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    Weapon Fusion/Unlocking Guide by Aeris0wnzYou

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/15/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Warriors Orochi
    Weapon, Fourth Weapon Unlocking Guide, by Aeris0wnzYou, AKA Vanessa Brangi.
    Version 1.0
    I do NOT own Warriors Orochi, Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors or any 
    intellectual property pertaining to this game, or "Romance of the Three 
    Kingdoms." All trademarked and copyrighted terms used in this document 
    are owned by their respective owners. This FAQ is FREE and is not to be 
    in any way sold, or distributed for any form of currency.
    This guide was created to assist players attempting to unlock and upgrade 
    fourth weapons in Warriors Orochi, for the Playstaton 2. Koei introduces a 
    new method of obtaining and upgrading final weapons in this installment; 
    Obtaining the fourth weapon for a respective character is totally random, 
    as are the statistics on them. However, players must be on a stage of THREE 
    difficulty stars or higher, and they MUST be playing on Hard or Chaos 
    difficulty setting. If the player chooses to play on Chaos difficulty, 
    they can obtain the weapon on ANY stage.
    Section I: Explanation of the Weapon Fusion System in Warriors Orochi.
    Section II: Weapon Attributes, Growth Points and Information.
    Section III: Author's method for obtaining Fourth Weapons.
    Section IV: Fourth Weapon Names, and Base Damage.
    Section V: Conclusion, Thank You's, Liner notes.
    Warriors Orochi introduces players to a brand new, highly customizable 
    weapon system, and in my opinion, the best in any Warriors game released 
    so far. Players are now able to customize weapon attributes in any way 
    they wish, as well as adding an additional +20 Attack to the base attack 
    of any weapon. What's the catch? Weapon upgrades cost Growth Points, 
    which are obtained by playing through and completing stages, while 
    collecting experience scrolls.
    Weapons can be upgraded via the "Weapon Fusion" option on the menu, after you 
    select your characters.
    NOTE 1: You do not need choose the character who's weapon you wish to upgrade. 
    All character's weapons will be available to you after selecting the "Weapon 
    Fusion" option.
    Each character can store up to EIGHT weapons. In order to upgrade a weapon, 
    you need another weapon to fuse it with.
    NOTE 2: When you are fusing weapons, make SURE the weapon you want to keep is 
    the BASE weapon, as the FUSION weapon (the second weapon beneath the base on 
    the menu) will be lost after you complete the fusion.
    What's the point of doing this, you might ask? For example, if you have a 
    third weapon with Ice 3 and a second weapon with Ice 1, you should fuse 
    the second weapon to the third, which will give you Ice 4. Each weapon 
    can hold up to 8 slots. Most weapons won't have that many slots by default, 
    however, so you should also fuse unwanted weapons to increase the amount 
    of slots, and total attack your character has.
    NOTE 3: When you are in the process of fusing a weapon to another, and you are 
    adding slots to said weapon, the slots you newly added from the fusion weapon 
    will appear in GREEN. This means that you will NOT be able to add attributes to 
    those slots while you are fusing the weapon. The slots will be available on the 
    base weapon, when you fuse another fusion weapon to it.
    Essentially, If you have a third weapon with two slots, and are attempting 
    to fuse another third weapon to it, with four slots containing attributes, 
    you would only be able to add two of the four on your base weapon, and 
    by overwriting whatever the two slots on the base weapon contained, during 
    that specific fusion process. How do you get around this? Obtain junk 
    weapons and fuse them to your weapon of choice. Even if you don't add 
    attributes, having the additional slots will be useful when you find 
    weapons with attributes you desire. I have included a diagram below, 
    as an example for you to get a better sense of what the fusion 
    menu is like.
    NOTE 4: If you DO NOT wish to add a certain attribute to your base weapon, you 
    don't have too. The fusion menu allows you to choose only the attributes you 
    want, while discarding others you don't want. You can also perform as many 
    fusions to a weapon as you wish, although the cap on attributes is 10, the cap 
    on slots is 8, and the cap on + Attack is 20. Every attribute, slot and attack 
    bonus you add will cost you Growth Points, but I will explain the costs and 
    attributes in the next section.
    Base Weapon - True Beauty
    [Ice 2][Range 1][Multi 3][Empty Slot]
    Fusion Weapon - Twin Fans
    [Ice 3][Range 1][Air 2][Empty Slot]
    [Empty Slot]
    Finished Weapon - True Beauty
    [Ice 5][Range 2][Air 2][Empty Slot]
    [Empty Slot][Empty Slot][Empty Slot][Empty Slot]
    In this fusion process, I would have overwritten the Multi 3 on the base 
    weapon, with the Air 2 on the fusion weapon, because I didn't want it. I
    would have also added additional slots to it (additional slots are based on 
    the total slots the fusion weapon contains) while upgrading the Ice and Range 
    on it. Since the cap on Slots is eight, my base weapon contained four slots 
    already, and my fusion contained five, I was able to reach the cap with a 
    single fusion.
    Section II A:
    There are a total of fourteen different attributes you can find, or allocate
    to your weapons. Each weapon can contain up to eight of these. The potency 
    of the attribute or element is based on a scale of 1 - 10. It's important 
    to combine the various attributes you find on weapons, for maximum effect. 
    I will list them below, with the game's less than helpful description of some
    them, along with my own opinion on them in parenthesis beneath it.
    NOTE: Elements stack with each other in Warriors Orochi, although some of 
    them work against each other.
    [---]ICE[---]: Occasionally freezes an enemy.
    (I find this incredibley useful, and I literally clutter nearly all of my 
    weapons with it, based on the character's charges. It freezes the enemy 
    in a block of ice, preventing them from attacking/moving and it's extremely 
    useful on more difficult settings, since enemies are more vicious than 
    they have ever been in any other -Warriors installment. I would definitely 
    reccomend it. There are a few exceptions, however.)
    [---]FLAME[---]: Inflicts additional damage with fire.
    (I personally never use this. Ever. It basically sets the enemy on fire, 
    and burns off a tiny bit of their health. Not nearly as useful as most 
    other elements.)
    [---]BOLT[---]: Releases Lightning Bolts.
    (For me, this is less useful than Ice, but a lot more useful than Flame. 
    It basically stuns the enemy, and makes them fall to the ground slowly, for 
    juggling purposes. I would still reccomend it, though.)
    [---]SLAY[---]: Inflicts signifigant damage.
    (Good ol' death element, ala Dynasty Warriors 3. It has a chance to one 
    shot peons, while doing a large % (I think 50%) to officers. Pretty 
    useful, especially on more difficult settings, where it takes time to 
    wear even the lowest peons down. I put it on many of my weapons, 
    basing it more on the character's charges, though.)
    [---]FLASH[---]: Disables enemy's blocks.
    (VERY, VERY useful. Even on Easy, you'll encounter enemies who do nothing 
    but block the hell out of you. On Hard or Chaos difficulty, an enemy 
    blocking your attacks then utilizing your lag time will seriously tear 
    you apart. This is probably the only element I put on 100% of my weapons.)
    [---]DRAIN[---]: Absorb's enemy's life.
    (Somewhat useful. Because it not only works on charges, but takes effect 
    on your character's basic attack string too. I only ever really notice 
    in very large crowds though, the effect is somewhat miniscule, but it has 
    helped me out before. You're better off just switching the character out.)
    [---]ABSORB[---]: Absorb's enemy's musou.
    (See above. It's basically the same as drain, just for your musou meter 
    instead. It's probably more useful than drain on characters like Mitsunari, 
    who relies heavily on his R1 special, so you'd want to keep his musou bar 
    as full as you possibly can. But I wouldn't reccomend it on most characters, 
    as it's effects are miniscule as well. You're better off just switching 
    the character out in most cases.)
    [---]MIGHT[---]: Increases attack strength. 
    (Basically what the description says. I have it on 100% of my weapons.)
    [---]BRAVE[---]: Increases attack strength against enemy officers.
    (Description says it all, I consider it a must have, like Might. 
    I keep it on 100% of my weapons.)
    [---]RAGE[---]: Increases attack strength in inverse proportion to life.
    (I never use this. Ever. Mainly because it's just not useful on most 
    settings. On Easy, your health wouldn't really get worn down enough. 
    On Hard or Chaos, it just wouldn't be safe to rely on low HP and charge into 
    a group of enemies. It's just not practical. The only character I can see it 
    being remotely useful on would be Kunoichi because of her R1 Invincibility 
    [---]AIR[---]: Increases attack strength against airborne enemies.
    (This one is either incredibly useful, or completely useless depending on the
    character. I would definitely reccomend it on, say, Yukimura (because of his 
    R1 special in mid air) or Okuni, who's C2 and C4 can ONLY juggle 
    enemies in the air.)
    [---]MULTI[---]: Produces dopplegangers to join attack.
    (I don't use this ever, personally. It only seems to activate during musou 
    and R1 specials, and it seems extremely nichey to me. Not worth the 
    slot, IMO.)
    [---]AGILITY[---]: Increases attack speed.
    (Activates on charge attacks. INCREDIBLY useful. It makes charge attacks that 
    are normally unsafe VERY safe. I have it on 100% of my weapons.)
    [---]RANGE[---]: Broadens attack range.
    (Same as above, it's incredibly useful. It makes short range fighters like 
    Nene and Kunoichi much more useful, and it's still fun on characters with 
    longer range, making them even more powerful. I keep it 
    on 100% of my weapons.)
    Section II B:
    Growth Points Costs!
    As explained earlier, fusing the weapon attributes to a base weapon costs 
    Growth Points. Each level (1-10) for every attribute and element has a set 
    cost. Adding one level of Air, for example, would cost you 300 GP, where as 
    adding five levels of it to a weapon would cost 1,500 GP and so on. Below, 
    I will list the cost of ONE level's worth of an element, attribute, slot, 
    or attack bonus to increase the base attack on the weapon. If you would like 
    to know how much ten level's worth of an attribute would cost, just multiply 
    the number by ten.
    (i.e.  Bolt 1 is 500 GP, Bolt 10 is 5,000 GP)
    Ice: 700 GP
    Flame: 600 GP
    Bolt: 500 GP
    Slay: 800 GP
    Flash: 550 GP
    Drain: 600 GP
    Absorb: 700 GP
    Might: 350 GP
    Brave: 500 GP
    Rage: 400 GP
    Multi: 400 GP
    Range: 400 GP
    Air: 300 GP
    Agility: 300 GP
    Addtional Attack (+1): 300 GP
    Additional Slot (1): 150 GP
    Still looking forward to upgrading your favorite character's weapon to full? 
    Let's see how much it would cost for a single character, with the 
    full eight slots, the full +20 Attack, and Level 10 on all 
    your selected attributes/elements.
    Assuming I found a Fourth Weapon with no attributes, slots, or additional 
    attack on it, Kunoichi's Shiranui with Level 10 Slay, Flash, Drain, Air, 
    Agility, Brave, Might, and Range would have cost me; 39,200 GP, including 
    the additional eight slots (assuming I had paid for all of them.) The 
    additional +20 adding to the attack on her weapon would cost me an 
    additional 6,000 GP, bringing the grand total of a maxed out weapon 
    with desirable stats too... 45,200 GP.
    NOTE: The cap on GP is 99,999. Even if you're trying to save it, if 
    you begin a level with around 90,000+ I would spend some, as any 
    points that go past the 99,999 will be lost.
    And now the section most of you have probably come to this FAQ for in the first
    place; Obtaining Fourth Weapons. Since it's random, I'll be listing below the 
    most pain free, time efficient way I personally use to obtain all of my weapons.
    I've already obtained at least 50% of the weapons in the game using this method,
    and while I might try to figure out another way, I would say this is probably 
    your best bet for now.
    Now let me first remind you, that Hard and Chaos difficulties in this game are 
    MUCH more difficult than they were in say, Dynasty Warriors 5 or Samurai 
    Warriors 2. Enemies, even weak ones, can do ridiculous amounts of damage to 
    you, most likely because you technically have over three meters of health 
    now with your three character team.
    I'm going to reccomend certain characters I use to you, as I find their 
    abilities and movesets to be extremely advantageous on the more difficult 
    settings. I'm fairly confident you could use any decently built up character 
    to do this with though, so if you don't enjoy using my reccomended characters, 
    pick someone you're relatively good with.
    [---]Wu Chapter 4-X - Battle of Wan Castle[---]
    DIFFICULTY: 3/5 stars.
    First off, there are numerous reasons as to why I've chosen this stage.
    1) It's the minimum difficulty on HARD setting. 
    2) The map is small and easy to navigate, so you don't need Cavalier ability.
    3) The stage can be completed VERY quickly, I think I average about five or 
    six minutes.
    4) Your commander will ALWAYS be with you, so you don't have to worry about 
    some peon sneezing him to death when you get too far from him.
    5) It's one of the RARE stages that let's you obtain weapons from boxes, and 
    you'll be obtaining 3/4 of your weapons from boxes around the level.
    6) Healing and musou items are readily available to you.
    NOTE: I wouldn't even attempt this without at least one character who's 
    around Level 70 at least. I really can't stress to you how difficult these 
    settings really are now. Archers and peons can tear you apart, let alone 
    enemy generals. I began this method with a Level 71 Kunoichi, (who is now 99) 
    but when I leveled Yukimura, I found him to be the best man for the job.
    Kunoichi: Her R1 makes her invincible, so naturally an excellent choice. 
    However, if you don't have her built up much with a decent weapon for her, 
    you might find her damage to be a bit of a set back. My fully leveled 
    Kunoichi with Shiranui can take down most enemy generals with a single C4 
    charge with Slay, Flash, Might, Brave, Range, Drain, Air and Agility attached 
    to it. If you don't like her C4, her C2 is also pretty effective here.
    Yukimura Sanada: As stated above, the best man for the job. His R1 (when 
    aimed properly) can take the final boss of the level in a single shot. I 
    know for a fact I'll get e-mails about this, "Excuse me, I used his R1, and 
    it didn't even do 1/4 damage to her!" That's because you probably didn't 
    aim it correctly. My best advice would be to run up to the enemy general 
    and be directly face to face with them when you execute it. It seems to 
    work best for me that way.
    Mitsunari Ishida: His R1 is like getting hit by garbage truck at full 
    speed. Very damaging. It's better for crowd clearing than Yukimura's 
    is, but it won't kill officers as efficiently, and they're the real 
    threat here.
    Hattori Hanzo: I know. You're like "LOL, Hanzo!? Why would you ever 
    reccomend him!?" Despite being tall, dark, and handsome, his R1 
    counter is really really brutal. My Level 81 Hanzo, with nearly 
    fully powered weapon was able to rip through most generals on 
    this stage with his R1 counter alone. If you find yourself hurting 
    for musou, though, I would use his C4 to finish people off. The only 
    disadvantage of using Hanzo, is that he's an NPC in the level. So if 
    you're using him, he won't be there. Strangely, this doesn't happen 
    with Kunoichi. (Probably because she's a seperate unit.)
    I normally select one of these characters, and the two characters I'm 
    attempting to get weapons for. I've even used Level 1 characters before, 
    which makes life a little bit difficult on the character who's clearing 
    the stage, but I've never lost, and I have swapped them out before.
    So anyway, moving right along...
    [---]Wu Chapter 4-X - Battle of Wan Castle[---]
    DIFFICULTY: 3/5 stars.
    NOTE: Make sure you equip the "Karma" ability in your Abilities cache. 
    It'll definitely increase your chances of finding a fourth weapon. 
    Make sure you selected "Hard" mode as well. (I wouldn't pick Chaos, unless 
    you just really REALLY like a rather grueling challenge...)
    LOSS: Ieyasu Tokugawa is defeated. (He's never, EVER died for me on 
    Hard, but on Chaos however...)
    VICTORY: Defeat Zhen Ji. (Fortunately for you, she's not here yet. :O)
    I'll be explaining the stage to you in waves. Your goal here is to protect 
    as many peasants, maid servants, and freakish clown men that you can. 
    You won't lose the stage if they get defeated, thankfully, but you should 
    protect them anyway, as they'll leave useful healing items for you.
    When the stage begins, and ****THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT**** run around the 
    corners of the map you're on, and open ALL boxes you see. You'll be 
    getting 3/4 of your weapon boxes this way. The one at your starting position 
    actually doesn't obtain a weapon, but the other three will. Run down the 
    path you're facing from the start, as far as you can go, and on your right 
    should be a box and a pot. Open it, your first weapon will be in there. 
    After that, make a left, and run to where the enemy general Xing Daorong 
    is, on your right, you should see another set of boxes. One contains your 
    second weapon, the other contains a 300 EXP scrolls. Now after that run 
    up the path you should see to your left of the weapon boxes you just 
    opened, and run to the gate, where your third and final weapon box, 
    and exp scroll box will be. Your fourth weapon is a drop from Pang De, 
    so you'll have to begin clearing waves now.
    NOTE: I'm describing the stage in waves, because that's how they 
    show up. Fortunately for you, you'll get some rest time, and  
    hopfully healing items between waves if you managed to save 
    the peasants and so on.
    First Wave:
    Enemy: Xing Daorong
    Protecting: Peasants
    If you successfully protect the peasant, he'll leave a meat bun for you.
    Second Wave: 
    Enemy: Hu Che Er, Yoshikata Rokkaku.
    Protecting: Lady Samurai's
    If you successfully protect the Lady Samurai's, each of them will 
    leave a meat bun for you.
    Third Wave:
    Enemy: Chen Lan, Lei Bo
    Protecting: Peasants
    If you successfully protect them, they'll leave for you a meat bun, 
    a musou wine, and x2 Speed Item. Kunoichi's reinforcements should 
    show up to help you at this point.
    Fourth Wave:
    Enemy: Ekei Ankokuji, Masaie Natsuka, Tadaoki Hosokawa
    Protecting: Maid Servants
    If you successfully protect them, they'll leave for you x2 
    Attack Item, x2 Defense Item, meat, musou wine, and x2 Speed Item.
    Fifth Wave:
    Enemy: Guo Jia, Cao Hong, Cao Xiu, Cao Zhen
    Protecting: Village Elder
    If you successfully protect him, he'll leave for you a 
    meat, musou wine, and x2 Speed Item.
    Sixth Wave: 
    Enemy: Pang De (Make SURE you obtain the weapon box he drops, 
    he's the only general who drops one.) and Nagayuki Miyoshi
    Protecting: Scary Clow--Yoshimoto Imagawa
    In spite of yourself, if you successfully protect Yoshimoto, he 
    should leave for you a x2 Attack x2 Defense, All Recover, 
    and a musou wine.
    Seventh Wave: 
    Enemy: Zhen Ji, Xin Pi, Wen Pin, Cai Mao
    Protecting: No one
    Make sure you've obtained the three weapons from boxes around the map, 
    before defeating Zhen Ji. A built up Yukimura can seriously one shot her. >.>
    Finish the stage, and hopefully you've found some nice fourth 
    weapons. (b'-')b Bear in mind, however, that weapons are 
    PURELY random. You might get a bunch of them, and you might 
    not get any at all. I know it actually took me about seven 
    tries to get Fuma's weapon, while most other weapons I went 
    1/1 on, in attempts. At least try this method a few times 
    before you e-mail me, and you're like "Oh, Aeris0wnzYou! What 
    kind of name is that anyway!? Your method is terrible, 
    I CAN'T get any weapons!"
    Each character's set of weapons will be listed, from first to fourth,
    with their base damage beside the name in parenthesis. I've omitted
    any weapon stats, since they're randomly found and customizable.
    Officers will be listed in the respective sections the game places
    them in on the character selection screen.
    Zhou Yu:
    Bronze Sword (9)
    Iron Sword (19)
    Elder Sword (38)
    Ancients Sword (76)
    Lu Xun:
    Twin Sabers (9)
    Wing Sabers (18)
    Eagle (37)
    Falcon (74)
    Taishi Ci:
    Twin Rods (11)
    Spiral Rods (21)
    Wolf Slayer (42)
    Tiger Slayer (85)
    Sun Shang Xiang:
    Chakram (9)
    Moon Chakram (18)
    Luna Chakram (37)
    Sol Chakram (74)
    Sun Jian:
    Tiger Sword (9)
    Tiger Claw (19)
    Lone Tiger (39)
    Savage Tiger (78)
    Sun Quan:
    Wolf Sword (9)
    Wolf Claw (18)
    King Wolf (37)
    Master Wolf (75)
    Lu Meng:
    Glaive (9)
    Great Glaive (19)
    Tiger Hook (39)
    White Tiger (79)
    Gan Ning:
    Pirate Sword (11)
    River Sword (23)
    River Master (46)
    Sea Master (92)
    Huang Gai:
    Iron Rod (9)
    Great Rod (19)
    Shadow Rod (39)
    Dark Shadow (79)
    Sun Ce:
    Tonfa (10)
    Studded Tonfa (20)
    Conquerer (40)
    Overlord (80)
    Da Qiao:
    Twin Fans (7)
    Violet Fans (15)
    True Beauty (31)
    Qiao Beauty (62)
    Xiao Qiao:
    Double Fans (7)
    Peach Fans (15)
    True Grace (31)
    Qiao Grace (63)
    Zhou Tai:
    Eastern Sword (10)
    Katana (20)
    Dawn (40)
    Dusk (81)
    Ling Tong:
    Wood Nunchaku (9)
    Iron Nunchaku (19)
    Rising Phoenix (38)
    Dragon Fury (76)
    Zhao Yun:
    Bronze Spear (10)
    Great Spear (20)
    Dragon Spear (40)
    Fierce Dragon (80)
    Guan Yu:
    Crescent Blade (11)
    Moon Blade (22)
    Blue Dragon (44)
    Blue Moon Dragon (88)
    Zhang Fei:
    Bronze Pike (12)
    Iron Pike (24)
    Serpent Blade (48)
    Viper Blade (96)
    Zhuge Liang:
    War Fan (9)
    Warlord Fan (18)
    White Feather (36)
    Peacock Feather (72)
    Ma Chao:
    Iron Spear (11)
    Stallion Spear (22)
    Silver Stallion (45)
    Stallion Fury (90)
    Liu Bei: 
    Long Sword (9)
    Imperial Sword (19)
    Gold Dragon (38)
    Gold Moon Dragon (76)
    Huang Zhong:
    War Sword (9)
    Veteran Sword (19)
    Sage Sword (39)
    Oracle Sword (78)
    Jiang Wei:
    Trident (9)
    Great Trident (19)
    Vapor (39)
    Blink (79)
    Wei Yan:
    Double Voulge (9)
    Strike Voulge (19)
    Double Star (39)
    Comet Strike (78)
    Pang Tong:
    Vision Staff (9)
    Mirage Staff (18)
    Wind Staff (36)
    Tornado Staff (72)
    Yue Ying:
    War Spear (9)
    Martial Spear (18)
    Horizon (37)
    Oblivion (75)
    Guan Ping:
    Iron Blade (9)
    Giant Blade (19)
    Flying Dragon (39)
    Young Dragon (79)
    Xing Cai:
    Long Fork (9)
    Cobra Fork (19)
    Sacred Light (38)
    Ambition (76)
    Xiahou Dun:
    Scimitar (10)
    Great Scimitar (21)
    Kirin Blade (42)
    Kirin Fang (84)
    Dian Wei:
    Hand Axe (11)
    Strike Axe (23)
    Bull (47)
    Mad Bull (94)
    Cao Pi:
    Twin Blade (9)
    Dual Fang (18)
    Pure Havoc (37)
    Chaos (75)
    Xiahou Yuan:
    Battle Rod (10)
    Strike Rod (21)
    Power Rod (42)
    Enforcer Rod (84)
    Zhang Liao:
    Pole Blade (10)
    Great Blade (21)
    Blue Wyvern (43)
    Gold Wyvern (86)
    Xu Huang:
    Battle Axe (9)
    Great Axe (19)
    Destroyer (39)
    Marauder (79)
    Pang De:
    War Pick (11)
    Sturdy Halberd (20)
    Pole Axe (43)
    Heavenly Halberd (87)
    Cao Cao:
    Broad Sword (9)
    General's Sword (19)
    Sword of Heaven (38)
    Wrath of Heaven (76)
    Zhen Ji:
    Flute (8)
    Iron Flute (17)
    Moon Flute (34)
    Dark Moon Flute (69)
    Sima Yi:
    Strategist's Fan (8)
    Command Fan (17)
    Black Feather (35)
    Dark Feather (71)
    Cao Ren:
    Buckler Blade (9)
    Strike Buckler (19)
    Crane (38)
    Rock (76)
    Xu Zhu:
    Club (11)
    Spiked Club (23)
    Bone Crusher (46)
    Stone Crusher (92)
    Zhang He:
    Iron Claw (9)
    Strike Claw (19)
    Peacock Talon (38)
    Phoenix Talon (76)
    Diao Chan:
    Mace (8)
    Great Mace (17)
    Enchantress (34)
    Diva (68)
    Lu Bu:
    Halberd (12)
    Great Halberd (25)
    Sky Piercer (50)
    Sky Scorcher (100)
    Dong Zhuo:
    Tyrant Sword (11)
    Great Tyrant (22)
    Fear (44)
    Horror (89)
    Yuan Shao:
    Noble Sword (9)
    Regal Sword (18)
    Sword of Honor (37)
    Sword of Kings (75)
    Zhang Jiao:
    Magic Staff (8)
    Mystic Staff (17)
    Fire Staff (32)
    Volcano Staff (64)
    Meng Huo:
    Nanman Gauntlet (11)
    Beast Gauntlets (23)
    Beastmaster (46)
    King of Beasts (94)
    Zhu Rong:
    Boomerang (9)
    Spitfire (19)
    Magma Wheel (39)
    Inferno (79)
    Zuo Ci:
    Cursed Deck (12)
    Mystic Deck (24)
    Crane Deck (49)
    Trump Deck (98)
    Sickle (12)
    Life Drainer (24)
    Spirit Reaper (48)
    Eternal Agony (97)
    Da Ji:
    Marbles of Chaos (9)
    Globes of Atrophy (18)
    Spheres of Decay (36)
    Orbs of Ruin (73)
    Yukimura Sanada:
    Cross Spear (10)
    Lunar Spear (20)
    Crimson Fang (40)
    Dragon's Tail (80)
    Keiji Maeda:
    Double Pike (12)
    Snake Tongue (24)
    Ogre Horn (48)
    Divine Mandible (96)
    Nobunaga Oda:
    King's Sword (9)
    King's Rage (18)
    Demon Slayer (37)
    Demon Regalia (75)
    Mitsuhide Akechi:
    Katana (9)
    Masterpiece (19)
    Hallowed Edge (39)
    Gilded Talon (78)
    Dagger (9)
    Whirlwind (18)
    Cyclone (36)
    Shiranui (72)
    Goemon Ishikawa:
    Stone Splitter (11)
    Rock Crusher (22)
    Bond Breaker (45)
    Kai-Basara (90)
    Kenshin Uesugi:
    Spiked Blade (11)
    Seven Spirits (22)
    Barbed Fang (44)
    Frozen Flame (88)
    Cup & Ball (8)
    Cup & Stone (16)
    Cup & Iron (33)
    Cup & Gold (66)
    Umbrella (8)
    Dance Parasol (16)
    Scorned Moon (32)
    Raging Sun (64)
    Magoichi Saika:
    Musket (9)
    Silver Trigger (19)
    Thunder Thrower (38)
    Marksman's Pride (77)
    Shingen Takeda:
    War Fan (11)
    Takeda Fan (23)
    Pressed Element (46)
    Heaven's Sign (92)
    Masamune Date:
    Blade & Pistol (9)
    Edge & Power (19)
    Metal & Fire (38)
    Manhunters (76)
    Hand Claw (8)
    Spider Sting (17)
    Scorpion Tail (34)
    Delicious Venom (68)
    Hanzo Hattori:
    Scythe (9)
    Flash Cutter (18)
    Shadow Fang (37)
    Chained Dragon (74)
    Ranmaru Mori:
    Long Sword (9)
    Brave Metal (18)
    Storm Blade (37)
    Iron Vengeance (75)
    Hideyoshi Hashiba:
    Triple Staff (9)
    Paniful Triad (18)
    Monster Bones (37)
    Simian Sansetsu (73)
    Yoshimoto Imagawa:
    Leather Kemari (7)
    Cloth Kemari (15)
    Silk Kemari (30)
    Velvet Kemari (60)
    Tadakatsu Honda:
    Great Spear (12)
    Tiger Slayer (25)
    War Trident (50)
    Tonbo-giri (100)
    Long Bow (8)
    Bladed Bow (17)
    Wind Rider (35)
    Coiled Viper (71)
    Ieyasu Tokugawa:
    Cannon Spear (9)
    Fuse Pike (19)
    Boom Blade (38)
    Quake Maker (76)
    Mitsunari Ishida:
    Folding Fan (9)
    Fuji's Grace (18)
    Open Valor (36)
    Golden Frill (72)
    Nagamasa Azai:
    Lance (10)
    Knight's Staff (20)
    Impaler (41)
    King's Honor (82)
    Sakon Shima:
    Broadsword (9)
    Machete (19)
    Body Cleaver (39)
    Wrecking Blade (79)
    Yoshihiro Shimazu:
    War Hammer (11)
    Giant's Mallet (23)
    Bone Grinder (46)
    Beast Crusher (92)
    Ginchiyo Tachibana:
    Serrate Blade (9)
    Lightning Sword (18)
    Thunder's Roar (36)
    Heaven's Bite (72)
    Kanetsugu Naoe:
    Sword & Charms (9)
    Metal & Magic (18)
    Sacred Arms (36)
    Evil's Bane (72)
    Flying Swords (9)
    Kunoichi Blades (18)
    Tempered Wings (36)
    Devil Feathers (72)
    Kotaro Fuma:
    Gauntlets (9)
    Chaos Guards (19)
    Demon Claws (38)
    Thorns of Peril (77)
    Miyamoto Musashi:
    Twin Blades (11)
    Rage & Desire (23)
    Skill & Finesse (47)
    Mastery & Vision (95)
    Fun Fact: While formatting this FAQ to the standard "No more than
    79 characters per line" rule, I realized, the game it's written
    about has 79 characters, ironically. XD I found that funny.
    Yes, I'm weird like that.
    I would like to thank my boyfriend, Mikey, first and foremost. 
    Hopefully he'll make some use of this guide, too. XD
    Thank you to my brother, Bruce, for helping me compile the Wei
    Weapon section.
    I would also like to thank Phillidelphia Rolls and Shrimp 
    Tempura Rolls for being delicious!
    I'd also like to thank CJayC and GameFAQS for allowing me to write this 
    FAQ, and for all the helpful information this site provides.
    And thank YOU for reading this FAQ, hopefully you found it useful. :O 
    If you have any questions or comments, and wish to e-mail me, make sure 
    you put something pertaining to the FAQ in the subject line, as I 
    get a lot of spam/junk mail.
    I have given permission to GameFAQS to use this FAQ, so if you see it 
    anywhere else, please let me know. XD I'm going to also give Studio Dink, and
    Cheryl Austin permission to use it on her site, because the forum there is
    awesome. If you wish to use it elsewhere, please ask my permission FIRST.

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