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    FAQ by rmk106

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    Space Giraffe(Xbox360) Achievement Guide V 1.10
    Written by rmk106 (fuwafuwax)
    V 1.00 Jan 6, 2008
    V 1.01 Jan 9, 2008 - Corrected some formatting errors
    V 1.10 Jan 31, 2008 - More details to "I Adore My 64" and "ERROR_SUCCESS"
    Copyright 2008 rmk106.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Gameplay Basics
    3. Space Giraffe Achievements
    3.1. Easy Achievements
          - Boi Bumba' (10)
          - Professor of Giraffeology (10)
          - Klepto-Giraffe (10)
          - Mine's a 99 (10)
          - Great Green Arkleseizure (10)
    3.2. Not-so-hard Achievements
          - Pod Preserver (10)
          - Girafa Caprichoso (15)
    3.3. Tricky Achievements
          - Ewige Blumenkraft (15)
          - I Adore My 64 (15)
    3.4. Hard Achievements
          - Girafa Garantido (10)
          - ERROR_SUCCESS (50)
          - Long-Necked Long March (35)
    4. Credits
    1. Introduction
    Space Giraffe is an abstract psychedelic shooter for Xbox Live Arcade. It uses
    the basic idea from the Tempest series, but its gameplay has evolved
    significantly with elegantly crafted risk/reward mechanism. The game is 
    merely 400 MSP, but the price is this low because Llamasoft want more people 
    try it with an open mind. It doesn't reflect its actual volume. This is not 
    your usual finish-in-a-few-days retro remakes. This is a totally new, deep, 
    rich and long journey, if you dare to enter. 
    This guide will take you from "1 min from the start" the very first Boi Bumba
    achievement to the Long-Necked Long March achievement, the long pilgrimage.
    The game itself isn't insanely difficult, actually. I don't see myself as a
    hardcore gamer, yet I could get 200/200. What you need is the will to learn.
    It's not Tempest, and it's not other games. You need to understand the way of
    Giraffe. It's something you learn by experience, but here I write some tips
    hoping they might be of help.
    As you collect these achievements, you will feel the "click" - then you'll be
    fine without reading this. But until the time comes, I'll be with you. Trust
    me, it's worth trying.
          =====My humble thoughts - you can skip this if you want=====
    I've seen people say "I can't see things" "Don't know what to do" - it's
    understandable if it's your first encounter without reading how to play or
    anything. But by just saying so then stepping back from the game forever, you
    will miss a great opportunity to experience something new, deep, bold, and
    absolutely rewarding to play.
    Keep in mind this psychedelic visual design is on purpose. It's like
    complaining that "Music is too loud" against a music game. Space Giraffe is
    designed to be the abstract Light/Sound flood integrated with solid gameplay.
    If you just love realistic looking games and hate to see gorgeous fluid
    fireworks of neon lights, you don't have to play this game. It's a matter of
    taste. It's not your fault or the game's. But if you do love these kinds of
    visual treats, you won't be disappointed.
    Also the first rule of game design is "there is no rule." You have to fight
    against your usual assumptions - "Everything should look clear." "Sounds are
    just extras." Space Giraffe challenges you to activate senses you haven't
    tapped yet. Sound cues are as important as visual ones. Use your ears and melt
    them with your eyes. You will learn to "sense" where danger lies, and you will
    find yourself playing safely even at hectic levels. You can learn this.
    Don't know what to do? You try to survive to level 100. You try to get high
    scores. Your score progress will be saved as Start Bonuses, and you can see how
    far/well you go in the score graph screen. 
    ...There lies a risk/reward mechanism. It's you who decide the difficulty. Will
    you take risks, or love to play safe? You can play safe by just shooting
    everything, but without "bulling" your bonus multiplier stays at 1x. You can
    have enemies come closer then "bulling" to get 9x bonus multiplier(thus getting
    9x scores), but it's more dangerous. The game gives you the choice. Find your
    comfort zone by yourself, and try to progress and/or score high.
    SG is not a spoon-feeding game which just plays like games you have seen. This
    giraffe has its unique way, and you need to accept its rules. Well, don't be
    afraid. It's about having fun. Relax and enjoy the learning process. This guide
    is my try to make the process more accessible. I assure your score at least
    doubles (well, this is a huge understatement) and you'll be amazed by your own
    skill in the end.
    Anyway, get your favorite music ready (yes, the game background does react to
    your custom soundtrack), and enjoy the experience!
    2. Gameplay Basics
    You control the Space giraffe. It's very abstract, but it's still a giraffe.
    Believe me. The enemies come to the Web, and you kill them. Simple. 
    Default controls as follow:
    - Left stick: Move (Movement is always relative to the giraffe. Even when the
    level is rotating, you don't have to panic. The rotation won't affect how you
    move at all)
    - Right stick: Aim (You can aim your hoof shot with this - available when 
    "Power Zone" is extended)
    - A: Smart Bomb (attack nearby enemies. One per the giraffe. Restored when you
    finished a level)
    - Right Trigger: Jump
    - Left Trigger: Transition speed (speeding up level transition sequence)
    Note: You can change the control as you like. There is no "SHOT" button! Your
    giraffe automatically and continuously shot bullets without you holding any
    button. (Some printed magazine failed to recognize this simple fact, so I make
    it clear here.)
    Remember these:
    You can try to shoot down everything. It's safer but you'll get much less
    score. To get more score, you need to increase your Bonus Multiplier. The Bonus
    Multiplier multiplies incoming score such as killing enemies, juggling bullets,
    and level end bonuses. The Bonus Multiplier max is 9x, this means you can get
    more than 9x scores compared to people who just shoot things. The Bonus
    Multiplier is displayed at the top-right of the screen as M + number. (The
    other number shows your remaining Lives)
    Here comes the new gameplay element called "Bulling/Power Zone" - it's
    essential if you want to raise the Bonus Multiplier. I'll explain more in the
    Boi Bumba' and Professor of Giraffeology. Remember, this risk/reward mechanism 
    is the key to fully understand the Space Giraffe experience.
    3. Space Giraffe Achievements
    Here I explain Space Giraffe achievements and how to get them - and the
    gameplay mechanism behind it. This guide aims to take you from the very start
    to the level 100.
    I list them loosely in difficulty/accessibility order. You can ignore the order
    if you want, but I do recommend you to get Boi Bumba' first - it's actually a
    free gift from Llamasoft designed to be your first SG achievement.
    3.1. Easy Achievements
    Following achievements are very easy - easy, not demanding any super skill. Try
    these first.
    ===Boi Bumba' (10)=== 
        Get Bonus Multiplier up to 9x in one Bull Run.
    This one is real easy. You can get it in a minute. Even "how to play" explains
    how in details, yet many seem to have overlooked it! Oh well, enough rants. Now
    get to the details.
    - Start at level 2. (You can start at level 1 - 9 initially, more levels can 
    be unlocked as you progress the game)
    - Go to the left side of the Web, and shoot enemies there.
    - When a Jump Pod (cylinder shaped object, sometimes also called "powerup") 
    is released, collect it.
    - Wait until enemies gather on the rim.
    - Perform a jump(R Trigger).
    - Then run to right....All enemies will be killed as you collide with them.
    - The Bonus Multiplier becomes 9x and the achievement gets unlocked!
    If you think these words are too vague, watch this youtube video and try:
    ....I think you have the achievement. Now let me explain the game mechanism 
    behind it. Read it and you will have a good outline of how the game works.
    Unlike "Tempest" or other shooting games, shooting is not your only way to
    attack. In Space Giraffe you can perform "bulling" attack (imagine a bull
    charging into his enemy). You are not invincible, but when the giraffe
    spreading its power on the Web(this is indicated as the "Power Zone"), you can
    just collide with basic types of enemies(X shaped ones: grunts, and spark like
    one: Feedback monsters) to kill them.
    If you bull (run into and kill) 4+ enemies at once, your Bonus Multiplier will
    be increased. Bonus Multiplier, as the name suggests, multiply incoming scores.
    It's essential to score well in Space Giraffe. 
    In this Boi Bumba achievement, you jumped to expand the "Power Zone" to make
    bulling attack possible, then successfully "bull"ed lots of enemies at once -
    "Got Bonus Multiplier up to 9x in one Bull Run." 
    OK, I can see you a bit puzzled. I should explain you more about the "Power
    Zone." To do so, it's better to be in the tutorial levels. It's time to get
    Professor of Giraffeology.
    ===Professor of Giraffeology (10)===
        Score over 10 million on Tutorial Level.
    It's not that easy actually, but I put it here because I want to explain Space
    Giraffe basics here. If you find this achievement difficult, play normal levels
    several times then come back. Reading "Making the Most of your Demo Download"
    (http://www.llamasoft.co.uk/blog/?p=10 ) will also help you get into the game.
    Enter the tutorial level by pressing X on Select Mode screen.
     * First part
    Read what the tutorial says....First, you need to learn to see the "Power Zone."
    If I might add something to the tutorial, I'd stress the fact that the Web
    itself is the Power Zone meter. Can you see the moving horizontal growing line
    with "Power Zone" text? Outside the tutorial, there is no extra "Power Zone"
    text display. So learn to see the line. I call it the "Power Zone line" here. 
    - If you shoot/kill enemies, the "Power Zone" expands. If you do nothing, it 
    will shrink.
    - If you get a Jump Pod, the "Power Zone" expands some more.
    - If you jump(you need consume a Jump Pod), the "Power Zone" will become 
    full instantly.
    Do as what the tutorial tells you, and watch the "Power Zone line."
    Remember, the Power Zone line is always moving. If you can't see any moving
    line, it's likely that there is no Power Zone. Also note that glowing lines
    extend from the near edge of the surface to the Power Zone line, dividing it up
    into channels.... If you can see these "lanes," it means the Power Zone is
    expanded. Another cue is the hoof shot. When the Power Zone is expanded, your
    giraffe shoot out extra "hoof shot" from its two hooves. You can see it. Also
    you can hear the shot sound.
    Learn to see the "Power Zone" using these various visual/audio cues -
    otherwise, you will find your giraffe doing a suicide attack, not a "bulling
    attack" to increase the Bonus Multiplier.
    To score good enough, it's essential to increase the Bonus Multiplier. You need
    to "bull" 3+ enemies at once. Make sure the Power Zone is extended. Have some
    enemies on the near edge. Then run into them to bull. If you succeed bulling
    enough enemies at once, you will hear the "Mooooo" sound and the Bonus
    Multiplier will be increased. 
    So shoot some enemies to keep the Power Zone extended, and leave others....so
    that you can bull them later (and increase your Bonus Multiplier). Deciding 
    which ones to shoot and which ones to leave....this is a main scoring strategy. 
    So it's not Tempest where you shoot all enemies without thinking.
    If you collide with these basic X shaped enemies (they are called "Grunts")
    when there is no Power Zone, the enemy grabs your hoof first. You can use the
    Smart Bomb to kill it to free yourself. Learn to keep the Power Zone extended,
    and don't make this happen.
     * Second part
    The second part of the tutorial introduces a new enemy called Flower. Flowers
    are very dangerous, but they can be helpful in keeping the Power Zone extended.
    They come to the Web as green lines, and then grow up towards the player. You
    can shoot them to make them shorter. You can kill flowers by making their
    length zero.
    They will keep growing to a specific height (depends on levels), mature (the
    stalk will turn from green to white), finally shoot off "flower head" and die.
    You can't bull or shoot back this flower head. So simply avoid it, or die. If
    you die by it, your giraffe will make a "ring" sound to indicate the death
    caused by a projectile. 
    Remember the "flower head detached" sound, and keep out of the danger.
    Also in some levels, flowers grow so much that their stalks will become
    obstacle. You can't bull it either. If you touch their stalks, you will die
    (This time without the "ring!" sound)...so avoid them, too. You can shoot them
    by jumping above them. Or you can just leave them (don't run into their 
    stalks!) mature and die.
    Well, flowers will cause you many deaths, but they can help you to keep the
    Power Zone extended. You can shoot them occasionally to keep it from growing up
    to full height. This way you can get a bit of extra Power Zone when you need.
    In this tutorial level, you use flowers to keep enough Power Zone, and bull
    basic enemies (Grunts). Don't forget to avoid flower stalks when
    "Giraffetastic" and leaving the level!
     * Third part
    The third part of the tutorial introduces an important scoring technique called
    Juggling. This is the most important part in unlocking Professor of
    Giraffeology. This level, you need to build up some Bonus Multiplier, while
    juggling enemy bullets.
    Now enemies start fire shots. You can't bull off these bullets, so you will die
    if you collide with them. Your giraffe would die with "Ring!" sound. Remember,
    this "Ring" sound indicates that you were killed by enemy projectile. You can
    learn "why did I die?" from the sound.
    Well, don't worry. You shoot those shots away. You can push enemy bullets off
    into the space beyond. These bullets gradually return over time, but when they
    do you can be ready to shoot them away again. This is enemy shot juggling...
    keep enemy bullets alive by shooting them off again and again. You will be 
    awarded with "sneeze bonus" at the end of the level! This bonus can be very 
    big, if combined with a high Bonus Multiplier. I can safely say: "sneeze 
    bonus" is essential in unlocking Professor of Giraffeology.
    I need to warn this. When you intend to shoot these bullets thinking you can
    make it in time, you might find your giraffe just run into them and die
    ("Ring!"). Remember taking account of the speed + acceleration factor. Shooting
    back bullets can be very risky. Using your hoof shot to sweep ahead (Right
    stick) is a really good idea when you head to where bullets are coming.
    Listen for the audio cues of shots being fired. Also the bullet re-entry will
    cause the 'dog bark' audio cue play. Audio cues are important in Space Giraffe;
    often your eyes may be elsewhere on a level but your ears will clue you in to
    events that might be happening in places where you aren't looking. You can
    learn lots from these cues, and you can avoid many dangers.
    Try playing this tutorial several times. Learn to see the Power Zone, and try
    to keep it extended. Learn to perform Bulling Attacks to increase your Bonus
    Multiplier. Learn to deal with flowers. Learn to handle enemy bullets. Learn
    basic audio cues. This should take some tries, but by the time you get
    Professor of Giraffeology, you will have the basic skills to deal with the 
    game by yourself.
    Note: In Space Giraffe, each level has its own rules - they define parameters
    like the speed of enemies/bullets, growing speed/height of Flowers, etc. This
    means, each level plays differently in a way. It's more dangerous to try
    Juggling in a level with a high bullet speed. Enjoy the 100 levels of varying
    ===Klepto-Giraffe (10)===
        Collect 20 powerups without missing one.
    I think you've learned how powerups(Jump Pod) look by now. Just collect them.
    If you start from level 1, you can get this before getting to level 9. Easy.
    I'm not sure why, but I've seen some people complaining they can't tell
    powerups and enemy bullets apart.... Powerups are white cyclinder shaped 
    blinking ones, while enemy bullets are red/blue pulsing sphere ones. If you 
    are still not sure, shoot them. You can shoot back enemy bullets, but 
    powerups won't be affected.
    ===Mine's a 99 (10)===
        Get 9 lives and a 9x Bonus Multiplier.
    You know how to increase the Bonus Multiplier, so I explain how to get 1UPs.
    There are two ways:
    - Collecting an extra Jump Pod. You can store up to 5 Jump Pods behind the
    giraffe. When you have 5 and collect another, you will get 1UP. If you collect
    further extra Jump Pod, you will be awarded with Fast Bullet, then an Ox Warp
    Token. (If you collect enough Ox Warp Tokens, you can enter the Bonus Round.)
    - Bulling beyond 9x. When your Bonus Multiplier is 9x and bull 4 and more 
    enemies, you will get 1UP.
    So, increase the life by either way, then try to get the 9x Bonus Multiplier.
    You can do it within the first 9 levels. If you are having troubles with these
    early levels, read this Space Giraffe introduction guide from Llamasoft blog
    which I mentioned earlier:
       Making the Most of your Demo Download
    ===Great Green Arkleseizure (10)-==
        Get more than 20 Sneeze Bonuses leaving a level.
    It's no brainer, actually. It can be unlocked by shoot everything in a level
    including lots of enemy bullets. Then you will be awarded with many Sneeze
    Bonuses. The Power Zone slow down enemy bullets, making it easier to shoot 
    Usually you don't have to aim specifically to unlock this achievement.
    As you progress the game, you'll get one eventually. It's hard to get it in
    very early levels, so I put it here.
    (When you see someone who unlocked Great Green Arkleseizure but not Boi Bumba',
    it might mean the person is brute forcing the game without paying attention
     to the Power Zone/Bull Attack mechanism. BTW, Boi Bumba' is actually a hard
    achievement outside level 2. If any of your friend with SG hasn't unlocked 
    it yet, please tell them how. Who hates a chance to get more gamerscores?)
    3.2. Not-so-hard Achievements
    These require some understanding/experience. But if you have got most of easy
    achievements, you should be skilled enough.
    ===Pod Preserver (10)===
        Complete 16 levels without using jump.
    Since you can't jump, you can't use jump pod to fill power zone. It's safer to
    try shooting everything if you want to get Pod Preserver. You can die several
    times. You don't have to worry about scores when you want to get 
    this achievement. 
    Try playing level 1-16 without using jump. Flowers will annoy you, so remember
    to shoot them down early. They come to the Web as green lines. Use your hoof
    shot (aim with right stick) to shoot them as soon as they arrive. This will make
    your life lots easier.
    Also avoid running into grown flowers/bullets/flower heads. Movement is a
    *risk* - if you are not sure, try to defend just a few lanes around you.
    Flowers can't harm you if you are in another lane. You can shoot and kill any
    grunts in the same lane, and you can shoot back their bullets, too. Learn to
    play safe.
    ===Girafa Caprichoso (15)===
        End five consecutive levels with Bonus Multiplier 9x.
    You can get this within first 9 levels, but any five consecutive levels will
    do. Try to keep the Power Zone extended, then find 3+ enemies to "bull." By the
    time you get this one, you should be more confident in bulling and scoring. You
    can watch the level 1-9 gameplay video by the game developer Jeff Minter
    himself - he earns this achievement in his video, so you can get a better idea.
       You can find the video here:
    3.3. Tricky Achievements
    Some people might find these harder than completing the level 100. But others
    might be able to get these after a few tries, without much difficulty. So I
    labeled them "tricky."
    ===Ewige Blumenkraft (15)===
        Keep the very first flower to grow alive until the end of the level.
    Level 9 is the easiest when getting this achievement, I think. But you can try
    in many levels with flowers. 
    To get achievement, you need to learn how to "hear" flowers. The pitch of sound
    goes up as the flower is shot and get shorter. You should make sure keep the
    flower short enough but not killing it. If you leave it to grow, it will mature
    (its green stalk becomes white), then the flower head goes off and die. You
    don't want this to happen here.
    I explain how using level 9. Stay near the flower, and shoot them enough with
    the main shot or the hoof shot. I recommend using the hoof shot, because you
    can steer it with your Right stick. Shoot then wait. Wait then shoot. You don't
    have to worry about other enemies. You are shooting the flower. The Power Zone
    is extended. Grunts may come to you only to be bulled and destroyed. Just
    concentrate on you and your flower. Keep it short, but don't kill it. You need
    to be very careful, but it's no way impossible.
    ===I Adore My 64 (15)===
        Complete level 64 without losing a life while playing it.
     * Getting to level 64. 
    If you stuck in any level, try playing from the previous level and get a
    powerup in level transition sequence. This "Yes, Yes, Yes" will give you the
    Fast Bullet (your bullet firing rate will become faster). You will find it
    easier to shoot and rinse enemies with it. Shooting enemies is a good way to
    survive. Also use your jump to avoid enemy attacks.
    By level 64, you will have encountered most of the Space Giraffe enemies. I
    recap them here.
    This "Ni! Ni!" saying enemy will release Grunts/Flowers if shot.These 
    spawned enemies will be deployed where the Power Zone line is. So it's very
    dangerous to shoot Containers if the Power Zone is empty. You will find Grunts
     on the near edge, and since the Power Zone is empty, they can kill you. Make
    sure where your Power Zone line is before you shoot a Container.
    Round/Spiky shaped enemies with distinct sounds. They alternating
    through moving vertically (towards or away from the player) and horizontally
    (traversing across the surface). Spiky "aggressive" ones will fire diagonal
    shots when they traversing....very dangerous.
    You can kill them with one shot when they are traversing. You can't destroy
    them right away when they are moving vertically. Your shot will push them back
    somewhat for a while - if they are pushed right back off the web, they will be
    destroyed. BUT, if they take enough bullets, they won't be pushed back any
    longer....They just start running towards to the near edge! Watch and hear the
    audio cue to learn when to shot.
    If they reach the near edge, you can hear the "DANGER" sound cue. It IS a
    danger because you can't bull them off. One Boffin in Grunts can ruin your bull
    run, because it will kill you when you run into it. Boffins at the near edge
    can be killed by jumping above them and firing downwards, or by carefully
    extending a hoof towards them (this latter move is very risky and should only
    be attempted by very confident players. experiment with slower Boffins first).
    Remember you have one Smart Bomb, too.
    They arrive to the Web as white lines. It's easier to kill them by shooting
    early. Fast Bullets will help you, too.
      Feedback Monsters: 
    Spark like enemies. They don't fire, and you can bull them.
    They simply travel up to the near edge, sit for a while, then lift off and
    eventually disappear. They sound harmless so far. Well, they are hazards to the
    player. If your giraffe shot them, Feedback Monsters will disturb the
    environment visually - making it harder for the player to see.
    Some Feedback Monsters (Aggressive ones) will be dangerous to the giraffe, too.
    If you leave them alive, they will fire shots from above, down onto the near
    edge. You will hear them laughing, and they will become obstacle when you move.
    When you notice the level you're in has such Feedback Monsters, try to shoot 
    them early.
    They rotate the Web. In other words, if the Web is rotating, rotors are
    in. Here I remind you that movement of the giraffe is always relative, which
    will be unaffected by this rotation.
    There are two types of Rotors: Passive and Aggressive. Passive ones just float
    up and down, rotating the Web. They do the giraffe no harm. Aggressive ones are
    much more dangerous. You can hear "DANGER" sound cue when they arrive. When
    they touch the near edge of the surface they will fire two shots along the near
    edge, one in either direction. The player will need to jump or Smart
    Bomb these shots.
    Rotors arrive to the Web as orange lines. Kill them early if you don't like
     * Analyzing level 64
    Ok, talking about Level 64....Don't panic. You can hear things. You can
    sense dangers, and you can avoid them. 
    This level has three types of enemies: Grunts, Flowers, and Aggressive Rotors. 
    Aggressive Rotors rotate the level. This will confuse you first. Actually you
    don't have to worry much about it. Your movement won't be affected. What is
    important is to take down these Aggressive Rotors before they reach to the 
    near edge. This can be done well with hoof shot. Sweep your hoof shot right 
    and left, moving around only a bit. You can hear when the Rotors enter, 
    and you can hear when they die, too. Make sure you kill them early. By
    the way, Powerups in this level might look like Rotors. Shoot them, if you
    are in doubt.
    Grunts themselves are not dangerous (as long as you keep your Power Zone
    extended), but they fire many bullets. It's possible you run into them. Use
    your hoof shot and be careful. You don't have to run around. Stick to several
    lanes near you, and think "defend" them.
    Flowers. They are harder to see, so you might run into their stalks/flower
    heads. Shoot and kill them early if you can. If you leave one alive, stay away
    from that lane. Then you will be safe. You can hear that "ah, there is a 
    flower" when sweep the level with your hoof shot. Listen, and be careful. 
    Level 64 progresses like this: 
      1. Grunts and Rotors - Shoot them all, and collect Powerups.
      2. Grunts and Flowers - Shoot Flowers early. Do not run into 
                              bullets/flower stalks/flower heads.
      3. Grunts, Flowers and Rotors - Don't hesitate to jump when necessary. 
      4. Grunts only - Grunts themselves are not dangerous as long as you have
                       the Power Zone extended. Watch out for bullets!
    Remember you can jump/smart bomb if things go wrong. Good luck!
     * Another way
    Alternatively, you can *cheat* this achievement a bit. To do so, complete the
    level 100 first to unlock the Super Ox mode. After completing the level 100,
    you can press A + Y on the select mode screen to enter the Super Ox mode. There
    you see....levels with random names, shuffled shapes. Enemies are the same, but
    they are faster and shoot more bullets. It's basically much harder than the
    normal mode, but your Super Ox level 64 might have better visibility or simpler
    shape. You can beat this level to get this achievement. 
    Remember, Super Ox levels are changing. If you update any of your Start Bonus
     (the best score with 3+ lives, recorded for each level) in any level, the 
    name and the shape will be reshuffled. So if your Super Ox level 64 looks 
    very hard, you can come back later hoping it will be easier this time. 
    3.4. Hard Achievements
    These need concentration and experience. But they are no way impossible.
    ===Girafa Garantido (10)===
        Don't lose a life for 16 levels.
    Space Giraffe 100 levels are actually collections of 16 level series. The first
    16 levels introduce you the basic, the second one (level 17-32) Boffins, the
    third one (level 33-48) Feedback Monsters, then Rotors (level 49-64), Zappers
    (level 65-80), Screaming flowers (level 81-96), then the very end (level
    97-100). Each starts easy then gets fierce. Level 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96 and
    100 are designed as "boss" levels. So to get this achievement, you need to 
    be very careful, and beat the boss.
    I think level 1-16 is the easiest to try this achieve, but as usual, beware of
    flowers. Shoot down flowers in level 13, then they won't stand in your way.
    Level 16's flowers are special. They are invincible(your shots can't make them
    shorter). Just avoid them. I think you can handle the rest. Good luck!
    ===ERROR_SUCCESS (50)===
        Finish level 100.
    You will encounter two new enemies from level 65 to level 100.
    Zappers: They consist of two parts, one below the far edge of the surface and
    one above the near edge. They move across the Web counting down, and release a
    laser beam. You can't kill Zappers. You simply need to avoid their lasers.
    Hint - In some levels, watch where a Zapper fire first/second time. If it
    happens to "zap" the same place everytime, your life is much easier.
    Screaming Flowers: Flowers which will scream and attack back when shot. Even
    more dangerous and annoying.
    The level 100 is long and challenging. Remember, you can jump to defend
    yourself. You can even jump over the zapper. Also you can start from level 97 -
    99. These levels are designed to be relatively gentle so that you can gain more
    lives to challenge the level 100. 
    It starts with grunts...store up Jump Pods here. You need to use them later.
    After a while, a Zapper comes, then Boffins, Rotors, Flowers enter. Try shoot
    them all fast. Watch them approaching the web, and shoot them as they arrive.
    Don't hesitate to jump. If you die your Jump Pods will be gone. So use it
    while you have some. Also use your Smart Bomb. The good thing is that even if
    you die, you can continue playing the level.
    When you encounter the second zapper, the level end is near. Continue
    fighting, some more flowers come and then, Giraffetasic! Don't forget to 
    avoid three zappers and remaining flowers when you are leaving the level.
    ===Long-Necked Long March (35)===
        Finish level 100, having started on level 1.
    If you could get ERROR_SUCCESS, this one is not impossible. But it's better to
    practice each part of the game first. Start at level 80, for example, and see
    if you can beat level 100. Also playing the Super Ox mode will help you to
    prepare for tricky webs, and intense visual effects. You will find the normal
    mode easier after you get used to the Super Ox mode.
    Long-Necked Long March takes 3.5 - 4 hours. You can pause your game, use it to
    restore your focus. Play safe. Try maintaining 9 lives. Think of it as a
    pilgrimage. Find enough time to try, then relax and play.... You can do it.
    Congratulations! You have completed Space Giraffe achievements! Now enjoy the
    game as you like, update your Start Bonuses (hint: Use right stick while in the
    score graph screen), challenge the Super Ox mode, or just play it for fun.
    Now you can dance with the flood of sounds and lights.
    4. Credits
    Thanks Jeff and Giles for making this great (it's my personal GOTY) game. Also
    I need to thank Jeff again for letting me use his writings.
    If you feel *stuck* in the game, you can contact me (fuwafuwax -at- gmail.com)
    - I'll be happy to help you. 
    ...Finally, this is what Jeff said:
             "The underlying language of giraffe lovin' transcends 
              boundaries of language, character set and culture.
           The giraffe is globally, universally accessible and lovely.
                   The giraffe unites all of humanity under 
                 one glorious, reticulated, psychedelic umbrella.
                  We are all giraffe, and giraffe is all of us. 
              Soon the world will dance to the music of our bulling."
    I tried "transcends boundaries of language" - I'm a Japanese but did 
    write this in English so that more people can read it.  This guide 
    might be too much wordily, but I just hope more people give a fair try to 
    the game. Space Giraffe is a much more accessible title than some might 
    think. It's just that understanding does take some time, and you need to 
    try with an open mind.
    I really hope this industry, gaming media, and gamers give a new game a 
    proper chance. The world would be less interesting if developers stop to try
    creating something new...
    Thanks for reading my *ramblings* here. I hope you'll enjoy the game as much
    as I do. And if you do, please spread the word.

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