need to finish the campaign within 2 hours and 15
               minutes. If you are after this medal, you will need to rush
               through all missions as fast as you can, destroying only primary
               targets and meeting mission objectives.
               The best plane to use for this mode is the CFA-44 Nosferatu with
               ADMM of course. Here, you will need to abuse your Allied Attack
               command to quickly dispose enemies and end the missions faster.
         || SHARPSHOOTER ||                                         [MDL013]
         Difficulty: [*][*][*][*][*]
         Free Mission: NO (Disable Auto Save)
         Tips: This is both good and bad. Good because you can easily acquire
               all the Marksman medals. Bad because you will destroy ALL
               targets using machine gun only.
               I suggest finishing this mode using F/A-18F with ECMP. At the
               start of each mission or after taking off, switching your SP
               weapon to ECMP will prevent any accidental missile firing and at
               the same time will allow you to use your ECMP faster.
               You can use other more powerful planes but remember, it will
               just take one missile or SP weapon misfire and your machine
               gunning streak is over. You will need to restart the mission or
               the last checkpoint in case that happens. Make sure that during
               debriefing, your machine gun kills should register 100%.
               Anything else than that, you will need to retry the mission.
         || LEGENDARY ACE ||                                        [MDL014]
         Difficulty: [*][*][*][*]
         Free Mission: NO (Disable Auto Save)
         Tips: This is the real challenge. You’ll need to finish the campaign
               without getting any damage at all. Repairing your aircraft
               during missions will remove the damage from the plane but not
               from your records. After debriefing, your total damage should
               register 0% on every mission.
               The best plane to use to acquire this medal is the Nosferatu.
               Like the saying, “Offense is the greatest defense”, destroying
               any hostile target in your sights as quickly as possible will
               significantly lessen the threat to you.
               In case you are damaged deep in the mission, just retry from
               your last checkpoint. Restart the mission if you are damaged
               right after the checkpoint is activated.
         || BRONZE STAR ||                                          [MDL015]
         Difficulty: [*][*]
         Free Mission: YES
         Tips: Getting this medal is quite easy, except for getting an S rank
               in Mission 13. Check out the Q&A section near the end of this
               guide for details on how to get an S rank.
         || SILVER STAR ||                                          [MDL016]
         Difficulty: [*][*][*]
         Free Mission: YES
         Tips: Hard mode is still manageable but will require you be more
               Enemy damage percentage is raised so be careful not to get hit
               by enemy fire as much as possible. Again, getting an S rank in
               Mission 13 is a challenge here so check out the details in the
               Q&A section of this guide. The good part about Hard Mode however,
               is that you will unlock the Nosferatu which will make your job a
               lot easier on subsequent playthroughs
         || GOLD STAR ||                                            [MDL017]
         Difficulty: [*][*][*][*]
         Free Mission: YES
         Tips: Expert mode is a mild hell. Enemy machine gun rounds can chew
               20+% off your armor each round. Missiles can take you out in one
               At this point, you should have the Nosferatu and its ADMM so you
               will have a fighting chance even against numerous targets.
               Additional targets will also appear on each mission. Enemy ace
               units for assault records will be start to appear here as well.
               Check out the Aces section above for more information about the
               aces' locations.
         || PLATINUM STAR ||                                        [MDL018]
         Difficulty: [*][*][*][*][*]
         Free Mission: YES
         Tips: Ace mode is hell. Machine gun rounds can take you in 3-4 hits
               and enemy reinforcements are numerous than before. You will have
               to fight hard on every operation and do some crazy flying if
               enemy aircraft engages you.
               Nosferatu and its ADMM is your greatest chance to excel on every
         |                          ACHIEVEMENTS                          |
                                    - ACHVMT -
         49 Achievements with a Total of 1000pts ~2.
         | ALL MEDALS   (All medals attained)                     | 50G |
         | ALL AIRCRAFT (Purchase all aircraft)                   | 30G |
         | CLEAR CAMPAIGN (Clear Campaign Mode)                   | 20G |
         | 10 OPERATIONS (Complete 10 operations)                 | 10G |
         | ALL OPERATIONS (Clear all operations)                  | 30G |
         | 10 FRONTLINE LANDINGS (Complete 10 total frontline     | 10G |
         |                        landings)                       |     |
         | AERIAL DEFENSE                                         | 10G |
         | (Destroy 50 enemies using airborne allied support)     |     |
         | GROUND DEFENSE                                         | 10G |
         | (Destroy 50 enemies using ground force allied support) |     |
         | ELECTRONIC SUPPORT SYSTEM                              | 10G |
         |(Destroy 100 enemies while receiving electronic support)|     |
         | 10 NAMED AIRCRAFT (Shoot down 10 Aces)                 | 30G |
         | 1000 ENEMIES (Destroy a total of 1000 enemies)         | 30G |
         | ALL COLORS (Purchase all aircraft special colors)      | 10G |
         | ORIGINAL AIRCRAFT (Purchase all original aircraft)     | 10G |
         | ALLIED ASSAULT RECORD                                  | 20G |
         | (Complete all Emmerian assault records)                |     |
         | ENEMY ASSAULT RECORD                                   | 20G |
         | (Complete all Estovakian assault records)              |     |
         | MISSION 1 (Complete mission 01,any Rank and difficulty)| 10G |
         | MISSION 2                                              | 10G |
         | MISSION 3                                              | 10G |
         | MISSION 4                                              | 10G |
         | MISSION 5                                              | 20G |
         | MISSION 6                                              | 10G |
         | MISSION 7                                              | 10G |
         | MISSION 8                                              | 10G |
         | MISSION 9                                              | 20G |
         | MISSION 10                                             | 10G |
         | MISSION 11                                             | 10G |
         | ALL SECRETS (Unlock all secrets)                       | 30G |
         | BATTLE ROYALE (10) (Win 10 Battle Royale Matches)      | 10G |
         | BATTLE ROYALE (30) (Win 30 Battle Royale Matches)      | 20G |
         | BATTLE ROYALE (50) (Win 50 Battle Royale Matches)      | 30G |
         | BATTLE ROYALE (100) (Win 100 Battle Royale Matches)    | 40G |
         | TEAM BATTLE (10) (Win 10 Team Battle Matches)          | 10G |
         | TEAM BATTLE (30) (Win 30 Team Battle Matches)          | 20G |
         | TEAM BATTLE (50) (Win 50 Team Battle Matches)          | 30G |
         | TEAM BATTLE (100) (Win 100 Team Battle Matches)        | 40G |
         | CO-OP STAGE 1 (Clear Stage 1 of CO-OP Battle)          | 25G |
         | CO-OP STAGE 2 (Clear Stage 2 of CO-OP Battle)          | 35G |
         | SIEGE BATTLE (10) (Win 10 Siege Battle Matches)        | 10G |
         | SIEGE BATTLE (30) (Win 30 Siege Battle Matches)        | 20G |
         | SIEGE BATTLE (50) (Win 50 Siege Battle Matches)        | 30G |
         | SIEGE BATTLE (100) (Win 100 Siege Battle Matches)      | 40G |
         | ONLINE KILLS (50)                                      | 20G |
         | (Shoot down 50 total other aircraft online)            |     |
         | ONLINE KILLS (100)                                     | 30G |
         | (Shoot down 100 total other aircraft online)           |     |
         | ONLINE KILLS (200)                                     | 50G |
         | (Shoot down 200 total other aircraft online)           |     |
         |PASTERNAK DEFEATED(Defeat Strigon Leader Ilya Pasternak)| 20G |
         | MISSION 12                                             | 10G |
         | MISSION 13                                             | 20G |
         | MISSION 14                                             | 10G |
         | MISSION 15                                             | 20G |
         2 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/achievements.php?gameID=332
         |                          Q&A SECTION                           |
                                    - Q&A000 -
         1) Q: What is Ace of Aces? I already unlocked all secrets and bought
               aircraft and stuff and that feature is grayed out.
            A: Ace of Aces is a DLC (Downloadable content) in XBL. It features
               ultra hard missions for hardcore AC pilots seeking for a
         2) Q: I can’t seem to get an S rank in Mission 13. I tried killing
               Pasternak within 10 seconds with EML and tried shooting down
               several drones and I still get a B or C in the second part of
               the mission.
            A: You need to shoot down drones during the battle with Pasternak.
               These are just rough estimates but I think they are close after
               repeating the mission over and over again.
               C = 0-10
               B = 11-20
               A = 21-30
               S = 30+
               Take note that this is based if you got S ranks on any of the
               four initial operations. Of course, the plane I used is the
               CFA-44 and with the assistance of allied ESM fields. It also
               took me at least one frontline landing (while the drones and
               Pasternak are looming overhead) to get a fresh load of ADMMs.
         3) Q: Will I get anything if I complete all achievements?
            A: Though I can’t confirm it, I haven’t heard any bonus if you
               unlocked all achievements in the game.
         4) Q: Will you be adding a section for online battles? How about a
               game with you?
            A: Although I want to, unfortunately, no. Though I have XBL set up
               (Gamertag: Paul Vhayste), my copy of the game is “special” and I
               don’t want to risk getting banned so I use original titles when
               playing on XBL.
         5) Q: This game is too hard! Are there any codes to unlock all the
               aircraft/ paint schemes (and all other secrets)?
            A: No, that is not possible. If the game seems too hard, try
               finishing the campaign in EASY mode to get familiar of the
               gameplay. If it still doesn’t work for you, try dumping this
               game and look for another one that will suit your difficulty
               level since there are no easy cheats or codes that will unlock
               stuff for you.
         6) Q: How can I get the Estovakian and Estovakian SP colors for the
               CFA-44 Nosferatu?
            A: Unlock the Estovakian paint by purchasing all other aircraft colors.
               The SP is a bit tricky. I got it after unlocking my 13th medal. Yet
    some readers that emailed me got theirs after getting all medals
               during their 15th medal. Since this is quite vague I will jus suggest
               getting all plane colors and continue unlocking medals.
         |                            CREDITS                             |
                                    - CRD000 -
         This is as complete as it gets. If you guys have questions, send them
         and I will try to answer them the best as I can. Suggestions,
         additional tips and info are always welcome.
         Thanks to the following:
         Stephen Ng, IGN – For assigning the game to me and giving me a chance
         to write an exclusive.
         To my family – For their support and assistance.
         To Councilor for sharing the small tip about faster reloading in ESM
         To all the sites hosting my guides; mainly but not limited to:
         My Cheats
         And to you, for getting this guide and reading this up to this point.

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