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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Andrew Testa

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 11/19/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    "The dead know only one thing: it is better to be alive." - Full Metal Jacket
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                Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare FAQ/Walkthrough (360)
                                 Written by ATesta
                        Version 1.1 - Last Updated 11/19/07
    Table of Contents
       1. What's New?
       2. Introduction
       3. Controls
       4. Basics
       5. Walkthrough
            5.1  -  'F.N.G'
            5.2  -  'Crew Expendable'
            5.3  -  'Blackout'
            5.4  -  'Charlie Don't Surf'
            5.5  -  'The Bog'
            5.6  -  'Hunted'
            5.7  -  'Death From Above'
            5.8  -  'War Pig'
            5.9  -  'Shock and Awe'
            5.10 -  'Safehouse'
            5.11 -  'All Ghillied Up'
            5.12 -  'One Shot, One Kill'
            5.13 -  'Heat'
            5.14 -  'The Sins of the Father'
            5.15 -  'Ultimatum'
            5.16 -  'All In'
            5.17 -  'No Fighting in the War Room'
            5.18 -  'Game Over'
       6. Laptop Locations
       7. TV Locations
       8. Multiplayer
       9. Achievements
      10. Credits
      11. Legal Disclaimer
      12. Contact Information
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                                   1. What's New?
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    v1.1  (11/19/07): Added Intel and TV Locations; multiplayer section.
    v1.0  (11/18/07): Initial version of guide.
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                                   2. Introduction
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    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare takes place in teh futurez and teh ppl haev 
    futurist-esk guns and its not in wwii anymore! whomg!!! oh, teh places u'll 
    go, doctor seuss! And with a multiplayer deeper than Halo 3 and a campaign 
    funner (yes, funner) than... err... Halo 3, it is obvious that Call of Duty 
    4: Modern Warfare is better than... well, Halo 3. Because, like, it's deeper! 
    And funner! And comparing the two is a mindless, idiotic act that should 
    never ever be done because the two games can, indeed, live in harmony. Heck, 
    if you wanna compare this excellent game to anything, all you'd have to look 
    at are these indisputable facts: Assassin's Creed was produced by a hot chick 
    while Call of Duty 4... was not.
    Well damn. :(
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                                    3. Controls
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          A Button: Stand, Jump
          X Button: Reload, Use Object
          B Button: Crouch, Prone
          Y Button: Swap Weapons
     Right Trigger: Shoot
      Left Trigger: Aim
      Right Bumper: Throw Frag Grenade
       Left Bumper: Throw Special Grenade
          D-Pad Up: Night Vision
       D-Pad Right: Claymores
        D-Pad Left: Grenade Launcher
        D-Pad Down: C4/Airstrike
     Left Joystick: Movement
    Right Joystick: Look, click to melee
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                                     4. Basics
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    Take Cover
    Taking cover is absolutely vital to survival. Anything can be used as cover,
    ranging from broken cars to trash bins to walls. This should always be your
    first priority in campaign mode. To cover, find a good position and press B
    to crouch.
    Press LT to aim as much as possible as it's more accurate than shooting from
    the hip.  Different guns have different scopes. You walk slower when aiming,
    so be sure to cover before you aim.
    Reload Often
    Don't run around with half a clip; always reload your weapon when you are
    running about or when you are taking cover. The last thing you want is to
    reload when taking enemy fire!
    Grenades are very useful in the game; throw frags when the enemy is blobbed
    up or hiding behind cover. Flashbangs work best when trying to infiltrate
    an area. Remember that your own grenades can hurt you. Try to throw back
    enemy grenades if you can, but your first priority when seeing the grenade
    icon should be to bolt out of the way.
    Guns n' Guns
    Mostly always, it's best to swap your pistol with an enemy automatic weapon
    that takes different bullets from your current automatic. That way you have
    little fear of running out of ammo.
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                                   5. Walkthrough
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    Covered on the "Regular" difficulty, though any is applicable for this guide.
    -------------------                                      --------------------
                                  5.1  -  'F.N.G'
    -------------------                                      --------------------
    After the game's opening introduction, walk to the white tables directly 
    ahead of you and hold X to pick up the rifle. After that, head to the first 
    firing range, denoted by a big white "1" on the ground. At the range, hold LT 
    and shoot both of the bullseye targets by squeezing RT. If you want to invert 
    the controller, choose yes when prompted.
    To fire from the hip, merely press RT without aiming. After shooting the 
    three terrorist targets, Gaz will ask you to shoot a target through a piece 
    of wood. Just aim in the center of the obstructive piece of wood and fire 
    away. The next task concerns auto-targetting by repeatedly pressing LT after 
    shooting a target.
    Once that is complete, walk back to the same white table where you obtained 
    your rifle and pick up the pistol. The next task is mindbogglingly simple; 
    merely press Y twice to switch to your rifle and then back to your pistol. 
    Gaz states that it is faster to switch weapons than reload, a valuable tip. 
    Next is melee, so walk over to the white tables under Gaz and knife the 
    watermelon by pressing the right joystick.
    Captain Price wants to see you, so walk outside the firing range via the door 
    to your right and head west down to the blue factory. The door will 
    automatically open and you'll meet Captain Price, who will discuss this 
    little training course you are about to play in. Head right to the ladder and 
    look up while moving forward to climb it. At the top pick up the rifle 
    (replace it with your pistol) and the flashbangs.
    When you are ready, press X to shimmy down the rope and start the training 
    exercise. Fire at the three targets through the window while moving right to 
    the door. This exercise is about speed and accuracy, so just shoot each 
    target with a little squeeze of the trigger. Once all targets are down, 
    sprint down to position 2 at the stairs. A target will pop up at the bottom; 
    shoot it and quickly sprint down the remaining stairs, turning left inside 
    the door.
    Here, immediately throw a flashbang (by pressing LB) into the room in front 
    of you. Shield your eyes by turning away or else your character will be 
    blinded by his own flashbang. Shoot both of the target in this room while 
    sidestrafing to the door to your left. Walk through this door and you'll be 
    in another run-and-gun area; after shooting both targets in this room, take 
    the door to your left to a hallway.
    Just one more room left. At the hallway promptly lob a flashbang into the 
    room ahead of you. Shield your eyes and quickly down both the targets in the 
    room. Once that is finished, sprint out the door to your right and sprint all 
    the way to the finish.
    Getting good times requires some practice, but rest assured you can repeat 
    this course as many times as you like. The main tip for achieving faster 
    times is running-and-gunning; never stop and aim at a target but always shoot 
    at it while running to the following room. Over time the course will become 
    familiar enough to even rival the record score.
    After you've run out of fun on the training course, run over to the monitors 
    to finish the level. Here you can choose your difficulty if you do not like 
    the one appointed to you by your performance on the course. This guide will 
    cover the "Regular" difficulty since most people play the game the first time 
    on this, but you can choose whichever difficulty you prefer.
    -------------------                                      --------------------
                             5.2  -  'Crew Expendable'
    -------------------                                      --------------------
    Intel Locations
    1. In the room with the two sleeping terrorists. It's on the table next to a 
       desktop to the left of the bunkbeds.
    2. In the first big cargo hold room down the stairs. It's to your left after 
       descending the stairs.
    That Captain Price is a pimp, smoking his cigar in the rain and all. After 
    you're on deck, the squad will take out the baddies through the glass. Follow 
    the team through the door and down the stairs. At the hallway, aim and shoot 
    at the loitering tango. Reload while you follow Gaz into a bedroom with two 
    sleeping tangoes and rather cruelly shoot them in their sleep.
    Follow the gang back out to the deck and down the stairs. It doesn't matter 
    if you stealth across the ship, crouching and taking cover at every crate, or 
    just sprint across; either way the squad will take out the two tangoes on the 
    higher platform without your help. Continue down the ship until you're near 
    the building at the end. Take cover behind a blue crate and shoot at the 
    tangoes in the windows if you want; after a few seconds an ally helicopter 
    will fly over and any remaining men.
    Once the enemies in the window are down for the count, Captain Price will 
    split up the crew and fortunately you're in his team. Follow him to the door 
    and breach the ship in classic style. After descending a flight of stairs the 
    real fun begins as tangoes start to come out and play. I'd almost recommend 
    allowing your squadmates to again neutralize the targets, but if you want to 
    shoot through the obstructive leaking water pipe, by all means.
    Run down the hallway and up to another door that your squadmates are huddled 
    around. One will throw a flashbang into the adjacent room; this is your cue 
    to infiltrate and take out both the tangoes on the floor below. Follow the 
    team as they stealthy make their way down the room, but rest assured there 
    are no more enemies here. At the door wait for your team to breach and follow 
    them up the stairs to your left.
    At the top of the stairs you will encounter more tangoes on the opposite 
    platform. I advise taking cover behind the high crates in front of you while 
    aiming and shooting precisely. Any enemies that you fail to kill you will 
    meet at the choke point down the stairs, but they're fairly easy to pick off 
    even if they have cover.
    The next room is a real dozey with tons of enemies. Proceed with caution as 
    you take cover behind the crate directly in front of you at the door and pick 
    off all of the tangoes ahead of you. A frag or two could prove immensely 
    useful here if the tangoes bunch up or take too much cover. Do not go out of 
    your cover position, however, until you have all the tangoes in front of you, 
    as their are also an entire batch to your right. To kill these tangoes, 
    either use a frag or gun them down while periodically taking cover to reload.
    Follow the squad to the other side of the room and take cover at the second 
    line of crates. One enemy is at the corner on the left side of the crate; 
    wait until he pops out to kill him. After that, mosey over to the far side of 
    the room and more dialogue will occur. Get inside the cargo and hold X to 
    pick up the manifest. Sprint back to the squad and after a little game of tag 
    we have another cutscene.
    The mood is frantic, but this last part is basically a game of follow the 
    leader. As you backtrack up to the deck of the ship you will encounter no 
    enemies; just be sure that you stay up with your squadmates. At the deck, 
    make a few sharp rights and press A to make the jump to the helicoper. And if 
    you die, don't worry - as the game over screen aptly states, no one makes the 
    first jump.
    -------------------                                      --------------------
                                5.3  -  'Blackout'
    -------------------                                      --------------------
    Intel Locations
    3. On a table in the very first house you clear on your left.
    4. On the second floor in the building where Nikolai is being held. It's in 
       the oversized bathroom.
    In the first few lengthy scenes you will have no control over your character 
    besides looking; just take the game's story in the big overdose that you are 
    given. This mission involves rescuing one of your informants Nikolai from 
    hell. Sounds fiery.
    Follow the crew until they stop; if you look closely enough you will see two 
    guards loitering about. Either you or one of your squadmates will kill both 
    of them. Your guns are silenced in this mission, so you probably won't 
    attract the attention of any other guards as you aim and fire.
    In addition to the two guards outside, the little house also contains two 
    guards watching television. Wait until the crew gets in position at the door 
    before you engage; I recommend firing from the window on the right side as 
    you have a clear shot.
    Head back out to the wilderness and follow Saz and Price to some more houses. 
    Here they want you to plant some claymores and lure the enemy outside. To 
    plant claymore, press right on the d-pad and RT when you have a proper spot. 
    In front of the door with the shadows inside is quite a nice position. But 
    really, you will probably kill them all when you try to get their attention. 
    While aiming into the room, slowly walk left so you can view inside through 
    he open door. Shoot both of the tangoes in the head and you're clear.
    There is an additional enemy at the houses adjacent to this one; either Gaz 
    or Price should neutralize it without any problem. Follow the team up to 
    another house, through a living room and a kitchen, and back outside. At the 
    meadow the team encounter some good guys that will aid you in rescuing 
    Follow the entire team up the hill pathway. Some of the Russians will venture 
    off the path, but stay on it all the way to Price and Gaz. The game will now 
    introduce you to sniping. Switch to your M21 sniper rifle by pressing Y and 
    get ready. Obviously the sniper rifle has a great scope, so press LT to zoom 
    and wait until the soldiers off in the distance start to run. Snipe all of 
    them out.
    It seems machine guns will pose a problem to soldiers (who knew?) and so it's 
    your job to shoot both of the soldiers manning them inside the first house on 
    your left. One of them is in plain view and should be a pushover, but the 
    other is behind a wall with his gun pointing out. Merely shoot through the 
    wall - where you think his body would be - a few times and he'll go down.
    Head into the burning building and out through the opposite door. A 
    helicopter has just landed an armada of troops and this is the perfect time 
    to use the grenade launcher attachment to your rifle. Press left on the d-pad 
    and aim for the blob. Of course you probably won't take that many out, so 
    switch to your sniper and snipe them all out while taking cover behind either 
    the log with Kamarov or the house with Price.
    Once you've thinned their numbers a bit switch to your rifle and start 
    pushing down the battlefield from cover to cover. First kill the enemy behind 
    the busted car and take cover behind that. From this position take out the 
    three men behind both of the logs.
    After you've massacred everyone here, head over to the opening in the white 
    fence to your right (it will be denoted on your compass) and partake in some 
    deer hunting. You can either use a regular rifle or a sniper rifle to kill 
    all the men below you in the town; I personally find the regular rifle much 
    faster but less efficient.
    Once a few armadas are down for the count, Kamarov will lead you to another 
    area. Follow him and Price will rough him up to get the information on the 
    whereabouts of Nikolai. Hold X while over the glowing rope to slide down. 
    From here jump over the cement fence in front of you and take out the guys in 
    this area, using the haystacks as cover. Optionally, you can enter the house 
    to the right of the haystacks and pick everybody off from in there.
    After killing'em all, follow Price up to the big house and position yourself 
    in front of the door Price is near. Turn on nightvision by pressing up on the 
    d-pad and you'll be able to see in the dark room. Take out the enemy near the 
    table and enter this area. From here aim through the door into the hallway 
    and wait for the creeping guard to come into sight.
    Once he's gone, ascend the stairs and shoot the guard laying in the corner. 
    Another enemy will wildly shoot with his hand out the door on the opposite 
    side of the room; just fire at the door and he should go down. Nikolai is not 
    in that room, however, but the room to the right of it. A guard will peep out 
    just as you are about to enter, so either give him a fistful of bullets when 
    he pops out or shoot him through the wall.
    Now that you've rescued Nikolai, head out the door in the connecting room and 
    turn off nightvision. Follow Price to the helicoper and press A to get in. 
    After some good intel from Nikolai, the mission ends.
    -------------------                                      --------------------
                           5.4  -  'Charlie Don't Surf'
    -------------------                                      --------------------
    Intel Locations
    5. Inside the first target building in the basement. Behind the room with the
       AK-47 on the wall.
    6. In a guard post to the south after the first target building. It's on the 
       second floor on a table.
    7. After the heavy firefight with the machine gun truck, walk down the road 
       until you see a stairwell on your right. On the rooftop of this building
       lies an Intel near a television.
    Oh my, intertwining stories! That's, like, so pulp fiction! Once on the 
    ground, follow all the other soldiers to the target building. If you get lost 
    just use the compass to guide yourself. After the soldiers breach the door, 
    let them go inside and take down the tangos in the room before you enter. 
    Switch out your pistol with an AK47, too.
    From here you're asked to take point, which automatically means you'll have 
    some enemies randomly popping up out of nowhere. Head down the stairs and 
    shoot the tango behind the table. Take cover by the crates and take out the 
    three remaining tangos in the room; they should each helpfully reveal 
    themselves after each dies, so you onlu have to face one at a time.
    One of the other guys will ask you to watch flank, and please do just that 
    and kill the two enemies that enter from the far door. The room that your 
    squad is eying is full of tangos; I suggest throwing a flashbang and a 
    grenade and then breaching, sticking to the crates on the right for cover. Go 
    slow and don't run up to the end of the small room, as a cornucopia of tangos 
    are hidden behind the far crates. Just take your time and either take them 
    out one by one or do a massive flank attack.
    Out of the opposite door, head up the stairs and back outside. It seems Al-
    Asad is broadcasting which could only mean he's at the broadcasting center. I 
    guess he really wants to be found. Anyway, follow the squad to the choke 
    point at the road. It's most safe just to stay behind the car and pick the 
    tangos off, but if you're feeling Rambo you can sprint across to the wall on 
    the right side and get a clear shot.
    After killing all the enemies, head down the ally to the left and you will 
    reach a checkpoint after some jets fly by. This next area is a little square 
    box with a little square of cover in it. Enemies will try to flank you from 
    the south; dispose of them and take their position. Once the area is clear, 
    exit through the east alley.
    Take down the tango running down the street and move yourself into cover. 
    Once the jets fly past, follow road and take a right at the fork; a truck 
    with a machine gun will pass. Take cover, and work on killing all of the 
    tangos on top of the building ahead of you. Take out the RPG baddies first, 
    as they can make mice meat of your squad.
    Once all of the tangos on the top floor of that building are down, continue 
    down the street and you'll encounter *gasps* another armada of enemies. Throw 
    a grenade at them to thin their herd; you might even blow up a car if you are 
    lucky. Just take them out the same way you would any other tango by taking 
    cover and firing away. Alternatively, you can go up the stairs to that 
    building the tangos before were firing from and get a sniper/RPG to own them. 
    Either way.
    At the four-way road, go north (on the compass) and creep out behind the 
    wall, killing the tangos on the roof of the building northeast of you. You 
    also have to deal with hostiles wandering around in the area below you, but 
    they mostly stick to the other side behind cover. After you take the roof 
    hostiles out, flank the tangos on the ground.
    Head to the north part of this area and follow the soldiers to the TV 
    station. Wait for the marines to breach the door before you enter. Take 
    caution when entering out of this room and into the hallway as a trigger 
    happy enemy awaits at the end.
    After disposing of him, head down the hall and take the first right. Enter 
    this room and take cover behind some desks. There are lots of enemies in this 
    room and the adjacent; it is best to take it slowly, going from desk to desk 
    and making sure the tangos are neutralized at each other.
    When you reach the adjacent room, you will notice that it has rows of 
    electronic equipment; quickly cycle through each row looking for tangos. If 
    you find one, take cover behind a row and return fire when they are 
    reloading. Additionally, you can acquire a shotgun here if you want one.
    Take the door in the western corner and get ready for a very big firefight. 
    This room is absolutely huge and sports two floors; luckily, with the help of 
    cover and flashbangs, you should do alright. It's best to capture the office 
    on the opposite side of the room (from where you are at) first. This can be 
    achieved by running and gunning using the office spaces as cover.
    When you reach the office, quickly enter and flank any remaining enemies 
    firing outside. From here, make your way to the opposit end of the office. 
    You'll do most of your killing at the door here; it should be pretty easy 
    besides some bogeys on the second floor. Use flashbangs and frags as 
    necessary. Flashbangs especially make this battle immensely easier.
    After clearing the room several times, head to the door in the northwest part 
    of the room. The marines will breach and more marines will come to your aid. 
    Ascend the stairs in the opposite side of the room and head through the door 
    outside. From here walk to the other side of the roof and enter through the 
    silver door.
    Inside the building again, walk all the way down the hall and wait for the 
    other marines to breach. Turns out no one is here, and the mission ends.
    -------------------                                      --------------------
                                 5.5  -  'The Bog'
    -------------------                                      --------------------
    Intel Locations
    8. In the first building you infiltrate this mission, if you stick around the
       second floor after it is clear, some marines will breach a door in the 
       hallway. Inside lies another Intel.
    9. After destroying the tanks using the Javelin, run down the alley and keep 
       turning left until you see a refrigerator. On the opposite side of that
       area, behind a stack of boxes, you will find the intel.
    Walk down the road with your fellow marines until you encounter a lone enemy. 
    If one of your squadmates doesn't kill him, do it yourself. Make your way 
    down to the end of the road, taking down the shooters on the second floor of 
    the building to your right by firing through the pieces of wood. Take cover 
    at the car at the end and swap your pistol for a rifle.
    Someone demands you to take point, so keep crouched and head down the stairs 
    to your right. At the bottom, turn nightvision on and enter the dark building 
    to the left. In here immediately take cover behind the pieces of wall, 
    preferably the rightmost piece since it is the biggest, and fire at the 
    enemies in front of you when the peek out. Some other marines will topple in 
    from the left, so be sure to not accidentally shoot them.
    Head up and stop at the beginning of the stairwell. One of your fellow 
    marines will be caught in melee halfway up; shoot that tango down. After 
    ascending, peek through the door and you will see all those nasty enemies 
    that were shooting at you before. Take gleefull pleasure in firing at their 
    backs; maybe even use a frag if you're up to it.
    Walk down the hall but be weary of enemies to your left through the opening 
    in the walls. There are three in this room that are manning machine guns. Two 
    are easy killable from the hallway, while with the third you need to almost 
    enter the room to see.
    After disposing of them, man the machine gun in the room by holding X. From 
    here, mow down all the troops in the adjacent building - the one directly in 
    front of you. Once they're full of lead, make your way back to the hallway 
    and help the marines breach the last remaining room, which holds a single 
    Head back down the stairs and enter the first door to your right. There are a 
    ton of enemies outside of this building, so fire at them while they're trying 
    to take cover for some easy kills. Instead of playing the firefight game 
    here, go two rooms to your left and head outside. Two tangos are in the 
    building in front of you; eliminate both of them and enter.
    From here, ascend the stairs to the second floor and fire at all those then-
    covered now-exposed enemies from the second floor. You can even use the 
    Dragunov if you like. After that, head out to the rooftop via the only door 
    in the room and get ready to kill all of the enemies on the highway. There 
    are literally a ton and you'll have to take cover repeatedly; either crouch 
    near the periphery or hide in the little house to your left.
    Now it's time to blow up some tanks. Sprint back downstairs and outside to 
    the Javelin; it will be flashing and clearly indicated on your compass. Swap 
    it for whichever rifle you are not using and head back up to the rooftop on 
    the second floor. Aim at the tanks on the far end of the highway with LT and 
    wait until you hear a fast ringing sound. This means that you are locked on 
    and can fire the rocket.
    After destroying all four tanks, head back down to ground level and northwest 
    to a hole in the fence. Continue to follow your squadmates all the way to the 
    checkpoint. This next area is pretty dicey, so be prepared with your favorite 
    weapon. When you are ready, head out to the tank.
    I find that the best cover is the trash bin near the tank. You're job here is 
    to hold off all enemy troops from destroying the tank, which means that RPG 
    enemies are your primary concern. Also don't let any soldiers get too close. 
    Just fire from the trash bin and when you take too many hits hide behind it 
    so you can heal up.
    Enemies will sooner or later start to come from the west. You cannot neglect 
    your western front, so cool it for a bit on the people ahead of you and start 
    mowing down the people that are flanking you. After this you'll have to do a 
    balance act with both sides before the objective is complete.
    Before you can get air support, you need to destroy the anti-aircraft gun. 
    Makes sense, no? Head west, taking cover behind objects of debris, and enter 
    the first open building to your left. Inside here you need to kill all the 
    men on the opposite side of the street; I find a grenade comes in handy here. 
    There is also a guy on the second floor so be sure to kill him.
    After you have cleared the other building, sprint over to it and make sure 
    everyone is really dead. Make your way through the small building and out the 
    opposite door; here lies the anti-aircraft unit and three soldiers. Be smart 
    and don't just jump out of the building, kill them either through the window 
    or with some impressive side-strafing.
    Once they are toast, hold X to plant the explosives on the anti-aircraft gun 
    and run outside the building. Press RT to set off the bomb. It seems the 
    helicopers also need a beacon, so sprint over to the glowing area clearly 
    denoted on your compass and hold X to place it. Take cover behind the trash 
    bin nearby and watch the fireworks. After the pretty show, sprint back to the 
    tank to end the mission.
    -------------------                                      --------------------
                                 5.6  -  'Hunted'
    -------------------                                      --------------------
    Intel Locations
    10. After the firefight with the flashbang, it should be inside the building 
        with the soda machine near the door. Get this one after the firefight.
    11. In the makeshift building right before the barn but after the 
    After the cutscene, pick up the rifle near the dead pilot (apparently Soap 
    did not watch "Full Metal Jacket") and follow your team down the path. Do not 
    shoot the guy at the end; he is a friend and will aid you in this mission. 
    His first big piece of advise is to hide as enemy units are driving your way. 
    Sprint under the bridge and wait for them to pass before moving out.
    On Price's cue, head out from under the bridge and south to a house. price 
    will breach; there is no one inside, so make your way to the window. You will 
    see three enemies outside talking to someone; kill all of them and the 
    (assumingly) civilian will run inside. There are two more enemies in this 
    area, one behind the barrels near where the two guys were talking and another 
    in the bushes on the side of the house.
    Once all is well and dead, hop the fence to the west and sprint with the team 
    across the field. About halfway through a helicopter will fly by and try ti 
    impede your progress; if you hold down B, though, and drop to the ground 
    until it passes, you will be fine. After the helicoper is gone run to the 
    house in front of you.
    Here some enemies will pop up from behind you. Shoot them and then - gah - 
    the helicopter will reappear. And then the enemies will be like ninjas. 
    Thousnads of them. You can shoot the ones that get close, but mainly take 
    cover behind the red tractor until Gaz opens the basement. Be the first 
    person inside when he does.
    Price will ask you to find a way out of this mess, so take the stairs up 
    inside the house. From here, shoot all those unknowing baddies that were in 
    the field from the window. The ones you didn't kill will think smart and try 
    to flank you by running around back. Make your way to the opposite side of 
    the house, killing any enemies that enter or who are already inside. Remember 
    that you can shoot through wood and that if you run out of ammo there are 
    plenty of other guns lying around.
    Follow the squad around some buildings to another firefighting scene. Here 
    you can either shoot from the windows inside the abandoned building or just 
    grin and bear it with the rest of the team. Note that they will sick two dogs 
    on you here - be sure to gun them down before they get close to you. I 
    recommend actually staying back a few paces from other squadmates at first so 
    a dog doesn't by chance run up and maul you.
    Once you've clear this area, head over to alleyway and you'll find - shocker 
    - more enemies. These guys have pretty good cover, so either frag them out or 
    blast them out. More dogs try to attack, but you can easily dispose of them 
    with a pocket full of shells.
    Again there is another line of enemies, and again you'll use the old enemy 
    line to your advantage. This time take cover behind the cars and kill the 
    baddies behind the truck and the cans. You can try to flank them if you want, 
    but make sure the area up to them is clear first or else you will take heavy 
    Follow Price down the dry river and crouch again the same vine-ridden wall he 
    does so the helicopter doesn't see you. On his cue, run up to the field and 
    hide behind the haystacks. Silently and stealthy make your way down the field 
    using the haystacks as cover. Sooner or later someone will compromise your 
    position - sprint to the last haystack and take all the enemies on the 
    periphery of the field out.
    After this, head northwest and enter the greenhouse. You'll start to take 
    heavy fire; crouch behind the walls and return fire through the window. 
    You're initial target is the small building ahead of you. After you kill the 
    soldier in that building, advance to that as your cover base. From this place 
    you can easily take out the remaining enemies outside.
    Head into the other greenhouse and shoot the enemies out the opposite side. 
    Price says you need cover, and you really _do_ need cover - the helicopter 
    will most definitely tear you a new one. Run into the wrecked building and 
    take out all the men to the southeast. There should only be a few outside 
    taking cover behind cargo.
    But you really need to get inside that barn at the end, so sprint on over. 
    Unless you are taking heavy fire, do not enter just yet; instead wait for 
    fellow soldiers to show up and flashbang the room. There are several enemies 
    in this room including someone with a very deadly machine gun, so frags and 
    quick firing are musts.
    Once the room is clear we find that the dead left us just the perfect thing - 
    a Stinger. Pick it up and wait until the helicopter is in view before walking 
    outside. Aim with LT and wait until you hear a rapid ringing sound, which 
    means that the rocket will automatically lock on. On your first attempt the 
    helicopter will dodge it with flares, but as they say the second time's a 
    charm. Or was it third? :)
    After the helicopter is out, head back inside the barn and follow Price to 
    the second floor door. Once he opens it, run outside and stop just before the 
    road. Here Price will call in air support and kill all those nasty buggers 
    ahead of us, saving us quite a fight. After the fireworks, sprint down the 
    road to the bridge to finish the mission.
    -------------------                                      --------------------
                            5.7  -  'Death From Above'
    -------------------                                      --------------------
    Intel Locations
    This is a "breather" of sorts, a pretty different level to mix up the pace. 
    In this mission you're providing air support for troops on the ground, which 
    means you man the guns. Obviously, you do not want to kill any friendly 
    targets, which are clearly denoted because they are BLINKING strobes. You'll 
    also restart the mission if you fire at the church.
    When you're given the opportunity to engage, wipe out all the enemy troops in 
    the field. It's best to stay in the outer most zoom because the weapon has 
    great splash damage; only use the other zooms when you're firing close to the 
    church or one troop in particular is escaping your blasts.
    After killing the people in the field, start on the line of enemies entering 
    a road around the church. It should only take a few blasts to completely 
    demolish them. For any that make it to the street, be sure to zoom and kill 
    so you don't accidentally kill your own men on the splash damage.
    Some more enemies on the road that make it to the field - a few shots should 
    massacre them. Just aim at the truck to kill four or five in one shot. Some 
    more are in the adjacent field, probably near some trees. After that, the 
    ground team will commandeer some civilian vehicles; just don't fire at either 
    the two vehicles or the friendly targets.
    These guys couldn't see a water tower if it was an ocean. Anyway, the 
    helicopter will follow the curved road to some hostiles and a tank. Destroy 
    both of them quick enough so your friendlies don't have to engage. 
    Additionally, two RPG units are in the trees north of the tank - smoke'em 
    before they rocket your vehicles.
    Now you'll be at a junkyard and your allies will exit the vehicle. Destroy 
    everything in that junkyard that is not flashing; some enemies will come out 
    of the U-shaped building and some others are hiding behind some cars. After 
    disposing of them, some more enemies will exit the other U-shaped building. A 
    few smoke'ems should do the trick.
    The allies are now in the heart of the junkyard, so switch to 25 MM if you 
    are worried about shooting friendly targets. After some junkyard killing, 
    fire some bombs at the enemies across the field; they're in a line and one 
    shot should take care of them. Some friendly helicopters will arrive - do not 
    shoot them but instead the enemy troops under them. The helicopters will then 
    land, pick up the allies, and the mission will end.
    -------------------                                      --------------------
                                 5.8  -  'War Pig'
    -------------------                                      --------------------
    Intel Locations
    12. After the first big firefight down the road, it will be in the far 
        building on the second floor lying on a bed.
    13. In the building across from intel thirteen. The building will have an AK-
        47 on the wall and the intel will be on the second floor on a dresser.
    14. In the building with the two machine gunners after the small alley with 
        all the cars. The intel lies on a bed on the second floor.
    It's just like that Black Sabbath song! Pick up the M249 Saw directly in 
    front of you, replacing it with your pistol, and get to work. Destroy a few 
    hostiles while taking cover behind the car - a grenade also works wonders. 
    Move up to more cover behind a small wall and kill any other hostiles in 
    From here, head to the hill of junk and start firing at the hostiles in the 
    bus. First and foremost you need to kill the hostile manning the machine gun; 
    once he's toast, you can focus on the others. Before a second wave comes, 
    head over to the car. You can either shoot at the new enemies from this 
    position or flank them by taking cover near the blue cargo container ahead of 
    Follow the tank into the city and take cover behind the first car on your 
    right. Some enemy hostiles will appear on the rooftops above the tank; kill 
    them before they do any damage. In fact, just kill all the tangos on the 
    rooftops before you even start going for people on the ground; the rooftop 
    guys are much more deadly and throw a lot of grenades.
    After killing everyone on the rooftops, start on the second floors of the two 
    buildings ahead of you. It's best to start with the right building so you 
    have adequate cover from the left. These guys can literally mow down your 
    allies, so take them quickly and effectively with a grenade if you like. Take 
    cover behind some crumbled walls and get to work.
    If you want, you can infiltrate the right building, backstab all the enemies 
    in there, and work on the right building from the great vantage point. It's 
    your choice, but in the end you'll want to enter that right building anyway 
    and fire at the hostiles in the market down below. They should be easy kills 
    from the high ground.
    Jump off the building and take out any enemy to the left of the tank. The RPG 
    unit should be in the second story of the building in front of you; destroy 
    him before he destroys your tank. Once done, file down this sidewalk and take 
    the market head on - throw grenades and mow them down with your rifle.
    Enter the market and use this building as cover for firing at both the 
    building on the opposite side of the street and the bus down the road. Take 
    out the hostiles in the bus first. Some enemies might try to take the market 
    back, but if you stay on the far side of the building they will be 
    blindsighted and make for easy kills.
    Just alternate between killing people in the bus and killing people in the 
    opposite building. There will be several waves and it will seem like they 
    won't let up, but when the opposite building looks empty, sprint on over and 
    infiltrate. There will most likely still be a plethora of men on the second 
    floor, so either camp them at the steps as they go down or backstab them.
    In this building, head to the back room and fire at the enemies in the two 
    story building. The only hostiles to worry about here are the ones on the 
    second floor - the first floor hostiles will rarely fire at you. Take out the 
    second floor wave and then the first floor wave. For the first floor, you 
    even have a clear shot when the enemy is in cover, so these will be 
    exceedingly easy kills.
    After a few waves, hop down from the balcony and enter the building. Let your 
    fellow marines get ahead of you as they exit and enter an alley of sorts. 
    Here are more enemies - lots of easy kills on the ground and some hard kills 
    in the building. Take cover behind the trash bin and not the car (as it might 
    explode) and down everything at your own pace. To kill the two machine 
    gunners in the building, sprint up and lob a grenade throw the window.
    The marines will breach the building and infiltrate. Take the stairs and 
    follow the marine to the half-gone room. From here, shoot at the hostiles 
    that are coming up the road and take cover as the enemy tank rolls over to 
    you. In complete badassery fashion, your tank will shoot through a building 
    and destroy the enemy tank! Kill any remaining hostiles on the ground and 
    follow the yellow indicator to the helicopter.
    -------------------                                      --------------------
                              5.9  -  'Shock and Awe'
    -------------------                                      --------------------
    Intel Locations
    15. The intel is in the far corner of the room where the recon team is being 
        held up.
    16. In the building across from intel fifteen in the closet on the second 
        floor. Just make a few sharp rights when you enter the second building.
    Another good "pacing" helicopter mission; take the time to get used to your 
    weapon. It can overheat so don't just hold down the trigger. Also be mindful 
    of your allies, who are flying alongside you, and the tanks moving in on the 
    ground. Obviously, friendly fire is bad, very very bad! :)
    Take out the blobs of troops at the end of the road and then start on 
    destroying enemies on the roof. These hostiles can kill you very easily with 
    RPGs and anti-air craft units; be sure to take out the anti-air craft guns 
    first. There are three roofs on your right coming in - all three have RPG 
    units and one has an anti-air craft.
    Further in the city, take out the tanks on the ground and start on the 
    rooftops again. Another anti-aircraft and then the helicopter will start to 
    turn around. Destroy the tank on the ground below you and kill the RPGs on 
    the roofs as the helicopter turns. There are also a few RPG hostiles on the 
    ground below those roofs that can tear you up if you don't kill them first.
    The helicopter will swoop around a little more and then start to land. Before 
    you completely land more hostiles will show themselves in the building in 
    front of you; the helicopter ascends again and it's your job to completely 
    demolish the building. You can additionally shoot the statue to the ground if 
    you want. :)
    You'll fly up a hill and into another urban area with RPGs on the roofs; 
    destroy them and it's time to land. Head north out of this area and follow 
    your troops into the streets. Take cover behind the cement barriers and 
    blocks and gun down the enemy as they come into sight. Be sure to take out 
    the RPG units first as they prove most troublesome.
    Make your way down the street and veer left. Kill any enemies in sight, 
    utilizing the cement barrier as cover, and then jump it and take the right 
    house. There are several enemies inside here, and it is actually best to 
    chicken your way in by staying at the door and waiting for the enemy to come 
    into sight. You can, additionally, throw a flashbang and try to take it over.
    Once you've taken the building, head to the second floor and *do not* shoot 
    the allies here. Stay on the second floor and start another shoot-em-up on 
    the hostiles outside. Take out the tangos manning the machine guns first and 
    then take out the ones on the roof.
    When the coast looks safe, hop down from the house and enter the small 
    building to the right of this area. Clear any enemies on the second floor and 
    use this vantage point to kill anyone behind this house that you couldn't 
    take out before.
    Exit the house and veer south down the alley. Two hostiles will pop out of 
    nowhere and start to attack, so proceed with caution and kill them from the 
    hip. After that, sprint to the helicopter and get back on the gun. The 
    helicopter will ascend, and you'll be flying until an allied 'copter gets 
    shot down.
    As your helicopter flies around the crashed helicopter, kill as many ground 
    soldiers as you can or else you'll have to fight them on the ground later. 
    Also, one roof will have RPG units, so taking them out should be your highest 
    After the helicopter lands, get out as fast as you can and sprint towards the 
    crashed helicopter. If you're fast enough, you'll catch two enemy hostiles 
    trying to run towards the helicopter with their backs turned to you - easy 
    When you get to the helicopter, fire for a little bit and allow your fellow 
    marines to catch up to you. Before you carry the pilot, throw a flashbang at 
    the enemies. This will disorient them enough so you can hold X to start 
    carrying the pilot. Now it's time to run back to the helicopter as fast as 
    you can.
    In the helicopter, fire at enemy troops and mow them down as best you can, 
    alternating with frags and flashes if it gets too dicey. You'll be back in 
    the air again when... what the hell? Did they just go all emo and suicidal on 
    us or what?
    When you have control of your character again, crawl up the helicopter and 
    fall out. Press A to stand up and just walk as far in front of you as you 
    can. And then the mission as well as this character ends.
    -------------------                                      --------------------
                                5.10 -  'Safehouse'
    -------------------                                      --------------------
    Intel Locations
    17. In the first house after the forest on the second floor. It's on a 
    18. On a booth in a restaurant near in the water tower.
    Follow your team up the dirt path to some hostile-ridden houses. A line of 
    enemies will run down from the bell house; mow them down quickly with your 
    rifle and then face north. A few waves of hostiles will come down here, 
    including a dog or two, but since you have decent cover on the brush they 
    should be pretty easy kills. If you need help you can always call air 
    Take cover at the corner of the first house and shoot the tangos out the 
    other side. Be sure that you don't get backstabbed by any enemies in the 
    house. Infiltrate said house; there are probably only a few baddies left on 
    the first floor, hiding behind the fallen table, and a few upstairs. Once you 
    down them all you reach another checkpoint.
    Make your way to the opposite side of the house and shoot at the enemies on 
    the fence outside from the window. Head to the northwestern corner of this 
    house now to find a door. Peak outside and let the enemies come to you; when 
    no more come, exit the building and take cover behind the car.
    Dispose of the hostiles in the house northwest of you. If they give you 
    trouble, move up to the house and flank them by taking the back door inside. 
    Inside the house, take the stairs to the second story to kill any remaining 
    tangos and get the "all clear."
    Head back outside and go for the house closest to you. This will prove an 
    extremely difficult task with that wandering tank, so hide behind that 
    burning building in the center and gun down enemy troops until one of them 
    drops an RPG. Use the RPG to take out the tank and make life much easier.
    If you have trouble infiltrating the first house, remember that flashbangs 
    are your friend. Additionally you can enter through the basement via the 
    stairwell on the right side of the house and try to flank all the enemies. 
    Kill any remaining enemies upstairs and wait for the all clear signal.
    Now take the closest house which is south of you. Run from car to car as 
    cover until you reach the destroyed helicopter. From here, lob a grenade in 
    the machine gun nest and take some pressure off of your troops. Stay at this 
    helicopter as cover and shoot at the troops in the windows of the house.
    When it feels as though no one is shooting from the windows anymore, sprint 
    over to the house. Amazingly, it seems this place produces hostiles faster 
    than you can kill them, as the house is still full. Throw some frags/flashes 
    and infiltrate, killing everyone on the first floor and then shooting from 
    the stairwell to kill the blobs of enemies on the second floor.
    Ascend to the second level and kill any remaining troops. One in particular 
    likes to hide behind a door, so you can either shoot through the closed door 
    or take cover in the bathroom and wait for him to peek the door open before 
    you dispose of him.
    When you get the "all clear" exit the building and head northwest back onto 
    the road. If any hostiles managed to pop up here, kill them from the rail so 
    you don't get into too bad a firefight. After that, climb up to the water 
    tower and take cover behind the base as you down all the hostiles that decide 
    to come out of the house to the west.
    Use the slope in the hill and the guard rail as cover as you mow down all the 
    enemies in the target house. They will normally blob at the doorway or 
    foolishly run outside making them easy kills. The only troublesome hostiles 
    here are the ones near the windows, so be sure to take them out in between 
    waves of braindead ones that run outside.
    Head to the last target house. At about sixty meters away you'll have a 
    really nice fence to take cover. Shoot at the hostiles from this distance if 
    you have a sniper rifle equipped. If not, sprint through the field and take 
    cover behind the barn, flanking all the soldiers.
    When your allies arrive, infiltrate the barn via the back door and kill the 
    hostile on the second floor. If there are any hostiles below demolish them 
    from this vantage point on the second floor. After that, head over to the 
    last house (indicated by the yellow icon on the compass) and watch Price do 
    it all by himself.
    -------------------                                      --------------------
                             5.11 -  'All Ghillied Up'
    -------------------                                      --------------------
    Intel Locations
    19. This one is on the second floor of the first Church you enter. You need 
        to climb a ladder to get to it.
    20. In the area with a ton of cargo containers, instead of sneaking right 
        past the guards grab the intel on the can.
    21. After taking out the sniper on the fifth floor stairwell, ascend all the 
        way up to that platform, jump through the window, and take the intel on 
        the grey table to your left.
    Welcome to the coolest mission in the game, maybe the coolest mission ever. 
    Follow Captain MacMillian to the makeshift building, making sure to follow 
    directly in his footsteps so you don't accidentally get into any radiation, 
    which would be a very, very, very bad thing.
    Crouch when MacMillian crouches and go prone when he does. He will ask you to 
    take out the two guards while they are not looking; get a good view through 
    the grass and take out the left one while he's looking the other way. 
    MacMillian should take out the right one for you. If you screw up, just 
    restart by dying and try again.
    Follow MacMillian to another makeshift building. He decides it's better if we 
    go around, so follow him to the building "around." Just continue following 
    him, waiting when he tells you to wait and going when he tells you to go. At 
    the corner of the building he'll give you two choices: either take out the 
    lone tango by the car or stealth passed him.
    I prefer killing personally. Either way, you'll run passed the car and hop a 
    fence. Follow him to a tree and don't move when he tells you not to move. 
    He'll explain to you the situation and then both of you will crouch a little 
    closer to the tower.
    Now you're asked to kill the guy in the tower. When he passed close to the 
    window shoot him. After that you can either shoot the hostile near the car or 
    kill him. I prefer death, but either way works. Remember that if your shots 
    miss you should just let the enemy kill you so you can start from the last 
    Follow MacMillian to the car, stop when he stops, and then follow him into 
    the church. No one is in the church, so you'll exit through the opposite door 
    and run through a graveyard. At the white cement fence drop down prone and 
    let the helicopter pass. Press A to jump back up and follow MacMillian again.
    After jumping a white pipeline it's time to drop down again. Just crawl right 
    behind the good Captain, and boy will you crawl for a while. Literally stay 
    right behind his arse. When he stops completely, wait for the troops on the 
    left to pass and then move to the left of MacMillian; that way, when the 
    troops to the right walk by they won't step on you.
    If at any time you are noticed, please for the love of all that is holy just 
    let them kill you and start over. When MacMillian starts crawling again just 
    do more of the same and crawl right behind his butt. Sooner or later he'll 
    rise again and run over to a tank for cover - follow him over there.
    Again he decides to move up for a better vantage point, so play follow the 
    leader to the yellow tractor. From here you have another decision: take out 
    the fifteen guards or stealth past them. The latter sounds easier, doesn't 
    it? Go prone, crawl northeast, and after a few meters MacMillian will take 
    the lead.
    Just follow MackyM (whomg nicknames!) as he stealths passed the guards. He'll 
    usually get it right, but sometimes he just randomly stops and the guards 
    step on him. If that happens quickly die and _right away_ go prone and crawl 
    a few meters. If you trigger the Captain right away he should get you passed 
    the hostiles just fine.
    Stand and sprint when MacMillian does. When he stops, just wait for him to 
    complete his badassery and riflebutt the enemy troop. Follow MacMillian and 
    wait behind the shadow of the orange cargo. Just wait and MacMillian will 
    shoot him dead.
    When MacMillian stops suddenly because there are two hostiles to your right, 
    go prone so they don't see you and crawl over to the capsized cargo 
    container. He'll start running again until you're inside a cargo container 
    with doors at the end.
    MacMillian will wait until the hostiles aren't looking and then burst open 
    the doors and sprint to the convey of vehicles. Just stay right behind him 
    and take cover behind the same car. He'll then go prone and start to crawl 
    under the convey; do exactly the same and follow him to the end.
    At the end you'll have to wait a small bit before the enemies clear out. Pop 
    up from prone quickly like MacMillian and take cover behind the car. After 
    that, on MacMillian's signal sprint with him to some cargo containers as 
    Follow MacMillian again to a dark wall. He'll tell you to take out a sniper 
    on the fourth floor. He ain't very specific, because the sniper in question 
    is on the stairwell of the fourth floor, and not inside the building. Just 
    hold your breath and shoot him silently.
    Sprint with MacMillian to the stairs and press A to climb into the first foor 
    window. From here jump back down and follow MacMillian to a... building 
    underpass? Well, whatever that tunnel is, walk through it and silently go 
    around the dog. Just stay on MacMillian's left so you definitely never get 
    too close. He might bark at you while you're walking past the building but he 
    won't alert anyone.
    Infiltrate the empty house; when the Captain tells you to move, just jump out 
    a few paces ahead of him and then he'll take point again. He'll weave in and 
    out of the house and then over to another small building. After pointing out 
    the hotel you'll be assassinating from, the mission ends.
    -------------------                                      --------------------
                           5.12 -  'One Shot, One Kill'
    -------------------                                      --------------------
    Intel Locations
    22. This one is on the stairwell of the first apartment after you shoot down 
        the helicopter and carry the Captain. You need to climb a ladder and
        ascend a few stories. It will lie on the ground of the top stairwell.
    23. After the helicopters arrive, head southeast to a now opened corridor. 
        The intel is on the ground in the corner.
    The second parter of the greatest mission ever. Hold X to man your sniper and 
    get ready for the coolest assassination ever. You can zoom by pressing up on 
    the joystick; do so and you'll see the meeting area directly in sight. It's 
    the moment of truth now, the time to assassinate him. Take the wind into 
    account as you do it - the flag will tell you how hard and in which direction 
    the wind is blowing.
    Bullets are change immensely by the wind, so if you don't shoot him just 
    restart and try again. Your best bet, actually, is to shoot like crazy right 
    when MacMillian gives you the go ahead, as you will have three or four times 
    to hit him. If you see a shot going wide, try to correct the mistake and 
    You've done it! But wait, that's no moon! Shoot the pilot with your sniper; 
    he's an easy shot throw the glass of his windshield. Again firing like crazy 
    is an option if you get frustrated, and does work on the lower difficulties. 
    After killing the pilot (and thereby the helicopter), get off the sniper and 
    start following MacMillian.
    Hold X near the rope to shimmy down the building. From here, follow 
    MacMillian until he reaches a road. All hell literally breaks lose here as 
    waves of enemies enter the fight. Use your sniper right away and hopefully 
    take most of them out before they get cover. If they get cover, either camp 
    them with your sniper or run up to them with your pistol and shoot/melee 
    Swap your pistol with an automatic gun and start a little firefight. But when 
    MacMillian tells you to bolt, sprint like crazy, using your compass to guide 
    you to the apartment. Follow MacMillian as he weaves his way through the 
    apartment. Don't be frightened by the dog as you jump in and out of windows.
    Stop like MacMillian when you see the enemies outside. Switch to your 
    claymores and head over to the end of the room. Here you'll find the door 
    outside - plant the claymore and sprint back to MacMillian. After the 
    claymore goes off, run outside and follow MacMillian to an alleyway of sorts.
    MacMillian will halt and the two of you will start to fire at the guards 
    coming at the end of the alley. Just switch to your automatic and take them 
    out. And holy hell, where did that helicopter come from? Switch to your 
    sniper rifle and start unloading bullets into its windshield; you don't get 
    points for accuracy, but sooner or later you'll hit the pilot.
    As the helicopter crashes to the ground, a funny feeling of heroism might 
    overwhelm you. Well, snap the hell out of it! Hold X to pick up the injured 
    MacMillian and start walking. You're time should be about seventeen minutes 
    left, but you have plenty of time so no worries.
    With MacMillian in your arms, head west to an alleyway. Drop MacMillian off 
    at the busted car near the stairs and quickly get your sniper out. If you're 
    fast enough, you should be able to snipe the three hostiles running to you 
    from the west. If not, use frags/automatic fire to kill them.
    Three enemies will also engage you from the east, making this a two front 
    battle. Stay behind the staircase or the house wall so you don't die. When 
    you're done with the troops on the west side, start with the ones on the east 
    side. One should be an easy shot between the staircase and the house; the 
    other is in the brush near a broken car; and the last is hidden in the corner 
    to the left.
    Pick MacMillian back up and use the yellow indicator to guide you in the 
    right direction down the alley. Instead of trying to kill the two enemies in 
    sight out of the alley, opt to run through the brush and make a mad dash for 
    the apartment.
    Take the right doorway and use the debris slope to ascend to the second 
    level. From here, make your way south to the other side of the building. When 
    you get to the middle stairwell and MacMillian asks you to put him down, do 
    so by the door (he can shoot through it) and enter the room.
    Just stand still at the doorway and wait until a dog at the far end of the 
    room starts to growl. Down him and try to take the door on the right. Some 
    firing and growling will follow, so make your way back to the first doorway 
    (where Price is at) and shoot the second dog.
    Continue infiltrating the base by playing this cat-and-mouse game; there 
    should be one hostile and one dog left. MacMillian will say it is "all 
    clear" when, well, when it's all clear. Run back, pick him up, and head to 
    the south part of the building. Exit and head southwest to another building.
    Take the right door and go through the locker room/bathroom. Drop MacMillian 
    off just before the entryway to the pool. Throw a frag in the pool to kill 
    the dogs. Pick the Captain back up and make your way around the pool and back 
    Run over to the ferris wheel and you'll learn that a helicopter is coming 
    soon. Follow the yellow indicator and drop MacMillian off at the yellow 
    glowing area. Now it's time for preparation for the big fight. Claymore the 
    hell out of the area, plugging up the open spaces between the cars. In 
    addition, keep a few claymores and position them on the stairs going up to 
    the ferris wheel.
    Go prone at the top of the ferris wheel and we'll get this party started. 
    This is a long and extremely difficult fight, especially if you are not 
    prepared with claymores and aren't a good shot with the sniper rifle. Luckily 
    the claymores should hold off the enemy troops for quite a while from getting 
    too close.
    Basically this place is sniper heaven. Snipe and snipe and then snipe again. 
    Kill as many as you possibly can. Inevitably they will start to get through 
    and sometimes go around the ferris wheel and try to backstab you from behind 
    - if that happens quickly switch to your AK-47 and dispose of them.
    Other than that, snipe snipe snipe and you should be good to go. If the going 
    starts to get especially rough, throw a few flashbangs to buy you some time. 
    The rails around the entrance to the ferris wheel and the ferris wheel car 
    itself will provide excellent cover. If you are about to die merely hide 
    behind the ferris wheel car for a few seconds to regen your health.
    After the helicopter arrives, kill anyone in the ticketbooth near the ferris 
    wheel and sprint on over to MacMillian. Luckily some of your allies will help 
    you by consolidating the helicoper location with troops, so run over to the 
    helicopter as fast you can, using the booth as cover. When you're inside just 
    fire at enemy troops a little more (maybe even throw a flashbang or two for 
    laughs) and the mission ends as you fly away.
    -------------------                                      --------------------
                                  5.13 -  'Heat'
    -------------------                                      --------------------
    Intel Locations
    That mission sure does put Capt'n Price in a different light, no? Follow him 
    down the road and prone with him near the fence. Wow, it's like master 
    teaches apprentice, becomes master and teaches another apprentice! Don't 
    shoot at the bazillion troops just yet; let air support take care of the 
    first wave.
    And yessir, you really do have to kill like three or four waves here. 
    Personally, I'm good with the sniper so I switch to that, get near the coiled 
    wire so I'm hitting at their sides, and just get to town. If you're ever near 
    death, just hide behind the church until your health regens. Remember to move 
    it if they throw grenades!
    After the several waves it's time to get to the minigun. Run towards the 
    yellow circle on the compass and move around the hill to the back side of the 
    helicopter. From here go prone so you can get inside the helicopter and then 
    hold X to man the minigun.
    For this you wanna keep the left trigger down the whole time so you can 
    always fire. As for firing, the gun will overheat so just fire in bursts when 
    necessary. Just mow down all the enemy troops as they appear from the smoke; 
    it shouldn't prove much of a challenge. A few troops will additionally come 
    from the side of the church, but they all meet at the same choke point that 
    you will be minigunning heavily.
    Price will now order you to detonate some explosives at a house. Use your 
    compass to get to the building in question. From here, ascend to the second 
    floor. At each window you will find a glowing yellow detonator; hold X and 
    you will pick it up. Press RT to detonate when the most troops are in the 
    Do this four times and you'll complete the objective. It seems that the enemy 
    is bring in some heavy armor and we need the Javelin and RPG to take them out 
    but - doh - they are back at the barn. Sprint all the way to the barn, using 
    your compass as guidance, and pick up the Javelin.
    Basically the same thing as that earlier mission; press LT to aim at the tank 
    and when it locks on (denoted by fast ringing and a clear box around it) 
    press RT to fire. After destroying the four tanks, head back to the barn and 
    swap back to whatever weapon you swapped out.
    From here you need to fend off lots and lots of enemies. Luckily you get an 
    air strike here, so use it wisely at the line where there are the most 
    troops. After that switch to your sniper and start killing'em all. Hopefully 
    you won't run out of ammo because their are, like ninjas, thousands of them.
    Some smart ones might try to kill you by infiltrating the smaller barn. Kill 
    them before they kill you (that's, like, the best strategy in the world!) and 
    take their guns so you have more ammo. Make good use of the name "The Killing 
    Fields" and sooner or later a timer will pop up.
    Sprint sprint sprint across the field and quickly take cover behind the rolls 
    of hay. Take out the immediate enemies at the fence and advance to that 
    position. This part of the mission is really hectic; down the guys near the 
    tree stumps and take that cover. From here you'll have air support, so I 
    suggest abusing it to the end of the level.
    Use one air strike at the house below and another at the hill when all the 
    enemies come out. That should take care of most of the hostiles, actually, so 
    just sprint like crazy to the LZ to make it in time. If this gets frustrating 
    you just need to use air support more wisely to take down more troops. Your 
    other squadmates will magically appear at the LZ if you outrun them so don't 
    worry about them. Then you're up and you're off and the mission ends.
    -------------------                                      --------------------
                          5.14 -  'The Sins of the Father'
    -------------------                                      --------------------
    Intel Locations
    24. After the diner/gas station firefight. This intel is inside the diner on 
        a table on the left. You need to get it before the story progresses 
    25. In the firefight with the snipers and the machine gunners. At the alley 
        before that fight, head right at the red dumpster and ascend the first 
        stairwell you see on the left. An intel, along with two enemy troops, 
        should be in that building on the second floor.
    Follow your squadmates as they weave their way through the junkyard. When you 
    hop onto the car, though, don't follow your teammates and stay put. Price 
    will order you onto a trash bin but this vantage point at the guard tower 
    does just as nicely. At Price's cue, snipe out the first guard.
    You'll have awful recoil and probably get hit by the other guard, so quickly 
    take out the other guard taking all of this into account. After that, follow 
    your squad down to a gas station/building firefight. Take out the two 
    hostiles on the roof before you take out the ones on the ground. Just snipe 
    away at them when they peak out in their futile attempts to shoot at you.
    Once the area is clear, Price will call a two hour tea party. You'll wake up 
    from the tea party inebriated and in the guard tower. You can swap weapons to 
    the sniper if you want, but otherwise you want to heed Price's order to cease 
    When he tells you to fire, shoot at everyone besides allies and the guy in 
    the front seat of the jeep. Sooner or later the guard tower will blow up and 
    fall over, but rest assured, this is not a game over. When you have control 
    of your character again, press A to stand and start the chase.
    Just follow Griggs as he chases your target. At the house a dog comes out and 
    wants to play, but a few shots will kill it. Yeah, we're all Michael Vick 
    now. Soon you'll be in a firefight at a road with a wave of enemies 
    approaching; kill them before they take cover to make this an easy fight. But 
    do not kill the target, who is distinguishable because he is dressed in 
    civilian clothes.
    As you advance to the barriers where the wave was, two more dogs will come 
    out and play. Shoot both of them while strafing back and then move forward 
    again. Another wave arrives but this time Price has the genius idea of 
    holding them off while you get the target.
    Take the alley to your left and follow it to an iron fence. Stay behind the 
    fence and kill the loitering troops. Do not go past the fence as some troops 
    will try to flank you from behind; kill both of them and take their guns if 
    you are out of ammo.
    Now walk a little forward passed the fence and two hostiles will pop up on 
    the roof directly in front of you. Switch to your sniper and down both of 
    them. Switch back to your automatic and kill anyone down on the ground. 
    Sprint over to the small building to your north and take the stairwell. 
    Backstab both of the enemies there and quickly use this vantage point to kill 
    any more enemies on the ground.
    Sprint sprint sprint back down and into the street. Behind one cement box is 
    a troop; kill him by shooting from the hip. Sweep into the alley to your left 
    and dispose of both of the hostiles at the end. Before you round the corner 
    aim down the left side. Peak out of the corner and shoot the three hostiles.
    Sprint up the white stairs and into the parking lot. Take cover behind a car 
    and kill all the hostiles on the top floor that aren't behind the sandbags. 
    When the helicopter takes out the machine gunner, sprint inside the building 
    and ascend the stairs.
    On the second floor there will be one enemy at the door. Kill him and enter 
    through the door to the kitchen. Use this point to kill the enemies in the 
    center room. Just go from room to room infiltrating with your squad; it's 
    nothing particularly difficult. Some hostiles are hiding behind a desk but 
    there are no real surprises if you look around the whole room. If your sniper 
    is out of ammo swap it with a shotgun found on a dead hostile.
    Head to the northern part of the building and take the stairs. At the second 
    level, wait behind the half wall while air support takes out the machine 
    gunner. Sprint to the location of the deceased machine gunner and enter the 
    adjacent rooms. Kill the hostile at the doorway and take the stairs to the 
    rooftop. Try to take the gun from the target; he will commit suicide and the 
    mission will end.
    -------------------                                      --------------------
                                5.15 -  'Ultimatum'
    -------------------                                      --------------------
    Intel Locations
    26. In the first courtyard after you enter the enemy base through the wall. 
        It's across from the first firefight in the rightmost room on a desk.
    Identity, Supremacy, and... *drumroll* Ultimatum! Regroup at Price and follow 
    the squad down the path. There are two tangos near the car; either you or 
    your squadmates will quietly kill them. Continue following and killing 
    unsuspecting hostiles until you reach a house.
    Follow Price from the basement to the first floor. Price can mimic his old 
    mentor MacMillian and silently kill the man in the room with the butt of his 
    rifle, or you can down him quickly with your rifle. Either way, he's the only 
    hostile on the first floor so ascend via the stairs in the kitchen.
    At the second floor, dispose of the relaxing hostile through the doorway and 
    quickly run to that room. There is a guard in the adjacent room that will see 
    his death, so you'll have to silence him before he can alert the others. Now 
    that the second floor is clear, descend to the first and get ready to go 
    Although Price wants you to "check things out," the best way to handle this 
    obvious trap is just to run over, touch the house, and run back inside the 
    house with your squadmates. That way, when the dogs come out they'll all be 
    in a nice little line for you to kill at the door. And the cover of the house 
    is spectactular as you mow down all the stupid enemies outside.
    Once the area is clear, Price will breach the target house. The first floor 
    is completely clear of enemies so ascend to the second floor. Your squad will 
    breach the door with Griggs via explosives and take out the two hostiles all 
    on their own. Get behind Griggs and hold X to cut him loose.
    Exit the building and follow your squad to the next target, cutting the 
    power. You'll have to go prone for a few seconds as an enemy helicopter 
    passes; just play simon says and follow Price's commands. Sprint over to the 
    base and hold X to plant charges on two of the legs.
    Run to the glowy area denoted on the compass and when ready, take out the 
    power. Another marine will cut the wire fence; enter through it and follow 
    your team to the enemy base.
    -------------------                                      --------------------
                                 5.16 -  'All In'
    -------------------                                      --------------------
    Intel Locations
    27. After you destroy the first tank, move up and clear the enemies at the 
        far building. Before entering through the gate, enter down the near alley 
        before the enemy building. At the end lies an intel on the ground.
    28. After entering through the gate in the missile area, the intel is located
        in the far hangar to your right.
    Follow your squad to the enemy base and get ready for a big firefight. Take 
    cover behind the cargo container and shoot inside at the blobs of enemies 
    that bunch up in between the other cargo containers; frags are especially 
    useful here, but you should easily be able to cut them down with your rifle.
    After a few waves you'll be asked to take out an enemy tank. Instead of doing 
    the inane like the game suggests and throwing a smoke grenade to plant some 
    C4 on the tank, head south to the end of the fence and you will find an open 
    cargo container. Inside you'll find what you need: an RPG.
    Swap your sniper with the RPG and blow up the tank, taking cover behind the 
    cargo containers as needed. It will take two shots and some waves of enemies 
    might come, so you'll have to juggle between the RPG and your rifle. After 
    the tank is toast, head back to the open cargo container and get your sniper 
    rifle back. The RPG won't have any ammo anyway.
    Head toward the yellow indicator, stopping about fifty meters away to get 
    adequate cover behind some small cargo containers. The building to your east 
    contains an armada of troops on the roof and the balcony; switch to your 
    sniper and cut them down. There are several on both the roof and the balcony 
    and they seem to respawn a few waves.
    Also be mindful of troops on the ground, but they are also easy kills if you 
    stay back with your sniper. Once the building's exterior is clear, another 
    checkpoint will pop up and it's now time to move move move. After entering 
    the gate you'll discover your next tawdry task - killing two tanks.
    Luckily the game has an RPG on the ground right in front of you in the 
    parking space, so swap that with your sniper and get to work. First you want 
    to clear the area east of you so you can enter the open hangar. The hangar 
    will have a few troops that you need to kill, but most importantly it 
    contains some RPG ammo lying on the ground.
    With all the ammo you can two-shot each tank. If you need even more ammo 
    there is another RPG lying in the opposite hangar. After blowing up both 
    tanks, swap an enemy automatic (like the AK-47) for your RPG as it will be 
    completely useless inside the enemy base. Once you're ready, sprint over to 
    the waypoint and hold X to shimmy down into hell.
    -------------------                                      --------------------
                       5.17 -  'No Fighting in the War Room'
    -------------------                                      --------------------
    Intel Locations
    29. When Price stops at the exit to the bathroom, head left outside and take 
        the first left into a dark room. The intel is located on a table.
    30. Located in the southwestern room after you breach the control room with 
        explosives. You'll have to go all the way around the room to get it. The 
        intel is on the rectangular table in the center of the room.
    Crouch so you can get into the air duct and follow Price to the open vent. 
    You'll now be in a restroom; at the door, Price will stop and you'll have a 
    checkpoint. Exit the restroom and turn left down the corridor. At the corner 
    here lies a wave of troops on the right that you'll have to kill. They aren't 
    particularly tricky, only they may try to flank you from behind so be weary 
    of any backstabbing.
    Head down the corridor a little more and you'll encounter another wave; take 
    cover behind the cargo crates and kill'em all. Once done, continue down the 
    corridor to a rectangular room at the end. Here, hostiles are hiding behind 
    the green crates on the opposite end of the room. Use the wall as cover and 
    take them all out.
    Advance to the crates and take the doorway to a stairwell. Descend and you'll 
    be in a very big firefight. Take cover behind the crates and volley when you 
    can. In addition to the enemies in front of you, there are also enemies to 
    the west and the east if you go down the lanes; just be sure they don't 
    backstab you.
    Actually, a better strategy if you're anal about time is to take a right when 
    you first enter the big room and take out all the enemies on the periphery 
    going up the right wall. This way you bypass most of the people in the center 
    and on the left side. Just be sure to sprint southwest to the checkpoint and 
    enter the hallway. Your squadmates will magically spawn here.
    This next hallway is very dicey because the enemies blocked the path and set 
    up shop. Kill the tango before the blockage and instead of taking on the 
    tangos ahead of you, opt to enter the corridor to your left. There should be 
    a tango at the beginning of this corridor and one in the room at the end. If 
    you are being hit, it is most likely one of those shooting through a pillar.
    You should be at a circular room with a pillar in the middle and another 
    corridor full of troops to the southwest. Dispose of them and make your way 
    down the corridor to another circular room. There are two more enemies here; 
    after killing them, make your way down the adjacent corridor and turn right 
    down the hallway.
    Price will close the door and then you will have to wait a little while until 
    the double doors ahead of you open. When they do, be prepared to face a wave 
    of troops taking good cover in the computer rooms in this area. I suggest 
    taking the computer room to your right and using that as cover to kill all 
    the other enemies in the room, including the two tangos down the hall.
    Descend the stairs in the hallway and hold X to plant the explosives at the 
    yellow location. Head back to the stairs and press RT to blow up the wall; 
    your team will breach and pretty much take care of everything in the room. If 
    there are any stragglers quickly down them.
    When the room is clear, it's time to save the world! Use the compass to guide 
    your marine to the right computer and hold X at it to upload the abort codes. 
    Yay, you just saved the world. Exit through the double doors to your north 
    and follow your squad to more waves of enemies.
    Move up through the corridors and take out the enemies at the end of the 
    hall. The crates make great cover, and a frag or two should clear the room. 
    Advance, enter the elevator, and you'll ascend. Exit the elevator and clear 
    all the enemies in this parking garage; some are hiding behind the trucks. 
    When the area is clear, you'll take a truck to your final mission.
    -------------------                                      --------------------
                                5.18 -  'Game Over'
    -------------------                                      --------------------
    Intel Locations
    Now you're on a truck heading to the last assassination. Other trucks will 
    come up alongside you full of troops; just get out your automatic and 
    massacre them. After a few waves of trucks, an enemy helicopter will come out 
    of nowhere. This could be trouble.
    Luckily the truck has an RPG; swap your pistol with it and start firing away. 
    You don't have to hit the helicopter and the game doesn't expect you to - 
    just fire some rockets at it to keep it busy so it doesn't kill you. Sooner 
    or later you'll enter into a tunnel and be under good cover. When you get out 
    of the tunnel it seems like you've lost the helicopter. That is, until it 
    blows up the bridge.
    Quickly jump up the crumbling bridge to the highway. This is the game's last 
    big firefight. Take cover behind the far busted car to your left; if you take 
    cover at the other cars, the RPG units will blow them up and you will die. At 
    the far car you have a great vantage point at the enemies as they get out of 
    their trucks. Try to kill them before they get cover.
    And then a helicopter will come and almost blow you up. Don't worry, it's 
    scripted in the game. In the game's most poignant moment, Price will slide 
    you a pistol and you'll have control again. Aim and fire away at the last 
    target - two shots in each of the three men should kill them all. And that's 
    all, folks.
    But wait, there's more. Wait until the credits roll to play the last little 
    mission. You're in an airplane in this one, but amazingly if you shoot the 
    walls nothing will happen. In essence, the walls are bulletproof. Make your 
    way down the plane, killing all the stupid tangos behind the seats and doors.
    The second floor gets a little dicey; use your four flashbangs to make it 
    much easier. Swap to a shotgun if you want to have some fun. At the last 
    white doubledoors, a terrorist has your target hostage. Kill the terrorist by 
    shooting him in the head over the target and then in this rear when he 
    faulters. With all the terrorists dead, wait for your squad to open the side 
    of the plane and just walk through to parachute out.
    \  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /
     \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/
                                6. Laptop Locations
     /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\
    /  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \
    'Crew Expendable'
    1. In the room with the two sleeping terrorists. It's on the table next to a 
       desktop to the left of the bunkbeds.
    2. In the first big cargo hold room down the stairs. It's to your left after 
       descending the stairs.
    'Black Out'
    3. On a table in the very first house you clear on your left.
    4. On the second floor in the building where Nikolai is being held. It's in 
       the oversized bathroom.
    'Charlie Don't Surf'
    5. Inside the first target building in the basement. Behind the room with the
       AK-47 on the wall.
    6. In a guard post to the south after the first target building. It's on the 
       second floor on a table.
    7. After the heavy firefight with the machine gun truck, walk down the road 
       until you see a stairwell on your right. On the rooftop of this building 
       lies an Intel near a television.
    'The Bog'
    8. In the first building you infiltrate this mission, if you stick around the
       second floor after it is clear, some marines will breach a door in the 
       hallway. Inside lies another Intel.
    9. After destroying the tanks using the Javelin, run down the alley and keep 
       turning left until you see a refrigerator. On the opposite side of that
       area, behind a stack of boxes, you will find the intel.
    'The Hunted'
    10. After the firefight with the flashbang, it should be inside the building 
        with the soda machine near the door. Get this one after the firefight.
    11. In the makeshift building right before the barn but after the 
    'War Pig'
    12. After the first big firefight down the road, it will be in the far 
        building on the second floor lying on a bed.
    13. In the building across from intel thirteen. The building will have an AK-
        47 on the wall and the intel will be on the second floor on a dresser.
    14. In the building with the two machine gunners after the small alley with 
        all the cars. The intel lies on a bed on the second floor.
    'Shock and Awe'
    15. The intel is in the far corner of the room where the recon team is being 
        held up.
    16. In the building across from intel fifteen in the closet on the second 
        floor. Just make a few sharp rights when you enter the second building.
    17. In the first house after the forest on the second floor. It's on a 
    18. On a booth in a restaurant near in the water tower.
    'All Ghillied Up'
    19. This one is on the second floor of the first Church you enter. You need 
        to climb a ladder to get to it.
    20. In the area with a ton of cargo containers, instead of sneaking right 
        past the guards grab the intel on the can.
    21. After taking out the sniper on the fifth floor stairwell, ascend all the 
        way up to that platform, jump through the window, and take the intel on 
        the grey table to your left.
    'One Shot, One Kill'
    22. This one is on the stairwell of the first apartment after you shoot down 
        the helicopter and carry the Captain. You need to climb a ladder and 
        ascend a few stories. It will lie on the ground of the top stairwell.
    23. After the helicopters arrive, head southeast to a now opened corridor. 
        The intel is on the ground in the corner.
    'Sins of the Father'
    24. After the diner/gas station firefight. This intel is inside the diner on 
        a table on the left. You need to get it before the story progresses 
    25. In the firefight with the snipers and the machine gunners. At the alley 
        before that fight, head right at the red dumpster and ascend the first 
        stairwell you see on the left. An intel, along with two enemy troops, 
        should be in that building on the second floor.
    26. In the first courtyard after you enter the enemy base through the wall. 
        It's across from the first firefight in the rightmost room on a desk.
    'All In'
    27. After you destroy the first tank, move up and clear the enemies at the 
        far building. Before entering through the gate, enter down the near alley 
        before the enemy building. At the end lies an intel on the ground.
    28. After entering through the gate in the missile area, the intel is located
        in the far hangar to your right.
    'No Fighting in the War Room'
    29. When Price stops at the exit to the bathroom, head left outside and take 
        the first left into a dark room. The intel is located on a table.
    30. Located in the southwestern room after you breach the control room with 
        explosives. You'll have to go all the way around the room to get it. The 
        intel is on the rectangular table in the center of the room.
    Youtube video:
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                                  7. TV Locations
     /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\
    /  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \
    As posted by YanksFan31:
    "Please note: All TVs required for this achievement are found on this level
    ONLY ("Charlie Don't Surf")
    TV Locations (credits to deadrabbit)
    1 TV - Ground floor of the HQ, near the long table covered with weapons..
    1 TV - Ground floor of the HQ, in a small room on the left. Sat near a
    printer and Intel..
    1 TV - In the southeastern (keep right) building as you head towards the
    station and before you cross the main road, take the stairs up. (Has a
    terrorist on the 1st floor)..
    1 TV - Stay to the Southeast (right) after the main road to head up the
    stairs to a building with no roof. Next to some Intel..
    STATION (6 Total)
    1 TV - In the TV Station, in the first room you enter..
    1 TV - In the TV Station, in the first room you enter Behind you!..
    1 TV - In the TV Station, in the break room..
    1 TV - In the TV Station, in the production room with all the big screens on
    the right side..
    2 TVs - In the TV Station, in the production room with all the big screens,
    on the desk in the middle of the room..
    STUDIO (104 Total)
    1 TV - In the TV Station, in the studio, on a desk in the corner of the room
    (Left hand side as you go in)...
    12 TVs - In the TV Station, in the studio, high up on a the middle of a the
    desks (Sets of Six)..
    8 TVs - Look for TV's on desks in pairs in the two desk pools areas..
    1 TV - Get the monitor on the far side of the first desk pool, near the
    rooms, hidden by the divider..
    1 TV - Get the monitor on the right side wall, tucked high behind a 90
    degree bend..
    64 TVs - Shoot the Sets of Sixteen monitors for good measure..
    5 TVs - On the third desk pool on the far left, shoot monitor high up and
    the four sat on a desk together..
    1 TV - In the first room (far side) shoot the monitor..
    1 TV - Then make your way through to the darker room on the far side for
    2 TVs - As you come out of the last room, look up and left for two monitors
    placed on the walls on the main studio..
    1 TV - Head over to the small corner office for one more..
    1 TV - After ging upstairs, shot the monitor in the corner..
    6 TVs - In the final room, quickly shoot the monitor to the right, two on the
    left, one in the centre of the room and two in the glass booth...
    Total - 114"
    Youtube video:
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                                   8. Multiplayer
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    /  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \
    Game Modes
    Team Deathmatch
    Ground War
    Search and Destroy
    Team Objective
    Team Tactical
    Team Hardcore
    Old School
    Cage Match
    Assault Rifles
    AK-47: Fully automatic with high power. Effective at medium range.
    G3: Single-fire with a high capacity. Effective at medium to long range.
    M4: Fully automatic with low recoil. Effective at medium range.
    M16: Semi-automatic with three round burst fire. Effective at medium to long 
    Sniper Rifles
    Dragunov: Semi-automatic sniper rifle. Effective at long range.
    M40a3: Bolt-action sniper rifle. Effective at long range.
    M21: Semi-automatic sniper rifle. Effective at long range.
    Barrett M107
    Remington 700
    W1200: Pump action shotgu. Effective at close range.
    Colt .45: Semi-automatic with medium capacity and power. Effective at close 
    Desert Eagle
    M9: Semi-automatic with a high capacity. Effective at close range.
    USP .45: Semi-automatic with medium capacity and power. Effective at close
    Gold Desert Eagle:
    Sub-Machine Guns
    MP5: Fully automatic with good accuracy. Effective at close to medium range.
    Skorpion: Fully automatic with a high rate of fire. Effective at close range.
    Uzi: Fully automatic with a high rate of fire. Effective at close to medium
    Light Machine Guns
    M249 SAW
    M60e4: Fully automatic with high power. Effective at medium to long range.
    RPD: Fully automatic with good accuracy. Effective at medium to long range.
    Frag Grenade
    Flash Grenade: Device that blinds and deafens the target when detonated.
    Stun Grenade: Device that disorients the target when detonated.
    Smoke Grenade: Device that creates a smoke screen when detonated.
    Rocket Launchers
    FGM148 Javelin
    FIM-92 Stinger
    1 Perks
    Bomb Squad: Ability to see nearby enemy explosives
    C4 x 2: Remote detonation explosive
    Claymore x 2: Trip activated explosive mine
    RPG-7 x 2: Rocket Launcher with 2 rockets
    Special Grenades x 3: 3 special grenades. No smoke
    Bandolier: Extra ammunition magazines
    Frag x 3: Carry 3 fragmentation grenades
    2 Perks
    Juggernaut: Increased health
    Sleight of Hand: Faster reloading
    Sonic Boom: Higher explosive weapon damage
    Stopping Power: Increased bullet damage
    Double Tap: Increased rate of fire
    UAV Jammer: Undetectable on enemy radar
    Overkill: Carry two primary weapons, no pistol
    3 Perks
    Deep Impact: Deeper bullet penetration
    Extreme Conditioning: Sprint for longer distances
    Last Stand: Pull out your pistol before dying
    Martyrdom: Drop a live grenade when killed
    Steady Aim: Increased hip-fire accuracy
    Dead Silence: Movements make less noise
    Iron Lungs: Longer breathe for steadier sniper shots
    Eavesdrop: Hear enemy voice chat
    ACOG Scope: Enhanced zom ACOG scope.
    Grenade Launcher: For Assault Rifles. Replaces Perk 1.
    Grip: Vertical foregrip for reduced recoil.
    Silencer: Invisible on GPS when firing, reduced muzzle flash, but shorter 
    As posted by landoresurected on the GameFAQs message board:
    "Ranks - Unlocks
    1 - All starting equipment
    2 - Demolitions Class Weapon Class
    3 - Sniper Class Weapon Class
    Lance Corporal
    4 - Create a Class
    5 - Gun Challenges
    6 - New playlists
    7 - M40 Sniper Rifle
    8 - Last Stand Perk Class 3
    9 - Boot Camp Challenges 1
    10 - M4 Carbine Assault Rifle
    11 - UAV Jammer Perk Class 2
    12 - Clan Tag
    Staff Sergeant
    13 - Mini Uzi Submachine Gun
    14 - Bomb Squad Perk Class 1
    15 - Boot Camp Challenges 2
    Gunnery Sergeant
    16 - M1911 Pistol
    17 - Martyrdom Perk Class 2
    18 - Boot Camp Challenges 3
    Master Sergeant
    19 - M60E4 Light Machine Gun
    20 - Sleight of Hand Perk Class 2
    21 - Operations Challenges
    Master Gunnery Sergeant
    22 - Dragunov Sniper Rifle
    23 - Claymore Perk Class 1
    24 - Operations Challenges 2
    2nd Lieutenant
    25 - G3 Assault Rifle
    26 - Iron Lungs Perk Class 3
    27 - Operations Challenges 3
    1st Lieutenant
    28 - AK-74U Submachine Gun
    29 - Double Tab Perk Class 2
    30 - Killer Challenges
    31 - M1014 Shotgun
    32 - Bandolier Perk Class 1
    33 - Killer Challenges 2
    34 - R700 Sniper Rifle
    35 - Eavesdrop Perk Class 3
    36 - Killer Challenges 3
    Lieutenant Colonel
    37 - G36C Assault Rifle
    38 - Overkill Perk Class 2
    39 - Killer Challenges 4
    40 - P90 Submachine Gun
    41 - Frag x 3 Perk Class 1
    42 - Humiliation Challenges
    Brigadier General
    43 - Desert Eagle Pistol
    44 - Dead Silence Perk Class 3
    45 - Humiliation Challenges 2
    Major General
    46 - M14 Assault Rifle
    47 - Humiliation Challenges 3
    48 - Humiliation Challenges 4
    Lieutenant General
    49 - Barret Sniper Rifle
    50 - Humiliation Challenges 5
    51 - Elite Challenges
    52 - MP44 Assault Rifle
    53 - Elite Challenges 2
    54 - Elite Challenges 3
    55 - Commander Prestige Mode"
    \  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /
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                                  9. Achievements
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    /  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \
    Achievement (Points)                   How to Unlock
    Bird on the Ground (20)----------------Shoot down an enemy helicopter with an
                                           RPG in the single player campaign
    Dancing in the Dark (20)---------------Kill the power
    Daredevil (10)-------------------------Kill an enemy while blinded by a
                                           flashbang in the single player
    Death From Above (20)------------------Operate an AC-130 gun ship
    Deep and Hard (90)---------------------Complete the game on Hardened or
                                           Veteran difficulty
    Desperate Measures (20)----------------Corner Zakhaev's Son
    Down Boy Down (20)---------------------Survive a dog attack
    Earn a Winged Dagger (20)--------------Complete F.N.G.
    Eyes and Ears (20)---------------------Find 30 enemy intel items
    Four of a Kind (20)--------------------Kill 4 enemies in a row with headshots
                                           in the single player campaign
    Ghillies in the Mist (20)--------------Complete 'All Ghillied Up' without
                                           alerting any enemies
    Look Sharp (20)------------------------Find 15 enemy intel items
    Make the Jump (20)---------------------Infiltrate a cargo ship
    Man of the People (10)-----------------Save the farmer
    Mile High Club (20)--------------------Sky dive to safety on Veteran
    New Squadron Record (20)---------------Complete the cargo ship mockup in less
                                           than 20 seconds
    No Rest for the Weary (10)-------------Stab an injured crawling enemy
    Piggyback Ride (20)--------------------Carry Cpt. MacMillian to safety
    Rescue Roycewicz on the stairs (20)----Save Pvt. Roycewicz on the stairs
    Roadkill (10)--------------------------Kill 2 enemies by blowing up a car in
                                           the single player campaign
    Save the Bacon (20)--------------------Protect War Pig, the Abrams tank
    Straight Flush (20)--------------------Kill 5 enemies with 1 shot while in
                                           the AC-130 gunship
    The Bog (40)---------------------------Complete 'The Bog' and 'War Pig' on
                                           Veteran difficulty
    The Escape (40)------------------------Complete 'Hunted' and 'Death From
                                           Above' on Veteran difficulty
    The First Horseman (40)----------------Complete 'Shock and Awe' on Veteran
    The Fourth Horseman (40)---------------Complete 'Game Over' on Veteran
    The Package (40)-----------------------Complete 'Crew Expendable' on Veteran
    The Rescue (40)------------------------Complete 'Blackout' on Veteran
    The Search (40)------------------------Complete 'Charlie Don't Surf' on
                                           Veteran difficulty
    The Second Horseman (40)---------------Complete 'Safehouse' on Veteran
    The Shot (40)--------------------------Complete 'All Ghillied Up' and 'One
                                           Shot, One Kill' on Veteran difficulty
    The Third Horseman (40)----------------Complete 'Heat' and 'The Sins of the
                                           Father' on Veteran difficulty
    The Ultimatum (40)---------------------Complete 'Ultimatum', 'All in' and 'No
                                           Fighting in the War Room' on Veteran
    Three of a Kind (10)-------------------Kill 3 enemies in a row with your
                                           knife in the single player campaign
    Win the War (40)-----------------------Complete the game on any difficulty
    Wrong Number (20)----------------------Find Al-Asad's safehouse
    Your Show Sucks (20)-------------------Destroy all the TVs showing Al-Asad's
    \  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /
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                                   10. Credits
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                                11. Legal Disclaimer
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                                 12. Contact Info
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