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"A great game with a few flaws"

Gameplay- 9/10

Let's face it it's Guitar Hero, of course it's going to have awesome gameplay. A blessing and a curse though, is the new hammer ons/pull offs. In Guitar hero 2 you had to be fairly acurate, but in Guitar Hero 3, all you have to do is hit the note befor and hold the next note, and you've nailed it. New Players will love it, Good players will love it, pro players will hate it. The newest addition, Battle Mode, is a total blast with other people. The way RedOctane tried to implement it into the career was nice, but way to easy. The battle against Tom Morello sounded cool, but you could beat him before the song was even partially over and at the end of the song Tom gets a difficult solo while you get nothing. The reason thats a problem is because they are basically giving you the battle, while he's hitting this crazy solo all you have to do is tap the select button a couple times and he's totally ****ed. Same with Slash, his battles a little more difficult but it's the same story, at the end he gets a crazy solo, then you double note, amp overload, and lefty flip him and he's screwed.


The guitar battle with the final boss, Lou ( which stands for Loucifer) is the only challenging one. Oh but before I talk about it, let me say the amazing Idea of how it was set up. The song is "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" and you fight......The Devil! that is a totally awesome idea that completly kicks Free Bird's butt. The only thing I don't like about it, is that if Lou gets the double note when your on expert for his first powerup, your dead. Other than that it is a very balanced battle in which you actually have to be aggressive and make him fail.


Songlist 8/10

I think this is the only songlist out of any of the guitar hero games I'm dissapointed with. The career songlist, however, is amazing! Almost every single song in the career list I've heard and loved! Paint it Black, My Name is Jonas, Even Flow, Rock and Roll all Night, Cliffs Of Dover, Raining Blood, Slow Ride, Barracuda, One!!! One!!! I love Metallica!!! ( About time they finally put it in a game to...) Now for the bad news. Remember (all guitar hero 2 players) how some of the bonus songs in Guitar Hero 2 were better than most of the songs in the career? Well don't expect that here. I was totally static to buy all of the songs after the career. I beat the expert career, went to buy all of the songs, and was massively dissapointed. Every single bonus song is by a no-name band that 5 or 6 people have heard of (with the exeption of Killswitch Engaged, Rise Against and Dragonforce). I was in shock. It was like they got all of the best bands and songs ever for the career, but just sort of paid a bunch of garage bands to make the bonus song list. I was extremely disapointed.

Song Charts 8/10

Another thing they did weird was some of the song charts. The best example is Before I Forget, and 3's # 7's. What they did was to make the song harder they just make a bunch of alternating 3 note chords (to those unfamiler with the Guitar Hero Franchise a chord is when two or more of the buttons are played at one time, for example green and red). Before I Forget really should have been in the 6th group of songs, but RedOctane instead decided to make it more difficult than it really should have been and stuck it in the 7th group instead. Same with Black Magic Womon, it should have been much easier, but RedOctane just made all of the hammer-on's and pull-off's really sparadic, making the song much harder.

Online Play 9/10

The online play works great. For veteran Guitar Players like myself and others, the battle mode will be a disapointment, because not very many players are good enough to play on expert. For new to moderatly okay players however, you'll love it. The only options for Veteran players though, is Pro-Face Off, because it means you'll be playing against someone who chose to play on Expert/Hard difficulty. I can understand why they didn't have Co-op Career, because it would be very difficult to keep track of everyone's online career progress, so I'm not angry about that.

All in All Guitar Hero 3 has the best Career but the worst bonus tracks in the series, but online play is finally avallible thank goodness. Overall I have to say this is my favorite in the series, strictly because of online play.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/12/07

Game Release: Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (w/Guitar) (US, 10/28/07)

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