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"Endwar shows realistic approach to battlefield command."

Having played endwar for 3 days I present my thoughts of the game. For the true Clancy fans out there endwar's single player campaign is a sort of culmination of the various organizations and characteres of the series, especially the games. The appearance of Third Echellon (splinter cell) and General Mitchell (Ghost Recon) show that the creaters at ubisoft have tried to bring the various IP's together as something continuous. I havent completed story mode yet but the ideas surrounding Russia's interferance in world international relations and the character interactions that go with is are an interesting comentary on world events and national psyche, I look forward to completeing the game several times.

Multiplayer is at real jewel of battlefield tracking. A similar system to endwars theatre of war mode was implemented in chromehounds but endwar is much more advanced. The unit upgrades are all logical from a military viewpoint as well. Every day of IRL time translates to about a week in the interactive war. The amount of wins against losses is tallied at the end of each day and territories are won or lost in that fasion. As the territories are won the battle lines shift and new battlefields are opened. In the first day of fighting the Russian forces dominated by securing territories in both America and eastern europe. Day 2 has shown a stalemate on the european front and nearly total domination of the Americans by both the Europeans and the Russians. Day 3 the Americans finally started winning battles but it was only enough t hold current ground against the russians although they did win back one teritory from Europe. At the same time the Europeans fought a small victory into Russian teritory near Siberia. Today is day 4 and I intend to do dome fighting when I get home from school.

The battle mechanic is very different from most other RTS games in that the camera is fixed to your units imediate area (although you can pan, zoom, and move about some). The idea behind this is that a battlefield commander IRL dosent have the ability to look at everything at once like in command and conquer, information flows from line officers up the COC to the battle commanders so it makes more sence to see only what your troops see. There is a way to get that overhead view though, deploy a command vehicle and you gain accses to BFT.

The other main difference is the voice command menu that I belive has revolutionized the way RTS is fought, While it is not on par with your typical starcraft powergamer the voice command system makes commands more efficient and much faster than other RTS, particularly on console. The only thing you cant do with voice command is deploy some unit specific special abilities like landmines and snipers.

Some of the achievments can be difficult to get because they rely on specific battlefield conditions. Combat Chain Master, Blitz, Call of Booty, Napoleon, True Patriot, Turning Point, Air Defense, Do or Die, and War is Heck are the really hard ones. The other achievments focus on quantity based (10 rescue chopper kills) or difficulty based (complete WW3 on hardcore) tasks.

Overall I think Endwar is a great game and is an awesome way to learn strategic thought and multitasking.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/10/08

Game Release: Tom Clancy's EndWar (US, 11/04/08)

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