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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Hader103

    Version: 3.0 | Updated: 02/21/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Ace Combat 6 FAQ and guide
    For Xbox 360
    Version 3.0
    Written by Charles Guthrie, "Hader102"
    email: Hader102@msn.com
    Version History
    ===Version 1.0===
    First compiled list; Contains all medal descriptions, and assault record 
    ===Version 1.1===
    Edited grammatical mistakes from 1.0, and added more detail to a few
    ===Version 2.0===
    Version includes all from the first verion plus mission walkthroughs and other
    various extras. 
    ===Version 3.0===
    Version includes everything from previous versions and a whole lot more. 
    Most likely the final large update to this guide. 
    Table of Contents
    Article 1: Introduction  
             1.1- Intro 
    Article 2: Controls  
             2.1- Default Controls and Novice Controls
    Article 3: Beginners's Tips 
             3.1- Basic Flight tips
             3.2- Using your wingman effectivly
             3.3- Using your Allies effectivly
             3.4- Advanced flight tips
             3.5: Advanced Online Play tips
    Article 4: Mission Guides
             4.1- Brief intro
             4.2 - All missions, 1-15
    Article 5: Missions guides for specific medals 
             5.1- Mission guides for Sharpshooter medal
             5.2- Mission guides for Legendary Ace medal
             5.3- Mission guides for Quicksilver medal
             5.4- Missions guides for Attacker, Multirole, and Fighter medals
             5.5- Mission guides for "S ranking" medals
             5.6- Guides on other medals
    Article 6: Medal List and descriptions                                         
             6.1- Medal list and descriptions
    Article 7: Assault Records                                                      
             7.1- Assault record list (all)
    Article 8: Misc. Extras
             8.1- Aircraft colors
             8.2- Achievements and tips
             8.3- All Achievements
             8.4- Ace of Aces mode
             8.5- All Aircraft and DLC color schemes
             8.6- Online Play, issues with online play
    Article 9: Conclusion   
             9.1- Conclusion statment
             9.2- Credits
             9.3- Copyright
    Article 1 - Intro
    I have compiled a large guide of all things I could think of that 
    pertain to the unlockables and other things in Ace Combat 6. All that 
    is written is my own work unless otherwise credited. I hope you find
    this useful. This was partly a community effort, I had quite a bit of input 
    and assistance from the community, so feel free to ask me to add something
    if you feel it would be helpful for others and pertain to this guide. 
    Also keep in mind that for a good portion of this guide, I give you only 
    breif descriptions of certain things, just so I do not ruin the experience
    of playing this game for you. The storyline is much more entertaining if
    you watch it as you go and not have me telling it to you, and the gameplay
    is very adrenaline pumping when you have only the most basic idea of your 
    current objective. So if some parts seem a bit abridged, its for a good
    reason. There may be some spoilers here and there though. 
    Article 2 Controls
    2.1: Default Controls and Novice Controls 
    Normal controls: This is probably best for anyone who has played previous Ace 
    Combat installments. Classic controls, and in my opinion, the easiest.
    Novice: Novice controls really are not that great I think, even for the newest 
    players. I think it is best to always stick with normal layout so you can get
    used to that early on. Normal is definately more effective when you are 
    dogfighting, so I  suggest using it all the time. IF you want to make tweaks
    to the scheme though, that is also fine.
    Article 3    Various Flight tips          
    3.1: Basic Flight Tips
    -If you are unfamiliar with your HUD, get used to it. You will 
    especially need to know how to use radar effectively, both the mini map radar 
    and the on screen targeting system. There will be many times where you must 
    use both together to get some targets. Know what colors mean what; Green is 
    an enemy plane, a Circled Red one is an enemy Target (TGT) that is vital to 
    mission success. Blue is friendly.
    -Know how to use weapons to their best effect. All weapons, whether ATG or
    ATA, are best used in certain fashions or situations. Test some out, and know
    which is best for when and what the best way is to use it. 
    These basics will get you through any mission. Just remember them and apply 
    at all times.
    3.2: Using your wingman effectivly
    -Take some time to get used to wingman controls. I find the most effective
    way to have Shamrock help you is to have him always cover you, and only have
    him attack when you see a target you would like him to attack. If you keep
    him on Attack the whole mission, he attacks random targets, which is least 
    beneficial to you. Have him attack a few targets of your choice (target the
    enemy yourself, then tell him to attack), and once they are dead, tell him 
    to come back and cover you. Take note that Shamrock is much better at air to
    air - have him go for air targets more often while you go for ground targets.
    3.3: Using your Allies effectivly
    For those who do not know, Allied support and Allied cover are a 
    new feature to the game that allow you to command your allied forces 
    (not just your wingman) on the battlefield. Allied Attack has your allies 
    (who are free from operations; meaning, the have no specific objectives for 
    that mission, and their sole reason is to support you) attack targets in
     front of you. This is useful when you have a lot of enemy ground units 
    ahead, and cant take out a lot in one sweep. Allied Cover is best used when 
    you are behind chased by a missile or have a radar lock on you. Your allies 
    will target any enemy targeting you. This is especially useful against 
    3.4: Advanced Flight Tips
    -Know how to pull certain maneuvers; High G turns are very useful in 
    dogfights, and can get  you the upper hand in any fight with a regular enemy.
    Its even more useful against the Strigons and named Aces. Each plane has a 
    different feel for its G turns though, so don't expect each plane to be the 
    3.5: Advanced Flight Tips for Online Play
    Evading missiles: There are numerous ways to evade missiles, and it all
    really depends on the situation thatyou are in on what maneuver you should 
    use. A good rule of the thumb to follow is to pull simple maneuvers, very 
    much like the ones shown in the tutorials. Try combining some of those moves,
    and use them to dodge some missiles in combat. They work more effectivly than
    you may think. 
    Another good tactic I like to do is a spin manuever, no matter where I may
    be flying. Its basically a bunch of Immulmen turns strung together but
    in a more elaborate fashion. If done close to the ground, you can get missiles
    chasing you to crash, so you dont have to evade as much. 
    Shooting down your enemies: A lot of people just rely on their QAAMs to get 
    an enemy eventually. However, a good pilot looks for his kills and attacks
    when he sees the opportunity. A bad pilot is just on who spams QAAMs and 
    doesnt do anything special to shoot you down. Watch your enemies and pounce 
    whenever they make the slightest flight error. 
    Article 4   Mission Guides                 
    4.1: Brief Intro
    This section of the guide is only to assist with playthroughs of each mission.
     One section applies to a regular playthrough, going for no medals or 
    anything special, just simple completion of the mission. The other 
    walkthroughs pertain to certain tactics that will help you get through 
    the campaign while going for certain medals or other achievements. 
    The methods I describe for any mission are just my own personal ways 
    for that mission; I have found all of them to be the simplest ways for 
    me to complete them, so I hope they are also simple for you. If you 
    have a different playing style, by all means play by your way. What 
    is below is merely a suggested path through a mission, not the only one.
    If you have any suggestions at all to improve this section, feel free to
    email me about it. I am open to all suggestions.  
    4.2: Campaign Walkthrough
    Regular Playthroughs
    Refer to this section for info on beating each mission as a regular play 
    through; the part does not aim at achieving any medals. Some parts are also 
    built towards helping anyone who may be going through their first play 
    through. Refer to the next section for Legendary Ace and Sharpshooter
    Mission 1: Invasion of Gracemeria
    This mission was the one from the downloadable demo this year, 
    so I am sure if anyone played that, this missions should be easy.
    Basically, there are a number of targets throughout the city that you must
     take out to protect Gracemeria. These are easy targets; Choppers and 
    B-52s, they are slow moving and easy to kill. After the mission, just worry
    about retreating as you are told, dont worry about the Strigon team. 
    Mission 2: Vitoze Aerial Defense
    This mission is also fairly straightforward. There are a total of 
    10 bombers to shoot down. One begins due north from where you takeoff. 
    After you take that one out, two more appear to the east. Once they are gone, 
    two more appear to the west, at the same time as 5 appear from the north. 
    Just shoot them down in this order and you should complete this easily. You 
    have a lot of ESM support, so you should do fine. Note that if you are too 
    slow in taking out the bombers, more will apear and add on to the already
    present ones. Make sure you shoot down those bombers fast!
    Mission 3: Sipli Field
     This is your first mission with Operations integrated into them. 
    For those who do not know, Operations are like ‘sub-missions’ within the 
    mission you are doing. Each operation has an allied unit advancing towards 
    a certain objective. For instance, you may have a friendly air unit going 
    after enemy jammer aircraft for one operation, and another friendly ground 
    unit advancing on enemy positions in one sector of the battlefield. 
    This mission consists of 3 operations, and all are ground support 
    roles. Make sure you are prepared for air to ground. Clear any two operations 
    of your choice. I recommend that you help Qoux battalion as one of them, if 
    you would like an easier operation to begin with. The other two are fairly 
    even in the weight of enemy forces, so choose whichever you like. 
    After you complete two of these operations, you will receive a 
    mission update about the final enemy forces in the area. You must assist 
    your ground forces in destroying all enemy targets in that area. 
    There is a fair bit of air to air and air to ground as well, so make sure
     you make good use of your wingman and allied support.
    For those who do not know, Allied support and Allied cover are a 
    new feature to the game that allow you to command your allied forces 
    (not just your wingman) on the battlefield. Allied Attack has your allies 
    (who are free from operations; meaning, the have no specific objectives for 
    that mission, and their sole reason is to support you) attack targets in
     front of you. This is useful when you have a lot of enemy ground units 
    ahead, and cant take out a lot in one sweep. Allied Cover is best used when 
    you are behind chased by a missile or have a radar lock on you. Your allies 
    will target any enemy targeting you. This is especially useful against 
    Mission 4: Bartolomeo Fortress
    Since the first 3 misisons are fairly self explanitory, I didnt give too much 
    of a guide on how to complete them. They are simply introductory missions. Now
    things get a bit tougher, and a bit more time consuming. 
    Start out with a ground attack or air to air armament. If you go air to ground 
    first, then go to Operation A or B and help the tank battalions. 
    If you decide to go air to air first, go to Operation C right away, and once 
    you complete that, return to base and switch to air to ground again. 
    Both Tank battalions need your support to advance; keep steady pressure on 
    ground targets to help them out, going for only targets. enemy aircraft 
    shouldnt be much of a threat here, as they are tied up in Operation C.
    Assisting Snake Pit involves a lot of air to air manuevering. Make sure to be
    well equiped for tis if you wish to tackle this operation. 
    The final part of the mission involves taking out the remaining enemy forces
    in the Fortress. You also have an additional surprise, 2 Strigon team 
    members come in to ruin all your fun. You can take them out if you wish, 
    they are not necessary Targets, however you do get many points and an Assault
    Record for taking them down. Its up to you really. 
    I try not to go too in depth about each operation for you, 
    as I want the experience to be best as you witness it for the first time.
    I am simply listing each operation or tough point of a missions for your
    reference, so that you know a bit of whats coming up ahead, but not so 
    much things are ruined for you. 
    Mission 5: Anea Landing
    This mission is quite tough, considering you have to do a lot of air to ground
    and air to air, but only a few planes to choose from to do this.
    I recommend the A-10 with a FAEB on this one, for ease in taking out 
    the many ground targets on this mission. If this is not to your liking,
    then the next best is a Mirage with LASMs. 
    Whichever plane you choose, the best operations to go towards completion are 
    assisting Warlock in the center beach and capturing the airfield with Quox 
    and Yellow Jacket. The airfield is good to have, since you may need some 
    reloading at one point or another, and having a base this close is good.
    After you complete the two operations, enemy reinforcements will come up and
    attack the places you just captured. Prioritize your targets and take them out,
    but be sure your forces are able to hold out. Dont stay in one area too long.
    Mission 6: Siege on Silvat
    This mission is perhaps one of the largest battles in the game. There are 
    a total of 6 operation to choose from. You only need half that to go on.
    All the operations are relativly equal in difficulty, but not similar in
    what they require. Most are air to ground though, so I recommend the A-10 
    again with air to ground missiles, or the Tornado with its BDSP should 
    fair fine.
    As I said, the majority of enemies are on the ground. In these operations,
    they are easily taken out with the FAEB. You can complete these operations
    however you want really, but I suggest assisting the airfield first to make
    sure you have that emergency landing zone for the rest of the mission.
    The mission update involves the retreat of remaining enemy forces to their 
    base camp. You can take your time with this one, but be wary that the 
    Strigon team members may still be alive, which can be troublesome with
    an A-10. If you are having trouble completing this mission at this point, 
    there may be one of two problems. One just has to do with the weird radar 
    display. There is usually a few targets in the northeast corner of the map, 
    but are hard to see on radar if they are damaged targets and are slightly 
    grayed out. The second is a bug in the game that has been encountered before,
    nothing you can do there but reload your game.
    Mission 7: Selumna Peak
    This mission has a wide variety of operations, but all of them take place 
    as air to air. So I suggest, naturally, an air to air loadout, and by this time
    you should have a good amount of those. The F-14 is pretty good for this 
    mission because of its XLAA missiles for long range. 
    Whichever operations you choose to do, you will face only air to air. I 
    personally suggest taking out the jammers and saving Snake Pit, as the ESM and 
    radar visibility come in handy in the last part of the mission.
    Once the enemy forces begin to rout, some strange drones appear, acting as 
    spotters for the Aigaion and its Nimbus Missiles. 
    The guys can be tough to take down. Use your allied attack when there are at 
    least 3+ drones on screen, to get the most out of it. Send your wingman to
    attack ones too. One thing I noticed is that the drones know very well when 
    they are being targeted, and will not stop evading until they think you are
    out of range and not a threat. What I would do is chase one in circles for 
    a few seconds, then quickly lock onto another that was unsuspecting and
    shoot at him. Another good time to shoot the drones is when they are in
    the middle of the explosion, and standing still. 
    Mission 8:  San Loma Assault
    This mission is yet another one of air to ground majority. Equip yourself
    accordingly for this; any air to ground plane is fine, but I suggest something
    with XAGMs or LASMs. The FAEB isnt a favorite on this mission, but its 
    your choice. I suggest equipping Garuda 2 with Air to air, for later 
    in the mission.
    I suggest assisting Hammerhead Bomber Flight and the Marigold with this one.
    They give some of the best fire support for the last part of the mission.
    After you complete one operation, Nimbus Missiles from the Aigaion will 
    begin to stream in ( a slow, steady stream, really not a huge threat). 
    Take out the drones for extra points, but its not really necessary. 
    The mission update just has you go after the remaining enemy forces
    in San Loma. There are a lot of them, but the objective itself is pretty
    straightforward. Just blow everything up. Use your allies a lot, especially
    if you got Hammerhead and Marigold to help, as they have the most direct 
    Mission 9:  Heavy Command Cruiser 
    This is one of the hardest missions in the game, as many frustrated gamers
    will tell you. You have to take out the Aigaion and its 4 escort craft,
    AND the entire Strigon team all in one fell swoop. And it isnt too easy...
    I highly suggest, as a first time playthrough, to get the Su-33 with RCL or 
    QAAMs, in fact, both if you feel you may have trouble with the Strigons.
    The RCLs make taking out the engines extremely efficient, and the QAAMs 
    will help against the pesky Strigons. 
    There are 2 ways I think are best to approach this mission, and here are both.
    When you start the mission, I suggest taking the QAAMs with you first, 
    so you can quickly deal with the Strigon threat. When you reach the Aigaion, 
    pass up the tankers, and go straight for the Kottos craft to the right of the
    Aigaion. I suggest taking it out, or at least damaging it as much as possible, 
    before the Strigon team takes off. About a minute into the battle is when 
    Strigon team takes off of the Aigaion. Line yourself up behind the runway
    of the ship and shoot at the Strigons as they take off. You should take out
     a few this way, or at least damage them significantly. Once they are taken 
    out, the rest of the mission becomes a little easier, as a lot less is trying 
    to kill you at once. At this point, head back to the return line and get 
    RCLs, for the rest of the cruisers. 
    Basically the opposite of method 1. Start with RCLs instead, and try to take 
    out all the Kottos and Gyges craft quickly, so only the Aigaion and Strigon 
    team is left. Unless you are taking an immense beating from Strigons, 
    DO NOT return to base to get QAAMs. Just keep the RCL you have for the Aigaion
    later on. Since this method requires the use of the RCL all the way through,
    it is recommended for those who are sure they can take on Strigons with 
    regular missiles and guns only (or if you really want, the RCL, but that 
    wastes ammo). 
    Once you take out the Strigons, Gyges, and Kottos, the Aigaion is your soul 
    target. Once you destroy its main defensive AA guns, more appear, and then 
    after those are gone, the engines appear. The RCL will make quick work of
    the engine blocks, if you still have them. If not, this will not be a fun 
    task. RCLs make things a ton easier. 
    After the engines are gone, you will have to destroy the cockpit of the ship,
    which on the easier difficulties, is actually quite simple. On harder ones
    though, you have to destroy it from a harder angle and then after that,
    take out the core engine of the Aigaion that is underneath the crusier. 
    After you take everything out though, its mission complete, and you can 
    watch that sucker plummet to the ocean in flames.
    NOTE: I have a short video guide to this mission, if anyone wishes
    to watch that for help. Here is the link:
    Mission 10: Ragno Fortress
    This mission is resemblent of Cruik Fortress in AC5, and Istus Fortress in AC4,
    for those who played it. The fortress is in the center of a large ravine area,
    making it difficult to get to and capture. 
    I suggest either the newly aquired F-15 or Rafale for this mission, as both
    have good air to ground capability and are quite maneuverable. 
    For starters, I suggest the two Operations in assisting Warlock and 
    Windhover in their goals. Yellow Jacket has a simple objective, but unless
    you are ready to fly into tiny tunnels, its not for you. 
    The Mission update just includes wiping out all remaining forces inside the
    fortress. There are a lot of Tanks, gun towers, and AA guns there, so
    be cautious. Use Allied attack if you have it, it will come in handy, 
    especially if you got Windhover to help out. The return line moves all the way
    to the rear of Warlock's advance now, so feel free to reload anytime. 
    Mission 11: The Moloch Desert 
    This mission may be intimidating at first, due to the apparent large scale
    invasion taking place. And it will be quite difficult, but not for
    obvious reasons. You will soon find out why...
    Take a ground attack aircraft that also has very good air to air capabilites.
    There are a fair amount of both targets on this mission. I suggest the Su-33
    or F-15. 
    I would recommend helping Quox secure the airfield first and foremost, so you 
    have a base really close by to resupply at. I also highly recommend assisting
    Snake Pit, his ESM will come in handy soon. The other operation have less
    of a positive effect on the next phase of battle.
    The mission update says that the enemy is retreating, and thay you should chase
    them back into Gracemeria. Well, as fun as that sounds, dont. Resupply right 
    away at the airfield (if you captured it) and wait around near Snake Pit
    for a minute or two.
    The next mission update will come in, and you will be ordered to stand down. 
    Listen to Garuda 2 and Ghost Eye argue, and prepare to fight the entire
    Strigon team - again. Yes, they are back, and gunning for Garuda and Garuda
    only, they do not give a damn about anything else. 
    USe Garuda 2 effectivly, though he may not require much supervision. 
    His anger has gotten him into a frenzied state it seems, and he 
    dogfights pretty well. To this day, he has gotten more Strigon kills than me
    on this mission. I am losing to an AI, so he must be good. 
    Mission 12: Weapons of Mass Destruction
    This mission is a bit tricky, and somewhat unique as an Ace Combat mission.
    I suggest taking a plane with good air to air capabilities, while also 
    retaining good air to ground as well. Prioritize air to air though. Either
    the Su-33 with XMA4 or QAAMs or F-15 with XMA6 will do fine. 
    You start in the ravine, and you must stay in that ravine to avoid detection.
    Make sure to always stay a little ahead of Gaurda 2 so he does not trigger
    anything while you are not there to help. The enemy bases you encounter must
    be destroyed in less than a minute, and the gunboat in less than 15 seconds,
    or it is mission failed. When you approach each base, fly in slow and take out
    as many targets in one run as possible, to be sure you destroy them fast
    When you get to the delivery trucks, take them out swiftly, without delay.
    Once they are destroyed, a few enemy planes will swarm you, and you will be
    told to retreat to the return line. Do exactly that. Do not even stay to fight
    , you will soon see why. 
    Once the air wing bounces you, do your best to hold out against them. Though
    its hard, try not to spend the whole time dodging missiles, you need to 
    shoot down a few yourself. After a while, you will get some much needed 
    help, so use it wisely. As soon as your buddies comes, call for allied cover,
    and you will see enemies drop like flies. Now, this becomes a real battle.
    ITs a very intense battle, missiles flying everywhere, lots of radio chatter, 
    and some alright music to go with it. Have fun with this part, because
    it is probably the last bit of real fun you will have with this game.
    Now, things get very, very tough. 
    Mission 13: The Liberation of Gracemeria
    This mission is one of the longest ones in the game, and also the hardest.
     Prepare yourself for a lot of fighting, and a lot of hard fighting. 
    Take a plane that has good characteristics and a wide variety of weapons. 
    The F-15 is probably one of the best for this mission, in the long run. 
    I suggest starting with air to ground loadouts, and start on the western side 
    of the map, closest to the airfield.
    I highly suggest taking the airfield. ITs doesnt matter when, but if you
     take it first things are much easier for other operations. Once you take it,
    reload and go assist the Marigold in securing the harbor. The ESM that the 
    fleets ships can provide you later on will come in very handy. 
    After you take the airfield and harbor, switch loadouts to air to air and 
    help take out the Jammer aircraft and ESM support craft. You will 
    need the support of your other air squadrons later on, so helping them
    here is critical.
    After the mission update, you find out you get to fight Pasternak. He and his
    CFA-44 are a bitch to fight, even worse than all of Strigon team, 
    so make sure you are ready with air to air and
    a good amout of allied support ready. 
    Firstly, do not even heed the drones. Just let them be. Unless you want
    a higher score, they are of little use to you to shoot down. You will need
    to keep a very close eye on your radar and watch for the faint read target
    that is Pasternak on it, so you can find him more quickly. He flies fast
    and swift in a stealth plane, so finding him isnt too fun. Once any 
    opportunity presents itself to shoot him, take it, and just unload all
    you got on him. You should surely score a few hits. Repeat until he is dead,
    and its mission complete. 
    Make sure to utilize all your weapons in this battle, including machine guns.
    Everything will do good damage, as long as you know how to us them.
    I also notied that when he stops to send out more drones, he is vulnerable, 
    nearly standing still in midair. So shooting down a few drones has its plus
    side, but only if you can catch him off guard. 
    Mission 14: Gracemeria Patrol
    I suggest buying the F-22 with XMA6 for this mission. You will need a lot 
    of missiles...
    You start out with a simple objective, I need not explain it here. Just watch
    the pretty lights show and listen to Garuda 2. Once you finish your patrol, 
    do not head to base, fly at full speed to the northeast district of
    Once the first wave appears, take it out promptly. Get ready for many more...
    They will laucnh waves at you from the same direction but the missiles will all
    go to different areas. Fly at full speed at all times eo ensure you get to
    all of them in time. Part way through, you will be told that ground forces
    are under attack. I suggest ignoring this for now, the missiles are a much
    bigger threat. 
    Seven waves will come at you in all, each getting harder in that there are more
    and they spread out more. You must be flying fast at almost all times to
    get to all of them in time. Use allied cover to help against the enemy
    fighters, and on occasion allied attack to help with a group of cruise 
    Mission 15: Chandelier
    Welcome to the final mission. Its no cakewalk though, so dont get too happy.
    Take a plane with good everything, and especially a good air to ground weapon.
    You start the mission heading towards a target that you have no real idea
    of how to destroy. But dont worry, that anoyying lady from the cutscenes
    comes to the rescue. Three cheers...
    You now have to take out all the cooling units...I think there are about
    12-14 of them. Maybe more. Plus, you got a ton of good enemy aircraft on your 
    tail, including the entire Strigon team....AGAIN!
    Most people will, by this point, not want to deal with the Strigons at all, 
    and thats ok. I didnt either. So, if you have a fast plane, thats good. 
    Start flying at near top speed around the Chandelier, making sweeps past
    each cooling unit and taking them out. Flying fast will keep the Strigons off
    your tail for you allies to hopefully pick off, slowly but surely. After a 
    while of this, all the main cooling units should be destroyed.
    NOTE!!!!: While taking out these cooling units, the Chandelier will be firing
    its ordinance at Gracemeria. If it fires to many missiles, THE MISSION WILL
    FAIL! If you are going slow with the cooling units, be sure to periodically
    fly in just under the barrel of the Chandelier and take out missiles as they
    are delivered for loading. 
    Once you take out the main cooling units, you will discover that there is a 
    backup one. Fun eh? Well, Garuda 2, your awesome wingman, takes a hit for ya,
    and recons the last cooling units location for ya, but, to your dismay,
    will be shot down. A sad part of the story, yes, but hey, its war. 
    Now its time to make Garuda 2's sacrifice worth something. 
    Make sure all those AA guns under the barrel are taken out, they are way 
    too deadly to fly into, even with full hull integrity. Fly in low and slow,
    to avoid hitting the walls and make sure to get a good shot at the cooling
    unit. When it is blown up, KEEP FLYING STRAIGHT!!! The smoke obscures the exit,
    making you think you should maybe pull up. DONT! Just fly right through the 
    debris at a midlevel height of the tunnel, and slowly fly out. 
    Now, you are not done. You must now fly into the barrel of the chandelier
    and take out its core. You must do this rather quickly or the big railgun
    will fire when you are flying in it. Not a very fun way to go out...
    Make sure to get there fast, but fly slowly in. It gets very cramped in there,
    and it requires immense concentration to fly into that tiny space. 
    Once you blow up the core though, you will not have to worry about 
    flying out. A cutscene does that for you. 
    Congrats! You have finished the game. Enjoy the ending!
    Article 5   Medal Specific Mission playthroughs              
    5.1: Sharpshooter
    BEGINNING NOTE: To obtain this medal, you must play an SP NEW GAME and play
    on at least NORMAL difficulty. Will not unlock on easy mode. 
    Sharpshooter is a medal that will take you quite some time to get; you can 
    use guns, and only guns, throughout the whole campaign. For those who 
    have gone through already, this may seem like a daunting task. However, it is
    not as hard as you may think. As long as you play consistantly, you will 
    easily get this medal.
    Now, You cant use any missiles or SP weapons for this medal; with the exception
    of one, which is the ECMP, equipped on the Tornado and CFA-44. While both
    have access to it, I suggest you use the Tornado for this one; the CFA-44 's 
    maneuverability makes it a tough plane to use for this medal. This part of 
    the guide will be based around using the Tornado, not the CFA-44. 
    The first missions (1-8) should be fairly easy to beat with guns only, in terms
    of difficulty. It will just be a time consuming matter. 
    5.2: Legendary Ace
    BEGINNING NOTE: To obtain this medal, you must play an SP NEW GAME and play
    on at least NORMAL difficulty. Will not unlock on easy mode. 
    This one it quite a tough one to obtain. You cant take a single hit throughout
    the entire campaign. So playing it safe is priority here. 
    The first few missions are fairly straightforward; I got through the first 
    4 only getting shot at twice, and that of course, was easily evaded. After 
    mission 5 things get a bit heated. Most of these are ground attack missions, 
    so use a good SP weapon that has some range for killing ground targets.
    You do not want to get close to those AA guns. They really don't damage you 
    much, but even the slightest bit of damage ruins this for you. If you ever
    find yourself having to go up against AA guns or flak, send in allies to take
    them out first so its safer when you fly in. Flying at higher speeds most of 
    the time helps when in air to air combat. This way missiles should never
    hit you and nobody will get in gun range of you.
    Mission 9 is tricky. I suggest you take out at least 1 ESM (Kottos) craft 
    before the Strigon team takes off, so the Strigons have a harder time killing 
    you. Also, when the Strigons do take off, camp their runway and shoot them as 
    they take off. You can destory a few and damage the rest this way, so it 
    becomes easy pickings for your allies. 
    Take out all Kottos and Gyges before touching Aigaion. Proceed with caution 
    when you go for the Aigaion's AA guns, and use Allied support on the engines.
    Whever you get close to the engines, a barrage of missiles is more likely to 
    hit you. Take out the cockpit as fast as you can after it appears to avoid 
    the Nimbus missiles. After that, you're done. 
    Missions 13 and 15 are also a bit tricky. Go for the easier operations in 13. 
    I suggest A, D, E and F. These are the less confrontational air to air and air 
    to ground operations, so you should do fine. 
    PAsternak is the real problem. He can be a tough one for sure. When you know he
    is coming, get to high speed quickly. I highly recommend that you have complete
    operation D so the ships in the harbor will provide you with 3 ESM over the 
    area of the main battle. Their support is quite valueable. 
    If you are using any aircraft other than the CFA, I suggest using just regular
    missiles to shoot him down. It may seem hard, but he stalls quite often when
    launching drones, so take advantage of this. If you just cannot seem to get a 
    good shot off at him, find him and order a full out allied and wingman attack
    on him, they might hit him a few times but more importantly give you an easier
    way to track Pasternak and take him out yourself. With all your allies on him,
    Pasternak will be evading like crazy and should stall eventually, giving you
    the perfect shot. 
    Mission 15 requires nearly constant full speed. You need to take out as many 
    AA guns as you can at first, as those are the most dangerous enemy here. 
    As long as you stay at full speed, missiles shouldn't be a huge problem. 
    Never take a risk with those AA guns; you may think you can get through those
    last 2 and take out a cooling unit, but odds are you wont. They do get more 
    accurate as you ge closer, and usually more aggressive. 
    (Note: I found a glitch where some Estovakian ships somehow get lodged into and
    under the Chandelier, and you cannot take them out. However, they can shoot you
    so be careful of this if you encounter it.)
    In the second phase of the mission, make sure all the AA guns are taken out at 
    the entrance before entering. Also keep in mind that there are 2 aa guns
    in the actual tunnel itself, and can only be destroyed by flying in there.
    Take them out with missiles, if you can, before getting the last cooling unit. 
    The last phase is easy, there should be little to no AA guns or enemies left 
    to hurt you, so just fly into the core and take it out to win.
    5.3: Quicksilver
    BEGINNING NOTE: To obtain this medal, you must play an SP NEW GAME and play
    on at least NORMAL difficulty. Will not unlock on easy mode. 
    I suggest using the faster, agile, and more powerful planes for this one. 
    These include the F-22, Su-33, Su-47, A-10 and CFA-44 for all missions.
    You can change up planes each mission as you please, to suit that missions
    Below are the suggested target clear times for each mission. Some may seem 
    impossible but they are really not that hard; just play consistantly. You
    do not need to go through each mission at top speed. You need to destroy 
    targets and ONLY targets in each mission to ensure the fastest completion
    time. If you aim for the times I have below, you can finish in about 2 hours.
    The faster you clear the early missions, the more time you give yourself
    on some of the harder missions in the end. If you ever go over the max 
    time limit posted below for any mission, restart it, unless you really think
    you can do extremely well on a future one. ITs good to save breathing room for
    the last few missions, which can be a pain for time. 
    Clear times ( Mission # - target clear time in minutes)
    1-5 min
    2-5 min
    3-3 min
    4-6 min
    5-10 min
    6-8 min
    7-10 min
    8-10 min
    9-8 min
    10-8 min 
    11-8 min
    12-7 min
    13-10 min
    14-15 min
    15-10 min
    5.4: Attacker, Multirole, Fighter
    BEGINNING NOTE: To obtain this medal, you must play an SP NEW GAME and play
    on at least NORMAL difficulty. Will not unlock on easy mode. 
    See the section about the Sharpshooter medal for this; I highly recommend
    using the Tornado ECMP combo throughout the whole game, so you get Sharpshooter
    and the Attacker medal. 
    Multirole and Fighter are much easier to obtain. For the multirole, I recommend
    either the Rafale or F-15. Both are good, it really just comes down to personal
    preference. However, I used the Rafale since it has more stability and 
    maneuverability than the F-15. 
    The Fighter medal is even simpler. If you have the CFA-44, then I am sure
    you will use that. If you want more of a challenge though, use the Su-33
    or even the F-16. Over half the planes in this game are Fighters, so this one
    is almost pure personal preference. 
    5.5: S  Rankings
    S rankings can be tricky on some missions. Most are quite easy, as you just 
    blow up as much as humanly possible. Others are hard though, simply due to 
    the way the game ranks you on each mission.
    You must take into account this: Your total score for a level is determined 
    by the average score you obtain on all operations and the ending operation(s).
    This means your score from whatever operations you finished, say A & C, is
    averaged with the score from the mission final objective for your total score.
    You must attain an S on most of the operations, and at least an A or b on 
    one to get a TOTAL ranking that gives you the S. This is true for most
    missions. So knowing about that; keep in mind that it takes into account your
    scores for started operations. Dont start an operation that you will not 
    be able to finish, or else your score may get messed up.
    So, the basic idea of an S ranking is just blowing up everything you can in
    each completable operation. Really isnt anything difficult about it, except
    the fact that it may be time consuming, especially on the harder difficulties.
    There are a couple missions that are trouble points. Here they are.
    Mission 9: Aigaion- Sometimes, this one can be tricky to get an S on.To ensure
    you get the S, make sure to destroy ALL the KC-10 Tankers in the beginning. 
    They should give you a good score boost. Also make sure to kill all 
    non-designated TGTs on enemy craft; these include some AA guns and Flak Guns. 
    Also, on Expert or Ace, take out FENIKS, he gives you a couple thousand 
    points.  Do all this, and the main targets, and you will get an S.
    Mission 13: Liberation of Gracemeria - Perhaps the toughest of all. 
    The first part is not whats gets people, its the fight with Pasternak.
    Just make sure to get perfect S rankings on all 4 Operations you choose. 
    Whichever ones you choose are up to you, it makes no difference.
    When you fight PAsternak, you need to shoot down a significant amount of drones
    to get an S on this part of the mission. If you feel like you did very well on 
    attaining S on the operations, shoot down at least 20 drones. If you felt you 
    did so-so, or borderline, then shoot down no less than 30 drones. IF you 
    feel even less confident, well just restart, because you need the S 
    in the operations. This is the missions that gets people angry, but trust me,
    if you play it consistantly you will get an S for sure. 
    5.6:   Misc
    Special Kill Medals: These are just easily gained over time. Play the campaign 
    about 3 times through and you should have them, or be close to having them.
    The machine gun medals are best done when going for the Sharpshooter medal.
    NOTE that the kills for guns only apply to AIRCRAFT, not ground targets.
    To get the Guardian Medal, just do not let Garuda 2 get hit throughout the 
    campaign. Beware as you can accidentally damage him as well, 
    if he gets too close.
    Article 6     Medals List                 
    6.1: List of all medals and tips on getting them
    Bronze Ace- Destroy 300 enemies (cumulative of ground and air targets)
    Silver Ace- Destroy 1500 enemies (cumulative of ground and air targets)
    Gold Ace- Destroy 3000 enemies (cumulative of ground and air targets)
    Bronze Marksman- Shoot down 10 enemies with guns 
    (You must use guns only, not a missile + gun combo. 
    Only applies to aircraft, ground targets do not count)
    Silver Marksman-Shoot down 50 enemies with guns 
    (You must use guns only, not a missile + gun combo. 
    Only applies to aircraft, ground targets do not count)
    Gold Marksman- Shoot down 200 enemies with guns 
    (You must use guns only, not a missile + gun combo. 
    Only applies to aircraft, ground targets do not count)
    Needle’s Eye- Successfully complete 10 consecutive landings 
    in the heat of battle (10 landings in a mission I believe, 
    just keep taking off and landing for this one.)
    Night Owl- Complete the campaign mode using only Attacker type aircraft
     (Can use all aircraft with the Attacker designation; 
    MUST be SP New Game to work, free missions do not count; 
    MUST be on at least Normal difficulty;  
    recommended aircraft is the F-117 for its ability to am QAAMs or GPB’s)
    Raging Falcon- Complete the campaign mode using only Fighter type aircraft 
    (Can use all aircraft with the Fighter designation; 
    MUST be SP New Game to work, going through free missions does not count;
     MUST be on at least Normal difficulty; 
    recommended aircraft are the Su-33, Su-47 or F-22, and of course the CFA-44)
    Blazing Griffin- Complete the campaign mode using only Multirole type aircraft
    (can only use aircraft with the Multirole designation; 
    MUST be SP New Game to work, free missions do not count; 
    MUST be on at least Normal difficulty; 
    recommened aircraft is the Rafale, for it diverse armament 
    and maneuverability, however the F-15 is also a good choice)
    Guardian- Awarded for protecting your wingman 
    (watch for enemy fighters getting a lock on Garuda 2, and make sure he doesnt 
    get hit/shot down. Just keep him safe)
    Quicksilver- Clear campaign mode in record time ( MUST be an SP new Game, 
    free mission does not count; MUST be on at least Normal difficulty; 
    Clear campaign in a total time of no more than 2 hours, 15 minutes; 
    recommended aircraft are the Su-33, Su-47, F-22 or CFA-44)
    Sharpshooter-	Clear campaign using only your guns 
    (MUST be an SP new Game, free mission does not count; 
    MUST be on at least Normal difficulty; 
    recommended aircraft are the A-10, Su-33, Su-47, F-22 or CFA-44; 
    try going only for targets, don’t worry about enemies not relevant 
    to the Operations’ success)
    Legendary Ace- Complete campaign mode without taking any damage at all  
    (MUST be on at least Normal difficulty; 
    MUST be an SP new Game, free mission does not count; 
    recommended aircraft are the Su-33, Su-47, F-22 or CFA-44)
    Bronze Star- Attain an S ranking on all missions in Normal Difficulty mode
     (can be done through free missions; take into account that your score for 
    a mission is out of however many points were possible with the operations
     you chose. For instance, if you do only Operation A and B on mission 4, 
    your ending score will be taken from the targets in that Operation, anything 
    from Operation C will not be taken into account. So do not start an Operation 
    unless you plan to finish it, it will only skew your results if you do)
    Silver Star-Attain an S ranking on all missions in Hard Difficulty mode
    Gold Star-Attain an S ranking on all missions in Expert Difficulty mode 
    Platinum Star- Attain an S ranking on all missions in Ace Difficulty mode 
    Article 7     Assault Records                 
    7.1: List of all assault records and tips to get them
    NOTE!: All Named Aces aside from Strigons must be killed in EXPERT 
    or ACE mode. They will not appear in lower difficulties. 
    Assault Records
    No. 1  - Strigon Leader: Victor Voychek, Invasion of Gracemeria
    No. 2  - Strigon 3: Karlo Bogdanovic, Bartalameo Fortress Mission
    No. 3  - Strigon 4: Cvitko Dudic, Bartalameo Fortress Mission
    No. 4  - Strigon 5: Federiko Jarni, Aigaion Mission
    No. 5  - Strigon 2: Darijo Kovac, Aigaion Mission
    No. 6  - Strigon 4: Franz Loko, Moloch Desert
    No. 7  - Strigon 5: Nino Ljubek, Moloch Desert
    No. 8  - Strigon Leader: Iiya Pasternak, Liberation of Gracemeria
    No. 9  - Strigon 2: Aleskei Cheshenko, Chandelier
    No. 10  - Strigon 3: Yaroslov Deryagin, Chandelier
    No. 11  - Strigon 10 : Stepan Feigin, Chandelier
    No. 12  - Strigon 12: Toscha Mijasik, mission unknown
    No. 13  - PEGAS, flies F-22: Mission 1; Destroy all indicated TGTs as 
    fast as possible, within two minutes tops. Watch near the airfield for
     some F/A-18s to appear, then shoot them down. Soon after this, a flight
     of Rafales will appear high above the airfield, along with Pegas at about
     25,000 - 30,000 feet. 
    No. 14  - EDINOROG, flies F-16: After you clear the enemy bomber flight
     coming from the east, EDINOROG will appear near the flight of two bombers
     coming from the west. He is around 10,000 ft, near an allied ESM.
    No. 15  - DRAKON, flies Tornado: Once you complete two operations, he will
     appear over the last enemy garrison with another flight of enemy fighters.
     He carries a jammer, so may be hard to spot, but flies at roughly 
    10,000 - 25,000 ft. 
    No. 16  -KENTAVR, flies Su-47: After you complete two operations, he will 
    be flying directly over Bartalameo Fortress, near the 2 Strigons that also 
    appear. He and the Strigons appear at roughly 15,000 - 25,000 feet.
    No. 17  - ORYOL, flies F-15: After you complete two operations, he will be 
    flying over the remaining Estovakian forces in the desert. Sometimes he is 
    nearer to the airport, other times near the middle. He flies around 15,000 
    feet so shouldn’t be too hard to spot. 
    No. 18  - VEGA, flies Rafale: After you complete 3 operations, she will fly 
    at you from the south where the last Estovakian forces are located. Its hard 
    to tell where she appears, because she tends to fly right at you in a ruthless
    attempt to kill you. 
    No. 19  - DZHOZER, flies F-117: This guy is a bit hard to find at first, 
    but look low to the mountains near the enemy jammer aircraft. He should be 
    over there. This must be done before the completion of all required operations
     though. (I have heard of people finding him away from the jammers as well, 
    but he flies around quite a bit so you can find him almost anywhere in the 
    southeast. I saw my wingman shoot him down near Warlock battalion)
    Jun Young Oh says: He actually starts coming from the northwest, 
    and makes his way downwards.
    The only reason i know this is because i happened to catch him on radar. 
    Since its the only stealth plane in the mission (to my knowlege), you would
    have to look for a disappearing green triangle on the radar.
    No. 20  - RUSALKA, flies Typhoon: After you complete two operations, he 
    will be flying over the center of the city, providing cover for enemy 
    aircraft. Sometimes he guns for you, sometimes he doesn’t (from my experience),
    but he shouldn’t be too hard to spot.
    No. 21  - FENIKS, flies Su-33: This guy will be launched off of the Aigaion
    after you destroy the Aigaion’s last engine. You must also have taken out 
    the Gyges and Kotas for him to appear.  
    No. 22  -OBLAKO, flies Mirage 2000: After you complete 2 operations and get 
    the mission update, he will be flying over Ragno Fortress. He probably wont 
    gun for you, so you will likely have to find him yourself. He is usually
     up near 20,000 feet flying around. 
    No. 23  -RYTSARY, flies A-10: After you complete two operations, he will 
    appear near you and probably gun for you. Try to take him out as quickly 
    as possible before the Strigon team comes, because he might get away once
    they do come.  
    No. 24  - FLYUGER, flies F-2A: After you take out the vehicles, he should 
    be flying just above the canyon near where those vehicles were just at. 
    Try taking him out quickly, you don’t want to be on his tail when his 
    battalion of buddies come to help him.  
    No. 25  - VALET, flies F-14: She is seen taking off of the enemy aircraft 
    carrier in the harbor. If you don’t see her take off, look around the harbor
     for her plane. This happens before the mission update and the battle with 
    No. 26  -DAMA, flies F/A-18: Snake Pit will alert you to incoming enemy 
    reinforcements from the south after the first wave of missiles. This guy 
    appears there, and tends to hover near and around your airfield providing
     ESM and jammer services for his buddies. Look for the jammer on radar, 
    and you will find him easily. 
    No. 27  - KOROL, flies F-4: This guy isn’t even considered an Ace really;
     he is actually an Estovakian general trying to run from you on the last 
    mission. He appears on the runway of the Chandelier just as you are told 
    to fly down the barrel. Get him on the runway and he is an easy kill. 
    No. 28 - 44  These are the Emmerian Assault Records, just complete every 
    Operation in the game and you will have all of these records. 
    No. 45  Garuda 1: You must complete the Estovakian and Emmerian Assault 
    Records to get this one. So once you unlock the last assault record you 
    have other than this one, this one will unlock too.
    Article 8    Misc. Extras
    8.1: Aircraft Colors
    Aircraft colors are gained for completing the campaign and shooting down 
    the enemy named aces. The only exception to this is the CFA-44. You get the
     Emmerian scheme by default. After you buy all other aircraft and their
     colors, complete one mission with the CFA-44 and you will get the Estovakian
     paint scheme. To get the SP color, you will need to obtain most of the 
    medals (about 44-50)*
     *Under dispute as to what exactly unlocks the 3rd paint scheme. It has been 
    unlocked by others with different medals and different medal counts, so 
    its hard to determine EXACTLY what is needed for this one. 
    8.2: Other Extras
    Achievements: Here is a small list of other misc. acheievements that you can
    get in the game. These are ones not directly related to specific campaign
    10 Frontline Landings: PErform 10 frontline landings; this is not about 
    crossing the Return Line, it is about landing on airfields in the heat of 
    battle. There are a few missions where this is possible. 
    50 Air Support/Ground Support kills: Obtain 50 kills from allies giving you 
    support. Use ALLIED Air Squadrons to get 50 air or ground targets, and Allied
    ground forces to kill 50 enemy ground forces. This utilzes the Allied Attack
    All Aircraft: Obtain purchasnig ability for all aircraft. This must be done
    by getting all Original Aircraft (all Emmerian paint jobs) and then that of
    Estovakia and the SP Estovakian colors. SP colors are gained from enemy Aces.
    There are others, but they are so easy and self explanitory that I do not see
    the need to list them here. If you have a reason as to why, just tell me, and
    I will consider adding it here. 
    8.3: All Achievements
    49 Achievements with a Total of 1000pts.
         | ALL MEDALS   (All medals attained)                     | 50G |
         | ALL AIRCRAFT (Purchase all aircraft)                   | 30G |
         | CLEAR CAMPAIGN (Clear Campaign Mode)                   | 20G |
         | 10 OPERATIONS (Complete 10 operations)                 | 10G |
         | ALL OPERATIONS (Clear all operations)                  | 30G |
         | 10 FRONTLINE LANDINGS (Complete 10 total frontline     | 10G |
         |                        landings)                       |     |
         | AERIAL DEFENSE                                         | 10G |
         | (Destroy 50 enemies using airborne allied support)     |     |
         | GROUND DEFENSE                                         | 10G |
         | (Destroy 50 enemies using ground force allied support) |     |
         | ELECTRONIC SUPPORT SYSTEM                              | 10G |
         |(Destroy 100 enemies while receiving electronic support)|     |
         | 10 NAMED AIRCRAFT (Shoot down 10 Aces)                 | 30G |
         | 1000 ENEMIES (Destroy a total of 1000 enemies)         | 30G |
         | ALL COLORS (Purchase all aircraft special colors)      | 10G |
         | ORIGINAL AIRCRAFT (Purchase all original aircraft)     | 10G |
         | ALLIED ASSAULT RECORD                                  | 20G |
         | (Complete all Emmerian assault records)                |     |
         | ENEMY ASSAULT RECORD                                   | 20G |
         | (Complete all Estovakian assault records)              |     |
         | MISSION 1 (Complete mission 01,any Rank and difficulty)| 10G |
         | MISSION 2                                              | 10G |
         | MISSION 3                                              | 10G |
         | MISSION 4                                              | 10G |
         | MISSION 5                                              | 20G |
         | MISSION 6                                              | 10G |
         | MISSION 7                                              | 10G |
         | MISSION 8                                              | 10G |
         | MISSION 9                                              | 20G |
         | MISSION 10                                             | 10G |
         | MISSION 11                                             | 10G |
         | ALL SECRETS (Unlock all secrets)                       | 30G |
         | BATTLE ROYALE (10) (Win 10 Battle Royale Matches)      | 10G |
         | BATTLE ROYALE (30) (Win 30 Battle Royale Matches)      | 20G |
         | BATTLE ROYALE (50) (Win 50 Battle Royale Matches)      | 30G |
         | BATTLE ROYALE (100) (Win 100 Battle Royale Matches)    | 40G |
         | TEAM BATTLE (10) (Win 10 Team Battle Matches)          | 10G |
         | TEAM BATTLE (30) (Win 30 Team Battle Matches)          | 20G |
         | TEAM BATTLE (50) (Win 50 Team Battle Matches)          | 30G |
         | TEAM BATTLE (100) (Win 100 Team Battle Matches)        | 40G |
         | CO-OP STAGE 1 (Clear Stage 1 of CO-OP Battle)          | 25G |
         | CO-OP STAGE 2 (Clear Stage 2 of CO-OP Battle)          | 35G |
         | SIEGE BATTLE (10) (Win 10 Siege Battle Matches)        | 10G |
         | SIEGE BATTLE (30) (Win 30 Siege Battle Matches)        | 20G |
         | SIEGE BATTLE (50) (Win 50 Siege Battle Matches)        | 30G |
         | SIEGE BATTLE (100) (Win 100 Siege Battle Matches)      | 40G |
         | ONLINE KILLS (50)                                      | 20G |
         | (Shoot down 50 total other aircraft online)            |     |
         | ONLINE KILLS (100)                                     | 30G |
         | (Shoot down 100 total other aircraft online)           |     |
         | ONLINE KILLS (200)                                     | 50G |
         | (Shoot down 200 total other aircraft online)           |     |
         |PASTERNAK DEFEATED(Defeat Strigon Leader Ilya Pasternak)| 20G |
         | MISSION 12                                             | 10G |
         | MISSION 13                                             | 20G |
         | MISSION 14                                             | 10G |
         | MISSION 15                                             | 20G |
    Thanks to vhayste's guide with this on here. 
    8.4: Ace of Aces info
    Not much is known on what exactly Ace of Aces is or how to unlock it. Some 
    speculate that it is 1000/1000 gamerpoints, and others think that it is 
    going to be DLC in the future. Nobody rightfully knows, and we can only guess
    UPDATE: Apparently it is going to be DLC in the future, as an article
    suggests. However the article does not completely confirm this either,
    so it may be that it is 1000/1000 gamerpoints. If it is DLC though
    it has not been released yet.
    8.5: All Aircraft and DLC Color schemes
    A list of all planes and colors, exceot the Emmerian, Estovakian and 
    SP Estovakian colors.
    -------- F-16c “Fighting Falcon” -----------------
    F16C – Historic Windhover
    F-16C - Tpye Ace 02
    -------- Mirage 2000-S ---------------------------
    Mirage 2000-5 – Experimental
    Mirage 2000-5 – Scarface Emblem
    --------A-10A “Thunderbolt II”--------------------
    A-10A – Thunder Shark
    A-10A - XMAS
    --------Tornado GR.4 -----------------------------
    Tornado GR.4 - Raging Shark
    --------F/A-18F “SuperHornet” --------------------
    F/A-18F – Scarface Emblem
    --------F-2A “Viper Zero” ------------------------
    --------F-14D “SuperTomcat” ----------------------
    F-14D - Razgriz
    F-14D - Halloween
    --------SU-33 “Flanker” --------------------------
    Su-33 Flanker - The Idolmaster Miki
    Su-33 Flanker - Yellow Squadron
    --------F-15E “Strike Eagle” ---------------------
    F-15E - Cipher
    F-15E-  Pixy
    F-15E - Active Stripes
    --------Rafale M “Squall” ------------------------
    --------F-117 “Nighthawk” ------------------------
    F-117 - The IdolMaster Yukiho
    --------TYPHOON ----------------------------------
    Typhoon - UPEO Emblem
    --------SU-47 “Berkut” ---------------------------
    Su-47 - The Idolmatster Miki -Ex-
    --------F-22A “Raptor” --------------------------- 
    F-22A - Mobius
    --------CFA-44 “Nosferatu” -----------------------
    CFA-44 - Prototype
    8.6: Online play and achievements
    There have been many questions regarding online play and unlocking
    achievements online. 
    I am not sure where to start, so here it goes:
    There are 5 Team Battle maps to play on, each with different factors
    that play into the battle. Team are split up into Alpha and Bravo, 
    and up to 16 people can play in one match. As many as 15 players 
    can play on one team. There is also one DLC Team Battle Map avaliable,
    however it does not seem to be played too much...
    There are also 5 Battle Royale maps. These are the free for all 
    maps for the game, where up to 16 people can duel it out in the skies
    for individual aerial supremecy. I personally do not recommend 
    more than 8 people for Battle Royale, because then it gets so crazy
    that most people barely get a chance to play before getting shot. 
    Another game mode is Siege Battle. This consists of two teams playing at
    Gracemeria, with one team starting out as the defenders of various AI allies
    occupying the city, and another team starting as the attackers trying to
    basically level the city. Each team gets a chance at both offense and defense.
    Score is determined by both the amount of time it takes for one team
    to win the battle, and by how many targets they destroyed. Only 8 players
    may take part in a Siege Battle, making for good 4v4 action. 
    The last game mode is the Co-op Battle mode. Players can take part in 2
    missions resembling the single player campaign missions. 
    Many people also ahve concerns about the unlocking of online achivements for
    this game. Many people complain that they know for a fact that they got 
    the 200 kills achievement or the 30 team battles won achivement. The problem
    we are encountering here has to do with the Namco Servers, your game, and 
    saving. The Namco servers DO NOT keep track of your kill count or win count.
    They barely keep track of anything, really. It is your game, your hard drive,
    that keeps track of this for you. You need to save after each online mission
    so your game file keeps track of your kills and wins for you. This requires
    MANUALLY saving after each game. Tedious and annoying, but it works. 
    I know from experience, as I had this same problem before, and once I 
    began saving after each battle, I got the achievements. 
    A lot of controversy covers the issue of QAAMs and the CFA-44 with EML.
    Both are fairly powerful and as some would say, cheap weapons. However, there
    is a bit to clear up here, at least with some of it.
    The EML on the CFA-44 is viewed as a pussy weapon that is unfair and untrue
    to air combat fun. However many argue that it is a nice addition to the game
    that makes it unique. Whatever your opinion may be, keep in mind one thing 
    here. The CFA-44 is the most advanced plane in the game. In battle modes,
    it is worth the most points, up to 2000, depending on the plane that shoots
    it down. So, in theory - no, in reality, a skilled F-16 pilot can sweep any
    CFA-44 noob by a score of tens of thousands to mere hundreds. This is because
    the CFA, worth so many points, also gets the least amount of points for its
    own kills. IT may get 500 points for killing an F-16, but if that F-16 kills
    it, he will get 2000 points. Therefore 4 kills for the CFA is the 
    equivilant of one kill in points for the F-16. Many players do not realize 
    this, and often CFA pilots will hinder their team more than they help them.
    So there is a downside to this supposed "superplane".
    Another issue involves the QAAM missiles. I personally think they are
    quite the coward's weapon, as they are the ultimate fire and forget.
    They can be fired at anyone from any angle, track for at least 1 minute, 
    pull turns tighter than any aircraft (even the Su-33 Yellow Squadron), 
    and worst of all, can somehow disappear off radar momentarily, which 
    can get aggrivating many times over. They are definately overpowered,
    but the best way to fight it is, unfortunetly for real aces, to fight
    against QAAM noobs with QAAMs. It is quite apparent that no skill is 
    used in using them. As one anonymous player once said to me and my 
    party, "Anyone can press B, but it takes a true pilot to actually 
    get on my tail and shoot me down with skill."   So true. 
    Another minor issue about online play is the use of flares/chaffs. 
    It is known that you cannot MANUALLY deply either, but that sometimes 
    they will automatically deploy for you. They only help sometimes, though. 
    Article 9    Closing                 
    9.1: Closing Statement
    I hope my guide has helped you. As stated in the intro, contact me with 
    questions, comments, addition requests, etc. I'm open to everything. 
    The current version is 3.0. I plan to update this again at least once,
    with 3.1. That is at an undecided date though. But it will be updated.
    9.2: Credits
    Quite a few people helped me with this, whether they realize it or 
    not. Some I can name, others I may not, but as soon as I can find out the 
    unknowns, I will add them here. 
    Please note that I typed up this guide in its entirety on my own; 
    I did not do any copy and paste, anything here is all from my experience, 
    unless I state below who I referenced something from. 
    Thanks to:
    vhayste- his own excellent guide for AC6
    Tinostre- for Pegas and Feniks
    Smallpox Champ- for CFA colors 
    SONOFLIBERTY26- Some of the medals
    Malevolous- for Pegas 
    Darlord RS- tips on some assault records
    Yo Cooky- Various online tidbits
    Jun Young Oh- Help with Assault records
    And others…
    Thanks everyone! If you have any suggestions, etc., then don't hesitate 
    to ask me.
    9.3: Copyright
    Copyright 2007-2008 Charles Guthrie , "Hader102"
    I do not take kindly to plaigarism; please do not pass of mine or others work
    without proper accredtion. I also require that you ask me personally if it is
    ok to post anything you see here elsewhere, I have had problems with plaigarism 
    in the past and it just reassures me when you ask first. So please, ask me,
    and make sure to give credit where credit is due. 

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