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Reviewed: 12/17/07

Amazing Multiplayer. Frustrating, Short Singleplayer.

Call of Duty 4 is one of the best games of the year, but some frustrating flaws can make points in the game utterly frustrating.

You'll be spending most of your time playing the game hunting down Al-Asad, a ruthless terrorist leader. The game will put you in the shoes of a few different soldiers, from different countries. The story is pretty good for a First Person Shooter, but nothing ground breaking. The game has three acts, broken down into about 4-7 chapters per act. Each chapter takes between 10 and 40 minutes to complete, depending on the difficulty, and how much you die. Al-Asad is a very bad man, and the game lets you know. There are some "Wow did they really do that?" moments.
The game will take you from Eastern Europe, to the Middle East, trying to hunt him (and his son) down. The game has a very climatic ending, and you won't be disappointed.

On the back of the box it states "One of the most photorealistic games we've ever seen."
Well, I dont find this to be entirely true. This game has very good graphics, in some parts, but in others it just looks so-so. One of the problems with this game is that there aren't many colors, at all. There are more than say, Gears of War. But it is a dull experience when it comes to colors. The gilie suits look amazing. The guns look amazing. But the environments, and sky, are extremely mediocre. I was expecting better.

The game takes on the same stop-and-pop style that the other Call of Duty games used. There is no cover system, and the game makes you crouch behind objects. Except this time most objects can be shot through, like say wood or sheet metal. This works pretty well in most cases and I have no real complaints. Another thing the Call of Duty franchise is famous for is down the sights aiming. The game has a nice aim assist feature that it shows you in the beginning of the game. You look down the sights, and it will automatically aim at the enemy. You can't lock on with it, but it will help you quite a bit in the harder difficulties. My main gripe about the campagin is the A.I. In some places the enemies will predict exactly where you are, and when you pop your head out you'll be dead in milliseconds. But in other places the enemies won't even notice you, ever. Another thing I hate is the amount of grenades thrown. The enemies will have 3, sometimes 4 grenades on your position almost constantly, and when you try to run away they will kill you instantly. I don't mind a challenge, but when the game uses cheap tactics like grenade throwing, I get extremely frustrated. You will probably die 10-20 times per level on Vetran Difficulty.

The multiplayer is nearly perfect, and extremely addicting. I'll start out with the game types. It has the standard deathmatch and team deathmatch, along with some nice new ones. Most of which involve capturing, or destroying intel, or capturing command points. It also has Hardcore Mode, which removes HUD,and makes bullets much more powerful. I should also note the extremely dull Old School mode, which removes the heart of the multiplayer. The game also has a nice create a class system, and I couldn't imagine the multiplayer without it. The game has perks which range from making your bullets stronger, and faster reload times, to extra ammo, and even some strange ones, like quieter walking. The game has alot of weapons to speak of. Sub machine guns, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, all of which feel incredible. The guns may be standard, but they vary so well, that you'll want to use all of them, and not stay with just one, like many fps make you want to do. When you go on killing streaks you will unlock things like, UAV scanner, Air Strike, and Helicopter. The game also has a decent leveling system, which has an experience system. For every kill you will get between 5-50 experience, and you will also earn experience for challenges. As you level up you will earn more perks, more challenges, and more weapons. Level 55 is the maximum, and it will take you between 20-40 hours to max out your level. After you reach 55 you can restart your rank in exchange for a new emblem. The game has very varied maps, and none of them feel tacked on, but none of them are very ground breaking.

All in all. Call of Duty 4 has a very deep multiplayer, and a frustrating single player. I would recommend buying this game, purely for the multiplayer. If you don't have xbox live, I would either rent this, or just ignore it completely.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (US, 11/05/07)

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