Review by BashyMcBashBash

Reviewed: 11/07/07

Good, but is it "11" Good?

Obviously I love Guitar Hero...Or else I wouldn't be writing a review...And the series has always been a thing of beauty in my eyes. From playing Smoke on the Water in Guitar Hero to playing Free Bird in Guitar Hero 2, Harmonix was just perfect. However, upon hearing of the move to Neversoft, fear filled my body. I was sure something bad was going to happen, as a matter of fact I was certain. A portion of that was correct, but Neversoft did an adequate job with Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock.

The most important part of Guitar Hero is the track list, and GH3 does NOT disappoint! From Cream to The Who to Tenacious D the track list has anything that you could possibly enjoy. What's even better is the amount of originals instead of covers. Playing Paint It Black with Mick Jagger singing in the background never felt better! Hell, even some of the covers like Paranoid were actually decent! That being said, the cover of Rock and Roll All Nite was absolute garbage to me. Sounded absolutely nothing like Kiss and that really was a kick to the groin of a Guitar Hero player.

The graphics look exactly like GH2, except every character seems to be shinier then their GH2 counterparts. It's good to see that the bass player (WOOT) actually plays the notes instead of randomly hitting things like in GH2. However the drummer needs to learn how to live a little, he's as stiff as someone who had a tree shoved up his ass. Same with the fans, I began to get entranced by how they all jumped at around the same time. But really, that's not important in a music based game. What's important is the note chart, and it's pretty damn good. HOWEVER, there appears to be some lag when I activate star power, not much, but enough to make me think "Why the hell is this happening?" Good, but not great.

Gameplay is what makes Guitar Hero...Guitar Hero! And this is Guitar Hero, with a little bit of extra goodies. In Guitar Hero 3 they added a new battle mode, in this, you play a song and instead of getting star power, you get these battle attacks. Some may break turn on lefty flip while another will make a fret stop working and you have to hit it relentlessly to make it work again, that was pretty nifty. They implemented this in the single player campaign by having you go against the "Legends of Rock" Tom Morello from Rage Against The Machine and Slash from Guns And Roses. Playing against Morello on a solo that he made was the best moment of Guitar Heroing I have ever experienced. THANKS NEVERSOFT!

Guitar Hero 3 not only adds new modes, but ups the ante on difficulty all the way to 111! Tier 8 I can safely say is harder than Guitar Hero 2. And playing against the final boss is one of the most frustrating moments I have ever had the displeasure of experiencing in video games! Not as bad as Ghosts and Goblins, but my God give us a break!

In the end, Guitar Hero 3 does what Guitar Hero 2 did and more. But while it adds some new things to the table, it's way too difficult for beginners, and sometimes the game lags when in the middle of playing. NOT COOL! But if you can look past the difficulty, this is the best GH game out and you WILL enjoy it gosh darn it!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (US, 10/28/07)

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