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"Really that good?"

I think a 'fair' review should be done on Guitar Hero lll.. Because 'fair' reviews are done on all games.

For those who don't know what a 'fair' review is, it is when a game is based on the graphic, and virtually nothing else because people are too stupid to look beyond anything but graphics in a game..
So here it is.. The 'fair' review. Everyone judges a game for it's graphics after five minutes of playing. So after a few hours of playing, here's my 'fair' review.

Guitar Hero lll graphics suck. The graphics look like they're from N64, early PS2 and XBox at most. Half of it is cartoons.. Like they can't afford to do better? Not to mention the characters in game. The clothes look like they're actually made with the naked model. And did anyone else notice that it's pretty much only you and the bosses who actually have eyes? Another thing, what's the singer rocking out to during the beginning of 'One' by Metallica? It's like the softest song in the game and here he is head banging and giving the Devil horns.

They attempt a story line that's not even there. Nuff said. And let's get started on the music selection.. Where's the actual good stuff? Don't get me wrong, some of the music is good. But we all know with the money Activision is pulling in from GH they can afford much, much better. AFI is emo music, not rock or metal. Luckily they made download content songs, but not even all of those make up for it.

Have a look at any game that's been judged on graphics. Two Worlds, CoD 4, RSV2. They all have their flaws, but they're amazing games. People need to look past how the graphics are and the few minor glitches you can find in a game. Most games are really fun once you get into them, you just need to give them a chance.

Overall, it truly is a fun game, but this review is for the graphic side, since everyone judges games off them. So don't go flaming me just because I made this. The way I see it, you need to play it before you can judge it. I've played it, and I liked it, but the graphics could surely use lots of work. If you've read all the way to this - Thanks.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/24/08

Game Release: Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (US, 10/28/07)

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