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"A wonderful Single and Multiplayer Experience"


Wow, let me tell you right now that this is one of the best games I have ever played in many years. Surely one of the “Game of the year” contender for 2007. Although it did not get as big of “hype” as other games like Halo 3, I believe this game deserves all the recognition it deserves and I am doing my part by submitting my very first review on Now I am not the type to give out 10/10 on many games as no games are perfect but I will do my best to resume in my words, my experience with this truly great First person shooter.


Finally, buying a 1080P HDTV is starting to pay off. Seriously, one of my top priorities when playing a game is the frames per seconds that it projects. The graphics of this game are supreme and it is a blast of watching and exploring the environments. The game runs beautifully at a constant 60 frames per seconds at 1080P if you have the TV to go with it. For any Laymen out there = this game is beautiful and the graphics are excellent, and the character movements are smooth and fun to watch. You get a good mix of Outdoors and Indoors missions so you get good variety as you game progresses.


Most Call of duty fans will adept to the controls right away. I for one loved the controls in Call of Duty 3 and am glad that the LT for aiming and RT for shooting have been left untouched. Your RB and LB are used for your grenades and the usual ABXY are there for your Jumping, Crouching, Reload, change weapons. After only a few minutes of play, you will feel right at home and will be able to immediately start experiencing and appreciating this terrific game. The game has also kept the “Throw back a Frag” feature that appeared in Call of Duty 3 and is a good technique to master. For those with a big ??? on their face; when a grenade is thrown at you, you see a small Grenade Icon with, if your quick, will let you pick it up and throw back for a “free frag”. This is good in single player but even better in Multiplayer. The game feels like a good mix of arcade and realism as they did not include features found in more Realistic games like the Tom Clancy's series but again, if you have played Call of duty 2 or 3, you know exactly what to expect.


The sound is excellent as in most Call of duty games. A gun sounds like a gun and considering that you have LOTS of different modern weapons, you are sure to not always hear the same sound over and over again, but again, this is a war game so you should all know what to expect. The dialog and “cut scenes” are well done and you can always follow what is being said by reading it at the bottom of the screen.

Single player experience

After completing a quick tutorial of the game, you are shipped out with your team on a boat at night. Your goal is to get “intelligence” on the enemy's plans. Right after you drop, the game starts and you and the enemy start trading blows. I will not give out any spoilers but all I can say is that in most missions (Around 18 missions total) you seem to constantly be in the center of a gun fight and you never fight alone, your teammates are always there to support your actions. As mentioned above, the games tries to balance Arcade and simulation aspects so you will not have to command your troops or even have usage of a “cover system” when fighting, you will have to carefully advance on your enemy , using the good old “Duck behind a wall for cover” tactic. The missions are a blast to play and even if the game is short (Only 5-8 hours) it is definitely fun to play and redo to try to uncover more secrets and achievements. Once you finish the game, you get an “Arcade mode” where you need to take out as many soldiers as possible and gain points to succeed. This is another small feature that will please most COD 4 players.

Multiplayer Experience.

Ahh… my personal favorite. If this game was Single player only, I would have recommended this game as a rental but Multiplayer definitely feels good. Now this part of the review comes from someone who completely dislikes the Halo franchise (Ohhh, I think I just lost some readers there…) and I had lost hope on finding a “perfect” FPS game on the Xbox 360. Here were the aspects this “perfect” FPS had to have to be worth my time.

- Good frame rate
- Fun game play
- Not rely heavily on usage of vehicles
- Realistic in some sort of way
- Multiple Game Modes
- If possible, a XP system that incites me to keep on playing (even if the XP does not save at the end of the game)
- Good Class system

So far I had only found 1 game that suited all these needs (A little game called Enemy Territory on the PC) and ever since then, I have been looking for the perfect game to “mimic” this experience I once had playing Enemy territory. Well, good news is that All the above mentioned points are present in COD 4.

- Frame rate: I already addressed the frame rate earlier and the game runs at a smooth 60 Frames per seconds in multiplayer. The graphics are not as spectacular in MP mode but it still looks better than most FPS I played on the 360.

- Fun game play: If you enjoyed the single player, you will like the Multiplayer as game play wise, this is the same game. Only that now you're going up against a team of up to 9 players (Depending on the game type) and a veteran FPS player will find as much fun as a newcomer.

- No vehicles: Thank god for this one. For me, one of the turn offs from games like Battlefield and Halo are the usage of vehicles. The main 2 reasons for this is 1 – usually this means bigger maps and more space between you and where the action is and 2 – Everybody goes for the vehicles so unless you're a veteran, good luck in getting a vehicle and even more good luck trying to find time to master them without getting a “noob” nickname for screwing up and crashing a helicopter. Instead, COD 4 lets you call in artillery strikes and let's you call in a CPU controlled helicopter to aid you in your killing. This is a HUGE, HUGE improvement in my book as now you must concentrate on the killing and the ground battles.

Realism: For this criteria, I don't really mean that the game has to be with real people and with a real story but the mechanics of the game have to be realistic. Another turn off for me in the Halo franchise is the Jumping in multiplayer. Some people like it but when all you see are people jumping like if they were on the moon, it not only ruins my experience but I feel like this is a “over used” tactics that I have seen in many games. In Call of duty 4, everything plays and feel like the real thing. Some people complained that you die too quickly but I assure you that if I were to shoot you 3-4 times in the torso with a Assault Riffle, you wouldn't be running around jumping all over the place but dead on the ground. So I applaud COD 4 for its “realistic feeling” but still keeping the game simple and fun to play.

Multiplayer game modes: There are more than enough game modes to keep you entertained. You have the usual Death match and Team Deathwatch, along with other modes that resemble Counterstrike (Plant bomb, other team diffuses it, change sides after) and also some “capture the flag” modes. What is truly unique with the game modes is when you start, you can only play Death match and Team Death match modes until you win a few rounds. Then you start unlocking more modes to play so the more you play, the better you will get, and the more advanced modes you will unlock. Witch brings me to my next (and best) point of them all.

XP System and Class types: This is where the game is truly innovative. In COD 4 your online experience is calculated through Experience points and Levels. You start at Level 1 and have only the standard weapons, items and Game modes to play. Then you win a few rounds of Death match and unlock a new gun, some new Skills (Yes you can customize your player's skills) and new game modes. Each skill (Called Perks) will help you create the perfect character class that you wish to play and can switch from 1 to the other on the fly during a game. The skills themselves will not guarantee you the win (You will not become Godly with them) but will aid you depending on what you want to achieve during your game. You could decide to have More HP and be able to take 1-2 more bullets than the others; you can decide that your bullets will do more damage, or that they pass through walls and other objects, etc. This brings a whole new experience to the usual Class system found in most FPS. Definitely one of the game's major selling point.

Buy or rent?

I believe all that needed to be said was said and done so this should be a easy choice: If you plan on playing the Campaign only single player, you could finish it on a day or 2 of game play so I would recommend a Rent but most people will enjoy the multiplayer aspect so for them, I definitely tell them BUY IT RIGHT NOW!!! Great game, great story, great fun!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/19/07

Game Release: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (US, 11/05/07)

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