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Reviewed: 12/25/07 | Updated: 12/29/07

So much for Legends of Rock, what a huge disappointment

Guitar Hero is a well known franchise because of its unique gameplay, even though the gameplay itself was pretty basic, it's kinda fun come to think of it. And now, starting from GHI on PS2, GHII for the PS2 and Xbox 360, behold, Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock, made available for the next-generation consoles and the PS2. But they are all the same actually.
I think this review will focused mainly on the gameplay elements.

Gameplay 4/10

C'mon man, they can do better than this, from GHI up to GHIII without any new gameplay elements are boring, okay, you start the game by picking your guitar hero, and then you have the new options to customize your own guitar hero with new clothes, styles, and you pick guitars, all sorts of things, and then you get to choose your venue, and then choose your music and let the rockin' begins...
Not so interesting for me, I gotta tell you the truth, when I first play GH, which was GHII, I was so excited because I have never experience playing a GH game before, thanks to some of my friends, I found this game quite interesting. And after playing GHII for quite some times, I love it. And when GHIII was released, I was hoping they should've added some new elements to the gameplay but NO! All of the gameplay was totally the same from GHII. One thing that they also add in this game is that apart from the boss battle, they included some storyline when you play career mode through animated cartoon in between each venues. Well this make some sense actually.

And some more interesting gameplay here is that they added online mode, there are various options, you can play co-op career mode through Xbox Live, which means playing online, or you can play it offline with a friend, and there are also Battle Mode, and just play Face-Off or Pro Face-Off mode, there's not much different from the other two series, which kinda suck.

One thing I really...really HATE about this game is that the notes doesn't respond well with the controller, either the guitar controller or the 360 controller, sometimes theres a bunch of notes coming and then you gonna have to mash the buttons, and guess what...when you think that you already had perfect timing to hit the notes, you still miss some of the notes!

And also the difficulty, what the heck?! When you play easy and normal, it can still be tolerable, but when it comes to the hard difficulty, things just become crazy like hell. I really had some fun playing on hard difficulty in GHII, but the hard difficulty in GHIII sucks, its not hard anymore, its not even insane, its HELLISH! I am dead serious, things went smooth when you play the 1st venue, and guess what, it only last a moment. When you unlock the songs on the 6th venue onwards, things just get harder and instead of having fun playing the notes, you found your fingers hurts badly because some of the notes forced you to mash buttons. Its not even fun anymore, its boring and makes you mad like you wanna throw your guitar controller out of the window, and there's even an achievement where you have to finish career mode whether on hard or insane using standard 360 controller!

The new interface totally fails, the notes look fattier and it sucks, the star power meter was lame, I cant even figure it out whether I have enough star power to execute or not at first glance, because they change it into a light bulbs and if they change it that way, why do they even call it star power meter? C'mon man, they should've changed it to light bulbs power if they wanna show it off like that, boring dude.

The characters looks lamer than ever, I miss the old Izzy Sparks, now he looks like a glam rocker, definitely not good, Johnny was way even lamer, he looks too punk, and some of the new characters are not even worth to play with, but some rock legends like Slash are kinda cool. Some characters were not included in the game anymore, like Pandora, Eddie Knox and some others, why do they remove them? C'mon man they were my favorite guitar heroes.

To tell you the truth the gameplay was even worst than GHII, until now, I always thought GHII's way better than GHIII, and whats with that Legends of Rock its nonsense...They should've just make the title Guitar Hero III: Makes your finger hurt badly!

The track list sucks too...Looks more detailed and cleaner, definitely not cool. I love the older ones from the past installments, looks more rough, dirty and all...

Sounds 7/10

Yeah some of the musics are cool, I really hope they add more metal genre music, even though there's a bunch of metal music in this game, still, they could have at least add more. But still, some of the songs are a bit boring, I thought this game was famous because the list of songs are cool, some them are classic rocks and all that, but now, I don't think the list here will top GHI and GHII. I've been playing this game for about a month and to tell you the truth, I was already bored within 2-3 days, I kept continue playing this game because some of my favorite songs were included in this game, and some of my friends keep saying that you should keep going, don't stop now... Even though I had some fun playing through Xbox Live... still, I love GHII more than GHIII... I mean like, Legends of Rock WTF?

Graphics 7/10

I gotta say the graphics have some improvements from the past installments, I know that this game focuses more on sounds, they can still improve the graphics though. I'm not very concern about graphics in GH series actually, but yea its better than the past series.

Replay Value 4/10

All you have to do is just select one difficulty and try to have fun playing them from first to last thats all, you can always try harder difficulties if you wanna have more challenge, but its boring, they have 42 songs in each difficulty, not including the bonus tracks, there are 29 of them. Not including the downloadable contents and some tracks that you can only found when playing co-op. Very boring.

Nothing special about this game, I love GH series because they really provide entertainment and sometimes I play GH for refreshment, but this one really freaks me out badly, instead of refreshing and enjoyable moment playing this game, it makes me totally stressed-out.

Final Recommendation

If you are a huge fan of this series, you may either love it, or hate it. In my opinion, this game will only make you freak out. Again, ladies and gentlemen, your call.
Rent it, see if you like this game, if you like it you can buy it.

I don't enjoy this game much like GHII. I hope for future installments they really make it a lot more awesome than this. Even the wireless guitar controller doesn't even do anything good with the game itself.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (US, 10/28/07)

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