How do I survive and complete the objective "Helicopter Incoming" on Venteran Mode in campaign?

  1. Any info about where to snipe, plant claymores/C4, and hide would be very helpful.

    User Info: SamLJaxxon

    SamLJaxxon - 8 years ago
  2. Clarification Request:
    What mission is this on?

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    Gavster59 - 8 years ago

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  1. Here's a useful little trick that I used to get past this part. When you put Capt. MacMillan down in the grass, you will have 30 seconds to prepare before the enemies enter the area. Normally, you would plant Claymores around yourself and him and then go prone, but instead, do this:

    Right when you put him down and your 30 seconds begin, just sprint to the back of the area, to where the enemies come in later (just trust me on this). Don't worry about MacMillan, he's invincible and can't be killed by any enemies. nyways, run to the far side of the stage, near all the apartment buildings. Look around and go as far back as you go. There's a stretch of grass with some trees between two buildings. Go to the end of it and you will see a hallway in one of the buildings. This is a very secluded area. It's near where the enemies spawn, but only a few will ever go there to look for you, Almost all of them will go right past the grassy stretch and will miss you entirely.

    Anyways, once you're in this hallway, you'll want to plant your Claymores around you, for added protection (you can have a max of 8 in this mission, I believe). So plant those, and get ready to camp until the objective is over. Every minute or so, one guy might come to find you, but the claymores should take him out, or you could snipe him as he tries to run down the grassy stretch towards your hallway. Replace your pistol with a better gun if you want.

    Anyways, the helicopter will eventually land back by the ferris wheel. Since MacMillan isn't close enough to tell you this himself, you'll have to pay close attention to your objective marker (it tells you how far away the helicopter is). When it's landed, get ready for the run of your life. You have to run all the way back to MacMillan, which is a little hard, and then carry him into the helicopter, which is very hard.

    That mission is probably the third hardest in the game, and this trick only helps you with the waiting part. Actually getting yourself and MacMillan into the helicopter... that's another story. Trust me for the first half, and trust luck for the second half.

    User Info: FelixFelicis

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  1. Find anywhere...knuckle down..and annihilate

    User Info: 1KingOfGames

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  2. Look it up on Youtube....There are good videos on how to do it there.. Theres a booth your hide in..Thats what i did ..Not very hard.

    User Info: magnus_hydra

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