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"Rocking all Night Long"

One day I went to my friends house. He had recently bought Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock and I scoffed at him for spending so much money on a video game. A week later I had bought it myself. In my opinion Guitar Hero 3 is a huge improvement from Guitar Hero 2. The main improvement is that pretty much all of the songs are master recordings, not those stupid cover songs which made up Guitar Hero 2s set list. It is also more intense. In the background while you are playing you are on a huge stage with thousands of screaming fans while in Guitar Hero 2 you are just in some dingy club with barely 100 people. I find the stage version a much more fun way of playing as you feel more like legends of rock (no pun intended).

Anyway Guitar Hero 3 has most of the same features as Guitar Hero 2 with a few extras. There is Career mode, where you play through a tiers of songs which become more difficult as you progress. You can play the game on the difficulties of easy, medium, hard and expert. Even the worst gamers will be able to play easy and gradually improve to harder levels. One problem is some of the songs on expert mode. Guitar Hero 3 is without doubt the hardest Guitar Hero game but some of the songs are just so crazy that most people will never be able to pass them (I'm looking at you Through the Fire and Flames). In Career mode a new cool feature is Boss Battles where you rock out against Guitar Legends Slash and Tom Morello, playing songs specially made and recorded by them for the game. Boss Battles are the same as normal 2 player except instead of getting star power you get weapons which you use to try and stuff up the other player and get them to fail. If you have another guitar you can play duels with you friends which are the exact same as boss battles.

Onto the set list it is the greatest I have ever seen on any Guitar Hero or Rock Band game. It has some classics like The Rolling Stones and Kiss plus lots of rock and metal like Metallica and Pearl Jam. For you people who only listen to new and modern stuff there are bands like The Killers, Muse and the Kaiser Chiefs so don't worry. The list will have you playing for hours and hours and I can guarantee you will have heaps of fun. The multiplayer is much the same as Guitar Hero 2 with Pro Face Off, Face Off and Duel (which I spoke about earlier). You can play online as well against other people and download new songs.

In conclusion here are some pros and cons

- Fun as hell
- Awesome track list
- Anyone can play
- Mostly master tracks
- Cool online
- Wireless Guitar

- Expert can be too hard on some songs
- Graphics aren't that great

I definitely recommend you buy Guitar Hero 3 whether you love music or just want to have a good time with your mates.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/20/09, Updated 02/08/10

Game Release: Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (Bundle) (AU, 11/07/07)

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