1. 1. Dugati
    2. Gutmann
    3. Tractor
    4.Beta Romero
    5. Delgado
    6. Silver dart
    7. Kaiser bulletproof
    8. armed bauer
    9. Bauer Fuel Truck
    10. Gestapo GS

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    Now i just need; 1,2,3,9 and 10

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    I have passed it as well though :)

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  1. 1. Dugati is found at the start of the first street race, in the bushes.

    2. I found a gutman just driving around in nasi controlled areas.

    3. Can't find this one yet.

    9. It's in the building where you started the crashlander achievement. The one where you follow Dierker into the blimp and he leaves you to die

    10. The Gestapo GS gave me some trouble, along the south east side of the map (bottom right), there's a long road to the second street race. There should be a nasi yellow checkpoint right outside the city. Directly after passing the checkpoint, there is a building on the right, go into the parking lot, and it should be the only car there.

    If you need any help, my GT is MenialQuote.

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  1. I have already passed the first race and I didn't grab the Dugati. Am I screwed?

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  2. Freak, may have wanted to ask a question, rather than an answer.

    Regardless, Bois De Boulogne on the edge of Champs Elysees. There should be one there.

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  3. i really struggled with the gestapo gs but found one on north west of city Gare St Larazze (?) just after checkpoint on righthand side near to occuppation tower in courtyard near building, it always there!

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  4. 1 Is in paris area 2 walk through area pulling people out of cars and stuff

    2 Is in paris area 2 same deal

    3 Is out on a farm, just go drive on a country road and look out for them( they are normally around kraut towers and fuels, so dont blow those up otherwise tractors dead)

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  5. Beta romero and delgado can all be found at the pits of the saarbrucken grand prix (just drive around the course youll find it eventually)
    tractor can be found by one of the farm houses in the SW corner of the map
    Silver dart can be found on a podium at a mansion in the north part of the mainland (the greyed out area where the Mission to take back the aurora takes place)
    Gutmann and Dugati are common in section 2 of paris, far south part, steal it
    Kaiser bulletproof- as far south as roads will allow in area 2 of paris, up a small side street
    Armed bauer can be found at alert level 3 or one can be found at the german base in the middle of the map
    Theres only about five bauer fuel trucks in the game, two spawn during story missions, of which both are in enclosed areas, another two can be found where the radio tower mission takes place, again its enclosed. the only place to steal one for collections is in the far mid eastern part of the map, there is a dirt track that loops back around and ends on a small ball, the 'ball' is off limits and contains a radar station and rocket freeplay targets, the truck is at the base of the rocket, might want to kill all the germans here first, the truck blows up easily. note this doesnt respawn after destroying the two freeplay targets.
    The gestapo is found in the left train station in northern paris, in a parking lot on the mid left part of it
    Hope this helps

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    It's a map. you'll want to connect those two pieces of the link

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