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Reviewed: 03/10/08

Guitar Hero III - Legends of Rock (some Career mode spoilers)

Well, to start this review off, Guitar Hero 3 has a great Set List. The Bonus songs are some that you might have not even heard of. DLC is pretty good. To start off this review, I will start by reviewing the songs.

GH3 Tracks

The songs could've been better. There are over 80 tracks in Guitar Hero 3. It has songs such as: "Slow Ride", "Stricken", "Cult of Personality", "Number of the Beast", and "Rock and Roll all Night". Once you beat Career Mode, you unlock all the songs. You can unlock the last ones in Co-Op Career. This is a flaw if you don't have an extra controller/guitar and someone to help you. The DLC is good. During Career Mode, you battle Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morrello and Guns and Roses guitarist Slash. The final boss you have to battle is the Devil Lou. These 3 each have their own song. Once you beat them in Career, you can't play there in Quick Play, just replay Career. Those with Xbox LIVE can download this Boss Battle Pack in the Marketplace, it is free. The Set List has it's fair share of Metal and Soft Rock. I give the tracks a 7, out of 10.

Gameplay (offline)

Gameplay is pretty lacking. You only have Quick Play. That is pretty much it. And when you want to play a song, it just goes directly to the song, you don't get to choose your Rocker. There is pretty much Career, Multiplayer (in which you get to choose your guitarist), Quick Play, Practice, Xbox Live, and Options. In Multiplayer, you get to either do a Co-Op song or do a Battle. Gameplay gets a 6, out of 10.

Gameplay (online)

Like other games, Online play is usually filled with people who get angry when they lose. Almost half the people online either choose Through the Fire and Flames, or another long song. From what I've seen, most barely even use the new Battle feature. Either Co-Op, for achievements, or Pro Face-Off. I give the Online Community a 7, out of 10.

Les Paul Guitar

Ah yes, the new Les Paul Guitar! A huge pro for this is it is Wireless. There is the Xbox Guide Button and Directional Pad. A must-have for any Guitar Hero Player. I recommend you to buy this if you don't want a wired guitar. Especially since it comes with the game. Overall, I give the Les Paul Guitar a 9, out of 10.


Guitar Hero 3 can be a pretty fun game. I wouldn't recommend first timers to buy this game. Activision takes it for granted not much new people will try this. It was made for the experts who have played Guitar Hero's 1 and 2. Overall, I give Guitar Hero 3 - Legends of Rock a 7, out of 10.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (w/Guitar) (US, 10/28/07)

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